Introducing… CREAMY BISCUIT!

My old m8 Creamy is going to send me some goodies to post now and then, she likes boobs and queefing, so expect lots of fun from her!  I am just a copy/paste machine, and her flickr links are her own, so HAVE AT IT!  GIVE HER ALL THE VIEWS! ❤

Hi, I’m Creamy. I like long walks on the beach, fine dining and fellatio. I used to blog but I have no dedication to keep it up so I begged and cajoled Willis into letting me occasionally guest spot here!


I’ve been reading Willis’ blog since she was completely unaware of my existence and adoration. Back in those days the blog was full of her sexual escapades and very little mention of clothing (I don’t think she wore any in all honesty), but times have changed, and now the only pink Willis shows is cat ears.


I just hope my posts do justice to the fantastic job she does and doesn’t let her blog down immediately so I can continue and start sneaking in dildos and cum faces.


Hair: Truth Hair | Haters
Skin: Pink Fuel | Harley Lid 3 | Vanilla
Eyes: Curio | Tragic Eyes | White
Hands: Slink | Female Enhance Hands | Casual
Mouth: Loudmouth | Alli
Dress: Crazy | Ripped Dress | Grey
Underwear: Blacklace| Tender Caress | Sky
Cuffs: Muka | Cuff Love
Boots: Razor | Dread Boots


Well, SL seems to want to RUIN MY LIFE.  I just found this awesome pack of shirts from last months Collabor88 from The Secret Store shoved in my LANDMARKS folder!!!   It seems SL is out to get me, I haven’t been getting offlines, I have been getting them then not getting the actual IMS in SL, eating stuff is normal and now this!!! WHATEVER NEXT, anyway I made a little LoTD with them, and they are availale with more options in store now 😀

Secret Store - Pleated Shirt Look¬
They are such gorgeous shirts, and all these colours were available for the C88 pallete, but now out in more prints and vibrant colours!   They both come in all standard sizes, then with tucked and untucked versions, such wonderful detailing from the pleats to the buttons, and the cute little bow at the neck.  I do love me some Secret Store!

I paired them with a lovely pencil skirt from Baiastice, and another new hair from Exile, my skin is still Curio that I blogged just yesterday, the shoes are my gorgeous glittery heels from SLink to fit the high foot. YES PLZ! – PLEASE NOTE, I am wearing the black, the gold and silver are available for the 21ShoeEvent for TODAY ONLY!

Have a good friday ❤

Curiously Curio!

Welp, Curio came back… and have just released another bunch of skins along with ALL THE APPLIERS.  I have seen mixed reviews on what people think of the comeback, but I for one am a HAPPY HAPPY BUNNY (or Octopus).  Here I will show you the four new skins! YAY!


First is the pouty Chantelle!  Shown here in Sunburst, the mid tone of all 7 tones, and with red brows!   I wasn’t too sure of the pouty lips on me but I grew to love it pretty quick.   You can get 6 makeups and 3 extra as a megapack bonus, all shown above (and below with the other skins).   I think this may be my fave of the four releases, all very striking makeups and lovely flawless skin!


Next is Daisy shown in Pearl with Blonde brows!   Another pouty lipped beauty, this time with a nice mix of lips, but fairly light eyes, nothing too smokey or drastic, so a bit of a younger look.   I think it makes me look super cutesy, the type of girl you can take home to your mum! 😛  So if anyone needs a mum date, I’m your gal!


Next is Nadia in Cloud and with Brunette brows.   These lips are not as pouty as the previous two beauties, and have a really lovely sheen to them, almost… wow.. much gloss!   A lovely mix of all makeups here, from bright, juicy lips to the more natural, heavily made up eyes to just the bare minimal.   A lovely mix!   Although I think it looks a little sad on me, but hey ho, that’s what lip sliders are for.


Finally Simone, shown in Dune and Black brows.   This face I found a little harsh on me, unsure whether it was the choice of tone, or the light eyes with the darker tone of skin or just that it looks harsh on my face!  But you do get a nice mix again, mostly earthy colours with a smidge of reds and mostly lightly done pastel eyes with a couple of darker looks.   A more mature looking skin, for sure.

So YAY! Curio is back, with boob, ass, hand and feet appliers, all the choices and looking good, imo!

Also shown are 2 new Elikatira hairs, and 2 new Exile hairs, all eyes are IKON and all poses are from Adorkable ❤

Day 4 of 365 Lotd Posts and MORE!

