Home Sweet Home

If there is one thing in SL that I do a lot, its rez houses and just shove random furniture in, I don’t think i’ve had a “home” for a very long time!   So here are a few new bits I’ve gathered and love!

BA @ Collabor88

Barnesworth has this gorgeous penthouse available at Collabor88.    Usually his work is stunning, but it’s all one one sort of level, a bit like a bungalow, I absolutely LOVE that this has a little bit of an upstairs, like a balconette!   The details are stunning as always, plain and simple wood and light walls, but stunning.   As usual you can have either a skybox on it’s own, or you can have a 3D backdrop with it too, unfortunately I kept crashing trying to take pictures because SL seems to hate me today, but I can assure you it’s gorgeous.    So spacious, so bright, so beautiful!   I love it.

Cheeky Pea @ The Garden

The Garden by TLC is still going strong for this round, and this set from Cheeky Pea is available there, exclusively for now!  Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?  Yes, yes it is.   The Abbotsford Bedroom comes in both a PG and Adult version, so you can pick and choose if you want to be naughty or nice and it also comes with and without the lights strung on the headboard, personally I couldn’t possibly rez the ones without because they are too effin’ cute!   There is a really unique hanging shelf too with a candle arrangement, pillows, books and a plant… as well as a little bedside table, a fishy rug and a little fishy mirror!  It’s a wonderful set that makes any bedroom that bit more stunning.  It’s comfy looking but wonderful too! YAY

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

My Garden from The Garden!

The Liaison Collaborative opened it’s doors again, and this time… to The Garden!  I haven’t been around much this week so have been rather slack, but here I am to show you some lovely goodies with many more to come ❤

My Garden from The Garden

As you can see I’m having a little bit of a party in my yard!  How could I not with this gorgeous Garden Cafe caravan set from What Next? Complete with little table and iced tea dispenser… this is the perfect addition to your garden for the spring months that will creep up on us soon, hell it’s already been sunny for a whole DAY here, I know.. calm yourselves.  Also shown are various pieces from Second Spaces, Barnesworth Anubis, Vespertine and more!   Whether you’re after tables, chairs, food, drinks and even plants, all of the above stores have something for you at The Garden!   The Second Spaces stuff is just… so pretty, with all the little pots on the bottom of the table… oh and the plants from BA, so cute! Maybe a bit more whimsical than your regular garden plant, but sooo lovely.

Weekend - LoTD!

I wanted to throw together a look of the day too, Sakide has SO much newness out that I can’t keep up, but this dress really caught my eye, the gorgeous satiny straps, the short but not showing too much length of dress, and the panelled camo is just gorgeous, it comes in many colours but this beigey sand colour really made me smile.  I threw it on with a Chemistry hair and a Glam Affair skin and IKON eyes to set it all off! I feel so cute! ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available

Collabor88 for your Home!

Hommeeee post!

Barnesworth Anubis @ Collabor88

So, I logged in SL to do my LoTD and blammo, half my inventory was missing, so in a huff I decided to blog something else entirely… for now at least.   Both Barnesworth Anubis and Scarlet Apple (A collab effort from Scarlet Creative and Apple Fall) have items out at Collabor88 and I’ve mixed them up for you today!  The above picture shows you the gorgeous new skybox from BA, it’s not a huge, spacious affair, but it’s certainly big enough for one or two, and is absolutely stunning, as with all BA items.

It comes with or without a 3D surround, and if you click the picture to go bigger, you can see that outside the windows, I much perfer this to the normal flat surround that skyboxes come with, it makes it come that much more alive!!!   There are two rooms, separated by square arch (squarch.. I created that, you can borrow it) with windows, one end a slightly smaller room, perhaps for a bedroom, and the other end more open and larger with a gorgeous roaring fireplace!   The perfect abode for you and your lady/gentleman friend, or even a room mate, orrrr on your own, or hell stick the kids in it and stuff them 6000m up in the sky! WEEE!

{sa} @ Collabor88This picture shows you a semi decorated corner, with the Scarlet Apple goodies!   The fave bit of it, I think, is the record player on the crate.  So cute and retro.    You can also get an animal shaped rug (by animal I mean like skin.. I just woke up, please ignore my lack of sense), a little slouchy bench with cushions, a caged lamp and wall decor.   All of it is low land impact and textured to the highest standard, as with anything that either Scarlet Creative or Apple Fall make… a collaboration made in heaven? Yessir!

TP to Collabor88!


