The Magical Loft

So.. further to my post earlier, I decided to do a little decorating INSIDE… I took myself up to the attic of my cute and creepy little cottage and did it up, magical style with lots of goodies from The Wizarding Faire!

The Magical Loft

So up I toddled to the loft of my cottage and I thought what could I put here? What better to put in there but magical stuffs?!    A little room of goodness all magical and OoooooOoooooOoo!     The main piece of the room is the dorm bed from Cheeky Pea, available in a variety of colours or “houses” this bed comes as single or family and is just simply delicious!   I wanted to make an actual dorm but figured i’d not be greedy this time around.   On my lovely bed are two of the Schadenfreude books which come with a variety of pictures and stuffs, you can even use them posed, but being the studious Willis I am, I was reading in bed, of course!

Under my cute little window I have the Collage shelf complete with little cauldron, broom and MORE books, and it’s also home to two of my MiaMai pets, which wobble and are the cutest little animals EVAH!   And my Auxiliary Satchel hangs off the end all casual and nonchalant, well as nonchalant as a satchel gets.    We then have my gooooorgeous shelf complete with yep… more books and my delicate little hat from Olive, which sits next to my Eleventh Hour cube robot fortune machine!!!  I tell you, that thing is not kind to me.  To make it a little more homely I set out my MEOW scroll and hung it from the wall, yep! THATS ME DONE!

The Magical Loft - Up Close and Personal

Tutti Frutti Tuesday

I know, it’s not Tuesday. Unfortunately, Wednesday is an alliterative nightmare and, having adorned my shots with tutti frutti backdrops today, I had the choice of waiting a week to post them or just plain lying. I have opted for the latter, but at least I’m honest about it.

Georgina and Serena

Also, I took these pictures yesterday, so it’s technically the truth. I wanted to show you a few of the new pretties you might be interested to squirrel away in your own wardrobe, you see. Such as these two dresses and accompanying pretties. On the left is Serena by R3, along with LeLutka’s Dulcina hair and Whisper skin by Essences. On the right, meanwhile, is the Georgina dress from e!, along with Summer skin from Glam Affair and Diva! hair called Layla.

Sakide Adorn Leather

This outfit, meanwhile, is almost entirely the work of Sakide.  The outfit and shoes both come as part of the Adorn Leather outfit and I am very taken indeed with the subtle spikes on the back of the heels. The earrings, which I added for a splash of colour among the joyous monochrome, are available from Mon Cheri as part of the Homeless Hunt, while the skin is Kaelyn 20’s by Izzie’s and the hair is Auxiliary’s Relax. It’s not Tuesday, no, but who really cares when there’s shopping to be done?


Top Left
Skin: Essences – Whisper (Forgive Me)
Hair: LeLutka – Dulcina
Dress: R3 – Serena

Top Right
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Diva! – Layla
Dress: e! – Georgina

BottomSkin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn 20’s Skin (purple lips)
Hair: Auxiliary – Relax
Outfit and Shoes: Sakide – Adorn Leather Outfit
Earrings – Mon Cheri – Odd Beauty (Homeless Hunt)


The Sun’s Still Shining

No need to lament the end of summer quite yet – particularly if, like me, you may or may not currently be living inside your own oven. The marvellous Willis has requested my help in blogging the tsunami of new releases currently hitting the grid and, like any good sister who senses an opportunity, I at first refused and stamped my foot and then begrudgingly gave in, as long as she does the washing up for the next month.

V.e.'s Savage Ensemble

And so I thought I might begin with a post that helps me feel less hot and sweaty than I currently am, and what better way to do that than with beachwear? There are so many bikinis and cover-ups available right now that it was hard to know where even to start, but V.e. rescued me with a zebra print that caught my eye and my heart. It comes as a full outfit and there are alternative patterns available for those not keen on the equine.

Zaara Bikini and Cover Up

Not to be outdone, Zaara has released a range of bikinis and cover-ups that work beautifully together but can as easily be worn apart. There’s a huge range of colours on offer for both parts of the outfit, which makes mix-and-matching a time-consuming affair.

Sakide Ripple Outfit

And then there is this adorable mesh Ripple Outfit from Sakide, which comes with a HUD to change the colour of the top and shorts separately. I’ve shown just three of the shades available, but greens, blacks and more are also included. I think I have my seaside wardrobe sorted for the remainder of summer – just don’t tell Willis how much fun I had choosing it or she’ll refuse to do the dishes.



