The Relics of Oz…

.. Well… some of them! HANDverk continued their theme for this round of The Arcade, following on from the Mad Hatters Tea Party Set… you can now grab yourselves the Relics of Oz!

Relics of Oz - HANDverk @ The Arcade

Not all the Relics are shown here, but a mere handful.   You can get a superb range of goodies including the items seen here, which are: Dorothy’s Basket,  Silver Slippers, Woodman’s New Heart, Green Spectacles, The Cyclone and  The Golden Cap… but you can also get much more including The Wizard’s Balloon, Lion’s New Courage, Tinman’s Oil and MORE… the two rare items are the Silver Slippers and a Display Case… the case is useful because a it houses ALL the items, obviously some come with display option and wearable, so that’s a double bonus!

I think its a really unique gacha, and if you scrambled to buy the last set you may well do the same with The Relics of Oz.  All crafted lovingly and to the highest standard, these are definitely some pieces of art.

I will leave you with a little bit of a closer look at Dorothy, you can find her and her pals at Doll Coco, they were frees gifts (the LI is quite high on the models, Dorothy is wearable, just fyi!)

Dorothy and her Pals - HANDverk @ The Arcade

Get to The Arcade and grabs yours… well when you can get it in!

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