C88 – September, is now open!  With the gorgeous palate I showed yesterday, there is something for everyone:

The first thing I fell in love with (out of many things) was this Mesh Kitchen Corner Set from Trompe Loeil!!   It comes with PG and Adult version option, the PG one is 29 prims and has animated counters, the Adult version includes the same, plus 6 couples (naughty) on the other side and a fridge with 2 naughty poses too!  You also get optional kitchen table and stool (animated) but I wanted to concentrate on the kitchen!  The wall clock also adjusts to your time! SWEET!  It’s self install too, which I loved.  IT IS A MUST BUY!

Trompe Loeil @ C88

I, of course, put mine in the corner of my Barnesworth Anubis skybox!  This is the C88 box for this month, and as usual, it’s perfection.  I love skyboxes, it’s my “thing”, I collect them and every now and then I rez them just to play houses (not all of them, that would be more than a sims worth of prims!).  But this is gorgeous, it’s your usual BA quality, with gorgeous textures and optional surrounding “viewpoint”, it comes with full bookcases, a gorgeous working fire and look at the built in closet?!  Love the colours and darkish wood, really contemporary and gorgeous!

BA @ C88 - 2BA @ C88 - 1

The chair you see in the above pic is one of the Arcade Gacha chairs from What Next, the Arcade is opening very soon and I expect to be spending an AWFUL lot of money there, I got a sneak peak at these chairs and all I can say is wow.  Totally awesome lil chairs with his and hers animations!   Lots of different textures for you to try and win, with just a handful below.  There will be more about The Arcade when it’s open and I can spend all my moneys!

What Next @ Arcade Gacha

I said only a couple of days ago that I fell in love with HANDverks shoes, despite my… not so fondness.. of pointy shoes, and Daphne told me I’d be disappointed as her next shoes were pointy too, but as I told her, it doesn’t matter.. because love knows no points!   These are the C88 shoes from HANDverk and wow, they are just.. mind blowing.   The shoes come with petal style back and stem for the heel, they are so dainty and beautiful and I had to take a close up pic of just a few of the colours to even remotely try and do them justice.  If you don’t buy these… you are missing out.

HANDverk @ C88

Finally this is my C88 look of the day!  The bow is from La Gyo (whose birthday it is today, guys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) it’s colour change and it comes on a headband, it’s the biggest, cutest bow I own! The hair is one of two offerings from Clawtooth, a beautiful, messy mid/long length style.. this is the bangs option, the other is sans bangs.   The Mullet top is one of the 3 Auxiliary items, it comes in various colours and standard sizing and is just beautiful!  Flowing and long and lovely, I paired it with the FaMESHed Auxiliary Skinny Jeans just to match up!  The skin is the Auxiliary 2nd item… perfection from Ivy and Tyr, as usual.    The shoes and necklace are both HANDverk items, the necklace matches the heel of the shoe and is also a must buy, it’s ALL a must buy!!!!

LoTD 08/09/12 - C88 Style

TP to C88
Arcade Gacha, coming soon!

Hair: Clawtooth | Wave Goodbye | Coffee with Cream
Bow: La Gyo | A Girl’s Bow
Skin: Auxiliary | Love Skin | Fair | Timeless
Necklace: HANDverk | Rose Necklace | Tangerine
Top: Auxiliary | Mullet Top | Salmon
Jeans: Auxiliary | Skinny Jeans | Faded Chic
Shoes: HANDverk | Rose Pump | Butter
Pose: *Frooti

Baroque Madness!

HALLO.  C88 has now opened its doors and the place is bursting at the SEAMS with goodies.  I bring you just a few.. for now.  I’ve had so much fun playing dress up!

First off two new hairs from Elikatira! WEEEE!  This is Thrive and might be my most fav hair ever (this week).  It’s a very Jessica Rabbit style hair (sorry), very sultry, very sexy… totallyyyyyy gorgeous!  It’s mesh, it’s great, it’s only $L88 while at C88!!!!

Elikatira - Thrive - C88!

I also found, Found! arf arf.  This is the 2nd style, and it’s a gorgeous messy updo/twist/thinger… I dunno how to describe it other than BEAUTIFUL.  I always say non banged styles make me look a bit odd, and they do, but I will sacrifice it all for love.  Totally adore this style!!

Elikatira - Found - C88!

This is a collection of some of the stuff you can get in one awesome look!   The hair is from D!va and unnnfff, I can’t get enough of ALL THE C88 HAIR!!!  This style is lovely, and it comes with the headband, but the headband ALSO comes with jewels on, I hid them.. because you can!  But it has gems and pearls on it, if you want, that are colour change.  You can also hide the band as well as the gems!    The dress if from U.F.O and is absolutely gorgeous, I did find all the sizes came up a bit.. odd on me, but that didn’t stop me from whacking one on, but please DO demo.  I also put on two of the LaGyo offerings, the Cherub ring and earrings. Oh my gosh, the amount of awesome in these pieces I cannot convey, I haven’t done a close up because I plan to do a feature on them but the detail? Stunning.  I have no words.  Skin is from Glam Affair on all the pics, btw!

