Just a mere 2 days left until the end of Shoetopia, so I bring you several pairs of shoes I fell in love with, but I have more! So expect another post before the end arrives!

Stuffs @ Shoetopia!

There were so many shoes, boots, and other goodies available that my little head was on a swivel! Then of course I got pugged up in RL and have been quite SL absent, but you know, they’re cute, cuter than SL, what can I say?!  Anyway above you see three of my fave items.   Boots from League, Shoes from Lassitude & Ennui and Ankle Booties from Tulip!  Each very different, one made for winter, one made for sexy times and one made for cute!

Boots @ Shoetopia!

Three of my top fave boots were from Apple Fall with the Ugg style boots, particularly those with the cat on! My cats aren’t keen on me atm, but I love them anyway so these were perfect.   The Plastik had a wide range on offer in so many styles, but these clunky knee highs screamed my name! I can’t wait to make an outfit around them, and the Ankle Booties with Fur from G-Field are just classy, I needed me some classy boots!

Flats @ Shoetopia!

I loved the flats selections, two of my faves being from Ingenue, and the last from Elysium, a new to me brand but not anymore!   I love the studded tips on the first pair from Ingenue, and the plainess of the second, and on Elysiums the little safety pin detail killed me! ADORABLE!
Heels @ Shoetopia!

There were OODLES of heels, but I felt the need to show you three from Boom, some lovely strappy numbers here, and a chunky wedge with ribbon detailing, something for everyone with these babies, for sure.

I will return with more shoes, boots and goodies before the end, I WILL TRY MY HARDEST, although you’ve seen the feeds, you’ve probably seen it all before, but <3333

Read all about Shoetopia and get the taxi’s over on the official blog!

LoTD 11/10/13

It’s FRIDAY! YAY!   I dunno why I am YAYING, I have a massively busy weekend ahead and BAH I detest busy! But there ya go, a LoTD to tickle your fancy today!

LoTD - 11/10/13

To start it all off and get myself something to model a look around, I put on my finest and truest teeshirt… SLocially Awkward from BOOM!    There are a bunch of these tee’s out there including plain colours and prints with SoooOOoooOOO many options, this one definitely caught my eye though!  The shorts are also from BOOM and both are new releases, worthy of a demo at least!   My headband is also new and is a studded beauty from Atooly!  A lovely fitting headband that comes in an array of colours with both silver and gold studs.  Of course I opted for Teal and Silver as it matched my outfit!

My legwarmers are from fri.day and they are made to fit the SLink Medium Foot and they are at this month’s Collabor88 in a handful of colours.  With each warmer you get a few different fits to wear with or without shoes, I opted for without but the world, my footed friend, is your oyster!    Also worn from Collabor88 is my Glam Affair Skin… Neva in Artic and this is make up 4. GORGEOUS if I say so myself!

LoTD - 11/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

Other items worn are some slink nail polishes from Flair, a gorgeous set with studded cross motif, and of course there was a teal so that was PERFECT!  My eyes are from IKON, lashes from Mon Cheri, hair from Magika and pose from Frooti! ❤

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available ❤

The Truth is Out There!

As is some new hair, and skins, and STUFF!

New @ Truth | YS & YS - TDRFusion

Truth released THREE new styles recently!   You get a gorgeous up do, a wavy fancy pants do, and a long bunched pony tail.   All of them different styles with the same great Truth look.   Whether you want to go for casual, evening smart or just dorking around during the day casual smart, you can be sure one of the three styles is for you!   From L to R there are Tymber, Caprice and Elisha!   I have paired them all with the three gorgeous skins available from YS & YS at the new round of TDR Fusion!  They are all discount skins so you can pick yourself up a right bargain… or three!   The bikini I am wearing is also at TDR Fusion and is from BOOM!  There are three to choose from and each come with applier options for us ladies with boobs, not wearing mine here, well not my biggun’s anyway 😛

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page 

Day 4 of 365 Lotd Posts and MORE!

Goooood morning blog readers!