Goooood morning blog readers!

Day 4 of 365 LoTD Posts

This is look 4 of my 365 LoTD Challenge!   I’ve gone for a bit of a different look today, cozy and scattered.   I want to model the look around the BOOM Oslo Sweater Dress from TDR Fusion, which I chose in a bright canary yellow!   I decided that I needed a cutesy updo, so of course I went straight to my Ploom folder and found Danni, the cutest little pair of bunches around.   I then delved into my *NEW* Folder and found this skin from Modish, currently out for the structure your skin event, Party Girl is purple princess, but worked fine with this look.   My stripey grungy leggings are from Razorblade Jacket and my studded boots are from Glam Affair to top off the look

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of a few more things while I had the chance, so here are some more goodies.  Truth released 3 new gorgeous hairs yesterday, here you can see Zuzka, Winter and January!   Zuzka is a looped piggy style, SO cute right?!!   just adorable and with lovely soft bangs too.   Winter comes complete with neckscarf (colour changeable via HUD) and is the perfect style for these post christmas winter blues days where you wish it was still christmas but then also wish it was summer.    Finally January I blogged a few days ago as you got the fades pack and a cute 2013 head topper as a group gift, but you can see she’s a wonderous updo!

New @ Truth

What skin am I wearing, you ask? Well it’s new Curio! Yep Gala is back and as a group gift released a full pack of new skins.  Party Girl came with all tones and 12 makeups per tone (24 if you included with and without freckles and I guess even more if you included dark/light options!)   There was also a bonus makeup tattoo, which is what you can see above.  The rest of the skins you can see below.  I am happy that Gala is back on the grid and working her magic once again.

New @ Curio

Finally, Eclectic Apparel released a bunch of mix and matchables for FaMESHed, I mixed and matched them all up here to show you the 10 shirts and pants available!   They come as separates so you can buy what colours you want to wear with what or hell, buy them all!   The shirt is a really cute short puffball sleeve number with knitted tank vest over the top and the pants are a comfy cropped affair in a variety of colours.   Some really great mesh work coupled with some excellent texturing, didn’t I say just yesterday this round of FaMESHed was amaaazeeeballs?

E! @ FaMESHed

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

LoTD 27/12/12

Hello everyone, I trust your merry was christmas?? I won’t change it, it’s bad luck to correct yourself, right?

LoTD - 27/12/12My Christmas was wonderful, I was well and truley spoiled with an Alienware laptop that is so pretty I could cry, amongst other things, but I spent most of it along with my family having fun, playing games, being merry and… hacking up a storm.  Yep we all had the dreaded winter bug!  Thankfully the kids weren’t too bad, but it’s been a bit of a testing time for sure.  I thought my look of the day should mimic how i’ve been spending a fair few of my days this Christmas, dressed casually and with a bright red nose!   This oldie but goodie skin is from Curio and is the Winter Sniffles version, complete with rosy red cheeks and rudolph nose, it mirrors my RL face right now!   I’ve also been seen lounging about in sweat pants, a sweater and a lose top over the top because I keep going from hot to freezing.   So the Tres Blah Neato Sweatshirt paired with Apple Mays little New York Crop Sweater were perfect, especially with the Grixdale sweats (an old pair).  My hair’s about this length in RL, maybe a bit longer and I’ve been wearing it like this pretty much, except I have a full fringe in RL, so this Willows hair from Clawtooth is aptly named AND perfect.  I just tinted it a bluey/black shade to match my RL hair.  So there you have it. RL meets SL for the LoTD today.

Essences has moved (the SLURL on the Store Location Page is updated) and has a new gacha!!   There are four makeups to collect, and four sets of eyebrows, so you may have to play a few times to get the combo you desire, but all of them are super pretty and for people like that like a fuller brow, these are for you!  I really love the RARE of these skins, which are the bottom right, so pure and beautiful!  Make sure you check them out, who doesn’t like a good gacha gamble??

