Apologies with Shoes

Apologies with Shoes

I have an apology. I was out in RL yesterday almost all day and I thought I had set all these things to post, but alas, I had not. So the main focus of this post was two pairs of shoes for 21Shoe from Bliensen & Maitai (held in my hand) and SSD! DOH!  I hope you managed to get and check these out, as well as the other pairs I have blogged over the last few days!

Also worn is the gorgeous new Truth hair, well one of… I love the whispy add on bits to make this look like a total bedhead style!   I thought it looked beautiful with my Romina skin from WoW Skins!  A lovely, soft number shown here in the Milk tone.  I am loving me the WoW skin faces lately.

FaMESHed is coming to an end, so if you haven’t checked out this months then you need too! You will find this gorgeous Cracked Mirror dress there in both colours and florals! YAY!

Thats all for now ❤

Winter is coming… bitches!

Well that isn’t very PG of me, but there you go!  A little wintery look of the day and homey type picture today for you.

Winter is coming... bitches!

I love winter, both in RL and SL, but I suck butts at decorating for the seasons, I really really do!   I changed my skybox to snow and set up a few bits and was like aww, it’s kinda cozy!   The trees are from both Botanical and Trompe Loeil and botanical, the huge kick ass tree which you can only really see the trunk of, and the skinny fir in the middle are older Botanical items, and the other two are two of the many available at FaMESHed from Trompe!  They come in plain and snow, and with and without lights, both scripted and non scripted, THE LIGHTS FLASH, YO!   Also seen is one of the Igloos from What Next, out now at The Arcade, this is one of the rares, but there are ooooodles more, they come with singles and couples poses are are just scrummy.   The snow people are actually a fair few years old and are from the very loved and much missed Artilleri.

LoTD - Fameshed Style - Take Two!

My LoTD is inspired by the onslaught of Winter. A cute yet cozy Trench from Cracked Mirror for FaMESHed this round, this is the Teal but it’s available in other colours too, the perfect fit and wonderfully made and textured, definitely a coat for all seasons, not just Winter!   I paired it with another FaMESHed item, the Sneja Boots from Mutresse. OH EM GEE, these boots!? AWESOME!  They are chunky heeled knee highs that pack a serious punch. (or kick).  They come with a HUD with SO MANY OPTIONS, you can change various parts of the boot, as shown by the silver/black combo above, and the buckles and heels/soles too.     With 9 customise ready parts and 13 leathers to choose from, that’s a LOT of boots you can make up! SWEET!

Also shown is the group gift from Truth for the month, a cute little up do with a braid at the front, and the skin is Glam Affair, pose is from Adorkable, and body parts by SLink! HUZZAH!

The Seasons tell a Story

I am loving getting all cozied up in my RL and my SL getting ready for Autumn and then Winter! YAY!  Here is a little look of the day to reflect that… sorta.

LoTD 12/09/13

The Seasons Story is still going strong! Well duh, it’s only been open a couple days :P… VinCue has some lovely cropped sweaters available there, shown here in Black but available in fistfuls of colours, this chunky cable knit cropped wonder is delicious!   Also from The Seasons Story is this hat hair from Truth!   He’s rejigged his stuff again and hair now comes with a HUD, so happy to see so many designers hopping aboard the HUD train!  I hear a few fave colours are back, you could hear the squee’s from here!   My skirt is from Cracked Mirror and is one of the two items out at FaMESHed, a short, sexy duo tone mini skirt, probably not going to keep me warm in the upcoming colder months but hey, it makes my ass look fabulous!   My final piece are these lovely boots from Dilly Dolls!   Simple boots with high detailing and wonderful texturing, what more could you want?!   Skin is from Glam Affair @ Collabor88 and was blogged previously.

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

On Safari with The Boutique!

I haven’t been logging in much lately, and I know TLC’s The Boutique has been running a while, but I wanted to show you some of the fabulous Safari themed items available!  I hope you like!