Day 4 of 365 LoTD Posts

This is look 4 of my 365 LoTD Challenge!   I’ve gone for a bit of a different look today, cozy and scattered.   I want to model the look around the BOOM Oslo Sweater Dress from TDR Fusion, which I chose in a bright canary yellow!   I decided that I needed a cutesy updo, so of course I went straight to my Ploom folder and found Danni, the cutest little pair of bunches around.   I then delved into my *NEW* Folder and found this skin from Modish, currently out for the structure your skin event, Party Girl is purple princess, but worked fine with this look.   My stripey grungy leggings are from Razorblade Jacket and my studded boots are from Glam Affair to top off the look

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of a few more things while I had the chance, so here are some more goodies.  Truth released 3 new gorgeous hairs yesterday, here you can see Zuzka, Winter and January!   Zuzka is a looped piggy style, SO cute right?!!   just adorable and with lovely soft bangs too.   Winter comes complete with neckscarf (colour changeable via HUD) and is the perfect style for these post christmas winter blues days where you wish it was still christmas but then also wish it was summer.    Finally January I blogged a few days ago as you got the fades pack and a cute 2013 head topper as a group gift, but you can see she’s a wonderous updo!

New @ Truth

What skin am I wearing, you ask? Well it’s new Curio! Yep Gala is back and as a group gift released a full pack of new skins.  Party Girl came with all tones and 12 makeups per tone (24 if you included with and without freckles and I guess even more if you included dark/light options!)   There was also a bonus makeup tattoo, which is what you can see above.  The rest of the skins you can see below.  I am happy that Gala is back on the grid and working her magic once again.

New @ Curio

Finally, Eclectic Apparel released a bunch of mix and matchables for FaMESHed, I mixed and matched them all up here to show you the 10 shirts and pants available!   They come as separates so you can buy what colours you want to wear with what or hell, buy them all!   The shirt is a really cute short puffball sleeve number with knitted tank vest over the top and the pants are a comfy cropped affair in a variety of colours.   Some really great mesh work coupled with some excellent texturing, didn’t I say just yesterday this round of FaMESHed was amaaazeeeballs?

E! @ FaMESHed

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Collabor88 LoTD | New Amacci

Another Collabor88 Style LoTD today!   Now, this looks like i’ve thrown it all together in a bit of a mish mash but there IS A REASON… I’m roleplaying this hideous cold I have in RL, and I dunno about you but if i’m just popping to the store and I’m half dead, I tend to just throw on what is nearest and lob on a coat.  Well, I wanted to centre this look around feeling like that.  C88 is full of wonderful items, and I thought these all worked wonderfully together as a casual look.

The hair is one of the 3 hairs from LaViere available and I love this one particularly because it comes in two pieces and you CAN get away with just wearing the headbase as a shorter style, and it looks bloody spiffy too!   I paired that with one of the available Sea Hole items, this gorgeous texture top.  Really love the texturing on this, which goes to show that texture only items can still rock it!   I then pulled on the BOOM Manchester Threadbares and I wasn’t sure what colour to choose so I stuck to sensible Denim, I then pulled on the Ingenue Clodia shoes which are probably the only items that look a lil out of place but I was driving to the store so nobody would notice >.>…. I accessorised with two necklaces, the Santa Fe LaGyo Necklace with it’s beautiful chevron look and a non C88 item from Cute Poison, you can’t see it and I will do a better post about it, but it’s the cutest little atomic bomb there was.   The skin is Glam Affair which I blogged in more detail yesterday, which actually makes me look like I have a cold. SO THERE WE HAVE IT.

