Meet the New Girls in Town

LeLutka – or Undivided, whichever you want to say are releasing THREE new heads! YAY!  Stella, Karin and Lotte are out in a couple of days time and you’ve probably already seen a sneaky peak, but I couldn’t resist doing one myself too.

LeLutka - Stella

There are a lot of opinions out there on mesh heads – “everyone looks the same” – “why does nobody look unique anymore” – “why can’t I have a mesh head I can change, pfft” – there really isn’t anything I can say to sway anyones opinion, I once looked at mesh heads and was like PFFT – I wanna look like ME! I have been in SL since 2004 and my face (minus a few tweaks here and there) has ALWAYS been my face – nothing was ever going to change that, not even if I fell in love with a skin that made me look ridiculous, I wouldn’t change my face. But I have to say I am LOVING the mesh heads.  Yes, ok – we may wear them and look slightly similar, but I honestly do not look at these pictures, then say go over to Sasys blog, or Grazias and think OH HEY – TWINS! I think I look like my version of me in the mesh head, and they look like theirs.

LeLutka - Karin

I’ve shown the heads in three different skins – Glam Affair (the skin it comes with) – Adam N Eve, and then Izzies – of course the ability to mix and match skins and makeups on these heads also give you the chance to make a look really your own.   I see lots of SL avs who I know people think are stunning, and I look and think “really? wow” – it’s just not my bag.  They think they are pretty tho and that’s what matters, just like I think Willis’ face is pretty – I wear it, it’s mine, I don’t care what others think – It’s the same with the mesh heads really – you may say I look like others, but I just don’t FEEL like I do.  You could stand me in a room with 40 people wearing the same one, in different skins/makeups and I would still feel like me.

LeLutka - Lotte

Thats the beauty of SL and always has been, you can be what and who you want to be, however you choose to be it, and by golly I choose to be a mesh head lover – I don’t think I look like anyone else, I don’t FEEL like anyone else, and I don’t dress or blog to please others (well ok,  I don’t mean you – store owners/blogger group owners – I WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!).  Some people choose tattoos and piercings, some people choose to have grey hair, or neon pink hair, some choose hand drawn skins, some choose photosourced skins, some like mesh bodies, some won’t embrace.. it’s the same with heads – some love them, some hate them, some want to love them but feel they have to hate them, some hate them but want to love them.

Personally, I want a whole army of mesh heads – and thanks to the lovely ladies at LeLutka, that army is growing!

Isn’t She Pretty

.. in pink? Although there really isn’t much pink, pretty tho!  A lovely release at the Blueberry mainstore is the focus of my look today, why? Well for a variety of reasons, the main one being its bloody gorgeous, the next one because its HUGELY customisable.

Isn't She Pretty..

Yep, you get HUDs for the beads/stones!  Jade, Glassy, Pearly and Stone are the options and each one comes in oodles of colours which means sooo many options and looks and it will match whatever you want it to (well almost).  You can also get a top if the dress isn’t your bag, but if it isn’t.. why!?   21Shoe is nearly upon us again and this is just one of many offerings.  Ingenue give us a pair of shoes with a fruity feel.  Cherries and Strawberries>?! Yes please!    Love them.   My hair is the new hair from Mina for Shiny Shabby and it’s delightful, it’s a loose plait style with wispy bangs that frame the face beautifully.

NOW! for my face, for your face, for everyones face…  Makeups from Adam N Eve for the LeLutka Mesh Heads! YEAHBOI!  I am in LOVE with Veronica.   She comes in a bunch of tones but I went for the palest because I am very pale in RL and I wish this was my RL face right now.   Also available are 3 Shadow HUDs and 3 Lip HUDs!  I’ve mix and matched them  a bit here, in each Shadow HUD you get three colours both with and without liner, and for the Lips you get three glossy and three matte colours, but I opted to leave the gloss on all of them cos they look LUSH! – These will be out on the 23rd so get your waiting boots on.  Also shown in the collage are various eyes from MUDSKIN!  They are out now at a discounted price at a new event called Famoustation.  There are 10 colours to choose from and each colour comes with a mesh version too.

Have a lovely end of your weekend!

AE | Veronica


Hair: Mina | Yuliya *Shiny Shabby*
Skin/Makeup: AE | Veronica | T0
Eyes: MUDSKIN | My Eyes *Famoustation*
Dress: Blueberry | Beaded Dresses
Shoes: Ingenue | Marie Heels | Cherry Print *21Shoe – SOON*

Av Enhancements
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | High
Head: LeLutka | Aria
Body: Maitreya | Lara

Pose: Frooti

LoTD – Black Magic Woman

Chanelling the darker sides of myself today with this look made up from bits and pieces from a few events!

LoTD - Black Magic Woman

Another Slink Visage item from Adam N Eve, this time in Ethnic Tones, so pretty!!!  The heads are so perfect for pictures, so another skin applier is yay!   I love my items from Dark Style Fair from The Plastik, I always find their items to be so well textured, and as you can see from the close up of the horns, the mesh work is nothing to sniff at either! YAY!  Dark Passions have also ventured into the world of Slink by offering up some shoes, the Rusted Cross Heels are unique and fitted the look perfectly! YAY!

