A bit of a different look for you guys today! I saw this Malefica set from Eclat and fell in love, it’s not something I would normally look at much, I am not one for “breaking out of the mould” in regards to different av’s and stuff, but I really love this!

It looks AWESOME using some of aDORKables poses from Cinema too! It looks like they were made for it!  The outfit comes with various pieces, including a crow “pet” and sceptre with and without crow, I chose with cos that is how I roll.  The texturing on this set is gorgeous, black and deep red vinyl looking, it’s the perfect Halloween costume, or just general “HAI, I’M A BIG OLE BALL OF EVIL, COWER PEONS!”

Eclat @ Cinema 2012

I paired it with the new Leverocci boots I blogged yesterday, as they came in the perfect colour match!!  Of course you can change the buckles and sole of the shoes with the HUD but they were perfect as they were.  I think I might be in love with my new, slightly scary look.

Eclat @ Cinema 2012

I also used the Payback tattoo from Adore & Abhor again (over the gorgeous VIP Group Gift from PXL), as well as a darker set of the Alien mesh eyes from ID!  I am digging these horns! Of course you don’t have to wear the headpiece, you can wear hair instead if you wanted, but I wanted the whole look “complete” sorta.  WEEEE!

Eclat @ Cinema 2012

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Skin: PXL | Faith | Glitter *VIP Group Gift*
Makeup: Adore & Abhor | Payback @ Cinema 2012
Lashes: Redgrave | Lashes 19
Eyes: ID | Classic Alien | Abyss @ Cinema 2012
Outfit: Eclat | Malefica @ Cinema 2012
Boots: Leverocci | Altai | Black *NEW*
Poses: aDORKable @ Cinema 2012

A Hasty LoTD Double Take!

Haste is a relatively new store that has bounded onto the grid with some saucy items, but at Cinema they’ve opted for something elegant, and classic!  So I thought I’d put two Haste opposite LoTD’s together for you!

First we have their Film Noir dress for Cinema 2012, it’s a classic!   The black dress comes with mesh black gloves that come up just above the elbow for that timeless look.  I paired it with one of the new Donna Flora Cinema releases (close up at the bottom of the blog) and some gorgeous new boots from Leverocci!   I think this dress looks awesome with the new longer Exile hair, but a classic updo would make it look perfect.  It’s a beautiful dress for a beautiful occasion, simple, clean, classic.

Haste LoTD - 1

Now of course I said a double Haste whammy today, so let me introduce you to their Black Market Exclusive: Deep Club Dress – Bloody!  Of course this is a Halloween themed one, or a “I’ve just murdered your face” one, whichever works for you.  It’s a barely there dress with a super low cowl font, and just covering (barely) the ass at the back, and of course it has blood splatters! Love it!  I popped on the other new Exile hair for a different look and some Gos boots for that “stomped on yo faccccceeee” feel.

Haste LoTD - 2

The skin I am wearing is PXLs VIP Group Gift and the group reopened for a short while for you to join, so if you can, please do! and the poses are from aDORKable!

Here are a couple of close ups of the Donna Flora set at Cinema and the new Leverocci boots!

LoTD Closeups - 17/10/12

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Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

..is what they call me.  Well, technically that’s a lie, but we will gloss over that.

I have a few more new goodies for you today including Sysys and Wasabi Pills at Cinema 2012 and some new goodies from Mandala!

First off, oHAI pretty dress!! This is the Belle Gown from Sysy’s @ Cinema 2012.. shown here in white but available in other colours, this mesh gown is classy, beautiful and just lovely.  I knew as soon as I saw it I was going to put it on and prance around in an attempt to be classy.  What you can’t see, are the GOS boots I have underneath making me feel a lil badass!

Also shown is the new Nikki hair from Wasabi Pills, which is one of 2 styles available @ Cinema 2012! I blogged the other just the other day, but this one held a special place in my heart and I was waiting for the right moment, this is it!  Beautiful, striking and a staple classic.

