LoTD – A Little Bit Different

Hello all! Well I had various jokes about my belt (skirt) and my slightly different look yesterday, “A Cowboy Hooker by Gok” being one of them, and I laughed, but I kinda loved this look as it makes Willis look a little different than usual!

LoTD - A Little Bit Different

Full credits can be found below, but special shout out to two events, both TDR Fusion and Oh My Gacha! which is where some of the items are from, do love me some event items, OH YES! A look made up of a few different stores, proving sometimes a thrown together look from many different stores works just as well as an outfit from one! Well if you want to look like a leather clad cowboy.   I love my Mina hair, which is the new Noor, which is also an event item at TDRF!   Oh my days, what a glorious week for events.

Anyhooo, off to round up some cattle and get my leg over… a horse that is. BAI!


Hair: Mina | Noor *TDRFusion*
Skin: Izzie’s | Lila | Porcelain w/Eyeliner/Smokey Shadow
Eyes: Chop Shop | Little Angels | Iced *OMGAcha*
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace: Swallow | Papillon | Black *TDRFusion*
Top: Ducknipple | Trap
Skirt: Blueberry | Piper | Skirt & Belt | Black
Tattoo: Alterego | Crossed
Tights: Izzie’s | Tights | Black *TDRFusion*
Boots: Blueberry | Piper

Slink Hands w/Polish worn.

*SLURLS are on the store locations page


Just a couple of looks I rather liked today. Possible weekend outfits for day or night, if you will. The first I loved for its slightly retro feel and because it makes me feel like a trendy inner-city hairdresser. The second is just one of those dresses you spot, meerkat at and absolutely have to have in your wardrobe.

Sakide Satin Blouse


Rocker Chic


Skin: Glam Affair – Neva – America
Hair: ChiChickie – Jessie
Top: Sakide – Satin Blouse
Leggings: Sakide – Sumatran
Eyes: .ID. – Basics

Skin: Glam Affair – Neva – America
Hair: ChiChickie – Pepper
Dress: Cynful – Rocker Chic
Eyes: .ID. – Basics

Lounging in Cafes

Apparently, the furniture in the shot below was inspired by the creator’s time as a student, hanging out in dorms and cafes. That’s probably why it feels so cosy and, despite being styled to be simple, has a familiar feel about it. It was made by Collage and has all sorts of cute little features, such as the paper fortune teller on the table, just like the ones I used to make in my schooldays, and the mix CD and lava lamp.

Cafe Lounge

And here’s a close-up of the outfit I’m wearing, as it’s sort of covered by the chair in the first shot. I figured that, if I was going to relax like a student, I ought to be comfortable while I went about it – and this Sakide top and leggings was the perfect fit, and easily mixed and matched to boot.



Furniture: Collage – Cafe Lounge Set
Outfit: Sakide – Sumatran
Skin: Glam Affair – Neva – America
Hair: ChiChickie – Kate

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…

Just a few casual looks for you today, inspired by some fairly new items I’ve come across and made particular friends with. This first outfit is all about the Cynful Isia shorts, which I fell a bit in love with and would love to pull off in the real world, would my thighs not dribble out the bottom. Keeping with the purple theme, I added Senzafine’s cute peasant top and a pretty headband by MONS for good measure. And voila the result.

Senzafine and Cynful

Another of my favourite things this week is Cheeky Pea’s Port Isaac pier, which is a little piece of luxury for those of us who find beach towels a damp and scratchy controversy. The couch can be separated from the pier, too, should you feel so inclined – which I believe to be a good thing, as it would look equally awesome in a living room. I have just the place…

Port Isaac by Cheeky Pea

Below is the outfit I’m wearing at the end of the pier. It’s a simple look that’s easily thrown on when an unexpected tp comes in for a shopping trip, combining the Marlee skirt from R3volt with okkbye’s Summer Tank in grey.

okkbye and R3volt

And here is what I perhaps should have been wearing – my new favourite bikini, by DCNY. Something about the pattern makes my heart happy.