Hair: Auxiliary – Sweetie Pie
Skin: Aeva – Tsuki (Tone 1, Onyx)
Outfit: V.e. – Savage Ensemble


Hair: LeLutka – Alvina
Skin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn 20’s Skin
Cover-up: Zaara – Ria Coverup
Bikini: Zaara – Naisha

Skin: Belleza – Ashley
Hair: (r)M – No.07’13
Outfit: Sakide – Ripple Outfit

I feel pretty… oh so pretty…

… and I do!  How is your Wednesday going? Peak of the week, my work week Friday… woooo hoooooo!  A few bits for you, god… I love bits! DON’T YOU!?  Am I not making sense? It’s probably cos I’ve eaten too much today, I’m food delirious, woot woot.

Baiastice @ FaMESHed

A new round of FaMESHed, a lot of new awesomesauce and who never fails to deliver? BAIASTICE!   I know I sing Sissy’s praises a lot but I am always so in love with her items, they are always so lovely and well made, textured to perfection and always fun, sexy and cute to wear!   You can find both this spaghetti tank and tulle skirt there, I have thrown together just 6 combinations, but the top comes in 12 colours/prints and the skirts come in 10 denims/colours each with both a black and white tulle! YAY, such cute summery items, and the top I LOVE because in the S you get a “special boob size”, which i’m wearing, which is a bit more of a bigger cup size… yay!

A little head...shot

Also worn in the picture, as well as the gratuitous head shot complete with adorable firefly antlers from Half Deer (shown here in painted with the face tattoo, but available in many more flavours) is one of the new YS & YS Skins from TDR Fusion, UNF. I love YS & YS skins, I collect them ALLLLLL from TDR cos they look so adorable, I love the lips on this skin, kissable and soft.  YES PLEASE.    The hair I picked up at Hair Fair 2013 and it’s one of the Auxiliary Hairs!  Lovely cute bun with bow, I think that finished off my look just nicely alongside my IKON eyes and the lovely poses from Adorkable. HUZZAH!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

We made it….

To day 13!!! We almost didn’t. BOO!

Day 13 of 365 LoTD Posts

This LoTD was inspired by many new items I happened upon opening my inventory!    The Zoya Headdress from Glam Affair had to be worn, it just HAD.TO.   They recently released a bunch of new goodies and oh mah gahhh, so glad they’re doing accessories now!  This gorgeous antler/flower combo is just perfection! I love it.   I paired it with one of the three new Truth Hairs, Vanya.  A longer over the shoulder style with class and decorum!   I then delved into my Collabor88 folder to find this Auxiliary Crop top, shown here in bronze but available in other colours and patterns, this matched my new Blueberry Lila skirt perfectly!  The skirt can be changed by HUD, so you can mix and match the belt and bow/pocket colours.  Of course I haven’t shown all colours available, just the black here, and I changed the bits and bobs to match.   Izzie’s provided my nails, IKON provided my eyes and the gorgeous necklace that you can’t see all too well (sorry!) is from Cae’s and is available at Collabor88 also!

What is the skin, you ask? Well it’s the new Belleza! Ava was released today in various tones, I opted for Fair, as i’m a pale beauty at heart.  With each pack you get 12 makeups, all shown below all with either blonde, dark or red brows, hair bases are included to match all brows along with cleavage tattoos too!  She’s a beautiful skin, the top notch quality you expect from such a refined brand!   The perfectly pouty lips and flawless complexion is really gorgeous, I’ve already seen various people show pictures with them in it, and it really is very striking!

Ava @ Belleza

I checked her over and there is not a seam in sight (as you’d expect) and I spent a long time staring at my boobs, for sure…. I know people are urging Belleza Appliers for their Tangos and other various mesh attachments, but hey… your normal boobs look just as good, TRUST ME!  You can also get up to 30 lipsticks in gloss, strong gloss and matte and as a bonus line and bundles come with all 30 on tattoo layers!!  I haven’t shown all 30 (because apparently I cannot count) but here are a few to whet your appetite!!  Make sure you get on over to Belleza and check these babies out. (Eyes worn in the picture are from Insufferable Dastard)

Ava Lips @ Belleza

*SLURLS, if available, can be found on the store locations page

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Truth | Vanya | Toast
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Skin: Belleza | Ava | Fair 02 w/Strong Gloss Lips 10 *NEW*
Headdress: Glam Affair | Zoya | Black
Necklace: Cae | Guinevere *Collabor88*
Top: Auxiliary | Vintage Tube | Bronze *Collabor88*
Skirt: Blueberry | Lila | Black
Nails: Izzie’s | Metal Stripe Nails
Pose: *Frooti

Christmas is coming…

.. are YOU ready?   I think I am in RL, in SL I have no idea if i’m coming or going!  RL is super busy atm as you can imagine with 2 kids and Santa visiting, so my SL shopping has been slack.

