Missed Opportunities

This Ballet Studio from Breno @ TLC makes me wish I’d have tried harder in RL at things, maybe not Ballet, but dance, sport.. anything really.. it’s a gorgeous build and very spacious, you can easily make it into a home!   The bench from Alchemist is also effin’ ADORBS.

Missed Opportunities - Decor..ish

My look is just a cute little casual with a hint of smoulder look.  The skirt from Blueberry is among one of my new fave items, I love the suspender type dealio going on there.  Also I want to point out these lips are the NEW PXL Sweet Lips! Obvs these literally are hot off the press, so there are not many appliers available, the PXL skins are obviously on the HUD along with a bunch of presets, and the website shows Glam Affair are making appliers (as do didi’s pictures :P) so this will be a fun ride! I often have trouble with mouths, but this one is super cute.

Missed Opportunities


Hair: Damselfly | Zara *The Fantasy Collective* (SOON)
Eyes: ID | Undead Eyes | 9
Skin: PXL | Jade NAT | Crush Makeup (C88 Edition)
Necklace: Cae | Heartbeat
Top: Blueberry | Cassy | Knotted Shirts
Skirt: Blueberry | Lorie | Folded Skirt
Shoes: Glamistry | Aster

Av Enhancements
Hands: Slink | Gesture
Feet: Slink | High
Nails: Slink
Lips: PXL | SweetLips

Pose: Adorkable

Building: Breno | Ballet Studio *TLC*
Bench: *Alchemist* | Leafy Bench | Black *TLC*
Trees: Botanical
Dome: Turnips

Northern Lights vs Teal Town

A little LoTD for you today, and with that some new goodies from The Liaision Collaborative and it’s theme of Northern Lights! HUZZAH!

Sways @ TLC

This gorgeous bedroom set from Sways comes in both Adult and PG and you can get the bed, the bench and the side table and all are effin’ GORGEOUS! I’ve never been a lover of… feature beds, you know with one thing that just stands out, so you have to be able to fit it in a room, but this, this is stunning!  With oodles of poses and it’s striking appearance, this is a deffo buy for sure.

I put it inside the Breno  Mars  2 Aurora!  It comes on it’s own, with terrain and with terrain and Aurora, I went for the whole hog.  It’s distressed look is perfect for urban living, or if you want a little man cave, or a woman cave with a bit of GRRR.  The terrain and aurora make it perfect for a skybox too!   Plenty of windows for shadow shots to work and plenty of space for living, if you’re an addict to living quarter buying like me, you’ll adore this.

Breno @ TLC

My look of the day mainly comes from that cute little store, Somnia!  The top and skirt are both from there and I matched it up on a trip to Teal Town!   I adore this pixel heart shirt, it’s so cute, and shows a little belly and shoulder while not being all out there all your bits hanging out!   The skirt is a shorty,  but not an crack shower, so that’s a bonus!  Both come in oooooodles of colours and sizes, the tops even come with “flat” options, how good is that?

LoTD - Teal Town

My skin is Ria from Belleza, currently available at Collabor88, but I will showcase that in all it’s glory in another post.   Also from Collabor88 are these gorgeous shoes from fri.day, the Miranda heels come in a variety of colours and are made for the Slink High Feet!   A gorgeous strappy pair perfect for casual or dressier affairs.  My ring and necklace are from Cae and are The Rack item!  Oh my gosh they are divine!!!   I absolutely love this set encompassing love and style all in one shot!    My hair is also new from Exile, all three releases are male orientated this time round, but this one has a fem size too, so was no surprise I wore it, I have been waiting on an Exile release forEVER!

LoTD - Teal Town - Up Close and Personal

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Picnic on the Beach

Hey guise, it’s a beachy kinda a day again, this time with an added picnic and of course my LoTD!

A Beachy Picnic Kinda Day!