C88 - Baroque - D!va | U.F.O | LaGyo

Finally we have a look at the skybox from Barnesworth Anubis!  Very lush and grand, totally not Willis at all, there are no pants over the floor… yet, I didn’t want to de-class the place so soon!  Everything you see is bloody amazing, including working lights and animated chairs etc.   It’s a beauty to behold, probably a bit upmarket for the likes of myself, but it’s so stunning, so much detail and work for such a reasonable price! I CAN’T EVEN PROCESS.

C88 - Baroque - Barnesworth Anubis

TP to Collabor88
TP to Glam Affair

C88 makes my land PRETTYYY

Ugh, I hate Cory, and Barnes, they have such pretty things ALL THE TIME and I don’t have enough ROOM or attention span for everything UGH. YOU GUYS SUCK.. but in the non suckiest of ways.

This round of C88 sees two very different and very gorgeous offerings from the delectable Cory and Barnes!  Let’s take a little look:

This is the BA item for this month, I opted for the fully furnished purchase and I am so glad I did, it’s a lovely basic.. but very intricate skybox… beautiful cremes and woods… and with the furniture it’s just perfect.  Bookcases, couches, lamps that work a bed! RUGS! Mirrors.. it’s the perfect cozy little spot.

It’s got a window seat with an outdoor city surround and with shadows on you get some lovely effects!  Nooks and crannies galore, love love LOVE!

Trompe Loeil - C88

This is the Bleached Skybox from Cory, again a lovely classic piece, but definitely with a funky twist.  This doesn’t come fully furnished, but the furniture shown is available.  It’s got a bit of a washed out look, hence the name, I guess!  It comes in a sandy skydome with baked on shadows, which I *do* find a lil bit of a pita if I want to take shadow pics, but can always remove the dome!

The sofas/seats you can see in the top, middle left and bottom right pics are all available separately, and of course all come with various sits and house more than 2 people (not the lounger!).  I really love this one, but I am a minimalist and I do love the bleached out look of it all.  ADORE.

[ba] - C88

I am also wearing the Darla outfit from e! for One Voice… you must go get it, its’ a steal!

Hair: D!va | Tomoko2 | Topaz *C88*
Skin: Glam Affair | Roza | Natural 01 *TDRb*
Eyes: FATEeyes
Outfit: e! – Darla Outfit (Darla Pants & Bronte Top worn) *One Voice*
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet

Home Expo – Take 2!

I have so much to blog from the Expo that it’s overwhelming me, but I am trying to keep up!  2 more lots for you today! Hope you enjoy ❤

First off we have a couple bits from Trompe Loeil!  RFL bits at that!    The first donation item (100% donation, btw) is a huge mod/copy megapack of mesh palm trees!  All in all there are 3 styles of tree with 4 bark colors each and 4 palm leaf types each! That’s a total of 48 unique trees and the best thing?! 1 PRIM EACH!!! YESSSS!!  They are so pretty!

The 2nd donation item is this Tropical Beachside Bed.  It’s a fully built, ready to go!  It’s 38 prims and would look great on the beach, of even next to a river or lake!   It comes with 2 palmtrees and the rocks already attached, but you can get rid of them if you like.  The deck is beautiful and is animated with 3 diff anims, including a couples one.   The top has a lil sheltered bed/seating area that includes texture changing on the pillows and curtains and comes with 6 single anims and 7 couples!  It’s only $L450 and remember its 100% donation!!

I’ve “known” Cory a very long time in SL and her work always amazes me, absolutely stunning.

Trompe Loeil - Home Expo

This next piece is from Barnesworth Anubis and it’s a lush Cabana called Catalina!  The Catalina Caban is only 25 land impact and is  a neat 12×12 footprint.   It doesn’t come with the matching furniture but you can buy that too!  You get everything you see: 2 Chairs, Sofa, Coffee Table, Rug, Chandelier and 4 potted Palms!  Those will take up 34 land impact so it creeps in at just under 60 for the entire lot!!!

It’s all so well made and lovely looking, it’s hard to have everything out on my sim that I want!!  But with such low prim/land impact goodies, it’s getting easier.

Both the Cabana and the Furniture packs are mod/transfer and $L150 each.   These are also 100% RFL items.  Barnesworth did send me these, so I popped a donation in a kiosk and will be back to line his very own pockets very soon

Barnesworth Anubis - Home Expo


Trompe Loeil @ Home Expo

[ba] @ Home Expo