Spooky Dooky Do..

I had no other title, I apologise.   A LoTD post today with a few other treats thrown in! Yay for Friday!

LoTD - 18/10/13


So! The main piece for the picture was this gorgeous XRay Dress from DCNY! It comes in an array of spookily named colours, this is Ghost, aptly!    I ADORE this dress! ADOOOOOOOORE!   It’s so cute but sexy at the same time and perfect for Halloween, but you could wear it any time really, you always have a skeleton, well unless you’re a slug, or made of jelly.   What better to go with it than the new Hucci shoes, well boots.   They are lacey and pretty and are made to fit in with the SLink Medium Feet! I got the Black pair, but you can go for a colour, they come in an array of sizes and with a HUD to change the sole and type of lace.

LoTD - 18/10/13 - Up Close and Personal




My hair is NEW from Tameless and is a mix of materials, it’s so soft and gorgeous, particularly in the blondes.   I am loving the hair from Tameless recently!  This is one of my new faves, the bangs are pretty too, frame the face lovely with a peekaboo eye effect.    My cute little headband is from the Mini Halloween Event and is by Mette!  It’s a gacha machine and if anyone has a spare rare, I WANT!   I have some trades 😀  There are horns, angel wings, devil wings and the rares are bats and a moon/star combo.   My skin is Cleo from Glam Affair worn with SLink hands and feet.   My nails are from Wicked Peach, and there are more shown below!  They are from the Willow Street Garden Gacha that opens on the 21st and runs through for 10 days and my ring is from Circa at the Candy Fair, more about those below too.

Circa @ Candy Fair


I’ll start with the nails!  Wicked Peach is a new SLink Nails store from Autumn Amaranth!   She is making some GORGEOUS goodies, these are just a few of the ones available in the gacha, the middle one being the Jolly Roger rare!  Each set comes with 6 variations for both hands and feet, YUMMY!     My rings are ALL from Circa, and are all the Candy Fair and are all gacha too!   There are SOOO many to choose from, they aren’t all shown, but OMG they are cutest and sweetest rings EVER!   Ideal and apt at the Candy Fair, huh!?

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…

Just a few casual looks for you today, inspired by some fairly new items I’ve come across and made particular friends with. This first outfit is all about the Cynful Isia shorts, which I fell a bit in love with and would love to pull off in the real world, would my thighs not dribble out the bottom. Keeping with the purple theme, I added Senzafine’s cute peasant top and a pretty headband by MONS for good measure. And voila the result.

Senzafine and Cynful

Another of my favourite things this week is Cheeky Pea’s Port Isaac pier, which is a little piece of luxury for those of us who find beach towels a damp and scratchy controversy. The couch can be separated from the pier, too, should you feel so inclined – which I believe to be a good thing, as it would look equally awesome in a living room. I have just the place…

Port Isaac by Cheeky Pea

Below is the outfit I’m wearing at the end of the pier. It’s a simple look that’s easily thrown on when an unexpected tp comes in for a shopping trip, combining the Marlee skirt from R3volt with okkbye’s Summer Tank in grey.

okkbye and R3volt

And here is what I perhaps should have been wearing – my new favourite bikini, by DCNY. Something about the pattern makes my heart happy.

DCNY Denim Bikini

And finally a Somnia ensemble even the name of which make me grin: I’m wearing the Comic Tank in true retro-Batman style with – wait for it – Floozy Bandit shorts. Amazing.

Hampton Bench by DIGS

Credits (top to bottom)

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Victoria
Top: Senzafine – Astrid Crop Peasant Top
Shorts: Cynful – Isia
Headband: MONS – Cute Gem Headband and Face Gem

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Jennie
Top: okkbye – Summer Tank Tops – Grey
Skirt: R3volt – Marlee
Pier: Cheeky Pea – Port Isaac

Skin: Izzie’s – Jill Safari – Peach
Hair: Exile – Just a Reason
Bikini: DCNY – Denim Bikini

Bench: DIGS – Hampton Bench
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Youth
Top: Somnia – Comic Tank
Shorts: Somnia – Floozy Bandit
Shoes: DN Mesh – Marcy

Happy Friday, The Arcace is coming!