New @ Essences | Gacha

I always tend to be a bit all over the place with my blogs, I don’t photoshop the crap outta my pictures, I prefer them to be as they are taken so that people can see what goodies look like, they aren’t masterpieces, which allows me to blog a fair big, I see a lot of people saying they are going to aim for quality over quantity on their blogs in 2013 and I wondered if I should do the same, but I figured i’d do what I always do, which is what I feel like!  I try to blog at least once a day, of course when RL gets super busy I can’t, but I hop on SL before the kids are up in the morning, and if Mr W is studying at night, that’s what my new Alienware is for, so I can’t promise more quality, less quantity or anything for my blog, it’s just going to keep on trucking in the way it always has.. just.. whatever and I hope you continue to join me in the journey ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

New @ Caes | Truth | Secret Store

Halloooo! I am back once again like the renegade master! *twizzles on floor breakdance stylee*… sorry that is THE lamest opening but, well, it’s done now.

SO! Caelan Hancroft opened a store yesterday! Yep, you might know Cae from her blog or running Truth District, well I blogged a fair few blogs ago about a gorgeous Starfish Necklace she’d given me to cheer me up, from her upcoming release… well, Cae is now open and my oh my, everything is so pretty!  I did a collage of the pieces available at the opening and a close up of my fave set, along with another new release but more about that further down!

Cae released 6 original mesh items at the opening, all of which are so delightfully gorgeous.  From L – R: Entangled, Enchanted, Knotted, Starfish and Timeless, in the picture below you can find Elegance.

Each set doesn’t just come with a Necklace, they come with varying items but a majority contain rings, necklaces, bracelets/cuffs, and earrings!  I haven’t taken pictures of everything because I want you to go and actually look at these items, because they need to be looked at!!  The workmanship that has gone into them is obvious, I’m really impressed and kinda jealous that Cae has taken Blender (or whatever) and made it her total b!tch!!  I wish I could sink my teeth into something like this and actually get to grips with it, because the outcomes you can achieve, are quite plain to see… AMAZING!  All the sets come with texture change too, from platinum to rose gold, gold to silver… gunmetal and more, there is something for everyone.

New @ Cae's

Now this is my favourite set, I thought it was Starfish, then Timelines, but I settled on Elegance! I just LOVE this set, it’s the epitome of classy, sexy and sensual. I am in absolute awe of how much I love it, I am not usually that great at accessorizing , it’s not my forte but these items make it easy.  Cae is open on Truth District, so make sure you visit!  Also new at Truth District and Truth, are three new hairs! I have tried to work them all into the looks I used with the Cae items, but as there was only one updo it was hard! I wanted to show off my neck.  Either way all three styles are delicious!   You get the updo with teh braid, everyone loves a braid, there is also a longer, braided style that falls gently across the shoulders, protecting your modesty should you be naked like I was, and a simple longer style with colour change bow!  Three great styles to match your new jewellery!

Pretty Flowers

Finally a new release from The Secret Store!  The Camille dress is a collab between The Secret Store and Nyu again and it is ALSO a perfect item for the elegance set, as well as the others!  I chose to showcase it in both a magenta and a chocolate tone (above), but it’s available in several colours and is a gorgeous piece of mesh work.  The little lace collar is just ADORABLE.    The perfect dress for anyone that wants to look sexy but classy, all of the releases I have blogged here tick all the cards for classy and sexy, so you’re in for a good shopping day!

New @ Secret Store

SLURLS are all on the Store Locations Page

New @ coldLogic and more!

It’s nearly Autumn/Fall/Betterweatherforpplthatdon’tlikeheatverymuch… and coldLogic have their first “Fall” release!

There is a whole fookton of new stuff, all of it in the usual standard sizing/many colours dealio.   First up are these dress/coat/scarf combos! Yep, I say combos because you get the option in the pack to have them all worn together, or the dress on it’s own!   How cute an idea is that?!   I have opted for showing you one with the full shebang, the other with just the dress.  SQUEE! I love this idea!  Now, just to get that coat and scarf separately too (I KID ZYRRA OHLORDGODOFTHEWORLD DON’T KILL ME)

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Elikatira – Skin | MONS (VIP gift – GO GET)

Next we have two super cute dress/cardigan type jobbies!  I love these because I love love LOVE seeing people being dressed up with oversized cardigans and such in RL, I can’t pull cardis off, I look like a dollap of fat coated wool.. so I will live vicariously in SL through these babies!  Perfectly scalloped edges for that falling perfectly over your boobs and hips look.  These ooze sex appeal in the cutest way!  Also in this picture is the new LOQ hair on the right, Rum!!  You must check that out also.  It’s rigged mesh and comes in 25 awesome colours!

