Just a mere 2 days left until the end of Shoetopia, so I bring you several pairs of shoes I fell in love with, but I have more! So expect another post before the end arrives!

Stuffs @ Shoetopia!

There were so many shoes, boots, and other goodies available that my little head was on a swivel! Then of course I got pugged up in RL and have been quite SL absent, but you know, they’re cute, cuter than SL, what can I say?!  Anyway above you see three of my fave items.   Boots from League, Shoes from Lassitude & Ennui and Ankle Booties from Tulip!  Each very different, one made for winter, one made for sexy times and one made for cute!

Boots @ Shoetopia!

Three of my top fave boots were from Apple Fall with the Ugg style boots, particularly those with the cat on! My cats aren’t keen on me atm, but I love them anyway so these were perfect.   The Plastik had a wide range on offer in so many styles, but these clunky knee highs screamed my name! I can’t wait to make an outfit around them, and the Ankle Booties with Fur from G-Field are just classy, I needed me some classy boots!

Flats @ Shoetopia!

I loved the flats selections, two of my faves being from Ingenue, and the last from Elysium, a new to me brand but not anymore!   I love the studded tips on the first pair from Ingenue, and the plainess of the second, and on Elysiums the little safety pin detail killed me! ADORABLE!
Heels @ Shoetopia!

There were OODLES of heels, but I felt the need to show you three from Boom, some lovely strappy numbers here, and a chunky wedge with ribbon detailing, something for everyone with these babies, for sure.

I will return with more shoes, boots and goodies before the end, I WILL TRY MY HARDEST, although you’ve seen the feeds, you’ve probably seen it all before, but <3333

Read all about Shoetopia and get the taxi’s over on the official blog!

Collabor88 for your Home!

Hommeeee post!

Barnesworth Anubis @ Collabor88

So, I logged in SL to do my LoTD and blammo, half my inventory was missing, so in a huff I decided to blog something else entirely… for now at least.   Both Barnesworth Anubis and Scarlet Apple (A collab effort from Scarlet Creative and Apple Fall) have items out at Collabor88 and I’ve mixed them up for you today!  The above picture shows you the gorgeous new skybox from BA, it’s not a huge, spacious affair, but it’s certainly big enough for one or two, and is absolutely stunning, as with all BA items.

It comes with or without a 3D surround, and if you click the picture to go bigger, you can see that outside the windows, I much perfer this to the normal flat surround that skyboxes come with, it makes it come that much more alive!!!   There are two rooms, separated by square arch (squarch.. I created that, you can borrow it) with windows, one end a slightly smaller room, perhaps for a bedroom, and the other end more open and larger with a gorgeous roaring fireplace!   The perfect abode for you and your lady/gentleman friend, or even a room mate, orrrr on your own, or hell stick the kids in it and stuff them 6000m up in the sky! WEEE!

{sa} @ Collabor88This picture shows you a semi decorated corner, with the Scarlet Apple goodies!   The fave bit of it, I think, is the record player on the crate.  So cute and retro.    You can also get an animal shaped rug (by animal I mean like skin.. I just woke up, please ignore my lack of sense), a little slouchy bench with cushions, a caged lamp and wall decor.   All of it is low land impact and textured to the highest standard, as with anything that either Scarlet Creative or Apple Fall make… a collaboration made in heaven? Yessir!

TP to Collabor88!

Together for Sway – Look of the Day!

I went back to the TFS site today and oh my gosh, I spent a bunch more, and not everyone is set up yet!! I think today is going to be a day of just blogging Together for Sway.  So I’m going to throw a couple look of the day’s at you now, and later too, so you can gear up those purses and get ready to throw money around when the event opens tomorrow.