Sysys | Wasabi Pills @ Cinema  & Mandala

Also shown is the new Mesh Jewellery set from Mandala!  I purchased it in White, because I couldn’t seem the buy the Blac, but I’m glad I did now! You can get a Necklace/Earrings Set, Braclets and Rings or you can go mental and buy the fatpack, I really wanted to, but alas..  I had to be sensible.  The detail on the pieces are amazing.  I was going to do some close ups but I crashed out 😦   But I strongly encourage you to check them out for yourself!  I popped on the new Roza skin from Glam Affair that I blogged about recently, and the Slink Hands that seem to have wormed their way into most of my pictures since their release!

Sysys | Wasabi Pills @ Cinema  & Mandala 2

Also new from Mandala are these Mesh Ears! OH MY GOD, they are fabulouuuuuus.  They are unisex and come with a hud to allow you to tint the ears to match your skin and it’s SUPER easy.  You also get 24  metal colour options and 18 stone colours for the studs.  You can’t detract any of the piercings as far as I could tell, but who cares… THEY LOOK GREAT!  They were super easy to fit and you can resize them via the HUD.  Mandala also released plugged/stretched versions too that I had to pick up, despite never having worn them in my life ever.

Mesh Ears @ Mandala!

That’s about it for now ❤


Pic 1

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Nikki | Flaming Cherry @ Cinema 2012
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise
Skin: Glam Affair | Roza Basic | America 03 BL *NEW*
Hands: Slink | Mesh Hands
Jewellery: Mandala | Polly | White *NEW*
Dress: Sysy’s | Belle Gown | @ Cinema 2012
Poses: !bang

Pic 2

Hair: Action
Skin: YS & YS | Alice *old TDR*
Ears: Mandala | Steking Ear *NEW*

New @ Lame

Lame is fast becoming one of my FAVOURITE places to blog, the stuff that Divine comes up with is just… so gorgeous.

Nicks Chill Spot was released this past weekend and is a MUST for anyone that is appreciate of fine mesh furniture! It’s fun, it’s funky… it’s so well made!  The “spot” looks like a perfect place to chill.. to relax.. to entertain or be with friends.  In the complete set you get the futon and the lounger which both come with 11  fabric options and 11 pillow fabric options too, so you can mix and match to your hearts content.The Futon comes with 35 Animations including couples, male and female (it uses AVsitter so you can move them about to fit!) and the Lounger comes with 25.  You also get a table that is SOOOO cool that comes with 3 wood textures, and a variety of bits and bobs including a tv table with tv, a cage style lap, ashtray, remote control and 2 wall tapestries that change textures too!
The table also features texture change between 3 fabulous wood textures.

New @ Lame 2

If you rez the ENTIRE set you use just under 20LI, which I think is great!  I used the Apple Fall Cinema 2012 Workshop to showcase the Lame set, but you can put it wherever you want (obviously) I just thought it looked like a bit of a mancave, and no, I am not a man (shup), but I wanted somewhere a lil darker in appearence and something that I thought would match it well!

New @ Lame 1

I am super impressed with the mesh work, and the price is really reasonable too, for the whole set it’s just $1,100 and you can buy the Futon for $L299 and the Lounger for $L250! and if you’ll excuse me, I have just spotted some stuff on the MP that I don’t own, BUYING IT ALL.

New @ Lame

<UTILIZATOR> is a store that I have seen on Marketplace but never really looked into, it has a bunch of mesh av’s and accessories to go with them, I fell in love with a mesh hoodie today while browsing and followed the link through, and it was for one of the Mesh AVs that Utilizator sells! SOOOO, of course, I had to buy it AND the hoodie and had to restrain from buying EVERYTHING!! The av itself is in beta atm, so it’s quite cheap and you get an outfit to go with it and eyes… it’s quite cute really! The hands are a bit manly for me, but if it gets me into the hoody I want, IT CAN STAY! So that is what I am wearing on the pictures, I haven’t taken a close up of the AV because I haven’t played around with it yet, but I am looking forward to what comes of it all!

SLURLS to all stores mentioned are on the Store Locations page! ❤

Manic Monday

Yeah, just another one of those. A handful of new goodies for you, I am catching up!!  I have sooo much to blog and sooo little time in world lately, it’s literally nip on, buy all the things, snap all the things, log out!

