Lalalalaaa…It’s L!

We’re one post away from the halfway mark, yay! I mean, YAY for getting so far, not yay for it to be almost halfway over…ahem. ANYWAY let’s focus on our Loverly Ladies of L!


Alphabet Challenge - L

Alphabet Challenge - L

Alphabet Challenge - L

Wonderful outfits, girls! In case anyone was thinking, “Woah, where did Willow C. get that gorgeous set of knickers?”, let me tell you! It’s from the Vintage Fair still going on until Dec. 3, so you have the chance to snag it, so shoo shoo!! xoxo

52 WoC Lemon and Patriarch

Hello! Sorry for the delay, once again!
With lemon being such a fun color, we sort of let our personas shine through, and not by dressing up as lemons, though very tempted. Me, I am Grungy Lemon. Wizzlit, Scholar Lemon. And Willis, well…she deemed herself Whore Lemon. I can’t see why.

WoC - Lemon

Patriarch, for me, is such a rich and regal color, the color of royalty. So how appropriate for us to dress up as…nothing that I just described.

WoC - Patriarch

Our looks are hot though, we are ready to go out…to different places.

Guess what? I got creds!! But Willis really has better photo skills, so I’m sorry if the pics aren’t up to par!

Grungy Lemon (Arbs) is wearing…
shorts: [SC] Surf Couture – Cafe Shorts – Khaki
shoes: UBU Drunks
hoodie: (CS) Print Hoodie – Citrus Circles
socks: [George] Megan
makeups: *BOOM* Hard Candy (lemon tart) creased,
[PF] Elly <Honey> Sheer Balm/Teeth (Soft Pink),
Cheap Makeup Liner + Lashes #4
hair: TRUTH BabyDoll 2 Streaked – toffee
skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Ice Queen-Happy Holidays
eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Cocoa/S
Scholar Lemon (Wizzlit) is wearing…
Top: =^^= MIAO – Robin Empire Blouse (Gold)
Jeans: CandyDoll – T.B. Blue (Light)
Shoes: Baby Monkey – Ultimate Aalaya (Yellow)
Hair: Truth – Becky (Night)
Skin: TBS – Sandra Mk2
Eyes: Cool Beans – Visionary Eyes (Dream)
Teeth: Mynerva – Teeth 1
In Mouth: JD Design – Mouth Buttons
Glasses: Adjunct Eyewear – Precise Readers
Whore Lemon (still don’t see it) is wearing…
Eyes – Detour – Icey
Hair – Elikatira – Falling
Skin – PF – Elly – Milk – Angelic | Sheer Balm Lips
Outfit – Boom – Roller Romper – Yellow
Skates – Anamations – Lo Top Rollers
Wings – Scribble – Ever After
Eyes – Detour – Icey
Skin – League – Mia – Medium – Feline
Hair – Shag – Ode – Toffee
Top – tb – Neato – Purple
Pants – Addict – Evie Jeans – Regular
Shoes – Ducknipple – Harry
Cardigan: Fri.Day – Long Cardigan (Black, Scrunched Sleeve)
Leggings: SE*Designz – Lace Leggings, Lowrise (Pink Zebra)
Top: SE*Designs – Short Tank (Rock n’ Roll)
Necklace: Croire – Triple Portrait Pendant (Blush)
Shoes: ByKay – Cat Boots (Colour Change)
Hair: LeLutka – LOOSE (AlmostGoth)
Skin: LAQ – Vilda 09 (Peach)
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Clarus (Bubblegum)
Tattoo: SE*Designz – Buddhism
pants: *League* Metallic Shine Leggings-Gold
boots: [Armidi Gisaci] Kyoto Boots
Zaara : *plum* Nilaya jacket
makeup: Cheap Makeup Liner + Lashes #4,
[PF] Elly <C/M/H> – Glam Lipstick/Teeth – (Royall)
cast: -RC- Arm Cast (left) – signed
hair: Exile Kalea/whiskey
earrings: Lucy In Disguise – Owl Earrings
skin: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Angelic (dkbrow)
eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Cocoa/S
All poses by Frooti


52 WoC – Umber

Willis has, rather bravely, asked me to post this week’s colour challenge. Not through any particular faith that I will do a good job of it, but because she has buggered off out. Apparently, whatever chore it is that called her away is very urgent indeed for her to risk me breaking the entire blog in my wake.

What does this button do?

Anyway… this week’s colour challenge was umber, which, fascinatingly, is the colour achieved when raw unheated clay earth pigment is processed into refined pigment. Featured in the picture, from left to right, are the absentee blog owner, Arbel and myself, Willow C.