New @ coldLogic

Hair | LOQ – Skin | Belleza ** Atomic

Next up a top/cardigan combo but a shorter one, and I paired that with one of the two pleat skirts available!  The top is another cute layered look with cowl neck feel to it (took me 5 mins to remember the word cowl, must be late lol) and it fits perfectly in with the skirts!  The other is a cute slouchy/casual sweater, and I paired that with the plain (no gingham hem at the bottom) pleated skirt!   CUTE CUTE… will look FABULOUS with Jeans (HIZYRRAHI).

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Lamb – Skin | YS&YS ** Lara Hurley

Neck we have a little waistcoat number with turtlecowlneck top underneath, again pairing up with either skirt works, I opted for the pattnered one again with this combo!  A perfect look for casual smart office workers, you know you want to RP some of that in SL, srsly.   Also another version of the cute aforementioned sweater!   Love this with the different colour neck/cuffs.   Really must get some jeans with that (COUGHZYRRAAGAINHI).

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Chemistry – Skin | LAQ ** Curio

Finally! Another shirt/cardigan combo but this time in a zesty lime stripe!  Of course there are other stripes, don’t let my limeness put you off!   and a nother Waistcoat/shirt combo, this time another stripey dealio!  Paired them both with the plain pleated skirt for a cute look, but also so if anyone wants to upskirt me they can, although they won’t get far because I’ve got the fade to black stockings on. MUAHAHAHAH!

New @ coldLogic

Hair | LOQ ** Red Mint – Skin | Grixdale ** Glam Affair

I wrote this post while very tired and sleep deprived, sorry if it’s utter ballcocks.

TP to coldLogic

LoTD – 21/07/12

Just a look of the day today, nothing fancy in the pants except my actual pants, I wanted to try something… baggier, so I did. THE END.

LoTD - 21/07/12


Hair: Wasabi Pills | Megan | Wild Honey
Eyes: FATEeyes
Skin: Curio | Petal | FrexLight | Summer | Wild Strawberry (with facepaint from Truth)
Top: Chronokit | Summer Cardigan | Black
Tank: Chronokit | Tanktop02 | Printed Cow
Pants: Chronokit | Culottes Sarrouel Pants | Yellow
Boots: J’s | Studded Long Boots
Pose: *Frooti

HAIR FAIR 2012 – Third time’s a CHARM!

Ok, this is my final post today, I promise (it’s bedtime, I swear!) and I am out of town tomorrow for the day, so I might not get a chance to post/shop again before the hoards are unleashed.. so please enjoy this post before madness and stabbity sets in ❤

Leverocci debuts (I believe) in Hair Fair this year with some FABULOUS fookin mesh.  I can’t tell you how much I love these hairs, but I can tell you that they didn’t mesh well with my mesh top BUT LIKE THAT STOPPED ME.  The bottom right is the freeb/dollarbie too!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Now.. if only those mesh heads would come out. YAYUH!

Leverocci - HF 2012

Skin by PXL | Clothing by coldLogic

LaViere is also new to the hair scene (I think.. I am a noob, srsly… 8yrs and a noob).  I adored these two styles and I LOVE the dip dyed pack more than life!  Totes adorable, right?

LaViere  - HF 2012

Skin by Essences | Clothing by coldLogic

Illusory makes a HF comeback and these are three of the styles available, two are half your head shaved style, but they come with four different colours of bases for you to choose from! Again, dip dye FTW!!!  Adore these!

Illusory  - HF 2012

Skin by Illusory | Clothing by coldLogic

FD has hair and some of it is mesh, WEEEEE! I can’t get enough of the style on the right!  Please excuse the angry eyebrows tho 😀

FD  - HF 2012

Skin by Tres Blah | Clothing by coldLogic

OH HAI EPOQUE HAIR, GET ON MY HEAD.  Just two of the styles available and the style on the right comes with two bang styles too!  Styliiiiish and unique! Both of them.

Epoque  - HF 2012

Skin by Sorry Asia | Clothing by coldLogic

D!va is becoming a “must visit” store for me, it might not be mesh all the time (the left is mesh tho!) but they have some gorgeous, floofy styles!  Both the middle and right come with two styles of bangs too :))

d!va  - HF 2012

Skin by Lara Hurley | Clothing by coldLogic

Last, but not least a Lil Clawtooth with a mesh long braid, and Entente with a cute pony style!!  Men… you will want to check out HF this year, trust me!

Clawtooth | Entente  - HF 2012

Skin by LAQ & Curio | Clothing by coldLogic