First up some new goodies from Candydoll for Cinema 2012! There are two new skins and two new sets of undercrackers! Here I am wearing the Shyla skin in Caramel (I needed a tone change to match my Slink hands!!)  and the Mushu Underwear Set in Giraffe!!  These came with “appliers” from prim breasts and I even went as far as to purchase some, but I could NOT make them look good on me, so you get normal boobs :P. Also worn is one of Truth’s new hairs! There were three beauties this week, yay!

New @ Cinema & Truth

Next we have another new Truth hair, a longer, sleeker style with gorgeous bangs, then we have the Stoya skin from Candydoll, this is a bit more striking with dark brows and ruby red lips, again in the Caramel tone because I had matched my wrists and hands from Slink!   The Lacely top is also from Candydoll for Cinema and again comes with appliers but shown regularly here.

New @ Cinema & Truth

Leafy has a new Halloween themed skin out!  This is Amethyst – Crow Skin!  She’s hauntingly beautiful and was inspired by Miss Lovett from Sweeney Todd!  I love this, she’s so smooth and beautiful.. and.. the only word I want to use is haunting!  I popped on one of the new Wasabi Pills Cinema hairs in a white shade and I was away, the ID eyes from Cinema make it extra striking.

New @ Leafy

Finally, a new round of The Outlet Sales Room starts today, and there is a ton of lovely stuff awaiting you, from clothes to furniture!   This Alma Boyfriend Shirt from Kamouraska is just one of the things you can find, I paired it with the Evolve Bloody Jeans from Cinema and a Ploom hair and I felt ready for my day!

New @ Outlet Room (Kamouraska) & Cinema

All poses used are by aDORKable Poses!

**As usual all SLURLS are on the Store Locations page (events found at the top!) <3**

LoTD – 14/10/12 – New Stuffs

Hi all, just a quick LoTD this afternoon, unless I get more time to snag at the PC this is the only post for today! (don’t all sigh relief at once! :P)

I had to wear this cute babydoll dress from The Secret Store and Nyu, I just HAD TO, it comes in various colours but the white is most definitely my fav, especially paired with one of the new Exile Hairs: Untouched!  A really gorgeous, longer over the shoulder style with a wave and a kink to it, the next stop was Slink for the new MESH HANDS! and yep, I had to fatpack them, you can buy the “gesture” hands individually for $L450 or just over $2k for the whole lot, and you get a bunch so it was a no brainer really!  I put on a new Red Mint skin for a bit of a demon/deadish/alien girl gone cute, I chose one of the “regular”ish tones, but you can get tons!  Drow, Demon, Human, Goblin, Dead… ugh there is a wide range and all of them come with a bunch of options AND you get additional packs to purchase if you want more too!!

LoTD 14/10/12 - New Stuffs!

I knew for my cute but maybe a bit homicidal look I needed to wear the new Virtual Insanity set from Cinema.  The Hellbound Heart set is just great, totally reminded me of Hellraiser, which I think was probably the point!  You get a ring, necklace and a pair of earrings, totally fell in love with them!   I am using a pose from one of aDORKables Cinema Sets, there are several out, and a couple of couples poses too!  and finally my eyes from ID (Insufferable Dastard) are also from Cinema and I have been rocking them for days.  I am wearing the mesh ones, but you get “base” eyes too! WEEE!

LoTD 14/10/12 - Close Ups


Hope to be back later, but RL is calling! BYEEEE ❤

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Hair: Exile | Untouched | Cayenne *NEW*
Eyes: ID | Alien | Yellow @ Cinema 2012
Skin: Red Mint | Crank (2) | paleSKIN (frckl w/lips) *NEW*
Dress: The Secret Store & Nyu | Fall Babydoll Dress | Snow *NEW*
Jewellery: Virtual Insanity | The Hellbound Heart Set @ Cinema 2012
Hands: SLink | Mesh Hand | Casual *NEW*
Pose: aDORKable @ Cinema 2012


Feeling a bit Sci-Fi…

Yep, today is THE DAY.  Cinema opens it’s doors to the public, you guys will be AMAZED.  I know when ppl say things are amazing you think yeah ok.. great *unmoved face* but this truly is the dogs boll*cks then some!   I didn’t take pictures of the build yet, as I’m on my laptop and it was a bit laggy for me with shadows on and a bf leeching the internet connection but you have probably seen some already and SQUEED a lil!