Well as you can see (and you will probably need to click bigger again) I am alll alonnneeee at my  beachy picnic!  Waiting for someone (cough *ayden* cough) to sweep me off my feet, or actually I’d rather he just shove strawberries in my face!  The entire layout of the picnic you can see are Elates! items for The Arcade, you have a chance to win all of what you see and more, the open picnic basket is the rare item and everything is so well crafted and textured, I love that for this one it doesn’t really matter too much if you get doubles for some of the items, as you always want more sandwiches and strawberries, right?!   In the background you can see the gorgeous Lifeguard Tower from Breno that is available at this month’s The Garden (from TLC) and you can also have your own little picnic atop there too as you get a blanket and glasses and all sorts!   I really love how simple but striking an item this is, I always love that about Breno!

LoTD - 16/06/13 - Ducknipple SLX Style!

This is the outfit I chose for my lonesome picnic and it’s a Ducknipple SLX Outfit Outlet special! Only $L95 for everything you see accessory and clothing wise, and plus some I didn’t wear.   The reason for the good pricing is that it’s template based, but I am completely ok with that as the quality is fab and for that price you can’t grumble! Noobs never have to look like noobs again!   The shoes come with a HUD where you can change skin and nail colours and you get a HUD with the dress where you can choose from five vibrant colours, huzzah!  My pose is from Adorkable which has now closed it’s doors but is still available on the Marketplace.

My skin is from Essences and is the new Wednesday in Ivory tone/blonde brows… such a sweet looking skin, I always love Inka’s eye for detail and stuff, and my hair is from D!va and is a Collabor88 item.  As usual (well mostly) my eyes are from IKON! and are from the Numerology Event! YAY!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

The Challenge SL – Warehouse

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the lack of bloggage, but here I am to show you just a few of the goodies available from the wonderful creators that take part in The Challenge SL!

The Challenge - Warehouse

You can click through for a bigger, better picture, but I can tell you right now that EVERYTHING is amazing, I am only really showing a few of the items and I have lots more to share!   The skybox itself, of which you can only really see the fantastic walls, is by 22769 Bauwerk! It’s soooo wonderfully grungy and fits the Warehouse theme PERFECTLY.   It has a couple of windows, lighting and warehouse doors, it’s going to make a great backdrop for all the photos I want to do in this kind of environment, for sure.

The little chair to the left, The Laptop Chair is by % Furniture, it’s a chair chokka full of poses and is just a simple but effective chair!    It’s lovingly crafted out of what looks like rubber bands (or fanbelts? IDK!) and pipes and stuff and it’s industrial furniture at it’s best!    The whole desk/boxes combo is from Follow Us and it’s DIVINE!  So well made, the clevely hung jacket on the corner of the light, the helmet just resting on it as well as the waste paper basket with scrunched paper and a hot steaming cup of coffee… it’s just so great!    The thing I love too is the box it came in, which is the white pallet crate to the left, I kept it out because it fits into the theme perfectly too! and the rezzer is the little toolbox to the right of the picture, EVERYTHING from Follow Us fits perfectly,  I just love that.

The final piece of todays puzzle is the wall art from Breno! Find your Bearings is.. you guessed it… a wall art based around bearings!!!  With a couple of downlights and a gorgeous wooden frame, this makes the perfect picture for the dark, industrial walls of the skybox, and is just another item from Breno that made me go ASDLJFALD LOVE!

You guys make sure to check out The Challenge before it’s over, until the next time 😉

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

It’s Wednesday.

It is, I don’t lie! LOOK OUTSIDE. IT’S WEDNESDAY, not sure why you need to look outside but do it anyway, then back to me… no can’t even be arsed to finish that. HI GUYS. ITS MY NINTH REZDAY TOO BTW! YAY

LoTD 22/05/13 - 22769 Style

Well!  FaMESHed is stil l going strong and these gorgeous items from 22769 are still available there!    The  hot pants and delectable Anushka top come in various colours for your mix match pleasure and they are just lovely, so well made, excellently textured and their stuff is always just worth it! I opted for yellow/green combo cos that’s how I roll, but you might find other combos, THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!    I thought I’d wear the Wasabi Pills Sunny hair with it, along with an old FLF Belleza Skin…. Adorkable provided my poses (still a sale going on!) and Sasy Scarborough provided my lovely slink applier nails, you can’t see them but they are OWLS.  If you haven’t checked out Flairs HUGE selection of nail appliers, you really bloody should.  Sasy is a machineeeee, a lovely sexy one.


