Pancakes on a Tuesday

Absolutely random title, but if anyone is offering, I’m sure up for some!

Lenox @ FaMESHed

My oh MY FaMESHed birthday bash really did bring us so many gorgeous goodies, didn’t it? Best thing is… it’s still going on! This is the offering from Lenox.  The 1991 dress comes in various colours, but I fell in love with this browny colour, despite it being called cream!   The ruffles, the texturing, oh em gee it’s just gorgeousness in dress form, the cute little sculpted bow on the chestual (it’s a word, shut up) area makes it girly, as does the lace look to it, and the ruffles.. but it OOZES sex appeal!    It worked just great with the Video Games Truth hair from The Arcade, of which I didn’t get nearly enough colours of!  The pose is from Adorkable, eyes are from Ikon.. and the skin? well more about that below!

New @ League


This is Aria in Golden from League, one of three special editions release (all different tones) as a pre-release teaser and my oh my… how gorgeous?!   I don’t tend to wear a lot of darker skins, but I really fell in love with these, and it reminds me of an old old old old old Lost skin I used to wear many moons ago, which made me happy!   The lips are so kissable, the nose is perfect, the smokey makeup is divine..  what more can be said except GO FORTH, PURCHASE!!!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

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