I already have a ton of goodies from this event as an Official Blogger for HCE and I plan on going back for MORE, so I’m going to try and make at least every other post a Cinema one, if not more.. if not all.. WHO KNOWS! I could go on forever!  Today I wanted to bring you just a LoTD inspired by Cinema and the awesomeness found within:

Check out the Willow hair from Alice Project (pretend it was named after me because I AM JUST AS BEAUTIFUL or something), this might be my fav hair from Alice EVER… it comes in sooo many options, you get a high version with mirror, a low version with mirror (this is low) and not only that you get optional braids (not shown in this shot)… so you can mix and match and ohhh myyyy, it’s love. Perfect photo op hair!!!

I am still wearing the Naamah skin from MONS available at the event, this time I put the “Payback” tattoo make up over it from Adore & Abhor, the gorgeous red lips, the blush, the scar over the eye.. all make for a lovely (if that’s what you call it) look, and all the seperate details come on various layers, as well as all together!

New @ Cinema

Then I fell in love with The Queens Gambit Necklace from Lassitude and Ennui, it comes in gold and silver and has various colours for each, a unique piece that finishes off any outfit just wonderfully. I paired all of the above awesomeness with the two items from Decoy that you MUST HAVE. The Yori Skirt and Hanalei Boots are simply amazing. They come in black and white, and each get their own HUD to change the stripes (on the foot of the boot, on the side of the skirt) and you get solid and glitter options and you also get the choice to turn full bright on and off and glow etc! Annette has really outdone herself with these, they are must owns!

New @ Cinema - LoTD

I popped on the pose stand and the first pose I came across worked for me.. It’s one of the sets from aDORKable poses called Oddessy and there are several awesome poses to choose from, all with a slight theme, all with mirrors and all great.

Other items I popped on included part of a set from SAKIDE that worked as my bra… the Harem Top in Black Sheer, a Leather look Tank from Blah (I believe I got it from SWAGFEST) and a GoK tattoo that I have had FOREVER!

I feel incredibly Sci-fi in this get up and I can’t WAIT to see what everyone does with their Cinema goodies!


Hair: Alice Project | Willow (Low) @ Cinema 2012
Skin: MONS | Naamah | Light @ Cinema 2012
Eyes: .ID. | Alien | Yellow @ Cinema 2012
Make-up: Adore & Abhor | Payback (full) @ Cinema 2012
Top: Blah | My Leather Tank
Bra: SAKIDE | Linen Harem Top | Black Sheer
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui | The Queens Gambit | Silver/Blue @ Cinema 2012
Tattoo: GoK | Wired Garden
Skirt: Decoy | Yori Skirt | Black @ Cinema 2012
Boots: Decoy | Hanalei Boots | Black @ Cinema 2012
Pose: aDORKable | Oddessy @ Cinema 2012

Bunny Boo Boo!

Well… A FREAKIN’ BUNNY HOOD AND BLOODY JEANS… It’s a Bunny Boo Boo.. right??

I cannot with how much I love these jeans from Evolve, they are some of the best fitting Jeans I have seen in SL and they fit my ass like a pro (TICAW!), I had to pair them with the Auxiliary Bunny Hoodie to get that perfect “Hi I’m in a Dance Studio totally inappropriately dressed, how are you?” chic casual look I was going for.

This Johnnys Dance Studio from Floorplan is a replica of the Dirty Dancing Studio! It’s quite small, but it’s perfect for photos.  Also available from Floorplan is the corkboard and three dance move step frames you can see, all pertaining to the Dirty Dancing theme! I do feel like I can have the time of my life in here… I just need a male volunteer 😉   It’s super well built with floor/window shadows already baked on, a cute lil room separator  a curtained off small lose type area and steps leading down to a door, like you’re actually on an upper floor!

New @ Cinema 2

Of course, not one to follow any rules or conforming to the norm, I rocked up for my dance lesson wearing Auxiliary Bunny Skull Hoodie paired with Evolves Bloody Jeans and one of Wasabi Pills Cinema offerings, I might not look like I’m ready to cha cha cha, but I look super cute, especially in my classy pose from Exposeur and my MONS skin, I think I’m ready to learn to Jive, Waltz, Tango and Bedroom Conga…. how about you?

New @ Cinema

Cinema is opening soon.. are YOU ready?