Christmas Gifts @ What Next

What Next is a store you can find many a gift at, and just for the Christmas Season you can purchase the Camden Bicycles!   These are limited edition versions of the What Next wearable photoprops!  Yep they aren’t meant to be rezzed, but I rebelled, you wear them and ride around on them!  There are four to choose from and they are for sale during December 2012 ONLY for $L150!  They are trans and giftboxed ready to go.   If you are looking to wrap your own though, What Next do a HUGE selection of Trans giftboxes too, with just a few shown above, I don’t know how i’m going to ram my bikes in those! Hmmmm.

Also out for Lazy Sunday from What Next are these gorgeous Wall Art Decor.  The Flyaway Decor comes in both Black and White for each version, and you can get Dandelion,  Birds and Butterflies! I saw something like this in RL just recently that I plurked and was like omgggahhh want *makes grabby hands*, i’m super stoked to see them in SL and by such a wonderful store too, you couldn’t ask for a better gift this christmas, trust me.

Lazy Sunday @ What Next

Zodiac is up and running with new goodies, this time around it’s Capriocorn!  There are horns GALORE this time around!  Here are a few from Lassitude & Ennui, some big assed horns in both white and black with various different colours mixed in!  I popped them on with the previous FLF skin from Belleza – Noel and some of the Alice Project Advent Hair!!

Lassitude & Ennui @ Zodiac

Also batting for the horn team at Zodiac are Auxiliary!  Except their horns have a twist, it’s a gacha!    You get 10 horns, 5 regular and 5 Rare and I can tell you the Unicorn Rare are the most sought after things I’ve seen this week!   They are the white rainbowy coloured ones.   These horns are slightly smaller in stature than the L&E horns and have cute little dangly beads.   You won’t want to miss them!

Auxiliary @ Zodiac

Finally we have some new old poses from Flowey.   These poses are only available during the Flowey Sale and they are older poses that Flutter has “revisited” to do over!  There are 8 in total with just 5 shown below.  They are super cute and very natural looking, I love them!   Worn with them is the Cynful Dress for TDR Fusion this time, you can opt to wear the dress in one, but you also get the top and skirt as mesh separates too, so you can mix and match, which I love.   Again they are paired with the Belleza Skin, Alice Project Hair and the horns from Lassitude & Ennui!

Flowey - Revisited & Cynful

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page (if you have one you’d like adding, please do yell!)

LoTD – 16/12/12

Hallo ratfans, I have a busy day in RL today with family visiting, but I wanted to get at least one post out there incase I can’t manage to get back! (I’m sure I will, after all the kids have got to sleep at some point right? Or Santa won’t visit! BWHAHAA)

I’m being a bit mean with this Look of the Day.. why?  Because I’m wearing an unreleased hair! I’M SORRY! I just tried it on this morning and was like LOVE THIS.  I don’t know when Elika will be releasing it, but as soon as I get a sneak peek, it normally means it’s imminent!  It’s a cute and curlyish up do with bow! Perfect to wrap yourself up for Christmas with!  I will, of course, let you know when the full release is out, but keep an eye in the Elikatira blog too!  Also worn is the 3rd Day of Christmas gift from Auxiliary, this gorgeous Paige skin!  Make sure you snap all the gifts up before they go.  The final, and main piece I wanted to show was this sexy corset style dress from Sn@tch!   It’s short, it’s leather… what more could you want to look super sexy and cute at the same time?

LoTD - 16/12/13

Also Evolve are having a sale, you should totally check it out, there is an array of AWESOME for you to buy, if you don’t already own it!

.evolve. Winter Sale

More later, I hope! ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

Leanin’ On the Lampost

Yep, that’s me, Leanin’ on a Lampost, but not at the corner of the street, nope! Outside my lovely winter home!

This is another Together for Sway fest, I hope you like it!  I have loved poking around there, I am so excited for it to open!

Cynful have some of their gorgeous mesh jeans out for sale, in three different styles, and of course each style comes in various sizes and bootcut, skinny and flare (I think! my memory is bad and I only took the pics this morning!)  They are quite low cut, so you do get a bit of bumcrack but hey ho, sometimes you gotta show a lil, right? I paired them up with the lovely pink poncho from TRS which is available too!   I then took a leisurely stroll around my winter wonderland and placed the lampost that Dutchie has out on the ground, and I fell in love!

Leanin' on The Lampost

As I leaned against it, I figured the shot would look better with the 1st gift of the 12 days of Christmas that Auxiliary is having! Well it’s $L50 but that’s a gift in itself, a cheap, awesome product!   You get the option of with or without bow too, so don’t fear, men… you can wear them too!   I’m also wearing shoes from Ducknipple in the pic above (and below but you can’t see them) which I got from the marketplace!   Also worn is one of the three gorgeous skins that Essences has out for Together for Sway!   They come in the same tone, but you can choose three different makeups, each skin comes with various brow options and blush tattoo layers, as well as freckles and an upper lip mole.  I love them, so smooth and pretty! I couldn’t help but  CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE


Then the love of my SLife saved my SLife by coming online for me to pose while I played with the Dutchie Lampost!  Yep, it’s a couples lampost, although some of them work as well with a single, as you can see above.   I haven’t shown all the options here, but I think you’ll agree these in themselves are worth it, they are animated, so I didn’t capture them in all their awesomeness, but I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!   I love the argue one (2nd one top row) all pointing fingers and waving hands, then the making up one, as well as a few flirting, a couple kissing and just all of them so sweet and lovely!

