Natural by Nature?

I was a lil bored (I know, sue me) so I decided to have  rifle through my inventory at what I had in there that was “Natural” and you know, there was surprisingly little!  But I guess I gave it a go anyway, and what came out was the following… my Natural word association blog:


The first thing I decided to wear was my new Maitreya Hair.  I love it, there isn’t much else to say about it other than OMG I LOVE IT!   I’m not a fan of a lot of the Maitreya Hair, it just doesn’t look fabulous on me, but this.. this rocks! It’s the new Emma style, shown here in Natural Blonde but available in many more colours, you can see what style it is, obviously… I love the way the bangs frame your face nicely, with one eye peeking out, the other hidden and I love the alpha flick (the actual flick, no alpha flickr on this baby! :P) So yeah, I pretty much said I love this hair, yes?

For the eyes I just searched Natural and it came up with a bunch of Prismatic eyes that i’ve not worn in FOREVER, so I just plopped the first pair in/on (which is it!) and they were a nice greeny/blue colour, which I kinda tend to go for over browns/greys so it suited me well!

My skin is actually from the Another Fundraiser held a while back with the Eloh Mods.   This version is from Alaska Metropolitan and is an Eloh/Skin 2.0 mod! I love it! It’s a shade or four darker than I normally go, but I think it actually looks quite stunning.   The lips are a nice reddy/browny ish colour and the eyes are just natural, which is nice.    It’s hard to nail dark skins and although this isn’t the darkest tone people want, it’s still a really nice tone and generally a really nice skin, you sooooo should of bought it 😛

My outfit was not a difficult choice, because the lack of “Natural” in my clothing folder was pretty bloody huge.   I opted for the new CS dress, Narwa.   I dig the dress anyway, with it’s sculpty goodness and ability to be either the baby doll style top/dress or just a cute lil black number minus the sculpty babydollish prim.   This is Narwa in Cheetah (Natural) but it’s available in a handful of Cheetah and Zebra textures for the animal in you… or the animal not in you… whichever.

I also have my Kitty ears, as usual… this time from Atomic (who do really good ears!)

I know my blogs have been teh suck of late, but OH WELL, I hope you enjoyed!


Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable
Prismatic – Natural Eyes – 85

Maitreya – Emma – Natural Blonde

Another Fundraiser – Skin 2.0 – Yasmin – Natural Makeup

Celestial Studios – Narwa – Cheetah (Natural)

By the power of (something) SKULL!!!

Yeah not greyskull, just skull 😛 I got kinda bleh with the colours for a lil while, so decided to stick to the word association, or as though it’s not as easy as you’d think, srsly! I chose SKULL for todays word, so without much faffing and ado, let’s get it skullarted in here!

By the power of (something)SKULL!!!

So, first up we’ll start with the hair.   It’s from Katat0nik and if you haven’t been to that store then YOU SUCK! Srsly, it’s like the best store in a LONG time, I honestly don’t wear that much from there, which may sound like a total contradiction BUT.. I firmly believe they make awesome stuffs and I own it all, but it’s more of a *sometimes* wear for me, rather than *all* the time.  Anyway this is the Alice hair and although my stoopid pics don’t show it, you get a headband with cute lil skulls on!  The BEST bit about this (and all Kat hairs) is that they are colour change by click, oh yes!!!   On this particular one the headband is also colour change on click.  Honestly if you’ve not been to the store, GO NOW.

My skin is from Atomic and although I am SO in love with the skins on the box, I am NOT that in love with them on me, and I think you’ll see why.   I love the shape of the lips but I don’t think they work on me, they are kinda bow shaped and pouty which is way cute, I guess i’m just not used to it on my av.   The skin is really nicely shaded and I chose this particular one as it came with a Skull tattoo (none of my skins were called skull, funnily enough :P).  This is Poison which is why you see the ivy green eyes and pouty pinky lips, luscious but strange, is how i’d describe it!

As usual the eyes and lases are from Detour and Cake.   Not much I can say about them as I wear them a lot but hey, I likes em:D

First part of my outfit is from Celestial Studios and is part of the ossm LuLu range (remember that range, how could you forget it! a billionty pieces FTW).  This is the Skull Hoodie, shown here in Gray and available in all the LuLu colours and also with 2 prim hoods, one up and one down!   I particularly love this hoodie for the diamante style Skull on the front, and the shading.   It rocks, the end, kthxbai.

The jeans are from Miau Haus and are just plainly called Black Skull Jeans, a basic pair of black jeans with skulls imprinted onto them, simple but effective if you want skulls all over your legs, innit.