52 WoC - Umber...

Willis (left):

Skin: Belleza
Hair: Exile
Socks: Maitreya
Shirt: Aoharu (I think)

Arbel (centre):

Skin: (AMD) Arabell – Tan (Pure Juice)
Eyemakeup:  *BOOM* Liquid Glaze Brown, *BOOM* Renegade
Princess Shadows (coal mine)
Hair: Milana – Savannah (umber)
Hoodie: Sweetest Goodbye – Herangsa – Cream
Tank: Emery – Mini Top 8
Skirt: R.icielli – REGINA minskirt / umber
Shoes: mocha – Knit Socks with Flats
Jewelry – League : Wanderer Set
Eyes – LeLutka – Ellis – Cocoa

Willow C (right):

Top: Miel – Tulip Tank (Champagne)
Pants: Miel – Mo Linen Pocket Pants (Pebble)
Boots: Miel – Far Boots (Polar Special)
Scarf: Miel – Lia Scarf (Flor)
Bracelet: League – Wanderer Set (6 Strands)
Earrings: Twisted & Spoiled – Hoop Earrings from Rawr set
Lip Ring: Twisted & Spoiled – Lip Ring from Rawr set
Skin: The Plastik – Valah (Stargazer in Light)
Hair: Truth – Cameron (Ivory)
Eyes: Rosie’s Thingies – Antonia (Blush, Medium)


Oh Rainy, Rainy Day!

Hi guys! Another threesome post here from myself, Arbers and WillowC!  Hope you like it.. This time round we chose a “Rainy Day” theme, let the fun begin! (If you can think of a theme or word.. or colour.. or whatever! that you’d like us to try our Threesome out on, please let us know!)


I thought about drenching myself in wellie boots and umbrellas and all the sensible clothes of the season, but… well, I’m a Londoner. We don’t do umbrellas, if we can help it, because it means sitting on a train with a soggy bit of material between the knees. We don’t do wellie boots, because we have to strut about a bit once we get to the office. The morning commute is divided between pouring rain and stifling train, so as long as the shoes match the outfit underneath and are likely to survive the rain, they’ll do. And the more hardened among us wear shoes we know will suffer, just to prove we can.

Really, the only concessions that London folk tend to make are a good, multi-purpose coat and a hairdo that can’t be ruined. So here it is: a good coat, and very little else. London on a rainy day, from a Londoner (on a rainy day).

Rainy Day - WillowC


My Rainy Day isn’t what you’d expect to see on a Rainy Day at ALL!  Nor would you get away with it in RL, I don’t think.  But this is SL and I get away with it 😀   This is what i’d like to think i’d look AWESOME wearing, whether wet or dry!  It’s a cute lil suit from Scribble (not available anymore, I don’t think) with lil raindrops! 😀   Some wellies, of course… and my hair is even called Rainy Day!   Put together with a mascara run skin and bobs yer uncle, yer wet one.   The photobackdrop is from La Petit Morte and I LOVE IT!.  So yeah.. I say run wild, run free… life’s too short, go splashing about in puddles with your shorts and wellies on… DO EETTTTT and don’t think about the rainy days you might have ahead, like the quote says, enjoy the sunshine today ❤

Rainy Day - Willis


My rainy day is all about me being in the wrong place at the wrong time….without an umbrella. I can’t tell you how many times I get caught in the rain, especially on school campus or shopping and having to run through the parking lot with a cart. Best thing to do in that situation: run as fast as you can and/or find shelter until the rain lets up! Even though, I still get soaked to the bone, except for my hair…it’s so fluffy and absorbent! 😛

Rainy Day - Arbers

What *ARE* They Wearin’?


Coat: Aoharu “Short Trenchcoat” (gray)
Shoes: Miel “Flor Jane”
Necklace: Alienbear “Pear Teardrop” (deep black)
Hair: Truth “Milla” (crow)
Skin: League “Taylor” (silverlining)
Main pose: Sunflower Poses “Rainy Day”


Ears | Atomic | Pierced | Feline
Hair | FD | Rainy Day | Hollywood Juice
Eyes | Amacci | Real Eyes | Sky Blue (totally rad eyes, you should check them out!)
Skin | Tuli | S5 | Pale | Tears 1
Face Tat | Addict | Von D
Dress | Scribble | April Showers
Boots | ETD | Rain Boots | Blue#
Pose | AO | Oracul
Backdrop | La Petit Morte


Hair: Boon
Skin: League Taylor Pale
Hoodie: Dutch Touch
Books: DP
Shoes: Sand Shack Surf Co.
Glasses: Fishy Strawberry
Poses: TorridWear

Tuesday THREESOME – A Floral Affair.

