Popcorn and Carnivals



I have only just managed to do the TAG Gacha Event, and I gotta say it’s pretty nifty! I ended up having a go on most of the machines, some a few more than others – and I even got a coupon to exchange in the coupon room, YAY!

Popcorn and Carnivals

When you pop on over to the Lassitude & Ennui store you’ll see these cute critters!   All are shown here except the mystery rare, although I wish I had that one, it’s amazing! ITS A MEWNICORN!!! Amaziiiiiiiiing.  Anyway, they are all so cute and adorable, and they make lovely decor, or you know, pets that don’t move 😀  They are mod and trans, and only 1 land impact each.   Even cuter is the fact they all have their own backstorys that comes up in chat when you click them and they are just great…  Something different from Jackal, and I am in love. The backdrop is of course, the Cinema I blogged from Consignment the other day, from Uber.

Popcorn and Carnivals - Close Up

Cuteness Lurks

Hello! Busy weekend from me, I broke my blogging streak yesterday and didn’t blog at all! BOO HOO! Anyway, today I have a little Headshot of the Day type post and some skins! YAY!

Cuteness Lurks

Fashion Fair is now open and you can find this gorgeous Serena skin from WoW Skins there, available in a handful of tones this is Milk, and it comes with 6 makeups.  Various appliers are available from the WoW Main store, so you can fit it around all your meshy bits and bobs.   The little bits I have worked around this look are from Soul, the Uni Mer Ears Long are going to be available at the Feb round of We ❤ Roleplay at a reduced price, and the Deep Sea Antennae is also going to be there, and are SO cute, although I am not sure that is the plan!  They come with a HUD that matches EVERY skin line that Soul does, as well as a pick your own option for both the antennae and bulb.  I wish, I wish, I wish I was a fish… can now come true… sorta ❤

Serena from WoW Skins @ Fashion FairMy hair is one of two styles out from Little Bones at the new round of FaMESHed! New place, new build, new round! NEW ALL ROUND!

Moving on up now…

Lark is one of my fave stores in SL, it makes such wonderful goodies, from furniture to clothing, cute stuff to modern, rustic to bright and bouncy… whatever it is Sienia does she needs to keep it up! I made a little homage to some recent Lark pieces here, as I’ve been slacking on my home stuff blogging ❤

Moving on up now...

The cute little polar fridges are the current Arcade items, which ends in less than a week! You can win these super cute little fridges that come with all sorts of wonderful magnets on them that you can move around (mostly) from little maps to corks, blank photo polaroids to magnetic words, they are the perfect addition to any room, whatever the occasion! The little board/hook dealio was an old Neighbourhood item, but it’s so colourful I had to add it in. Of course the chair is from Atelier Kreslo, the chair place to be! or at least vist, this is a collab between Lark and MaVie and is Chaise Musicale, weee! Finally the oars are from this round of Collabor88 and you can buy either static coloured sets or a changeable set to match all your decor needs. YAY

Moving on up now.. LoTDish


Hair: Tameless | Adelaide | Natural Roots
Skin: Zoul Creations | Joan | SK2 with Lips 05
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Bone
Dress: Sakide | Orison Cardigan
Pose: Frooti
Hands/Feet: Slink

Fairies, Sheep and FUN!

So, The Arcade is still going strong, and today brings you a post allll about some goodies you can get there. HUZZAH!  As usual click through to follow to Flickr for bigger pictures and a closer look.

Alouette | Half-Deer @ The Arcade

Alouette has this gorgeous Fairy Tree House Set for you to collect, the base (which is underground but you can see I used it as fencing) and Tree House is the rare item, so only one rare to get!  Then there are an array of sets to collect, including library, beds, houses, swing, dining area and more, and each set comes with it’s own little fairy!   So even if you get doubles you don’t have to swap them, make your  Tree House a 10 bedroom mansion if you want!  Such a whimsical collection and SO so beautifully made, I can’t tell you how gorgeous it all is you have to see if for yourself, and I blew it up huuuuge aswell, so if you want to live in it, GO AHEAD!

Alouette | Half-Deer @ The Arcade - 1

Also shown in the pictures are the Kerfuffle Sheep from Half Deer!  Only three rares here, and those are the Berry Sheep and a Staff (not shown), the rest of the fantastic sheep are commons.   I haven’t shown them all but a good array above, there are 5 with wings,  2 flowery beauties, a handful of solid and duo colours, a couple with mermaid scales and fishy type ears, the artist with a messy coat, starlight with working stars and a couple of lovelies that look covered in icing!  PHEW!   Oh my all of these are just ADORABLE.  They are all only 1L each and resizeable too, make yourself a little Kerfuffle army!!!!!  SQUEEEE

Make sure you get the fulls sets, I know I want them with ERRRRRERTHING!


I just love Lark, it’s one of those stores that can do it all, and do it with style, creativity and just.. UGH, sell some of the best things.. EVER!  What Sienia offered for The Arcade blew my mind just a tad…

Frostivus Eve from Lark!

Frostivus Eve is a glorious gacha full of winter wonder and cuteness.  For a start you can get an ice skating rink for FREE… but it’s available only during December at The Arcade and isn’t the one pictured, the one pictured is a Rare item.. but it’s nice you get a freebie, not as prettyful as the rare but still usable, there is also another version of this in more pastel colours, also a rare.