IT REALLY IS! and I bring you a lleetttttleeee sneaky mcpeak!

Belleza @ The Arcade - Rares Preview

Belleza have 15 new skins out for the new round of The Arcade and they are BEAUTIMOUS!    The picture above shows the three rares you can get, yep, only three… so not too difficult (one would hope) to get all of them!   Three very different rares too!  One with oooooodles of freckles and barely there makeup, one with soft black lips and liner, and then a red lipped cateyed beauty!      The other 12 are shown below and they come in a few different tones, so there is something for everyone, trade or keep, it’s up to you!    I like the range of makeups, nothing too out there but a nice array of lips including pinks, nudes and browns/reds… and the eyes are all stunning whether they are smokey or light, coloured or nude… absolutely stunning, the whole collection! I can see this being a popular machine, save your lindens, ladies!

Belleza @ The Arcade - Preview

In my quick LoTD today we haev one of those skins so you can see the gorgeous body work too.  I’m wearing it with the FLF Bikini/Undies from DCNY! Well, one of them, there are two styles and they come with Tango appliers too 😀   Gorgeous items, and these are so cute that you won’t be able to resist! RIGHT?   The hair I am wearing is new from LOQ and is the Rye style in Brown!  It’s got a long pony at the back and a cute little headband around the head, a little boho looking, but allllll cute and sexy in one package.    My eyes are from IKON and my pose is from Adorkable!

LoTD 24/05/13

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

Big Bo.obies!

Yeah, I guess I should post some big bo.obies now in this post, but i’m not gunna, I’m SFW today guys, sorry!   I will bring you some stuff from the Big Bo.obies Event tho! If you want to see some great boobs, head on over to Flirting with Fashion!


This shirt is from DCNY and is the FLF item for today!   So if you want a great mesh item, casual and cute for just $L50, you can get this up until midnight slt, it’s well worth it!  I love the lovely minty cream combo it comes in, but then I am a sucker for anything minty!    The hair is new from Wasabi Pills and is the delectable Lily!  It’s not for an event, or cut price it’s a regular release and it’s stunning!  It’s a long style with strands over the shoulders, which do a really great job of hiding nipples, btw… and swept to the side bangs.   I loveeeee it!   The pose I am using is another from Adorkable for the Pose Fair, there are so many awesome poses from Adorkable and many others, you guys will love it!  Now onto the skin.. which is the Big Bo.obie Show item!

New @ Essences!

Meet Operate from Essences, making her debut at the BBS in all of the tones you see above… they range from milky white to a darker, more sunkissed colour.   All skins comes with appliers, obvs.. it is the big bo.obie show! and they come with various brow options, I think I’ve managed to showcase them all… you  get blonde, brunette, brown  and ginger, so whatever your hair colour you can find your option, well technically not if you are grey, or pink.. but you get the drift.   I really love how great Inka makes my face look with her skins, Essences has become a brand I love and fall back on whenever I feel like I need to look like me, she is my face! SHE IS! THEY ARE! OH I DON’T KNOW!  All I know is that you should check these babies out!

New @ SFW from Cute Poison

Finally, I am wearing these earrings in the pictures above, but the hair hides them.  They are the SL Fashion Week item from Cute Poison this time around, all fantastic original mesh FOXY earrings!!!   They come with a HUD with various colours including the ones above, so you can mix and match to your hearts content, or you can go with one colour like the bottom left pink, it still works, they don’t look flat cos the colours mesh really nicely and look slightly different hues!

The Big Bo.obie Show opens on April 1st, so slurls will be updated then.  Any others can be found on the Store Locations page ❤

An Eventful Weekend

I am going to be super busy this weekend in RL, but I did want to try and blog something before I left, so I bring you lot a selection of goodies from various events! Hope you all have a great weekend ❤

FLF & Global Domination

First we have items from a fistful of events here.  The DIGS Bench/Seat is currently out for FLF, so if you want to snap up a bargain, you have to do it today!   It comes with a plethora of poses and is suitably neutral, to fit into any environment!   I thought instead of wearing the Global Domination Masks from HANDverk, I’d put them up as wall decoration because you can mod them, I think it looks great!  The Masks come in Red and Blue and both with or without Feathers too, they do make great decor.   Also worn is a dress from My Attic, but more about that below.

