A lil grunge… a lil girly…

Today I am a bit of both!

LK Helps me Grunge it UP!

LK Prefabs have released SO MUCH lately… I decided it was time I grunged it up a little bit, this shed is just perfect for the job, it’s not massive, it’s not small, and it comes with or without baked shadows on.  What better to put in it than a bunch of other fantastic LK goodies?!    All from various sets and probably not meant to be put together, I did it anyway, because that’s the kind of rebel i am! RAWR!   You can get an array of items, but shown here are some scattered boxes, perfect for gifts too…. a stool and dining table, a gorgeous but plain rug, the dining hutch and fridge, a skateboard shelf (LOVE IT), a metal ladder and a hanging door… as well as the little bulbs you can see, which are from a recycled ladder light! It’s just gorgeous!  It’s like a little mancave, with a few girly touches 😛

LoTD - Bzzz

Then I decided to slip out of my Bikini and stop faffing about with my mangrungecave… and decided to go a little girly.   This gorgeous skirt and top ensemble can be found at Bees Through the Seasons and is a collab between NYU and Beehivve! and it’s just stunning!  The skirt comes with both black and brown belt as choice to purchase, and the top comes in four fantastic florals!   I chose the orange/yellow one though, because that’s how I roll!   I paired it with the gorgeous new Opera skin from Essences for TDR, one of 3 makeups available in this gorgeous pale tone, and to top it all off I have a new LOQ hair, which you can purchase in both left or right over the shoulder style (it does come with hairbase though, it’s not full head mesh), and the coin headband from MONS!

I think I look SUPER cute!  Now to go and look super cute in RL!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

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