Orange Hues of Autumn


Holaaaa!  UNF! Trompe Loeil @ Uber is just everything this month. Well most things at Uber are everything this month, one could say Uber is SUPER UBER!  Please do click through the pictures to go to Flickr and see them in full size for all the glorious detail..

Orange Hues of Autumn

All the bits you can see are available to buy, but I love the scene as one, but if you wanted props for other areas of your land without it all in a neat little package, you can do that! NO PROBLEMO! The swing and seat come with singles and couples poses and everything is so damn beautiful that I could CRY! I love things that come in a scene, cos I am useless at doing anything remotely creative with furniture!  I also wore some lovely items whilst swinging (on the swing, pervs) – so check out full credits below ❤

Orange Hues of Autumn | Up Close and Personal

Decor: Trompe Loeil @ Uber
Dome: Turnip

Hair: Exile
Skin: Glam Affair
Top: Insanya & Bubble | Quaint Tube Top @ Suicide Girlz
Jeans: Blueberry
Shoes: Breathe | Cecile Heels @ Romp

Come Cuddle with Me


Please click through for a bigger picture as you can’t see it all very well in this little one!  I had great fun setting up this, it’s a very simple set up but I love it.   The Consignment Camper Cuddle Van is just MEGA! It comes with rezzing ivy and is perfect for couples or if you’re single, like me, you can sit on your own with a hammer and some cute animals and just look adorbs.    I mention the hammer as it’s from Katat0nik for this round of Level Up which has just opened and it’s SO CUTE… and obviously so deadly that it’s looking after me on my little camping expedition.

I couldn’t help but rez the items from The Arcade from Ispachi, I don’t feel I have done them justice but who doesn’t need friends?!   OWLS! OWLS ARE MY FAVE! OWLSTOCK SHOULD HAPPEN IN SL!  Thank you Half Deer for giving us OWLS!    The adorabled fencing and vehicles are from What Next and are older items, but still fabulous!

Everything I am wearing was blogged yesterday here!


Van/Trellis/Fire: Consignment *Collabor88*
Garden Friends: Ispachi *The Arcade*
Owls: Half Deer *Collabor88*
Fence/Vehicles: What Next
Hammer: Katat0nik *Level Up*

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Boxing Day Snow!

Hi!!  I hope you all had a GREAT holiday!  It’s Boxing Day here in the UK and I hear it’s snowing, sadly it’s not in my part of the country but I live in hope, I created a little whimsical snowy scene to wave goodbye to Christmas and say Hello to the New Year with help from Ispachi, Ploom and Half-Deer!

Boxing Day Snow!

You couldn’t see my cute look behind the tree, so I warmed up a little and took a LoTD pic!  Full credits can be found below but I have to say Blueberry are banging on the goodies like nobodies business and they are always so effin’ cute (and sexy!)   I am loving the three-way pairing of Ploom, Belleza and Half-Deer too!   Don’t I look totes angelic?? ALWAYS!

LoTD - Boxing Day


Hair: Ploom | Mash *12 Days of Christmas – in store*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Twinkle | Sage
Skin: Belleza | Mae | TLC Fair | 2 BL *TLC*
Necklace: Cae | Frostine *TLC*
Outfit: Blueberry | Babi
Shoes: | Betty.Janes | Black.Velvet *VIP Gift*
Nail Appliers: Bella Elephante *12 Days of Christmas – in store*
Halo: Half-Deer | Fairylight Halo | Platinum *N21*

Scene Credits:

Telephone Pole Scene: Half-Deer
Animals: Ispachi *Arcade*
Cloud: Half-Deer *Arcade*
Tree: Ploom *12 Days of Christmas – in store*

Cutesy Spooky Decor Stuffs!

Well, technically some of the items aren’t decor, but I think I’ve wangled it enough to make it decor if anyone wants to!  Alouette released these gorgeous Ombre Drawers for The Neighbourhood, and the Shiloh Cabinet was out for FLF, both are gorgeous!  The drawers are colour change on touch to a handful of pastel ombres, and the cabinet comes in various colours for your mix and match furniture fun!

Alouette & Mango Cheeks

The cute little heart and ghosts you see are actually backpacks!  The Desmodus (heart) backpack is a Chapter Four item from Mango Cheeks, and the Pudgies are the items for A Seasons Story!  They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!  I took a close up of all their little faces for you, the rares are the pink and the pearl ones, but as you can see they are all sodding adorable!  The Desmodus also comes in an array of colours and is a gacha item, the rare being the night shown above.     So yeah, they are wearables and you can’t hide the straps, but you can position them to be decor of hang them from the corners of stuff like I have 😀

Mango Cheeks - Pudgies!