DCNY Denim Bikini

And finally a Somnia ensemble even the name of which make me grin: I’m wearing the Comic Tank in true retro-Batman style with – wait for it – Floozy Bandit shorts. Amazing.

Hampton Bench by DIGS

Credits (top to bottom)

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Victoria
Top: Senzafine – Astrid Crop Peasant Top
Shorts: Cynful – Isia
Headband: MONS – Cute Gem Headband and Face Gem

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Jennie
Top: okkbye – Summer Tank Tops – Grey
Skirt: R3volt – Marlee
Pier: Cheeky Pea – Port Isaac

Skin: Izzie’s – Jill Safari – Peach
Hair: Exile – Just a Reason
Bikini: DCNY – Denim Bikini

Bench: DIGS – Hampton Bench
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Youth
Top: Somnia – Comic Tank
Shorts: Somnia – Floozy Bandit
Shoes: DN Mesh – Marcy

Red, Off-White and Blue

A couple of new looks for you today, inspired by some of the newer releases on the grid. I’ll start with my favourite, which I’m a little bit in love with because it’s a throwback to my early days in SL, almost a decade ago. Back then I could be tempted by any item of clothing as long as it was black or red, while leather seemed like a perfectly valid material for everyday wear. I still firmly believe these things are excellent and am most pleased to have updated my heyday image with the help of Blueberry Dare. All I’m really missing is the white skin and bulbous nose.

Blueberry Dare - Leather Tied Corset

The next look is a little more current for me, speaking of colours. Somehow, at some point, for some reason, I switched from an avid need to own every red item ever made to a joyous love of muted shades. As it’s still in the hundreds where I am in terms of temperature, the comfy and cool look of this romper also made me happy.

Color.Me.H.O.F. - Silk Romper

And yes, in this final look you are seeing what it is you think you are seeing: a hint of parts of pixel me that you did not necessarily expect to be on show. Or maybe you did. I didn’t want to sully this dress from R3 with anything so unnecessary as undecrackers, though I would recommend them if you want to wear it for family outings or grocery shopping. Some careful leaning and a bit of camera angling later and here we have it. Trousers optional, as previously mentioned.

R3 - Meg

Credits (top to bottom)

Skin: Belleza – Leila
Hair: Alice Project – Leah
Outfit: Blueberry Dare – Leather Tied Corset and Shorts

Skin: Swallow – Denise
Hair: ChiChickie! – Melanie
Romper: Color.Me.H.O.F – Silk Romper

Skin: Akeruka – Meg V2
Hair: Alice Project – Mary
Dress: R3 – Meg
Thigh Highs: R3 – Vera
Shoes: DN Mesh – Marcy

Chilly Sensibilities

I have some gorgeous new dresses from Cold Logic to show you today and, as we’ve all come to expect from this awesome brand, there’s a little something available for everyone, whether you’re a fan of bright, bold colours or muted tones. First up we have the Stiles dress, with a peacock trim to help you with the strutting fabulously part of proceedings.

Cold Logic: Stiles

Then there’s Karr, which is a demure and elegant dress that works as well for a special occasion as for a summer evening out with friends.

Cold Logic: Karr

Plume meanwhile comes with optional jackets so, if it gets a bit chilly while you’re walking the pixel coastline, you can cozy up in a matching jacket – or pick a mismatched colour, if you so desire.

Cold Logic: Plume

And finally there’s Roberts, which again has an optional jacket and is the brightest and most vibrant of the lot. I think this one’s my favourite, simply because it’s so eye-catching. Of course, if you disagree, you have three other options to choose from!