Mons @ Zodiac

These eyemakeups are just 12 of the 24 available from this months Zodiac Event from MONS.   There are 6 from one pack, and 6 from another, and you can also get a pack of lipsticks there too.  I really love how striking MONS makeups are, and the stripey ones are just excellent!   So vibrant and pretty.  It’s a great event, as usual, this round.  I hope to get back and blog some more of it before it’s over, but you should definitely check it out.

Finally the dress I was talking about above, you can see 6 of the many available from DCNY for this months My Attic, a relatively short event, but an awesome one! I  need to get over there and  buy all the things!   These are only $L95 while they are at My Attic, so get there before the 28th to snap up a bargain, but never fear they will be in store at full price after that, so they aren’t exclusive to the event!    They come in a range of styles, mostly, I would say, Spice Girl inspired and they are gorgeous. You can also wear the skirt/top separately, so that’s a nice bonus, mix and match away.  Each dress comes with a Microphone prop too, although here I am using some of Adorkables poses available there, they also come with a prop and as you can see, some great poses.

New @ My Attic

Also worn in the picture is a Glam Affair skin, and Gos Boutique shoes, finished off with IKON eyes.   I hope you go and and check these events out, they’re great!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

Day 31 of 365 LoTD!

Oh em geee, we made it a MONTH, GUISE, do I get a prize?

Day 31 of 365 LoTD

My look today is based around the gorgeous DCNY Denim Moto Jacket that is currently available for the Aquarius round of Zodiac!  It’s available in 8 different washes and each wash comes in standard sizes AND with/without a flowery motif and piping detail… you can see the colours in the picture at the bottom of the blog, and most of the detailing, although I left a couple washes blank!   It’s a really nicely made jacket with exquisite detailing.  I’m also wearing a shirt underneath from DCNY, the Ruffle Top complete with prim ruffle.   I paired these awesome tops with one of the new Maitreya Mini Skirts, the gorgeous Leather Feather Clutch from HANDverk and shoes from Gos Boutique!

DCNY - Moto Jacket - Washes


Hair: Alice Project | Tessa | Blonde/Pink
Eyes: ID | Daniela Eyes | Porcelain *came in a skin pack*
Skin: Essences | Amelie | Gentle | Light
Jacket: DCNY | Denim Moto Jacket | Signature Wash *ZODIAC*
Shirt: DCNY | Ruffle Top | Black
Skirt: Maitreya | Mini Skirt | Dark Leather | Black
Bag: HANDverk | Leather Feather Clutch | Black
Shoes: Gos | Marilyn Sandals | Black & Zebra
Hands: Slink | Mesh Hands
Pose: *Frooti

Day 16 of 365 LoTD!

Another day, another look!

Day 16 of 365 LoTD Posts

I’m still playing around with my laptop lighting and windlights and settings, so apologies if my pictures are a bit all over the place!   I wanted a LoTD where I practised using my Tangos again, so DCNY was my go to folder, I blogged just a few days ago how they released a bunch of tops with appliers, so this time I popped on the Shrug Top and practised a bit, I think I am slowly getting to grips with them, but now I want to make my shape slightly curvier and larger, shame I deleted all my bigger mesh sizes while inventory sorting! HURR HURR!!!  Doh!

Anyway, a simple, classy LoTD, with a couple of simple accessories and I even donned shoes for the occasion. GET ME!  Check out the new FAKE Skin Gatchas available in store too, this is one of the rare skins! WEEE!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available


Hair: Truth | Zuzka | Seasand w/Roots
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Colorful | Green
Skin: FAKE | Miel | Pale Tone | Gatcha Skin 1 (Rare)
Top: DCNY | Shrug Top | Mellow *Tango’d*
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui | Scorpio Key Necklace | Gold/Purple
Skirt: Pixel Mode | Sami | Coffee
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Shoes: SLink | Aveela | Herringbone
Pose: Adorkable Poses

Day 12 of 365 with New STUFFS!!!

I nearly didn’t make Day 12! But… I DID! HURRAH!

