Oh my… arcadeness!

The Arcade is now open and no doubt av’s are flinging themselves at the sim borders as I type this! I always struggle to get in, and then get out of there, as do many!  But there are plenty of yardsales, swap channels and friends, so exciting times!

I bring you hair and skins you can find there, and boy are they GREAT!  Click them for larger view on Flickr! 😀

Exile & Belleza @ The Arcade

First there is the combo of Belleza meets Exile!    The rares for Belleza are the first column of three, and worn with those are the rare glitter HUD versions of Exiles gorgeous dress and hair combo!  I love them!  The skins range in tone, and brow colour with a variety of styles of makeup, and the dress idea from Exile is such a win!  Adorable attire with hair attached, fantastico!!!

Tableau Vivant & Glam Affair @ The Arcade

I then paired Glam Affair with Tableau Vivant and cuteness was born again!   The Cho hair is SO stinkin’ cute! It comes with an array of colours as usual and you can see two of the rares complete with antlers and clips, and then more clips scattered!   Such a cute, pretty style, and paired with these skins a total win.   The rares for Glam Affair are the row in the middle with the more out there makeups, but all are gorgeous, as usual, all in one tone too.

Can’t wait to see what I can win, trade and buy! See you there, maybe ❤

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