Cinema – Catty and the Beast

So… once upon a time there was a girl, she lived a dark and lonely life… she felt compelled to live in the shadows, for her ghastly face and sorrowful looked scared even the hardiest of men.  She spent her days planning and plotting, invading houses under the cover of the night and stealing jewels, gems and heirlooms… anything that would help her in her quest to find the perfect face, the face she had dreamed of for so long.  Her tears ran red as the anger took over, she didn’t understand what she had done to deserve the face bestowed upon her, why had she been cursed like this, why?

Cinema - Coming Soon 1

Solitude was such a lonely place to dwell, she bowed her head in shame and sorrow, weeping  as he drew the lines on her body, across her chest, down her forehead, he swept his pen across her body and gently cupped her face in his hands “You will be beautiful, my love, even more beautiful and powerful than you can imagine” and gently brushed his lips against hers, her stained lips pressing tight against his (ok don’t wanna go 50 shades of frankensex here)… “thank you” was all she could manage.

Cinema - Coming Soon 1 - Take 2

Just mere weeks later it was time for her to see what had become of her face… was it perfection as promised? was she going to look as she’d always dreamed.  He propped a mirror in front of her and she gasped, she was beautiful, even more so than she’d imagined…  her heart fluttered and her soul danced as she clutched her pearls, the ones she’d taken the very night she’d been cursed, she stood firm and strong, tall and proud as she studied his handiwork… the mask was perfect, it hid her scars whilst allowing her piercing eyes to shine their sparkling yellow against the darkness of the mask… her ruby red hair flowed gently in the breeze.

“You made me the perfect disguise, prettier than the beast I was, but still a mystery to others…. but why the cat?” she smiled at him, purring…. “Beacuse you are a majestic creature, one to behold, to fear, to love, to worship, to respect, you have the stealth and grace that no feline could match” he replied, his smile crooked as he gazed adoringly at his masterpiece… his key to fortune.

This was the beginning of forever, or was it?

Cinema - Coming Soon - 2

Cinema 2012 – Coming SOON!


Bodysuit/Tattoo/Nails/Mask – Pididdle | Undead Perfection @ Cinema 2012
Hair – Mina | Kat @ Cinema 2012
Eyes – ID | Alien | Yellow @ Cinema 2012
Skin – MONS | Naamah | Light @ Cinema 2012
Necklace – Carolines | Audrey Pearl Necklace | White/Silver @ Cinema 2012
Poses – aDORKable


Yep, another Cinema post with a bit of Izzies thrown in!

Cracked Mirror has this sexy little Corset and Ruffle Pantie combo going on for Cinema, they are available as separates, so you can mix and match your colours.  I chose the two tone corset with the black/green ruffle panties, and they come in an array of sexy colours for your naughty shopping!   I do love a good old Corset and Pantie set and the ruffles on these babies add a teensy bit of cute to the overtone of SEX PANTHER(ess).   I wore the new Alice Project C88 Hair with them, although I didn’t choose a colour from the Flamingo HUD that is available there, I chose a good old solid black!

Cracked Mirror @ Cinema

Also, BEHOLD.. the Fuyu skin from Izzies is available now and it’s a beaut.  We all know, if we read my blog that I am a huge Izzies fan.  This skin matches my ASDFLASFLASJDFL need for Izzies stuff to a tee.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and if you are an Izzies VIP you can get these mesh eyes as this months group gift (along with two other colours) and they are just as gorgeous too! So deep and rich and soul gazey.  Anyway back to the skin! As with all Izzie releases you get all the tones (this is Sunkissed) and a range of makeup layers, I have worn all of them (I think!) in this picture below with only eyeliner in the middle pic so you get a feel of the bare skin.

There are a bunch of pastel eyeshadows and kissable lipstick tattoos for you, along with freckles and blush and all of the other usual goodies.  I’m still rocking my #Ziau piercing and I totally forgot to credit the tat and then took it off, i’ll find it again if anyone wants the deets ❤ (EDIT: ppl already asked before I left the house about the tat.. it’s dEVOL – Celtic Code Tattoo)

New @ Izzies - Fuyu

GO AND BUY EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY, except for the Cinema stuff, for that… you have to wait 😛

SLURLS on the Store Locations Page ❤ BAI!