Spooky Dooky Do..

I had no other title, I apologise.   A LoTD post today with a few other treats thrown in! Yay for Friday!

LoTD - 18/10/13


So! The main piece for the picture was this gorgeous XRay Dress from DCNY! It comes in an array of spookily named colours, this is Ghost, aptly!    I ADORE this dress! ADOOOOOOOORE!   It’s so cute but sexy at the same time and perfect for Halloween, but you could wear it any time really, you always have a skeleton, well unless you’re a slug, or made of jelly.   What better to go with it than the new Hucci shoes, well boots.   They are lacey and pretty and are made to fit in with the SLink Medium Feet! I got the Black pair, but you can go for a colour, they come in an array of sizes and with a HUD to change the sole and type of lace.

LoTD - 18/10/13 - Up Close and Personal




My hair is NEW from Tameless and is a mix of materials, it’s so soft and gorgeous, particularly in the blondes.   I am loving the hair from Tameless recently!  This is one of my new faves, the bangs are pretty too, frame the face lovely with a peekaboo eye effect.    My cute little headband is from the Mini Halloween Event and is by Mette!  It’s a gacha machine and if anyone has a spare rare, I WANT!   I have some trades 😀  There are horns, angel wings, devil wings and the rares are bats and a moon/star combo.   My skin is Cleo from Glam Affair worn with SLink hands and feet.   My nails are from Wicked Peach, and there are more shown below!  They are from the Willow Street Garden Gacha that opens on the 21st and runs through for 10 days and my ring is from Circa at the Candy Fair, more about those below too.

Circa @ Candy Fair


I’ll start with the nails!  Wicked Peach is a new SLink Nails store from Autumn Amaranth!   She is making some GORGEOUS goodies, these are just a few of the ones available in the gacha, the middle one being the Jolly Roger rare!  Each set comes with 6 variations for both hands and feet, YUMMY!     My rings are ALL from Circa, and are all the Candy Fair and are all gacha too!   There are SOOO many to choose from, they aren’t all shown, but OMG they are cutest and sweetest rings EVER!   Ideal and apt at the Candy Fair, huh!?

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

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