All the skaters that you see in the collage below are also available with one Rare, so it’s not like you have a billion to collect.   If you rez one of your skater bods if there is a base nearby magic happens and they skate!!!  They move around and it’s so cute and wonderful and magical!

You can rez multiple skaters on multiple bases and they snap to it, so you can move your stuff around willy nilly and it will all still remain as one.     Such cuteness, such a wonderful idea and a lovely decor item that brings about such Christmas Spirit!

Frostivus Eve from Lark  - Close Ups

Those Mofo’in’ CLOWNS!

If clowns aren’t your thing. SORRY!

Those Mofo'in' CLOWNS!

Horrorfest still has a good few days left yet, and I bring you yet another post!  This time featuring goodies from Lark!  Clowns.   Some of us love them, some of us hate them, some of us run from them, some of us hug them.   My hometown currently has a clown, randomly popping up in places, it’s gone quite global the news about him, thankfully he’s not NEARLY as creepy as these.

The clowns are actually animated rattles, I just resized them to make a terrifying little clownfest.   They are Lark’s Gacha item at Horrorfest and that spooky git in the middle is the rare!  The little creepy face you see coming up from the water is a free wearable  gift from Lark, who doesn’t want to run around in that?!    The Cellar is ALSO from Lark and it both opens and closes, and is a great little prop to put in your house to scare the locals, of course there are clowns popping out of mine, because that is just how I roll.

The RIP lamps are from Kuro and you can get them in both table and floor versions, and they come with lead and socket too, I just hid them in the water 😛   They were the Lazy Sunday item last week along with other spooky goodies but sadly I had so much mesh going on they wouldn’t rez right, but they are GREAT, go to the main store and check them out!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

Toil Toil… something something…

WELL.. it’s nearly halloween and that’s bringing out alllll the spooky stuff, and ALSO… it’s nearly the Wizarding Faire! HUZZAH! It’s also still the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and OTHER STUFFS TOO! WEEEE! It’s a BIG ole post, so I’ll try not to waffle 😛

LoTD - 05/10/13

My look of the day is based around this gorgeous dress from Sakide that is available from the FLUX event!   You can get it in black, purple or red and it comes in both long and short versions with this vibrant sugar skull motif, a lovely mesh item with that little bit of a difference!   I put it with one of the newly released blood soaked hairs from Tameless! A bunch of hairs re-released with 4 blood soaked textures, NOM!   I chose a  blond texture, but you get two whiteish and two blonde, HUZZAH!   Also worn are some older shoes from Ingenue, because they are yummy and black and fit the SLink feet 😀   You can’t see my nails all that well but the texture is drippy blood from Carolines new halloween hud, it comes with 5 textures full of cute terror 😀  My pose is from !bang and skin is Essences – Wednesday.

LoTD - 05/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

Also from the FLUX event are two sets of eyes, complete with both texture and mesh parts from Pin Me Down!   Eyes as black as your soul with piercing vibrant colours for that little bit of a scare.   I really like the yellow and green ones of these and of course with the mesh bits to them you can mix and match, goodo!

PMD @ Flux!

Now, the Wizzarding Faire starts REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY soon, and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is currently going, all the items below are from both of these lovely events!   UNF, there is soooo much good stuffs to have, it’s amazeballs.  I am not usually and RPer, but I am loving stretching the imagination a bit and can’t wait to blog so much more!  Please click through for a bigger picture.

Make a Wish.. or is that a spell...

The Phoenix is from the Wizarding Faire from Mish Mash and it’s got flappy little wings and a little pile of books at the bottom of it’s perch and gives you random quotes when clicked, what more could you want? ITS CUTE AND USEFUL.. well if you want to know what it’s telling you.   The cabinet and all the little knick knacks on and around it are from 11th Hour and are from the Fantasy Carnival and they are gacha items!  With a few rares and oodles of commons, this is the perfect set for any n00b wizard or witch or… whatever you want really. I like to think i’d be a necromancer, it’s how I roll.   Finally the table and chair are from 22769 Bauwerk from the Fantasy Canirval too!  The chair comes with loooads of poses and the items are soooo gorgeously done!   Put them in your little wizards lair and BOOM. SORTED.

Make a Wish.. or is that a spell... Collage

Well thanks for bearing with me on this massive post! I hope you’ve enjoyed..  all slurls are on the store locations page unless they are unavailable!



A-Maze-ing things….

Something a lil different for this post!  Kuro have released a materials enabled mesh maze!


I tried to think of many clever ways I could showcase this maze… fill it with horrors and take pictures of me with limbs missing crawling through trying to escape?  Fill it with cute animals and make it the cutest maze ever!! Make 100 friends come over and make a silly little party (yeah I don’t have 100 friends sadly)… But I figured it’s really something you need to check out yourself.   Whether you want it just for fun, for an event you’re holding or just for a little something different to own, it’s definitely that!

Gettin' a little lost

There are twists an turns at every corner, well duh, it’s a maze! The roof is clear and the walls are gritty and cold… maybe this could make the perfect torture room!! yes.. that seems like a good idea… who wants to come visit now?!#

*SLURLS are on the store locations page