Cosmetics Fair – OPEN TOMORROW!!

Hey everyone! Cosmetics Fair 2013 is opening tomorrow and I am here with a few of the awesome makeups you can find there… to start with at least 😀

TSG @ Cosmetics Fair '13 & Lark @ Thrift Shop

Firstly we have some gorgoeus TSG Lip Laquers, shown on top of the TSG Baby skin in X tone here, you can see they are deliciously kissable! (You may need to view a bigger picture).   They all come for ALL tones of TSG skin, and all colours come with or without teeth, I did try these over my Belleza skin which is worn throughout the rest of the post, but the lips were too small, so if you aren’t planning on wearing them on top of an actual official TSG skin, you may want to demo!

Nuuna @ Cosmetics Fair '13

Next we have some makeups from Nuuna! I have shown one from each set available, in different colours (and some eyeliner).  Each set is stunning and striking, and each very different, as you can see! They all come in ooooodles of colours, including white and black, as well as the popping vivids too.   Nuuna makes such lovely makeups, all of them a little bit out of the norm, which is lovely for fantasy looks or just when you want to stand out from the crowd.

Mons @ Cosmetics Fair '13

The next two sets are from MONS!   Both are sets of eyeshadows, one a more evening affair, one more daysy (it’s a word).  The above ones are sleek, shiny looking nightwear they come in a pack of several and there are both duos of colours and singles, as you can see!   So bright and lovely and with a bunch of colours to choose from you can mix and match them with your favourite outfits!

Mons @ Cosmetics Fair '13 - 2

The ones above are the more day like affair eyeshadows, although I did find they made my eyes look a loooot bigger than they are, probably because of the crease in the makeup, but I still really dig them!   Lovely muted colours, nothing too bright, but soft and subtle, perfect for a day at the beach or just a general look… although perfect to wear in the evening too! So a nice selection there.

Kooqla @ Cosmetics Fair '13

Finally we have some of the shadows and lips available from Kooqla!   I’m not sure these lips suit me, but I loved how glossy they were, and plump!   The eyes are really nice, soft and smooth with a hint of liner.   They come as separates so you can mix and match or just wear the eyes or the lips, it’s up to you!

Also worn as mentioned in most of the posts is one of the Ashley skins from Belleza available at Summerfest which is opening soon, you get 2 makeups in each tone along with brow options and she is STUNNING, small freckle patches, luscious lips and muted makeup.. YAY!     All of the eyes shown are from IKON and are from the Ascension eye range, available now at the Numerology Event and finally the hair is Willow from Alice Project and at the minute there is a MASSIVE sale going on, and also a new “Create Your Own” way of purchasing and dying hair, so you make sure you check that out too!

So many goodies at the fair, I will be back with some more shortly!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

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