The first thing I clapped eyes on and was like MUST OWN is this gorgeous windchime decoration from DIGS, it’s available in various metals and this mixed metal one and they are SUPER cheap too!   So detailed and intricate, these are bound to take pride of place on your porch, or even outside a window, you may want to rescale a bit though, unless you’re a giant.  coldLogic have 2 new items out, in a handful of colours each.  I didn’t fatpack these, but now I am kicking myself I didn’t.. I just had to be frugal because there was so much else I wanted to buy, but I’ll get the other colours, who was I trying to kid?!  Anyway, they are a sweater style dress and they are just unf.. so toasty warm and cute looking!   Wasabi Pills has 3 special hairs out too, the special colours that they put out for events, in this style shown!  For only $L50 each, I had to get all three.

Together for Sway | LoTD 1 | 14/12/12

Apple Fall has a handful of items out, all of them I squee’d at, the ones I wanted weren’t set for sale yet tho, so I took the next best thing!  This cluster of lightbulbs light is just… it’s gorgeous.  No words can describe just how gorgeous it is!   It’s so pretty and detailed and whimsical and lovely.  I need to go back and buy ALL THE THINGS, as do you! While you’re there Noodles has out a gorgeous heart necklace, you can’t see it very well here and I forgot to take a close up, but I can assure you that you NEED it, not want.. NEED.   The skin I am wearing is from Insufferable Dastard and is the Sofia skin.

Together for Sway | LoTD 2 | 14/12/12

Sofia comes in three tones, I chose the palest of the three.  You get eyes and shape included, but I used my own shape and eyes from IKON, but the skin.. look! It’s so pretty.  Fresh faced and beautiful, the kind of skin that is simple, but effective in making you look just stunning.  If you haven’t tried an ID skin yet, this may be the one!

Together for Sway | Insufferable Dastard

Hands and Feet are from SLink and all poses used are from aDORKable! Piercings from Cute Poison

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

New @ Lame

Lame is fast becoming one of my FAVOURITE places to blog, the stuff that Divine comes up with is just… so gorgeous.

Nicks Chill Spot was released this past weekend and is a MUST for anyone that is appreciate of fine mesh furniture! It’s fun, it’s funky… it’s so well made!  The “spot” looks like a perfect place to chill.. to relax.. to entertain or be with friends.  In the complete set you get the futon and the lounger which both come with 11  fabric options and 11 pillow fabric options too, so you can mix and match to your hearts content.The Futon comes with 35 Animations including couples, male and female (it uses AVsitter so you can move them about to fit!) and the Lounger comes with 25.  You also get a table that is SOOOO cool that comes with 3 wood textures, and a variety of bits and bobs including a tv table with tv, a cage style lap, ashtray, remote control and 2 wall tapestries that change textures too!
The table also features texture change between 3 fabulous wood textures.

New @ Lame 2

If you rez the ENTIRE set you use just under 20LI, which I think is great!  I used the Apple Fall Cinema 2012 Workshop to showcase the Lame set, but you can put it wherever you want (obviously) I just thought it looked like a bit of a mancave, and no, I am not a man (shup), but I wanted somewhere a lil darker in appearence and something that I thought would match it well!

New @ Lame 1

I am super impressed with the mesh work, and the price is really reasonable too, for the whole set it’s just $1,100 and you can buy the Futon for $L299 and the Lounger for $L250! and if you’ll excuse me, I have just spotted some stuff on the MP that I don’t own, BUYING IT ALL.

New @ Lame

<UTILIZATOR> is a store that I have seen on Marketplace but never really looked into, it has a bunch of mesh av’s and accessories to go with them, I fell in love with a mesh hoodie today while browsing and followed the link through, and it was for one of the Mesh AVs that Utilizator sells! SOOOO, of course, I had to buy it AND the hoodie and had to restrain from buying EVERYTHING!! The av itself is in beta atm, so it’s quite cheap and you get an outfit to go with it and eyes… it’s quite cute really! The hands are a bit manly for me, but if it gets me into the hoody I want, IT CAN STAY! So that is what I am wearing on the pictures, I haven’t taken a close up of the AV because I haven’t played around with it yet, but I am looking forward to what comes of it all!

SLURLS to all stores mentioned are on the Store Locations page! ❤