Cold Logic: Roberts

Credits (top to bottom)

Skin: Glam Affair – Candy – America
Hair: Elikatira – Enjoy
Dress: Cold Logic – Stiles
Necklace: HANDverk – Zelda

Skin: Essences – Noodles – Your Majesty
Hair: Elikatira – Tallulah
Dress: Cold Logic – Karr

Skin: Belleza – Ashley
Hair: Elikatira – Victoria
Dress: Cold Logic – Plume

Skin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn 20’s
Hair: Elikatira – Malia
Dress: Cold Logic – Roberts
Necklace: Glow Studio – Point Rope Necklace


Tutti Frutti Tuesday

I know, it’s not Tuesday. Unfortunately, Wednesday is an alliterative nightmare and, having adorned my shots with tutti frutti backdrops today, I had the choice of waiting a week to post them or just plain lying. I have opted for the latter, but at least I’m honest about it.

Georgina and Serena

Also, I took these pictures yesterday, so it’s technically the truth. I wanted to show you a few of the new pretties you might be interested to squirrel away in your own wardrobe, you see. Such as these two dresses and accompanying pretties. On the left is Serena by R3, along with LeLutka’s Dulcina hair and Whisper skin by Essences. On the right, meanwhile, is the Georgina dress from e!, along with Summer skin from Glam Affair and Diva! hair called Layla.

Sakide Adorn Leather

This outfit, meanwhile, is almost entirely the work of Sakide.  The outfit and shoes both come as part of the Adorn Leather outfit and I am very taken indeed with the subtle spikes on the back of the heels. The earrings, which I added for a splash of colour among the joyous monochrome, are available from Mon Cheri as part of the Homeless Hunt, while the skin is Kaelyn 20’s by Izzie’s and the hair is Auxiliary’s Relax. It’s not Tuesday, no, but who really cares when there’s shopping to be done?


Top Left
Skin: Essences – Whisper (Forgive Me)
Hair: LeLutka – Dulcina
Dress: R3 – Serena

Top Right
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Diva! – Layla
Dress: e! – Georgina

BottomSkin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn 20’s Skin (purple lips)
Hair: Auxiliary – Relax
Outfit and Shoes: Sakide – Adorn Leather Outfit
Earrings – Mon Cheri – Odd Beauty (Homeless Hunt)


The Sun’s Still Shining

No need to lament the end of summer quite yet – particularly if, like me, you may or may not currently be living inside your own oven. The marvellous Willis has requested my help in blogging the tsunami of new releases currently hitting the grid and, like any good sister who senses an opportunity, I at first refused and stamped my foot and then begrudgingly gave in, as long as she does the washing up for the next month.

V.e.'s Savage Ensemble

And so I thought I might begin with a post that helps me feel less hot and sweaty than I currently am, and what better way to do that than with beachwear? There are so many bikinis and cover-ups available right now that it was hard to know where even to start, but V.e. rescued me with a zebra print that caught my eye and my heart. It comes as a full outfit and there are alternative patterns available for those not keen on the equine.

Zaara Bikini and Cover Up

Not to be outdone, Zaara has released a range of bikinis and cover-ups that work beautifully together but can as easily be worn apart. There’s a huge range of colours on offer for both parts of the outfit, which makes mix-and-matching a time-consuming affair.

Sakide Ripple Outfit

And then there is this adorable mesh Ripple Outfit from Sakide, which comes with a HUD to change the colour of the top and shorts separately. I’ve shown just three of the shades available, but greens, blacks and more are also included. I think I have my seaside wardrobe sorted for the remainder of summer – just don’t tell Willis how much fun I had choosing it or she’ll refuse to do the dishes.



Hair: Auxiliary – Sweetie Pie
Skin: Aeva – Tsuki (Tone 1, Onyx)
Outfit: V.e. – Savage Ensemble


Hair: LeLutka – Alvina
Skin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn 20’s Skin
Cover-up: Zaara – Ria Coverup
Bikini: Zaara – Naisha

Skin: Belleza – Ashley
Hair: (r)M – No.07’13
Outfit: Sakide – Ripple Outfit

Winter Fair!

Winter Fair is going on all this week and the sheer number of warm and snuggly offerings available there is astounding. You’ll be set for scarves for years to come if you nip over for a visit, let me tell you.