The Liaison Collaborative - Boutique - Safari 1

The first look I put together uses both the gorgeous Rebel Hope dress, and the absolutely stunning necklace from Half Deer (more about that at the bottom of the blog).   The dress comes in various prints/colours and is a stunning little number with a cut out strappy back and a ruched slightly dropped front, it’s absolutely sexy and sweet and is a must have from the event!   I’m also wearing hair from Lamb and the LDF skin from Pink Fuel!

The Liaison Collaborative - Boutique - Safari 2

The second look utilises the peplum dress from Cracked Mirror!  A hint of Safari in this one with just the little ruffle pattern, simple but still stunning.   It comes in various colours, I opted for a lovely orange as it reminded me a bit of a tiger AND it matched my new D!va hair from Collabor88.  The skin is Harley from Pink Fuel with a couple of tattoo layers to match the outfit, and of course slink hands and appliers.

The Liaison Collaborative - Boutique - Safari 3

The third look clothes wise I dragged with me from The Boutique were these tops and skirts from 22769!  Paco and Manu always do so much for their events, and there are other items there, I just fell in love with these.  I love the criss cross top and loose linen style skirt, they come in three tones (except the top comes in light and dark khaki) and I have mix and matched them here, but you can, of course, wear the matching colours together too 😛  Skin again is Harley from Pink Fuel and the hair is one of Truth’s newest releases, a lovely loose bob!

The Liaison Collaborative - Boutique - Safari -  Half Deer

Finally a close up of the Half Deer Savannah necklaces from The Boutique.   The workmanship is top notch, the texturing is superb, and you can see they come in both ebony and wooden versions for all four animals.  A cute cord necklace with beads and animals.. what more could you ask for?!

Go on Safari with The Liaison Collaborative

LoTD – 02/07/13

Hola everyone, a quick post tonight as i’m shattered and I have a Cultural Awareness Course all DAYYYY at work tomorrow, and I wanted to blog something! 😀

LoTD - 02/07/13

As previously mentioned, the new round of FaMESHed is up and running! HUZZAH!  Cracked Mirror brings us clothing and LaRoo Shoes brings us shoes, what more could a girl want?  Well, hair, skin, accessories, money, a pool boy… oh wait getting off track now.  The casual denim skirt and tank are both from Cracked Mirror, available as separates and in various washes/colours!    The tank is a double layered jobby, so you get a duo tones and all compliment each other wonderfully!    The shoes are from LaRoo and come with the knee high socks, and these come in ooooodles of shoe colours, then you get a HUD to change the sock colour into a plethora of colours and even some dotty little numbers, huzzah!   I am really digging these babies and I am not a huge shoe person.

LoTD Closeup - 02/07/13

The hair I am wearing is also from FaMESHed and is from Wasabi Pills, another style with a forehead showing and a headband, it must be the look de jour!    Either way it’s really pretty with its cascading waves over the shoulder, and again the headband is HUD controlled to change colour.    My skin is from Ploom and was available at My Attic for a steal, it’s probably now in store for less of a steal but still worth every penny!   I actually found red brows that are red more than ginger, so that’s a bonus!     The lovely Necklace I am wearing is part of the Burst Set  from HANDverk, a nice elegant piece but nothing overly fancypants, so you can get away with wearing it with a tank and a skirt, woooo!

My poses are from Adorkable and my eyes are from IKON! ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available


I don’t really, well they’re ok… gives me a chance to get on and blog, and considering the amount of sleep I didn’t get last night, it’s nice to look presentable in ONE world 😛

Belleza @ WCF!

This is Mya! She’s new from Belleza at the Whore Couture Fair Monthly Edition!  Isn’t she PRETTY? It’s not often I wear a skin that’s so vibrant and made up, at least not for long, but this is just delicious!  She comes in an array of tones and each with it’s own various options for brow etc.   You get an alternate set of lips too. WEE!   I’m wearing it with a stunning pair of IKON eyes, they are so pretty, quite close to my own eyes.. but not quite.  Hmmm.