Finally, Turnips has a new texture pack out!   It’s on sale too until November 1st, so get it now for your Autumnal decorating.   There are 48 terrain settings in total, I have taken one from each and mixed up the light to dark, so you see there is a selection, but each one of the pictures below comes in an array of light/darks so yayyy.  There are 3 rock types and you can have rocks with leaves, without leaves, however you want!   You do of course need the skydome, and you can mix and match it with other texture packs,   I do love me some new stuff to decorate my skydome! 😀

New @ Turnips!

Winter is coming… bitches!

Well that isn’t very PG of me, but there you go!  A little wintery look of the day and homey type picture today for you.

Winter is coming... bitches!

I love winter, both in RL and SL, but I suck butts at decorating for the seasons, I really really do!   I changed my skybox to snow and set up a few bits and was like aww, it’s kinda cozy!   The trees are from both Botanical and Trompe Loeil and botanical, the huge kick ass tree which you can only really see the trunk of, and the skinny fir in the middle are older Botanical items, and the other two are two of the many available at FaMESHed from Trompe!  They come in plain and snow, and with and without lights, both scripted and non scripted, THE LIGHTS FLASH, YO!   Also seen is one of the Igloos from What Next, out now at The Arcade, this is one of the rares, but there are ooooodles more, they come with singles and couples poses are are just scrummy.   The snow people are actually a fair few years old and are from the very loved and much missed Artilleri.

LoTD - Fameshed Style - Take Two!

My LoTD is inspired by the onslaught of Winter. A cute yet cozy Trench from Cracked Mirror for FaMESHed this round, this is the Teal but it’s available in other colours too, the perfect fit and wonderfully made and textured, definitely a coat for all seasons, not just Winter!   I paired it with another FaMESHed item, the Sneja Boots from Mutresse. OH EM GEE, these boots!? AWESOME!  They are chunky heeled knee highs that pack a serious punch. (or kick).  They come with a HUD with SO MANY OPTIONS, you can change various parts of the boot, as shown by the silver/black combo above, and the buckles and heels/soles too.     With 9 customise ready parts and 13 leathers to choose from, that’s a LOT of boots you can make up! SWEET!

Also shown is the group gift from Truth for the month, a cute little up do with a braid at the front, and the skin is Glam Affair, pose is from Adorkable, and body parts by SLink! HUZZAH!

I Walk on Water

Shoetopia 2013 - Coming November 15th!SHOETOPIA! It’s almost upon us! I was lucky enough to get early access and I can say it’s a stunning area with wonderful goodies and all for such a fantastic cause. Proceeds will go to Soles4Souls and will help the poor people out in the Philippines that are going through so much right now, so I am happily going to spend a penny or a thousand! I am only bringing you a little sneak peek today, but I have already had a quick walk around and picked up some fabulous goodies, so expect many, many more!

Let’s take a quick look at the venue first! So airy and light! BEAUTIFUL!

Shoetopia - 1

Shoetopia - 1

Below you can see the little sneaky peek!  High feet from SLink!  Yep these bad boys will make some stiletto lovers happy when people start coming out with shoes, or they just want to stand on the very tippiest of toes!   I am in love, I was skeptical about feet at first, and hands, and anything else body part related but I am soooo embracing it lately, and these may become my fave bare feet for a while, there is something so cute about tip toes.

SLink @ Shoetopia  | Half Deer

Also shown are the absolutely ADORABLE Flowerhead Goldfish from Half Deer for the Water Lantern Festival.  They come in 5 different types each with 2 rezzable sizes and also a necklace!!! How lovely is that?! It’s also a gorgeous sim and a wonderful place for pictures, although I wanted to prance about naked so I stayed at home 😛


Hi guys, I’m a bit excited, well I was when I woke up and decided I’d go landscape, then I remembered how crap I was at landscaping and how I don’t have a fuggin clue, so now i’m sad again, if anyone wants to give landscaping lessons, PLEASE DO.

Trompe Loiel  @ C88

My plan was to use the gorgeous new Cottage from Trompe Loeil at Collabor88 alongside the beautiful Botanical Trees and Shrubbery from FaMESHed and bring two events together in an autumn spectacular, obviously I failed.  I do much better with fashion but I am determined to crack this home and furniture blogging lark! I NEED SOMEONE TO TEACH ME TO LANDSCAPE PLZ.  Anyway… the cottage? OH THE COTTAGE!!! You will see the insides of it more in the upcoming posts full of furniture goodies but omg I love it! Cory really pulled out the stops with this one and perfectly in time for Halloween and Autumn!  It’s not massive so perfect for a little slice of land, or even a little getaway! YAY!   The trees as I mentioned are from FaMESHed and are from Botanical, I had to buy both the trees and underbrush set because I am in LOVE with the season changing system.   You may stumble and think do I want to pay out for $L799 for copiable trees.. and you will soon be reminded yes you DO.. because they are changable through the seasons, so well well WELL worth it!

Country Pumpkins!

Also shown in the picutre is the cart and hay bales from Botanical, and a bunch of pumpkin decor from 11th Hour, all gacha goodies and all fantastic!  Not all shown here but you will want to treat them like Pokemon and catch them all, I assure you!

