coming soon.. to a PXL near you..

.. is the delectable JADE! Hart has made a lovely new skin!  Pretty picture heavy, sorry bout that!

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Tones

These are the tones for Jade, from a lovely milky white to a much darker shade, the gradients getting slightly darker as you go up, so that perfect tone is probably in there for you somewhere!   The skins come with 5 eyebrow colours (not shown) on tattoo layers including an eyebrow eraser, freckles and no freckles, enhanced face option,  nail eraser gloves, one breast de-enhancer and one breast pushup tattoo, lip gloss x 3 and moles in three shades!

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Faces

Above are the three face options you get with each skin… normal, enhanced and freckles!   The enhanced version you can tell better in world, the cheekbones are more pronounced and just little features that a picture probably doesn’t do justice.

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Moles
Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Gloss

You can see the moles and lip glosses above, all on tattoo layers and completely optional!

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Lips

Now above you can see ALL the skins/makeups available.  I have shown them all in the same tone, with the freckle face.   You get such a range!  The eyes are all basic, as you get eye tattoo layers as options (shown below), but you can see that the different lips are lovely!   There are peaches, plums, purples, reds, lights, darks… even a yummy fade and chocolate too!     I really love this face, it has a hint of innocence but also exudes sexual RAWR too, well at least that’s my opinion!

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Eyes

The eye tattoos above are all available so you can mix and match with any of the skins you choose, there is a lovely mix of smokeys and liners, barely there’s and bright pops of colour!  You will need to view larger to see them on a better scale, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Jade is a lovely skin, with a beautiful body… excellent shading and toning, a wonderful sweet face and lots of options and girls, do we not like options!?  My hair is from Slink @ HF13 and my eyes are IKON!

It’s coming REALLY soon!

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