An Epic LoTD!

Just a quick lil blog post today, I’ve been off mucking out Kennels at the local Animal Shelter so I am BEAT.. but I wanted a little relaxation so decided to play dress up for a bit! 😀

An Epic LoTD!

This Skeletorn Bikini is from Epic and is at this round of Perfect Wardrobe! It comes in 8 delectable colours and is fully mesh with all standard sizes!  You do get a texture bikini top too, and of course, you get mesh boob enhancers too like with most items from Epic!   Jade has done a wonderful job, and I did giggle a bit that the skull eyes are on the boobs and the mouth on the crotch, I am easily amused, no!?   Make sure you check them out while they’re at Perfect Wardrobe!  The skin I am wearing is still the Pink Fuel Ghost skin from The Arcade, and the hair is one of the rare Clawtooth Unicorn Dips that the lovely Lexi Morgan so kindly sold me!!!  I AM IN LOOOOVE!  I still need to get back to The Arcade, but my wallet is screaming at me… don’t worry, it never wins.

CIRCA @ Lavender Hill Hunt

The Lavender Hill Hunt is still going, and CIRCA provide some lovely goodies.  This Shadow Box Table and Pouffe are just lovely, the Table is so unique and I’ve included a couple of close ups of inside the box, I did try and make it bigger to live in it, but it’s no modify :P… but I zoomed and look at all the gorgeous detail!  The cute wishing well, the minute little bird and the tufts of lavender, trees and butterflies buzzing around.  The Pouffe comes with many poses, mostly sitting ones but that works well for me.   The skybox you can see me sitting in with my new goodies is from Scarlet Creative. WOO!

Ok, TV time! ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location page, if available.

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