Ok, it’s not what you think, get back in your box :P.  Today I would like to welcome Willow Caldera to the blog, my sissifur has joined us here at What *IS* Willis (or Arbers) Talkin’ About? (which we need to rename more now)!  For her introduction post, we’ve come up with a new take on blogging!

We will take a Theme or something – word, colour, occasion, food (maybe not that) etc.. at random and each make a look each based on it!  So you’ll see three different takes on our first chosen theme:  Floral!


When I was asked to do a floral themed outfit, my first thought was, “Do I even have anything floral in my inventory?!” I’m not that kind of gal that wears floral patterned clothing, so this was difficult for me. I came across many awesome dresses and casuals that I could use, but it did not feel like it would be something I’d wear. I felt uncomfortable in them.

A few weeks ago, I started stalking…um…subscribing to Mother Goose’s blog, which not only milok Hermit posts her skins, but also low priced to free items she finds around Second Life. There are hits and misses, but when she finds something good, boy does she! I saw her entry on Regenboog’s Leonidas Dress, and I thought “Perfect!”.

I picked it up and gave it a go. I love it the skirt, it has three attachments, one on each hip and the chest, so you hardly see any glitch pants, and it’s great for photographing. The only thing I find odd about the skirt is the belted part, it isn’t closed all the way so I am not sure how the overall look is supposed to be, and it throws me off at times. It’s free, though, and I can overlook it due to the other great things about this dress. The trim at the top come in two options: with or without the ruffles. I prefer the ruffles for volume, but the other look is nice as well.

Willow C

I’m not convinced my outfit quite captures the essence of ‘floral’ that the summer catwalks had in mind, but there are flowers on it, so it still counts.

I did look for a nice babydoll or a floaty number, but nothing was crawling out of the depths of my inventory and, besides, I liked the contrast in this outfit. I added some girly elements to soften the slightly trashy feel and I rather approve of the “butter might melt, we can’t be sure” result.

And just to reiterate: there are flowers on that blouse, oh yes there are.


I think this whole concept was summed up by me showing dear Sissifur (WillowC.. keep up!) my picture and her declaring that neither of us *quite* got the notion of Floral and me yelling, in caps: BUT IT HAS A FLOWER ON IT.  I stand by that!

I’m not a big fan of summer, or floral, i’m not your average girly girl at ALL, but I fell in love with this dress, and based my entire look around it.  I thought it was a nice summery touch to add the barefeet, without the blockiness of actual SL mesh feet.. I did also have a flower in my hair to start with, but that was a smidge overkill.. ONLY A SMIDGE!  Floral was uttered and all I heard was “WEAR FLOWERY STUFF”.

I have flowers on my dress and I’m eating some, what MORE could you want from a floral look (except perhaps, actual floral stuff).


We hope you enjoyed our three different looks (even our credits are done differently!) Now.. get the looks!!



Skin: Mother Goose | Posy Skin05
Lashes:Miamai No Alpha Lashes N06
Eyes: ::UH:: -KOI Blue
Dress: Regenboog | Leonidas Dress 0L
Shoes: Cattiva | Stephanie Shoes 0L
Hair: Maitreya | Siri
Headband: | MIEL
2.0 Makeup | Adam n Eve
Poses: Glitterati and


Top — Sweetest Goodbye “Chiki Chiki” in Flower
Skirt — Sweetest Goodbye “Delispice” in Milk
Hair — Truth “Marguerite” in Pecan
Skin — BdN “Sydney” in Electric Crown (Natural)
Shoes — KAO “Suede Fringe Boots” in Black
Ring — Gabriel “Flower Ring” in Yellow
Face Tattoo — Aelle Questi “Hurted”
Body Tattoo — BAD “Bonitos Flores”
Mouth — Surf Couture “Chewing Wheat” (from “I’m a Little Bit Country”)


Hair – | Marie | Moody Brown
Skin – Belleza | Alyson | Pale 6
Eyes – Shine | Lustrous | Isla
Ears – Atomic | Pierced Feline Ear | Black
Dress – Scribble | May Flowers (Hunt Item)
Feet – SLink | Jolie Pied Barefoot | Medium
Mouth – TikTok | Cherry Blossom
Poses – Reel Expression