Now now NOW! Breno made this awesome house for Collabor88 and I am finally getting around to blogging it!  Isn’t it effing gorgeous? You may need to click through and follow the pics for bigger ones for a better shufty, but really look at it! Isn’t it perfect?!  Apollo comes with 2 versions, this is the “glassier” version.  It may not be for everyone, but I definitely fell in love.

Breno Collage

You can see that it’s not MASSIVE inside, but it is big enough for you to live in, it comes with various little nooks, crannies and rooms and even stairs up to a little open loft type space!  I love seeing everything that Wolfy releases, I have had his stuff in my sights for a while now and it’s always been fantastic but it just keeps on kicking ass and taking names and if you haven’t ever been to Breno, you are soooo missing out!

I must ask you a question….

WAIT NOW.. MUSTACHE YOU ONE… oh hurrr, I’m so funny, lulz.   Breno just released a bunch of artwork and things and stuff and you will notice there is a little mini theme going on!

New @ BRENO! <3

You can pick from a nice range of art work for you walls including The Stache Guide, Woody Heart, Butterflies and more!   You can also pick up a hanging mustache? Who doesn’t want one of those?  It comes in different woods too 😀   I have a super cool scarf in RL with mustaches on, it’s my fave!  My 12 yr old tried to steal.. not sure if I should take that as a “mum you’re 33, stop it” or if it makes me super cool! I am going with the latter.   You can also pick up this halftache lounger, you can change the pillow textures and it comes with a huge array of animations including singles and couples.  The best thing is, everything is really affordable and SO well made!  Get your tush on over the Breno asap!

I thought I’d show what I was wearing as little LoTD too, full credits can be found at the bottom of the blog post:

LoTD - 24/03/13

The first thing you’ll notice is my fantastic sweater! YEP! Saw it on Flickr and hopped on over to get it from welldone.atelier!   I LOVE IT hahahaha, I thought it was perfect paired with my new monster pumps from Epic.  But along with a menacing smile I wanted to look a bit cutesey too, so I relied on Olive Antler/Branches currently available from The Boutique as part of the Cherry Blossoms theme 😀   I chose black but they come in a good variety of colours.    My eyes are from IKON and are the Ardent Eyes in Skyfall, also available from The Boutique.     My skin is from FAKE and I got that from SL Fashion Week, it has really thick, luscious brows though, so I suggest if you don’t like a bigger brow, you may want to demo if you don’t already!   Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xox

LoTD - 24/03/13 - Close Up

Hair: Truth | January | Treacle
Skin: FAKE | Evalina | Caramel | Smokey *SL Fashion Week*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent Eyes | Skyfall *TLC – The Boutique*
Antlers: Olive | The Oops Cherry Tree Blossom Antlers | Black *TLC – The Boutique*
Sweater: welldone.atelier | High Neck Sweater | Black Smile
Jeans: Cynful | Zia Denim v2.0 | Worn | Dark Blue
Shoes: Epic | Mega Monster Pumps | Black *Whore Couture 2*
Pose: fri.day

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page ❤

The Challenge.. and then some.

Happy Thursday all!  A few goodies for you today, the focus of the post being that of The Challenge event that kicked off today with a “Tudor” theme!  A little bit different, don’t you think?