LoTD 13/11/12 - Collabor88 Style

Also new are these four styles from Amacci!  Kajsa, Agnes, Mai and Karen!   The first three (from tl to br) are regular releases and the last one is the Womenstuff Hunt item!  All the styles are cute and similar in a way, but all different too, if you know what I mean! Kajsa and Mai are both bun/piggy on the side updos with lovely full bangs, and Agnes is a ponytail with a sharp, blunt fringe, all of them are beautiful in their own right and I do love the vibrance of the Amacci textures!  I really love Karen tho, which is the Hunt item.   It comes in three colours.. The Black shown, Blonde and Red.  The headband is texture change with 12 different ones and each comes with a hairbase, as it’s that kinda hair.  The skin is the Lianne skin from Amacci also!

New @ Amacci


Hair: LaViere | Taylor | BrownRoots *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise | Pale Arabian Blue
Skin: Glam Affair | Roza | Brr & Etci 01 *Collabor88*
Top: The Sea Hole | Painted Desert Bodysuit | Sunbird *Collabor88*
Necklace 1: LaGyo | Santa Fe | Silver *Collabor88*
Necklace 2: Cute Poison | Atomic Necklace *Collabor88*
Pants: BOOM | Threadbare Manchesters | Denim *Collabor88*
Shoes: Ingenue | Clodia | Noir *Collabor88*

Playing catchup!!!

I have not been on SL for the last few days, so now I am having to play catch up before I get lost in a sea of OMG I WANTED TO BLOG THIS! So you guys get a pic heavy/text light(ish) post!

OK! First we have just a handful of the new tees available from BOOM!  There are 99 in total (YES, NINETY NINE) including countries, solid colours, skulls, motifs.. it’s just BOOM Tee city!  These babies are mesh and come up just under your bust/above your midriff, so they look super cute with jeans, or a skirt, or well.. anything really!  I  chose to show off the new Truth FADES with these in one of his new styles.   Yep, Truth has hopped aboard the fade train, much to everyones delight and as you can see there are a fair few to choose from!

New @ Boom | Truth

The skin I am wearing above, and shown here below is the new Gabriela Skin from JeSyLiLo, i’m not convinced it looks all that wonderful on me, but it’s a very unique skin imo, it isn’t babyfaced, it isn’t totally mature, it’s just… different!  It comes with the makeups shown below in both freckles and non freckled versions and you get some makeup layers (like the black lipstick above) and teeth etc to really make the look your own!

New @ JeSyLiLo - Gabriela

Also new from the skin world are these PXL Gacha skins.  Available in an array of fantasy themes/colours, these skins are really very sweet.  The top right reminds me of the Kate Vampire skin a bit, and the bright red one reminds me of a skin I wore about 7 years ago in SL from Nomine! I was red for quite some time!!!  Fantasy skins aren’t really something I have a lot of, but I am finding more and more useful as I try and branch out of my comfort zone a bit! at $L99 a play, can you afford not to grab a few?

New @ PXL Gacha

The Dead Cool Hunt starts today, and these are available from Cracked Mirror, 4 mesh motif tee’s, thankfully there was no spider one, or I might have had to punch cracked on the nose (with love).  I am particularly taken with the Zombie one! HE’S LOOKING AT YOUUUUUU!!!   I decided to cute it up a bit with the Ambrosia hair from LOQ that is availabe at TDRb.  The hair comes with lace bunny ears, NEED I SAY MORE??!!?!?  It’s not mesh though, so the ponytail might poke through your shoulder in certain poses (we have become spoilt, right?) but HI. LACE BUNNY EARS.  The skin is also from TDRb and is from Atomic!

New @ Cracked Mirror & TDRb

FINALLY!  The Mons dress from TDRb paired with the new Ploom hair!   2 new hairs from Hely today, two big and beautiful styles in all the usual colour combinations!  Both are mesh and both are super cute.  I find that Ploom always tends to satisfy my “not quite regular big but a bit bigger than big” hair woes, kinda fantasy big hair if you will! LOVE THEM!!!   The dress is super cute from MONS and comes in standard sizes and you will be just as dotty (har har) about it as I am!   I decided to finish off the look with the new Baiastice Bootie!

New @ Mons | Ploom

The Amina Platform Boot comes in both rigged and unrigged versions and in various colours, and four prints!  The detailing is gorgeous, the booties are amazing, and they will be on my feet a lot in the upcoming winter months!