Day 12 of 365 LoTD Posts

I’ve been out ALLLlllLLLLlllLLL day in RL and thought I would have to miss Day 12, but I got back and hopped on and YAY!   I wanted to show you one of the three new tops at DCNY that now come with Tango Appliers!   So yep, I pulled out the big guns again and strapped them to my chest, donned my Glam Affair in Europa Tone (because they have appliers and well, because Hi. Glam Affair <3) and went on my merry way matching everything up!  These tops are gorgeous, and are some of the best fitting with Tangos that I’ve seen, minimal adjusting to get seams to fit and weeeee!  I am a boob noob, I can’t make them look nearly as good as everyone else, but I am learning.. sloooowly.  Anessa made some awesome stuff for them, if you have a pair, try some of her stuff!

You may have noticed new hair!  Yep, this is new from Wasabi Pills and is the Jamie hair!  A shoulder length style with a little over the shoulder and one side behind the ear for a really cute and casual look, but definitely smouldering too.   I do love me some Wasabi Pills, ohhhhh yes.

Also worn are the new jeans from Zombie Suicide, here I am wearing the Mustache version, but there are a handful for you to choose from, loose and baggy, a bit like boyfriend jeans, these look so comfy!  Of course I had to put on my Zombie Suicide Mesh Ears that I blogged just the other day with the Mustache Plugs… just to match :P… I am wearing my fave piercings  from Cute Poison – Tipsy and Saint.  Other credits can be found below.

Insufferable Dastard has THREE new sets of eyes out for you, all shown below.  Souful, Shine V2, and City Lights all come with 8 colours each, although I appear to have missed one out. SOZ.  You can click through for bigger pictures, but the eyes all come with a base pair of eyes and also mesh too!  So you can mix and match eyes, mix and match colours.. the world is your oyster!  The colours are so fresh and they POP!  Oooooodles of eyes, one for every day of the week, month.. year!!! and every colour to boot!

New @ Insufferable Dastard | 1

** Skin | Fake ** Hair | Wasabi Pills **

New @ Insufferable Dastard | 2

** Skin | Fake ** Hair | Wasabi Pills **

New @ Insufferable Dastard | 3

** Skin | Fake ** Hair | Wasabi Pills **

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Jamie | Cinnamon
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Colorful | Gold
Skin: Glam Affair | Lilith | Europa | Timeless 03
Ears: Zombie Suicide | Mesh Ear w/Mustache Plug Add-On
Piercing 1: Cute Poison | Tipsy
Piercing 2: Cute Poison | Saint
Top: DCNY | Crochet Halter | Greys *Tango’D*
Jeans: Zombie Suicide | Belted Mesh Jeans | Mustache *NEW*
Nails: Izzie’s | Spring/Summer 2012
Feet: SLINK | Mesh Feet
Pose: *Frooti

*SLURLS, if available, can be found on the Store Locations page!

Happy Sunday!

Hiii everyone!  I had a great weekend so far! Met up with a couple of SL/Plurk buddies, we had food, drinks, talked until 2am then died.. or went to sleep, whichever… and today I am back and I’ve got my blog on!  A few more bits here for you today from the Vintage Fair and a new Elikatira release!

Firstly one of the new Elikatira hairs!  This is Unfold.  She is such a looooovely piece! No bangs on this one, just all swept back into a medium/long style, I don’t normally suit forehead showing styles, but I super love this.  It comes with a colour change (HUD based) flower, omg it’s perfect! It’s my new fav accessory and the best thing is that it looks GREAT with the other hair too!!!  I’m going to be trying it with ALL THE HAIRS.  The dress i’m wearing here is from Geometry and is another of the VF releases, it comes in various colours, and comes with the flowers (top and bottom) attachable separately.

