Daydream Believer

But not a homecoming queen.   Today I decided to go for something a little different.  A lot of the time I have ideas in my head that I just can’t get out! I suck at stuff, but I am digging water pictures, so you get another of those. SORRY! (click through for bigger pics)

Daydream Believer

The Dreamer Bed comes from the very talented Tya Fallingbridge, and comes in both Black and White for this months FaMESHed… you can also get the candleholders you see, in 3 different heights.    It’s a really dreamy looking bed, hence the name, with hanging stars and crisp looking linen sheets.   There are various couples poses and a few singles too, even one reading a book that rezzes when you swap to it, so you don’t have to worry about losing pesky props!  Such a gorgeous, well made bed, that is perfect for the teen or adult and with both Black and White options, you can fit it into almost any decor too!   YAY!  My feet are from GOS and my pose is from Frooti!

LoTDish... 06/03/13

Also from FaMESHed is this Slip Dress from Cracked Mirror and Hair from Exile!   The Dress comes in various colours and is a sexy little number.   It’s definitely going to go more in my undercrackers folder than my dress one, but I think you could happily get away with either.  It’s a gorgeous Satin looking number with a slit side and will help you out while you are in your gorgeous new bed, nudge nudge, wink wink.   The hair is, as usual, divine from Exile! A bit of a bigger, slightly swept longer style this time, perfection is a word that I love to use when it’s deserved, and this is well and truly deserved!  The skin I am wearing is one of the Pink Fuel Arcade Skins!!!    I didn’t have as many goes as I’d like on the machine, as I started to get doubles, but this is the “Ghost” one, and it’s hauntingly beautiful and it’s only $L100 per play!!!! HUZZAH!

Deliriums Spiral @ SongBird

For this final, close up picture, I am showing you the Twisted Hunt 2013 item from Songbird!   You get this gorgeous pair of swirly mesh eyes, and the makeup swirl too!  It makes for a bit of a different look, and a change from the norm and it’s a hunt gift!! How much more could you ask for, hmmm?

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available!

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