New Gacha in town and it’s a SKIN based one from Aeva/Heartsick! YAYYYYY!

New Stuffles and Coming Soon!
Meet Amelia!   Shown here in all the items available inside the gacha, as you can see there is a fair amount of skins for you to get!   There are 7 in tone 2, 7 in tone 6 and 1 in tone 4!  The three Fawn skins in the middle are the RARE items, and the rest are just the regular, each makeup comes in tones 2 and 6, so you have a good chance to get what you want!  It’s only $L100 a play too and the skins are transferable.   When you win you do get other goodies in the box like a shape, teeth tattoo, lashes etc, so make sure you unpack before you trade as they AREN’T transferable!

Such beautiful skins, the faces are so sweet and innocent looking, even with smokey eyes but my fave has to be the rare fawns because they are cute! One can never have enough fawn based skins, right?!

Also worn are the Devil/Angel Jelly Headbands from Lark that will be available on Friday at an event which name escapes me atm but I will remember (sorry I am mobile on the way to work posting this, DEDICATION RIGHT?) and the yellow one you can see a peek of is going to be a subscriber gift and I think that may already be available 😀  You get 6 glittery jelly colours and all are gorgeous!    My eyes are from TSG and are also a group gift, you get 2 sets of mesh eyes in both light and dark brown, aweseommmme! My hair is from Wasabi Pills and is from this round of the Arcade!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

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