Dutchie @ Together for Sway

*SLURLS, if available, can be found on the Store Location page

Sunday Sunday.. Gotta Get Down on SUNDAY!

FIRST!  New at What Next for Lazy Sunday are these AWESOME prints!!!  I love them, I love things in frames, I like to shove them everywhere (not there, perv)!  There are a good variety available, and you can also get four of them in a set of four (the bottom right).  They say the cutest, loveliest things and you need to go and buy them all. NOW.

Lazy Sunday @ What Next

NOW… 5 million new hairs, and I haven’t even snapped ALL of them!  Here are Truth’s three new hairs.  All lovely, all mesh, all very different!   Meet Ariel, Rebel and Josie.  Ariel and Josie both have a lil braiding going on for that calming boho vibe, well at least in my head.  Rebel is the kind of hair I’d expect mine to look like in the mornings, and get very disappointed when it is not like that at all, all poofy and blown out and well tamed.  Yeah, that doesn’t happen in RL for me :(.   All three are ADORABLE, but i think Ariel is my fav of the bunch!

New @ Truth

Skin | Mons ** Apparel | Auxiliary

Next we have three more new releases from Exile! Breathe Me, One and Only and Almost Had You are all mesh hairs, and all gorgeous, as per usual.  I think my fav might be Almost Had You, it looks like an updo, but it’s long at the back, so it’s an up and a down do!  The other two styles are similar in the way they are long, wavy and sexy!   I do love all three of them tho, Kavar is really rocking the mesh and his fades are STILL my favs!!!

New @ Exile

Skin | Mons ** Apparel | Auxiliary

Two new styles from Ploom also, hair makers are spoiling us this week!   Meet Jemma and Kami!   I looooove Jemma! Such a sassy style, a big, poofy pony with super long bangs on the side, I do like a bit of a whimsical style now and then!    I also love Kami, but I’m not entirely sure it’s very me but it’s tres cute with it’s braid across the forehead, I am loving all these braids!

New @ Ploom

Skin | Mons ** Apparel | G-Field

Last but by no means least, Skins from Reila!!!   Again, I am not entirely sure they are me, but I am trying to diversify a bit and make myself step out of my comfort zone, try new things, gather new looks… The skin itself is gorgeous, but the lips on my shape are not quite right.  I did play around a bit with them but I think they are meant to be hugely pouty, they did grow on me tho, and I was particularly taken with the Group Gift Halloween Skin (the Charcoal one).    Reila skins strike me as skins for people who like something a lil different, a little out of the ordinary, the colours are striking and I will definately be persevering with trying to get my face to fit them!!!

New @ Reila & Halloween!

All the poses I used during these shots were from Ploom also!

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page in one place for ease and… stuff

Bunny Boo Boo!

Well… A FREAKIN’ BUNNY HOOD AND BLOODY JEANS… It’s a Bunny Boo Boo.. right??

I cannot with how much I love these jeans from Evolve, they are some of the best fitting Jeans I have seen in SL and they fit my ass like a pro (TICAW!), I had to pair them with the Auxiliary Bunny Hoodie to get that perfect “Hi I’m in a Dance Studio totally inappropriately dressed, how are you?” chic casual look I was going for.

This Johnnys Dance Studio from Floorplan is a replica of the Dirty Dancing Studio! It’s quite small, but it’s perfect for photos.  Also available from Floorplan is the corkboard and three dance move step frames you can see, all pertaining to the Dirty Dancing theme! I do feel like I can have the time of my life in here… I just need a male volunteer 😉   It’s super well built with floor/window shadows already baked on, a cute lil room separator  a curtained off small lose type area and steps leading down to a door, like you’re actually on an upper floor!

New @ Cinema 2

Of course, not one to follow any rules or conforming to the norm, I rocked up for my dance lesson wearing Auxiliary Bunny Skull Hoodie paired with Evolves Bloody Jeans and one of Wasabi Pills Cinema offerings, I might not look like I’m ready to cha cha cha, but I look super cute, especially in my classy pose from Exposeur and my MONS skin, I think I’m ready to learn to Jive, Waltz, Tango and Bedroom Conga…. how about you?

New @ Cinema

Cinema is opening soon.. are YOU ready?