Words with Heart

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. ”
― John Bunyan

The picture above was inspired by the quote above.   I believe, not only in prayer, that it is a lovely thing to have a heart that is full of words.  Mine may be rambling, they may not always be cheerful and positive, sometimes they are sad, sometimes they are full of awe and love and wonder.. but each word I utter comes from the heart, and each word is honest.   I can’t imagine writing hundreds of words that had no feeling, no heart.  I am not the worlds best writer, but fill my heart with words any day, over having my words empty of heart.  NODNOD.

ANYWAY… that gorgeous hunt of a pergola above is Breno’s offering to The Challenge’s Tudor Theme!  It comes with or without curtains and is absolutely stunning. A simple piece, but paired with the right environment and decor, this baby has a hundred uses.   I decided to use some Trompe Loeil Swept Bookcakes with mine, along with a Group Gift from Flowey…. I don’t really do “art” but if I did, this is what fell out of my brain whilst trying to take a picture today.  Words everywhere… me flying about trying to make sense of them… well I know what I mean, eh!?

The Challenge - Tudor

22769 Bauwerk, L & K Prefabs and End of Daze also released items today (as did Michigans Shack, but that post will be upcoming!).   22769 Bauwerk gave us an option of skybox or bench (bench not pictured) and it’s a delightful combo.   The skybox is so vibrant and rich in colour, and big enough to potter about, and fill with wonder.  What a romantic and warm little number, wouldn’t you agree?   The gorgeous bed complete with lantern and attached tree is from L & K Prefabs and is just divine.  I do love a good whimsical bed, and I love that even with a theme i’d call “super sensible” you still have that touch of magic!   The End of Daze item is a bench also, available in various colours, it comes with many animations (as does the bed) both single and couples and is the perfect addition to any smart looking room!

LoTD 28/02/13

Finally a very quick look at what I was wearing in the Words with Heart picture above.   A gorgeous (and very fitting) hair from Lelutka, I can’t keep up with their releases! I think I’m a set behind, but I’ll get there.  The dress is new from Immerse, Lily has done it again with a gorgeous, simple dress with puffy sleeves and a slinky high waist skirt.  It comes in various colours with gorgeous complimentary duos of colour.  I think this one was my fave, I do love a good dusty rose.   The skin is from Ploom and is the Gia skin I blogged last week, eyes are from IKON and pose is from Frooti!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, unless linked in the main article.


I love Lamp.

It’s true, I do.


Breno has gone lamp CRAZY!  Whether you want actual, proper looking lamps, professional looking lamps, big lamps, small lamps or jellyfish lamps… this is the store for you!   Ok so it’s not like Lamps R Us but it does have a nice selection.    I really love the Jellyfish one which you can see in the picture above.  I am showing the Glass version, but you can choose from Black or White too!   It comes with flexible scripting options so you can change glow, intensity, colour and more and it’s only 4 land impact. SWEET!

Lamps @ Breno

The other two lamps shown here are the NYX Lamp and the Lumos, more “professional” looking lamps than the fun Jellyfish, but with the same flexible scripting as the lamp above, these make for wonderful additions to your loft, your home, your mancave or even your store.

Make sure you TP to Breno to check them out!

Day 25 of 365 and Breno!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Day 25 of 365 LotD Posts

Today has a cutesy LoTD with a sneak peek at the upcoming SL Fashion Week item from Half Deer! The Jackalope Ears and Antlers will be available in two new exclusive colours!  I am wearing only the Antlers here but you are going to love them!   I’m also wearing one of the new Ploom hairs, Mookie (cute name!).  She’s a pile up bun style and it looks awesome in the dipped/tipped version, like a swirly ice-cream delight!  I’m also wearing a new skin from TAPS, the shading isn’t overly powerful but the face is super cute!.   All other credits can be found below! 🙂

Also new today is this gorgeous Hammock from Breno.  It comes with various colour/texture change options with just three shown below.  The Corfu Hammock also includes  a bunch of poses for both singles and couples, yay!  It’s a perfect addition to your beach whether you want a dark looking wood with a manly black and blue look (calm down girls, I like black and blue too!) or a nice bleached white look overall, this is definitely one piece you will not want to be without, and it’s a steal at only $L350!  Alphawolf does some stunning work and is a lovely person to boot!  Get on dowwwnnn.