New @ Baiastice

As usual, ALL Slurls are on the Store Locations page you can find at the top of my blog ❤



A Few New Things…

Guten… evening… I’m sorry, my german isn’t that good!

Anyway, feeling very ASDFLJASDF today, so just a couple of new things for you!

Al Vulo has a new skin out! This is Livia Fairy, such a GORGEOUS skin, so smooth, so pretty!  The face is ADORABLE, the lips are smoochable… it’s just all over one of those skins you either love… or hate.   The fatpack comes with 12 skins, each “face” has 2 different looks to it.   Yes, before anyone pitches a fit, there is a “beaten up” skin, but you don’t HAVE to wear it, I just wanted to show what came in the pack, it’s not the first, it won’t be the last!

There is a lovely selection of makeups from darker,  goth style lips to perfect nudes, shimmering eyes to barely there browns.. there is a mix for all.  The fatpack option comes with a pair of eyes (with mesh included), mesh lashes, eyeliner tattoo options (not shown), hairbases, and each skin comes in brow choices of blonde, dark and red (blonde shown here) andddd cleavage options too!  So you get a pretty full pack.

I, personally, am in love… you should totally demo them!

New @ Al Vulo

Lame is a new furniture store (well, at least to me, and I believe generally!).  This is the Charlotte Bistro Set! It comes with table, 2 tall chairs and 2 mugs that read Lame-o and Lamerton!! hahaha.  It’s a cute set that would look great in any dining room, patio, or even out on the lawn!  It’s mod so you can tint/rexture/whatever you want to do to it, which is always a bonus, but remember if you resize mesh items they may  have a higher LI!

Also the shirt I am wearing in this picture is from FAIR and is by Gotzsche (I can never spell that) and it’s so lovely, I paired it with the BOOM Tweed Pants and Deck Shoes and I feel all homely!

New @ Lame - 1

This is Teas Couch and and Teas Table, also from Lame! The couch, shown here in red, but available in many colours, is ADORABLE!!!  The cushions change texture too, so you can mix and match each individual one, with quite a few colours to choose from!  I will admit, I had trouble sitting on the couch, I don’t know why, but SL isn’t being very kind to me today, but it is animated with various single and couple poses for both females and males, and it seats more than one!

Will be keeping an eye on this “lame” store, for sure ❤

New @ Lame - 2

For now, I leave you! BAI


Hair:  Elikatira | Balance | Brown 01
Eyes:  Delusions | Balance & Truth Eyes | Indecisive *Zodiac*
Top:  Gotzsche | Cotton Tee | Grey Plain *FAIR*
Pants:  BOOM | Fall Tweed Pants II | Smoke
Shoes:  BOOM | Deck Shoes | Mute

All SLURLS at Store Locations ❤


Ok, so I go on holiday tomorrow for a week, so today is JAM PACKED full of some new stuffs I picked up!  Bear with me it’s image heavy! I’ll make a cut after the first one (hope it works on the feeds) just incase you don’t want to read, but you’ll be missing out!  There are items from SO many people! I’ll try not to waffle, all SLURLS will be the store/event name annnnnd I tried taking pics with Ambient Occlusion on so sorry if they’re not on par!

This is look one! I got these BOOM Linen trousers and needed to work them into a couple of looks!   I paired this Cobalt pair with the Baiastice ruffled anchor top, available from TDRb.   The trousers are something to behold, they are SO SO gorgeous.  Boom are coming out with some fantastic mesh, as are Baiastice!  The hair is the new Skye style from Wasabi Pills and it’s a lovely short do, I think this one would look perfect on a petite, and it’s non rigged, so you can try to fit it!  The skin is the TDRb offering from Atomic, and is another gorgeous piece.  Shoes are Celoe but we will talk about them later 😛

LookBook 18/08/12 - 1

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I have a pretty picture heavy post today with a huge array of goodies for you that I am tryign to get blogged before it’s 2013!