In the first picture below, I’m wearing the Winter Sweater and Mesh Stockings by [F[uchOn with Hannah bobbly hat hair from Tameless and some incredibly cute snowman earrings by Pure Poison. The refreshingly innocent skin in all but one of the outfits below is Riria by Shiva, with which I am rather taken.

Winter Fair

The second outfit pairs the Down Jacket from Leri Miles Designs with the Marge pants from Mayden Couture. I’m also wearing Pam hair, again from Tameless. More hair from Tameless in the third outfit, this time Estelle, with an adorable little black dress from Mimi Noire called Frill and the Mesh Hooded Cardigan by Dew, plus some Warm Boots from Piccara to keep my tootsies warm. The skin I’m wearing for that outfit is Aisha, by Chloe; I felt the chilled pink nose was appropriate with the bare legs.

Last but not least in the above set, the Marge trousers from Mayden Couture make a repeat appearance, this time in grey and paired with the Short Leather Jacket by Cheeky, nicely complemented by the Loving Necklace from Splash (which looks even better in close-up, I should add).

Winter Fair

I fell a bit in love with Intrepid’s Cover Me In… sets. I’m wearing the jacket from the Blackberry set on the left, but the outfits also come with options galore. The boots are Wintercow by Retro and are similarly delicious, as are the Winter Scarves by Yulicie and Hollyweird’s Ice Queen piercings. (The hair in the left and right outfits is Bella by CaTwA and second from the right is Gloria by Wasabi Pills – the only things in these piccies that aren’t available at Winter Fair.)

In the second outfit, I’m wearing my favourite Winter Fair item: the London Jacket by Sassy! – it comes in maaaany fabulous colours and two styles. I will probably wear them all at once through greed. I paired it with the Warm Leggings by Piccara,  Classic Tall Boots from PiChi and some really cute Ivory Horn earrings from MiWardrobe. I’m clutching a Cookie Jar by Tentacio containing gingerbread men that look an awful lot better when my camera isn’t buggering them up.

The third outfit is the Turquoise Nebula version of the Celeste dress by Miss Darcy, along with the Gabriella skin from Panda Punx and the Snowflake Mouthie from FreakyDesign. Last but not least, another personal favourite: Mimi Noire’s Mesh Hooded Cardigan and Purple Moon’s Skinny Jeans, as well as the Audrey necklace from MiWardrobe.

I’m stopping here before my fingers fall off from the typing, having barely scratched the surface of what you can pick up and squirrel away into your winter wardrobe at the Winter Fair. Good times.

Culture Clash at Around The World

Around The World, an event inspired by all the cultures and fashions on our fair planet, is in full swing and packed full of unusual treats. Each region has its own section but, in the spirit of the melting pot that Second Life has become, I have mixed and matched my nationalities to my heart’s content.

Around The World

Above is the Antique Pakistani Furniture available from Senzafine and, to match its abundance of rich colours, the Tango Dress from Has Been. Posing items being, of course, in abundance at Around The World, I’m using one of the Strength mini-set poses from !bang.

Around The World

A little more mellow but no less inviting, the Zen Garden Skybox from Ziau features your very own Zen sandbox and original poetry for your contemplative moments. I’m wearing the Seattle dress from Geometry with the Aussie Ugg Boots by Intrepid and playing about with the African Child and Malkia posing sets from Motionless, which come with a handy HUD version that I’m sure will be every photographer’s delight.

Around The World

For those of us with bulging virtual closets and a hunger for more, you’ll have no trouble keeping your eyes on the prize at Around The World. Above you can see the Fur Poncho on offer from Orquidea, the Say It! New York cropped sweater from Apple May and the My Faithful shirt from Intrepid, all worn with Intrepid’s Patriot Jeans.

These are but a small fraction of the goodies on offer. Around The World has quite the variety, covet-worthy quality and a celebration of the diversity around our world – which, it turns out, can actually be enjoyed all at once. The doors are open until November 29 – grab your shopping cart and go have fun!