LoTD - Black Magic Woman - Up Close and Personal


Hair: Spellbound | Hecate *Dark Style Fair*
Horns: The Plastik | Vynn Horn | Earth Mother *Dark Style Fair*
Skin: Adam N Eve | Shona | Ethnic Tone ETA | Bare
Dress: The Plastik | Jessaline | Stag
Shoes: Dark Passions | Rusted Cross Heel | Red *World Goth Fair*
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer | Deer Bone *Dark Style Fair*

Av Enhancements
Head: Slink | Emma
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | High
Nails: Dark Passions | Koffin | Ophelia’s Secret *World Goth Fair*

Rack Poses | Artemis *Tales of Fantasy Gacha – SOON*

Lazy Days in the Sun

Lazy Days in the Sun

Just a lazy day in my Vintage Float, rocking a new skin, new hair and having some butterflies join me for some relaxation… it’s a hard life.

Lazy Days in the Sun - Headshot


Hair: KOY | Bri
Skin: Adam N Eve
Hair Clips: The Sugar Garden | Kanzashi | Butterfly Clips | Black
Bikini: Zaara

AV Enhancements
Slink: Mesh Head | Emma w/Appliers
Slink: Hands
Nail Appliers: Quirky

Kuro | Vintage Float *OneWord*

LoTD – The Wish Mistress

Sometimes a girl just needs sparkles, water, pink and cute.  I think I have all of that channelled here.

LoTD - The Wishmistress

The Atomic items are all gacha items, and are so well detailed. The headpiece is a rare, and the other rare is a cute plush Goat you can hold!   Some amazing pieces in these pics from some amazing events.  Not to mention a gorgeous new applier for the SLink heads from Adam N Eve, Taliya is stunning, and there is a makeup HUD soon to be released, but I am loving the AE skins on the heads, sooo hard.

LoTD - The Wishmistress  - Head shot


Hair: [LCKY] | Eilfie *The Big Show*
Skin: Adam N Eve | Taliya | Tone A | Bare
Headpiece: Atomic | Wish Master | Headpiece RARE *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Collar:Atomic | Wish Master | Collar *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Bodysuit: Epic | Dripping Henley Bodysuit | Sherbet *Boobs, Butts and Beyond*
Bottle: Atomic | Wish Master | Bottle *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Tail: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations | Meiade | Cottoncandy *Fantasy Room*

SLink AV Enchancements:
Head: Emma w/ Applier
Nails: Quirky | Moody *The Big Show*

Rack Poses | Veni, Vidi, Vici!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Skin Fair 2013 is OPEN!

..and I have three more creators with skins out there today and I STILL have oodles to come! I will keep the chitty chatty to a minimum, but if I miss anything you want to know, please yell!

TSG @ SF13

The Sugar Garden (TSG) has this gorgeous skin out, named HOPE!  She comes in various tones including various new ones, so fans of TSG be happy there are NEW TONESSSSS.   TSG do skins that are in my opinion quite “baby faced” but really REALLY effin cute, I love them on me and it’s not often I can say that about a younger looking skin.    Also released will be mesh hands and feet to match the new tones (as well as old) and of course the skins come with both lola/tango and lush appliers too, so I popped on a BOOM top to show you how well they match up!   I really love the hands too, although I found them a bit small on my frame but SO CUTE!!!!   You get a lot of options with the skins and I’ve shown both no teeth and teeth versions. WEEE!

Izzies @ SF13

Izzie released the delectable Asia skin.  I have showcased it in the ginger option, I fancied a bit of a change and isn’t she pretty!?  She comes with various mix and match makeups, all of which are shown here as well as the base skin in the middle.  As with any Izzie’s skin it comes with an array of tones and brows, complete with tattoo options galore!   I am really taken with this Ginger version  especially with the gorgeous freckles (yep they come on the skin, not a tattoo layer)

Adam & Eve @ SF13

Finally we have three new skins from Adam & Eve!   From top to bottom, 2 rows deep each, we have Maha, Isabella and Bethany!  All skins are available in an array of tones and 6 choices of makeups per tone.   Also included are tattoo layers for hairbases, nailbeds, dimples, cleavage enhancer/dehancer, eyelid (bare) and freckles!!!  There are so many options its insannnne!   I was particularly taken with the Bethany skin out of all of them ,which come with beauty marks already on the skin but make me look so adorable and kissable at the same time, I hope there are going to be more makeups in Bethany, FOR SURE!!!

Skin Fair – Sim 1
Skin Fair – Sim 2
Details about what is where!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.. and Happy 25 Days of Poses to YOU!