LoTD - FaMESHed Style

FaMESHed has kicked off again, woot woot.   Here I am in an ensemble of goodies you can find there.   We have both a Graphic Sweater and a Studded Mini from Cracked Mirror, each come in different graphics/colours for your mix match pleasure, and of course, standard sizing.   I love how the shirt hangs around your midrift baring just that little bit of flesh while looking all casual and cool.  Pair it with the skirt and you’ve got cute AND sexy!   With stud detail around the pocketual area (it’s a word, shut up) and then if you throw in the wonderous boots from Fanatik, you have yourself a grand look.  The boots come with a both a resize HUD and if you get the fatpack, a hud for the colours, saves you having a billion boots, amirite?!

Either way, this is my look of the day and I hope you like it!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available!

Daydream Believer

But not a homecoming queen.   Today I decided to go for something a little different.  A lot of the time I have ideas in my head that I just can’t get out! I suck at stuff, but I am digging water pictures, so you get another of those. SORRY! (click through for bigger pics)

Daydream Believer

The Dreamer Bed comes from the very talented Tya Fallingbridge, and comes in both Black and White for this months FaMESHed… you can also get the candleholders you see, in 3 different heights.    It’s a really dreamy looking bed, hence the name, with hanging stars and crisp looking linen sheets.   There are various couples poses and a few singles too, even one reading a book that rezzes when you swap to it, so you don’t have to worry about losing pesky props!  Such a gorgeous, well made bed, that is perfect for the teen or adult and with both Black and White options, you can fit it into almost any decor too!   YAY!  My feet are from GOS and my pose is from Frooti!

LoTDish... 06/03/13

Also from FaMESHed is this Slip Dress from Cracked Mirror and Hair from Exile!   The Dress comes in various colours and is a sexy little number.   It’s definitely going to go more in my undercrackers folder than my dress one, but I think you could happily get away with either.  It’s a gorgeous Satin looking number with a slit side and will help you out while you are in your gorgeous new bed, nudge nudge, wink wink.   The hair is, as usual, divine from Exile! A bit of a bigger, slightly swept longer style this time, perfection is a word that I love to use when it’s deserved, and this is well and truly deserved!  The skin I am wearing is one of the Pink Fuel Arcade Skins!!!    I didn’t have as many goes as I’d like on the machine, as I started to get doubles, but this is the “Ghost” one, and it’s hauntingly beautiful and it’s only $L100 per play!!!! HUZZAH!

Deliriums Spiral @ SongBird

For this final, close up picture, I am showing you the Twisted Hunt 2013 item from Songbird!   You get this gorgeous pair of swirly mesh eyes, and the makeup swirl too!  It makes for a bit of a different look, and a change from the norm and it’s a hunt gift!! How much more could you ask for, hmmm?

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available!

Day 3 of 365 LoTD Posts!


Day 3 of 365 LoTD Posts
Todays look consists of mainly event items! I got my gorgeous hair from TDR Fusion, it’s a special tipped pack from LoQ, my skin is also from TDR Fusion and is Cara from YS & YS in Ici, a red nosed winter looking skin, very pale and hauntingly beautiful!    Maxi Gossamer provided me with a gorgeous intricate necklace from my haul from Collabor88 and the dress is part of Cracked Mirrors released for FaMESHed

Cracked Mirror @ FaMESHed!

The dress is the Resolution dress from Cracked Mirror, as mentioned above, which can be found at this round of FaMESHed!  It’s a beautiful short dress with gorgeous texturing and a cute little belt.   They are mostly neutral type colours ranging from blue to red, grey to green, nothing overly bright or in your face, the perfect dress for a demure, classy but sexy look!

*SLURLS can be found, if available, on the Store Locations page


Skin: YS & YS | Cara | Pale | 07 | Ici *TDR Fusion*
Hair: LoQ | Liqueur | Browntips *TDR Fusion*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Dress: Cracked Mirror | Resolutions Dress | Red *FaMESHed*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Patience Heart Watch Pendant | Short | Silver *Collabor88*
Poses: aDORKable Poses


Insufferable Dastard…

Up until recently I always thought ID was only about eyes, I think I was a bit wrong!  Aula has recently (I think) branched out with Skins and they are delicious! I stopped by today and fatpacked one of them, and snagged myself a “look” too!  More about everything below.