*SLURLS are in the Store Locations section

Picnic on the Beach

Hey guise, it’s a beachy kinda a day again, this time with an added picnic and of course my LoTD!

A Beachy Picnic Kinda Day!

Well as you can see (and you will probably need to click bigger again) I am alll alonnneeee at my  beachy picnic!  Waiting for someone (cough *ayden* cough) to sweep me off my feet, or actually I’d rather he just shove strawberries in my face!  The entire layout of the picnic you can see are Elates! items for The Arcade, you have a chance to win all of what you see and more, the open picnic basket is the rare item and everything is so well crafted and textured, I love that for this one it doesn’t really matter too much if you get doubles for some of the items, as you always want more sandwiches and strawberries, right?!   In the background you can see the gorgeous Lifeguard Tower from Breno that is available at this month’s The Garden (from TLC) and you can also have your own little picnic atop there too as you get a blanket and glasses and all sorts!   I really love how simple but striking an item this is, I always love that about Breno!

LoTD - 16/06/13 - Ducknipple SLX Style!

This is the outfit I chose for my lonesome picnic and it’s a Ducknipple SLX Outfit Outlet special! Only $L95 for everything you see accessory and clothing wise, and plus some I didn’t wear.   The reason for the good pricing is that it’s template based, but I am completely ok with that as the quality is fab and for that price you can’t grumble! Noobs never have to look like noobs again!   The shoes come with a HUD where you can change skin and nail colours and you get a HUD with the dress where you can choose from five vibrant colours, huzzah!  My pose is from Adorkable which has now closed it’s doors but is still available on the Marketplace.

My skin is from Essences and is the new Wednesday in Ivory tone/blonde brows… such a sweet looking skin, I always love Inka’s eye for detail and stuff, and my hair is from D!va and is a Collabor88 item.  As usual (well mostly) my eyes are from IKON! and are from the Numerology Event! YAY!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

Daydreaming Island

Chez Moi always has such GORGEOUS stuff, I don’t know why I haven’t featured it more!  But I am happy today to bring you Daydreaming Island 😀

Chez Moi! Daydreaming Island

A lovely little Island getaway, not overly primmy and won’t take up tons of space, and the bonus is it comes with SO many poses! Whether you want singles, couples or even fun fishing poses (complete with copiable rods) this definitely has it all.   You can yoga on the beach, smooch against a tree, bathe in the luscious water as well as much MUCH more.  Want a nap? You have a hammock!  Want a boat, well you can see one, can’t you!   Just want some nice scenery, this has it!   It’s a really really pretty piece that I know will make a welcome addition to ANY beach.

It’s top notch! *thumbs up from this girl*

Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire!

Hey you guiiiiiise, Fantasy Faire is nearly upon us again! (all details can be found here) and the lovely Meeroo’s peeps will have some new and exciting stuff out and so much donation thingers! YAY!

Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire 2

As an Official Blogger, I got given a handful of stores to blog and Meeroos was one of them! Now, I have dabbled with Meeroos, but many moons ago, I loved them then but my attention with SL waned a bit and I couldn’t justify them any longer, but I was always in love with them!  The little noises they make, the way they look, the way they breed and the cute things about them are just endless… but I was lucky enough to get a peek at a Nocturnal pack!

Meeroos will be focusing on actual Meeroos and new, exciting plants at the Fair!   You can see above that I got a lovely sparkly Geode (that you can keep out for decoration!) and opened it all up and out popped my nest, my food and my home stump, in the background you can see the plants lingering.

Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire 1

I coaxed out my CUTEEEE Meeroo and IT WAS A BOY!  A really cute one! I love the little light on his head, it goes off when he’s asleep! HOW CUTE IS THAT?! OMG I CANNOT EVEN.    I can feel myself getting suckered back in already, slowwwwlly and surely.    I love the little mushroom instead of a tree stump too, and the flood is all glowly and gorgeous!… as you can see it emerges so small and cute, how  can you resist? I know I won’t be able to, or will I?  I know I don’t want to and i’ve been thinking about getting pets again and these are migghhhtyyyy tempting!!!   I may swing by the Fantasy Faire and check them out,  I’ll get rid of all my lindens first tho I know what’s  going to happen, i’ll end up spreadsheeting 50 meeroos again >.> YEAH I SPREADSHEET THINGS, I’M CUTE OK! I CAN BE CUTE AND GEEKY!

Meeroos @ Fantasy Faire

This is a close up of just TWO of the plants you can find, a little venus fly eating trap type and a thistle!  They are copiable (at least these ones were) so you can make your land all pretty and stuff, and comfy for your cute lil meeroos!

Remember Meeroos are supporting RFL at FF with LOTS of vendors all at 100%!!  So make sure if you love your cute little Meeroos or even want some landscaping stuff, this is the place to check when it opens on the 20th!