Vintage Fair 2012 - Geometry | Candydoll | Elikatiar

The skins you can see in all the posts are from Candydoll and are the Vintage Fair releases.  SO CUTE is all I have to say, I love my face in them!  I did find, when naked, the nipples were a little bit high, so probably wouldn’t be able to wear with a super low cut top, but the faces more than make up for that, at least for me! So smooth and sultry.   This is one of the dresses from Sakide.  I chose black and it’s a lacy little number, with ruffles!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Sakide

This is another of the Sakide items, a really cute, flowery mesh halter dress.  Really simply, plain and girly… A great summer number with a vintage look to it, and still rocking the Candydoll skin and Elikatira hair too.. perfect matches!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Sakide 2

This is the other Elikatira style – Figure! A non rigged short style.  So stylish, I can’t even with this one, I love that one side is longer than the other, it’s a super cute short do and being non rigged you can fiddle with it to your hearts content!  This is another of the Candydoll skins too, a bit more.. pink tho!  The top is from Kunglers, and although I love it, I found that the sizes didn’t fit me well, infact I had to put on the large and it was a still a bit small!  I don’t care what size I am, as long as something fits me, but you might have that problem too 🙂

Vintage Fair 2012 - Kunglers | Elikatira

Finally this is the DCNY exclusive for Vintage Fair.  It’s a cute set of jeans with cuffs and a mesh top with a cherry on it!  Perfect with the short new hair for a sassy cute look.

Vintage Fair 2012 -DCNY | Elikatira

Vintage Fair SLURLS
TP to Elikatira

More Vintage Fair and a Lil Propsicles!

I still have SOOO much to blog, it’s insane!  I think tomorrow might be a day of props and furniture and poses and stuff, or clothing.. or all of them, omg I dunno! Anyway here are few more things from Vintage Fair 2012 and then a lil bonus prop piece from Bent!

First another lil lookbook:

Vintage Fair 2012 - Lookbook 2

  1. Razorblade Jacket: RJ is fast becoming a store I love for the grungier side of my persona.  This dress is not to be sniffed at, it’s mesh, it’s gorgeous, it’s well textured.  It was MINE.
  2. !Eclectic Apparel:  Some really cute 50’s style dresses out, with matching cardigans (available separately).  Mix and match your colours, or go for the same, LIKE ME!  Retro fantasticalness (it’s a word).
  3. DCNY: A really cute slinky dress, with prim collar and bow!  It comes with mesh crotch flap (and non mesh) and is a sexy little piece, I paired it with one of the Pomme D’Amour hairs available, I feel like LuLu!
  4. Jack Spoon & Glow Studio: A gorgeous texture/mesh combo from Jack Spoon, I chose the yellow, it comes in more! I paired it with the birdy set from Glow, who DOESN’T love a duck????
  5. Purplemoon: Available as separates, this skirt and top are gorgeous, oh and the glasses, I feel like Jackie O!  Really nice mesh pieces, well textured, great size options! LOVE LOVE, bit demure for me, but love still.

The skins I’m wearing in that pic are all VF skins (apart from League in RJ Pic) and are from Shine and Heartsick!   I love the Shine skin, the lips are so kisseable, maybe a bit overglossy for some, but for me.. I like!

coldLogic are at the Vintage Fair and have 7.. read SEVEN new items out!  You can see them all below, click through for a bigger picture.  It’s a mix of retro, mostly a 60’s type feel to me tho.  Ranging from the more sensible chic option in the first picture, to the more baggy/loose option avec belt in the second (in awesome colours, if I may say so), then a cute gogo style dress for three of the them and a couple of mish mashes of the others!  All in all, there are three styles of dress, but in 7 styles. Do I make sense? I do to me!

I love love LOVE this release, it’s not entirely “me” but it made me feel fun to dress up and play around outside of my comfort zone and after all, it IS a Vintage Fair!!!!   The skins I’m wearing in this pic are all from Heartsick, who have some wonderful skins out!

Vintage Fair 2012 - ColdLogic | Heartsick

Finally! I have seen (and picked up) some of Bent’s items for Vintage Fair, but I have seen them blogged a fair bit too, so although I do intend to blog them, this is the Bent offering for Fluid this time around! It’s a Matrix prop and it is GORGEOUS.  I am going to be ignorant and say I haven’t really seen much of Bent, but then when I was in full flow with Frooti, I didn’t tend to visit other pose stores.. now i’m on a break i’m having a HOOT of a time!!   It comes with 10 poses in the prop and although it’s a bit of a dark picture (soz) you can click through for bigger!  Wearing items from Sn@tch and Elikatira in there ❤

Fluid - Bent! Matrix Prop

Finally a close up of one of the oOo Studio poses… this is sooooo gorgeous, and this snap is raw from SL.. thanks to my baby for posing with me ❤

raw from SL