One of the people I admire most in the pose making world is Adorkable Peapod, she’s so nice and positive, always on hand for a hug or just to pep talk you and I don’t bother her nearly as much as I’d like to.  She’s beyond generous and is one of the most lovely people I know, and that I’d like to get to know better.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 1-5

Every year she does a whole 25 Days of Poses, where you get a free pose every day and if you miss them, they are sold for a discounted price afterwards, here are 20 of the 25 along with a few different looks.   The first 5 I paired together with a gorgeous Group Gift from Happy Undead!  A really gorgeous knit dress, together with some new Ruby slippers from AlaskaMetro.   I had to wear the new Exile hair for My Attic cos it comes with Tiara pin and it’s my BIRTHDAY, therefore I am a princess, duh.   The skin I am wearing is upcoming from Essences for TDR Fusion, so be ready for that!

The next poses I am again wearing Happy Undead!  This is their Tube Dress in Candy Cane!  Paired with the Red Combat Boots from Monso that you can find at Collabor88, this is a kick ass christmas look!   I topped it off with new Red Mint hair with a bit of a windswept look and the gorgeous new skin from Adam N Eve, but more about that below.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 6-10

The next 5 I have tried to show from a few angles, so that you can see the awsesome work that’s gone into the new Blueberry Cardigan.  With a lil cute bow and hood at the back it’s the perfect cozy knitwear for your wardrobe.  I wear a Shabby Cat dress underneath it that now comes with appliers for your e-boobs!   Topping it off with one of the 12 days of Christmas hairs from Ploom and the most gorgeous skin from Essences upcoming for the Capricorn Zodiac!   I can’t forget the boots, new from Ispachi and some of the best boots I’ve clapped eyes on.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 11-15

For the final five I went for a bit of a bright look with a billionty things going on!   My hair is another12 days hair from Ploom, this time a more quirky style!  It’s paired with one of the three skins available from Al Vulo for the Holidays, all three of which you need.   I’m wearing the Leather Skirt from Blueberry that was released along with the cardigan above and under that the Shabby Cat dress again, but in a pink this time!   My top is from Phosphenes and is the new Ombre Dip sweater, shown here in a vibrant yellow but available in other colours too.    To top it off I have some of the new Waist High Tights from Izzies on, available in both a natural and colours pack these babies are to die for!   I couldn’t take my Ispachi boots off either, so you get them here in black. PRAISE BE TO THE HUD!

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 16-20

Finally here is a quick peek at the Meghan Skin from Adam & Eve I mentioned earlier!  This is tone 2 and all of the makeups, aren’t they beautiful?   Definitely a more “real” feel to this skin than most of the skins I wear.  She comes with oodles of options, tattoos and layers for cleavage, freckles, dimples, eyebrows and more!   I really love the makeups in this pack from the cat eye and ruby combo to the peachy lips and pink eyes.  So gorgeous!

New @ Adam & Eve | Meghan

*SLRULS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page!

Lil bit of thiiisss, lil bit of thaaat…

A bit of a mish mash of things in this post!

First we have the VF offerings from Undefined Lillies AND new Wasabi Pills hair from FaMESHed!  The necklaces from UL are absolutely gorgeous Mingle Mangle and Grandma’s Renewed are so CUTE.  Mingle Mangle actually comes as TWO necklaces, but I wore them both together and they look stunning, such wonderful detailing, and Grandma’s Renewed is just sodding adorable! Pearls, Pink (and blue option) and Bows! WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL WANT?   Really lovely things.   The hair is a cute ponytail from Wasabi Pills and is available at FaMESHed, so make sure you check that out!

Undefined Lillies | Wasabi Pills

This hair isn’t from any event, it’s just a new MESH hair from RedMint!   It’s totes adorable and a bit wacky, which is nice for a change!  It comes in so many colours, I chose deepest black I could find to go for a more “startling” look, but it comes in some super nice blondes and cute pastels too!


Next we have the Adam N Eve Hair and Skin from the Vintage Fair and some super cute aprons by Apponos Aprons (marketplace link here).  I thought they kinda looked like they’d go for a 50’s ish housewife look!  The hair is a cute, blunt bob style and comes in so many colours, I do love the textures from Adam N Eve!  The skin is also adorable, more about that below tho.    The Aprons are mesh, and come in various sizes and SO many different colours/patterns. and they are ONLY $L80 each!!!!  Of course my plan was to wear them in my kitchen with a rolling pin in hand, however, I decided to wear them almost butt naked instead, Gus was surprised when he logged in 😛

Adam N Eve | Apponos Aprons

More about the skin now!  The Vintage Fair skin comes with so many tattoo addons, I think I’ve paired all of the eyes with all of the lips, with the “bare” skin in the middle.   This means you can mix and match colours ALL freaking day long!  I also put on the Blonde Brows for a change, they come with standard dark brows as seen above.   I think the skin makes me look more mature than some of my skins, in a grown up way, not an old way 😛 perhaps its the colours of the makeup layers, all very vivid!  But all tres cute!

Adam N Eve

All SLURLS to Vintage Fair can be found HERE.. but remember, it doesn’t open to the public until August 4th ❤ ONE MORE DAY GUISE!