The Daniela Skin is new, and it’s lovely!  Very fresh faced looking.  I opted for the Porcelain Tone, but you can also get Light, Medium, Olive, Tan, Deep Tan, Deep and Ebony.  I liked this one because it’s just so hauntingly pretty!  Each skin comes with 2 base skins, one with and one without eyebrows; shape, eyes, freckles, blush, 8 lip colours, 8 eyeshadows and 8 eyebrow tattoos, not to mention 5 lashes/liners!  All in a neat little package for under $L1k!… it’s a very nice skin for a very reasonable price, and not only can you choose from theses, there are also a few “looks” too!  They are $L299 (I think) each and come with skin, shape, eyes  and 6 extras on tattoo layers, all of them vary, I picked up one and will most likely go back for the others!!

Insufferable Dastard | Daniela | Make Up Options

Above you can see the bare skin with no frills in the larger picture, then all 16 tattoo layers combined with a random freckle tatt here and a random blush tatt there, there are some gorgeous nudes, pretty peaches and even a pillar box red and precious pink in there too!  Below you can see the 5 options of lashes and liners, I have worn them all individually, but of course you can mix and match!  I recommend you TP on over and check it out!

Insufferable Dastard | Daniela | Lashes & Liners

For good measure I wanted to throw in a look that I was lounging around in ALL day, I am SO in love with Cracked Mirrors items from The Arcade, these footie pjs are just friggin adorable.  My faves have to be the Unicorns, Sprinkles and of course, COW.   I’m very thankful these babies didn’t come with attachable udders or I might of been tempted to look like a silly sausage for a while.  I’m also wearing the fantastic new hair from Ploom!  Nue is a cute half up do with a mesh daisy to top it off!  The daisy isn’t attached, so you can always wear it without, i’m quite partial to it on, tho!

LoTD 04/12/12


*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page


Yep, another Cinema post with a bit of Izzies thrown in!

Cracked Mirror has this sexy little Corset and Ruffle Pantie combo going on for Cinema, they are available as separates, so you can mix and match your colours.  I chose the two tone corset with the black/green ruffle panties, and they come in an array of sexy colours for your naughty shopping!   I do love a good old Corset and Pantie set and the ruffles on these babies add a teensy bit of cute to the overtone of SEX PANTHER(ess).   I wore the new Alice Project C88 Hair with them, although I didn’t choose a colour from the Flamingo HUD that is available there, I chose a good old solid black!

Cracked Mirror @ Cinema

Also, BEHOLD.. the Fuyu skin from Izzies is available now and it’s a beaut.  We all know, if we read my blog that I am a huge Izzies fan.  This skin matches my ASDFLASFLASJDFL need for Izzies stuff to a tee.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and if you are an Izzies VIP you can get these mesh eyes as this months group gift (along with two other colours) and they are just as gorgeous too! So deep and rich and soul gazey.  Anyway back to the skin! As with all Izzie releases you get all the tones (this is Sunkissed) and a range of makeup layers, I have worn all of them (I think!) in this picture below with only eyeliner in the middle pic so you get a feel of the bare skin.

There are a bunch of pastel eyeshadows and kissable lipstick tattoos for you, along with freckles and blush and all of the other usual goodies.  I’m still rocking my #Ziau piercing and I totally forgot to credit the tat and then took it off, i’ll find it again if anyone wants the deets ❤ (EDIT: ppl already asked before I left the house about the tat.. it’s dEVOL – Celtic Code Tattoo)

New @ Izzies - Fuyu

GO AND BUY EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY, except for the Cinema stuff, for that… you have to wait 😛

SLURLS on the Store Locations Page ❤ BAI!