Finally to end the outfit are the UBU Pornstar Hi-Tops with the fabric changed to Skull!  I could go on and on and ON about how much I love the versatility of the Pornstar shoes, but i’ll spare you, as i’ve got a headache and want to get this finished 😛  Oh I also have on my Katat0nik Kitty Ears (pierced), ENJOY!

Srsly, we could all do with more skulls in our life, so get on it! STAT!


Katat0nik – Alice (Skulls) – Natural – Platinum

Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable
Detour – Crystal Eyes – Blue (dark sclera)

Atomic – Faith – Medium – Poison – 02 (skull tattoo)

Celestial Studios – LuLu – Skull Hoodie – Gray
Miau Haus – Skull Jeans – Black
UBU – Pornstar Hi-Tops

(no SLURLS again but please yell if you want to know where something is, i’m just being a bit lazy today :P)


I like Cocoa, I like it like my men, with whipped cream.. OH SORRY, I was confusing the blog with plurk where apparently all the cybering happens.. or something…

So no-ones been forthcoming with colours and I haven’t had a bunch of spare time lately, I have a looootta stuffs going on (well ok, I have more spare time than I thought I would, but I’m doing the RL thing more atm :P),  I wanted to do another colour post, but I couldn’t think of a colour (I really do suck, don’t I?)  I also wanted to show off my new skins, so I decided to pick a make-up and go with one word from it, that word… was Cocoa! So I searched my inventory and picked things with Cocoa in the name, A new form of blogging WORD ASSOCIATION, HUZZAH!


So, my new skins, I am in LOOOOOOOOOOOVE.  Stephanie Misfit of La Sylphide released Erin, named for ‘Kota Buck and oh em geee, I love them!  I was so pissed when Ingrid didn’t look fantastic on me, but Erin actually does!  I so wanted to buy the whole lot but ended up buying just a few… to START WITH!   Erin is beautifully shaded, not to over dramtic and I really adore the face with it’s cute button nose and awesome make-ups.   Ranging from bare-ish to brown, princess pink to ravishing red, i’m sure you’ll find a make-up that suits you!   I’m wearing the Light Tone (there is also a Tan) and the Smoky Cocoa make-up and it’s just LICKABLE!

My eyes are from Tuli and are the Brown eyes, I do love Tuli eyes, well these particular ones, i’m not sure if they are still available, but they have cute lil sparkly white bits and come in both a bigger and larger size for those fusspots with fusses about eye size!

Hair is a collaboration between Celestial Studios and Last Call and it was from the Limited Release Spring Enchantress Set.  The hair came in oodles of gorgeous colours and no less than 4 variations, some included flowers, this is variation 4 and it comes with a cute side clip and also one at the back.   It’s an updo, which I don’t often wear, but it has cute lil side curls and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fringe on this, I heart it dearly!

When throwing this outfit together, like I said I just searched my inventory for Cocoa, I don’t think it actually turned out that bad, but it was an interesting excersise in seeing what different creators class as Cocoa, even the same creators using different “shades” of Cocoa, was fun!

I started off with a top from LaLa FooFoo, it’s the Belted Tunic and it’s a gorgeous longer style top with a lowish cut cleaveage and a black buckled belt wrapped slightly above the waist, very chic and sexy but with a hint of casual.. it’s that hint of casual that I thanked when the next thing I found were a pair of Cargo Capri’s from Viva La Glam.  The capri’s are cutely casual with lil side pockets, tie legs (painted, not prim) although the seams aren’t all that fantastic, these are fairly older pants.

ETD made some pumps, I find these hard to call pumps as we don’t call any shoe a pump here, but they are pumps so uh… yeah.  ANYWAY.  The Starley Pumps come in print and solids, and I love the Cocoa shade on these, maybe cos they are a lil shiny? Iunno!   But I do love them and i’m not a huge fan of shoes, so YYAYYYY Elika!

So that concludes my quest on the word Cocoa, I should find me some Cocoa eyes now, it’s a mission! A MISSION!

Now I want some real Cocoa, or Hot Chocolate, or maybe just some plain old wine >.> GAH no, it’s 10am! Coke Zero it is!



CS & LC – Spring Enchantress 4 – Cocoa (no longer available)

La Sylphide (skins) – Erin – Light – Smoky Cocoa

Cake – Flutter Lashes – Tintable
Tuli – Eyes – Brown

G.L.A.M. (Viva La Glam)- Cargo Capri’s – Cocoa (no longer available, I believe, but there is a sale on!)
LaLa FooFoo – Belted Tunic – Cocoa
ETD – Starley Pumps – Cocoa
Katat0nik – Pierced Neko Ear – Black/White