C88 is SO full of goodies this month,  it almost (almost) renders me speechless!! This is the Trompe Loiel Skybox.  Cory never fails to amaze with the quality of her work, this skybox is definitely something to behold!  Maybe not your every day house filled with a kitchen and laughter, and kids and dogs, but it’s a beautiful, stone castle type dealio.  I really wanted to put on a ballgown and just frolic around in it, I didn’t though… BUT THE THOUGHT WAS THERE!  Amazing work, as usual!

C88 - Trompe Loeil

These are also from C88 and are the Ison shoes!  They are colour change/texture change, so you get everything you see here, in both textures!  I did have a hard time matching my darker skins to the feet, I don’t know why, it’s probably because I just can’t ever match things, but the pale preset matched quite nicely to my Glam Affair Artic  skin, so I lived with that.   A beautiful shoe that is a welcome addition to my wardrobe!

C88 - ISON

Both Bang! and Adorkable have poses out at C88!  There is a set of Masquerade poses from Bang! and a Pinwheel set from Adorkable.. and more!   I haven’t shown all the poses, but I popped on the jacket from Boom and felt the urge to pose.  All the poses from both ladies are gorgeous, as usual!  They come with the props too, so you’re good to go!

C88 - bang!
C88 - Adorkable

It’s FLF timeeee! Glitterati has some of these FANTASTIC poses out complete with fun mask/glasses/nose prop ala Groucho Marx! I LOVED THESE!!!    I put on my sillest face and snapped the pics, adorable poses and hilarious masks in several colours.  Gotta love that nut, Katey!!! ❤

FLF - Glitterati

Finally a new release from Erratic!  This blouse is the bees bloody knees!  It comes in SO many colours, with just 5 shown below (and the one above) and all the usual sizing options.  It’s a stunning number, well textured, well fitting, unfff, I just love it!  I think it would look great paired with a skirt, or leather pants, or just the jeans like I have on!   I am definitely going to be shoving this with a ***** at the beginning of the folder so it pops up at the top! OH YES!

Erratic - New!TP to Collabor88

TP to Glitterati

TP to Erratic


The Lions are Not What They Seem!

I dunno about that title, soz.

This pose is from Exposeur and is from the Zodiac Event, which is still running, so you can go and get it!  It’s one of three available, and I really like it!  Also in the photo are new items from FaMESHed and Vintage Fair!  My skin (which you can’t see, but obvs is there) is one of Izzie’s three skins from the VF!  Sooo pretty (honest).   The shirt I am wearing and shorts are from FaMESHed, as is Gus’ jacket!   My top is from BOOM and says Argentina, which is, of course, where my baby is from.. (or Mexico, whichever takes my fancy) and the shorts are by Tee*fy and are the most adorable high waisted shorts!  Although I did find they clipped my legs in some poses, but they’re too cute to pass up!   The jacket that I got Gus, cos I’m super awesome, is Epicosity and I love that you could send it as a gift! I reallyyyy love that feature ANYWHERE, so I couldn’t resist!

I did want to blog other things, but my eyeballs were falling out of my head (literally when I put any mesh on) so I turned off SL in a huff. Other credits below ❤



Hair: LoQ | Gingerbread | Chocolate Copper
Skin: Izzie’s | Eliza | 80′s Yellow *VINTAGE FAIR ITEM*
Top: BOOM | Twenty-Three Tee | Argentina *FaMESHed ITEM*
Shorts: Tee*fy | Abbey Highwaist Shorts | Used Denim *FaMESHed ITEM*
Shoes: J’s | Studded Long Boot

Skin: Hermony – Kriz ST3
Hair: Redgrave – TYLER
Jacket: {EPIC} Leather Jacket
Sneakers: *fac*sneaker B&W
Jeans: L&B Mesh Jeans – Oiled BootCut
Belt: MS Punk Belt (w/ Suspenders)
Shape: My custom shape 4

Pose: Exposeur *ZODIAC ITEM*