New @ Breno

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Ploom | Mookie | Tipped
Skin: TAPS | Anna | Princess | Cat Eye *NEW*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Gold & Green
Antlers: Half Deer | Jackalope Antlers | Dusk *SL Fashion Week*
Dress: Razorblade Jacket | Sequin Party Dress | Pink
Nails: Izzies | Cracked Nails
Pose: Adorkable Poses

Sunday Stuffs

Hello, and happy Sunday… I have a LoTD for you today, and a few lil random bits that I have been meaning to show for a while now, and not a whiff of an event in sight… much 😀

Prism is one of those stores that has a bit of everything,  whether you want full sets for your living room, or little knick knacks to place about the house, Lilly really does cater for all tastes, and all occasions… Christmas is no exception!  These are just a handful of the Christmas/Yule items you can find at Prism this year.   The gorgeous bench comes with both couples and singles poses, and as you can see it comes with snow built in, and the cute lampost with wreath.   If you want your wreath separate, you can find many different styles from traditional pine to poinsettia, with bells and more!  The angels are just divine, them come as the pair both holding their own mini wreaths, and of course Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Poinsettia in a pot!   Make sure you get on over to Prism and check everything out!

Christmas @ Prism

Breno is a new store to me, I came across the flickrstream and fell in love, I have been trying to put together a look with one of their prefabs but I haven’t managed to perfect one yet, so instead here is a lil peek at two of the wonderful items they do!  These space invader wall art pictures as sooooo cute!  They are only 1 prim each and a steal at $L49, whether you just want something a lil different, or you’re a sci-fi geek, you’ll love these!   Also something I fell in love with was the Cloud 9 Lamp!  It hangs from the ceiling and is just gorgeous.  The lamp is scripted to give you complete control over the look so you can adjust the Intensity, glow, color and other settings too, and it’s resizable!   Do love this store, keep an eye out for more awesome stuff very soon!


My look of the day today is simple and casual, and I had to work a look around these super Arm Socks that Shabby Cat released in both Black and White!  A different take on the traditional arm warmer, these are fantastic!  I paired them with nearly an entire look from SAKIDE including a knitted mesh tee, corduroy jeans and black biker boots!   The top I love because it’s so simple and comfy looking, the jeans come in an array of colours and you get both cuffed and non cuffed version to choose from, and the boots… what can I say? I love a good black boot!   Both Shabby Cat and SAKIDE are releasing so many awesome items lately, it’s hard to keep up, but I’m always super excited for the next release!   I am still wearing my Morgan hair from Wasabi Pills and the skin is the new Sunny skin from MONS! More about that below.

LoTD - 02/12/12

Here are the colours of Arm Sock available, in the black pack!  You can mix and match it to almost any outfit, I’m sure… except perhaps that slinky evening gown 😛

Colours of Arm Socks @ Shabby Cat

MONS new skin, Sunny.. is a freckled affair!  Of course you don’t have to have the freckles, there is a freckleless version available and each makeup comes with two cleavage options as well as with/without freckles!   The eyes on this skin are lovely! With four different types of liner,  they make your eyes stand out, in the most subtle of ways, and each skin has a plain style lip, very neutral looking, nothing too over the top.  There are makeups available, so you don’t have to stay a semi plain jane.   Each skin also comes with a variety of brow options too, something for everyone, yay!

New @ Mons

*SLURLS on Store Locations Page

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Morgan | Wild Honey *FaMESHed*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Skin: MONS | Sunny | Light | Spring *NEW*
Shirt: SAKIDE | Open Knitted Tee | Sand
Arm Socks: Shabby Cat | Arm Socks | Black & Blue
Jeans: SAKIDE | Slim Corduroy Jeans | Black
Boots: SAKIDE | Leather Army Boots
Pose: *Frooti