I am heading in just One Direction….

.. It’s true, I am! I’m legit going to see One Direction tonight with my 12yr old, please someone hold me.  HOLD ME TIGHT.   Before I begin my journey to teen hell, here is a mini lotd post! I am so in love with Epic lately, I can’t get enough of the stuff.   […]

Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child…

… Heaven has a plan for you… I love that song! Does heaven have a plan for me? I don’t know, I hope I get there tho. I doubt i’d get into heaven in a scarlet red sparkly mini dress, but you never know and it’s super cute, so I don’t care.   It’s new […]

Day 27 of 365 LoTD – Lazy Sunday & New @ Zaara!

A few new goodies for you today, thrown in with a LoTD! Today sees a very simple LoTD with really just a sweater, so I decided to add What Next’s Lazy Sunday items in the background too! These are available today for a reduced cost and you can put them out a singles, or one […]

Day 20 of 365 LoTD – Aquarius Time

Today is a LoTD based around the new round of HCE’s Zodiac Event!   It’s time for Aquarius. HCEs Zodiac is open with a new round!  Aquarius this time, so expect lots of goodies with a blueish hue, water related and all that good stuff!   I’ve mish mashed a few pieces together for today’s […]

Day 18 of 365 – It’s a Grey Affair!

Today is SNOWMAGGEDON! (thanks Quint), so I have gone with greys, blacks and whites as my main colours!   So, as soon as I saw this hair on the marketplace, I had to have it.  No questions asked.  My only regret is I didn’t fatpack it but that can be rectified!   The CaTwA hair […]

Day 16 of 365 LoTD!

Another day, another look! I’m still playing around with my laptop lighting and windlights and settings, so apologies if my pictures are a bit all over the place!   I wanted a LoTD where I practised using my Tangos again, so DCNY was my go to folder, I blogged just a few days ago how […]

Sakide Spices it Up!

HOHOHO, MERRRRY CHRISTMAS!  That’s what it is at Sakide!  A Billionty and four new things out!  This Mrs Christmas Costume is just one of many things.   I chose the darker colours for mine, but you can get it in a nice white too.   It comes with the boots, the hat, the outfit and […]

WoC2: Gold

I’m wondering, it being nearly Christmas, if we were supposed to create an outfit fit for the wise men to present to the baby Jesus this week. If so, I think we’ll send either Arbs or Willis, both of whom are dressed to the demure yet attractive nines, because my corset may prove a corrupting […]

Stop playing with my delirium, cos i’m outta my head and outta my self-control

BEFORE I FORGET.. Jamman is currently having a sale until the end of December, so if you liked my previous nail reviews, you should go check it out! Modish put out this awesome mime skin for Stuff in Stock and I fell in love!   I didn’t quite know what I was going to wear […]

WoC2: Cotton Candy

Always nice to have a cutesy colour – gives one a chance to don pretty undercrackers, wistful hair or bunny ears. I therefore heartily approve of this week’s shade, although it has left me with a certain craving for sugar. From left to right, myself, Willis and Arbers. Credits (left to right): WillowC Head/Skin: LOGO […]