Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire!

Hey you guiiiiiise, Fantasy Faire is nearly upon us again! (all details can be found here) and the lovely Meeroo’s peeps will have some new and exciting stuff out and so much donation thingers! YAY!

Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire 2

As an Official Blogger, I got given a handful of stores to blog and Meeroos was one of them! Now, I have dabbled with Meeroos, but many moons ago, I loved them then but my attention with SL waned a bit and I couldn’t justify them any longer, but I was always in love with them!  The little noises they make, the way they look, the way they breed and the cute things about them are just endless… but I was lucky enough to get a peek at a Nocturnal pack!

Meeroos will be focusing on actual Meeroos and new, exciting plants at the Fair!   You can see above that I got a lovely sparkly Geode (that you can keep out for decoration!) and opened it all up and out popped my nest, my food and my home stump, in the background you can see the plants lingering.

Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire 1

I coaxed out my CUTEEEE Meeroo and IT WAS A BOY!  A really cute one! I love the little light on his head, it goes off when he’s asleep! HOW CUTE IS THAT?! OMG I CANNOT EVEN.    I can feel myself getting suckered back in already, slowwwwlly and surely.    I love the little mushroom instead of a tree stump too, and the flood is all glowly and gorgeous!… as you can see it emerges so small and cute, how  can you resist? I know I won’t be able to, or will I?  I know I don’t want to and i’ve been thinking about getting pets again and these are migghhhtyyyy tempting!!!   I may swing by the Fantasy Faire and check them out,  I’ll get rid of all my lindens first tho I know what’s  going to happen, i’ll end up spreadsheeting 50 meeroos again >.> YEAH I SPREADSHEET THINGS, I’M CUTE OK! I CAN BE CUTE AND GEEKY!

Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire

This is a close up of just TWO of the plants you can find, a little venus fly eating trap type and a thistle!  They are copiable (at least these ones were) so you can make your land all pretty and stuff, and comfy for your cute lil meeroos!

Remember Meeroos are supporting RFL at FF with LOTS of vendors all at 100%!!  So make sure if you love your cute little Meeroos or even want some landscaping stuff, this is the place to check when it opens on the 20th!


One thought on “Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire!

  1. YESOMGLOL! I totally spreadshat my horde of meeroos, too! 😄
    I so don’t want to get back into the virtual pet addictions again, but your post was SOOOOO convincing, and I just had to get in on the ima-super-cute-geek-iness. I love your blog!

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