Twice as Sweet as Candy

Helloooo world!   Another Hair Fair looksie today, and a few other little bits and bobs. YAY!

Hair Fair 2014 | Wasabi Pills

Barbara, Breeze, Midori and Nana are the four styles from L-R you can see above, and they are all from Wasabi Pills for HF2014!  I always love Hair Fair as it gives me such a huge hair buzz!   I love hair ALL the time, but there is something so ARHGHAHGYES about all that new hair in one place!  I especially love it when my fave stores put out oodles of new stuffs, like this!   2 cute braids, a bit of a windswept look and curl/braid mix.. what more could you ask for!? I have to say I think I am in love with Barbara more than most, but hell, I love them all!

You may have noticed the SUPER cute ring I am wearing above, well let me tell you all about it, and all the others, and show you below!

CandyDoll @ Oh My Gacha!

These are from Candydoll for the Oh My Gacha! event and unf. UNF. they tickle my fancy a LOT!  They are pretty big oversized rings, full of sweet and cute!   The two headbands you can see at the bottom are the rare items, all the others are commons, so you stand to win SO MUCH GOODNESS!  I was itching to blog these the day I got them, but figured if I left it a while it was a good reminder for you to go to the event and win all the things if I waited!   I cannot with the cute, and so well made too!  Whether you want cupcakes in a tin, donuts adorning your fingers, cookies to pretend to munch on or a plate of coffee, pouring milk or a donut.. these are stunning pieces for your finglies!

Also worn, from Project Limited is this love WoW skin!   I was lucky enough to snag one but the numbers were getting low on this tone and makeup, so make sure you get on over there and pick it up! YES!

Other items worn by IKON | Decoy

*SLURLS if not linked are listed on the Store Locations page

Autumn is upon us!

Well, at least the weather is shifting slightly here in the UK! Autumn is my fave time of year, well maybe Winter… either way I love the browns, yellows and oranges and cozy blanket time of the year it is!

LoTD - Decoy Style

Over at Collabor88 Autumn is in full swing!  And this Laurel Sweater and Jenna 913 Jeans are two of the gorgeous items you can find there.  They both come from the very lovely and talented Annette over at Decoy and are splendid!   The jeans come in array of washes and the tops come in ooooodles of colours! I chose a lovely goldy yellow, the cowl neck is so cuuuute!

Glam Affair @ C88

The skin I am wearing is also from Collabor88 and is from Glam Affair, you can see all 12 offerings above and what I love about these are the makeups!  So different, with a few splatters on the face, a few muted makeups for the more “normal” look, they are definitely some of my fave GA skins ever!  The lips on these babies are just so UNF.. kissable and soft looking.  Adorable!!!   I am wearing one of the two new Tableau Vivant hairs too, both come with cute hats but this one has adorable little braids and comes in both male and female versions, complete with colour change hat!   Fancied being a red head for a change 😀

Half-Deer @ Seasons Story

The final piece of the post is in the form of a GORGEOUS necklace from Half Deer!  Worn in my LoTD with all the close ups shown above these necklaces are just… so cute and pretty!    They are out for the new event The Seasons Story and you can choose from the creatures above, both come in a larger and smaller size and each have the goldy yellowy little leaf attached and the wooden pendant.   I can’t think of anything right now I love more than the items in this post!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

Bits and Bobs on a Sunday!

Yep, more hair fair, other hair, and other stuff too boot all with a LoTD added in, I have been snap happy today!

LoTD - 14/07/13

Well! A LoTD mostly from one store!   The Bustier, the Frilly Leggings and the Booties are ALL from Mutresse and aren’t they just ACE?  They come with HUDS to change different aspects of them, and you can attach the ruffles or leave them off, they are a separate attachment, I did that!   I love the two toneness of them too, along with the cute bustier and the booties weren’t released at the same time but match perfectly.  Eeky and gang make such awesome mesh stuff, you really have to check them out!   The hair is from Decoy @ HF13 and more about that below, pose is from Adorkable and the skin is from Essences and is the RARE Gacha I was whinging about not having the other day YAYYYYY!   It’s featured in every pic because it’s so perdiful! ❤

Lark @ Mes Bric a Brac!

Before we crack on with the hair barrage, these Fabric Antlers from Lark are fookin’ ADORBS.   They are from the Mes Bric a Bracs event (which is cuteness squared) and they come in different fabric textures and colours for the cutest look around! I do love me some antlers, oh yes.   So perfectly made, so well textured… Sienia is just bang on with the mesh and she just keeps getting better, everything she releases is cute but these take the biscuit… 😀

New @ Truth

Truth released 5 new styles in his own mini fair :)… 5 lovely styles, a few with the popular boho braid, a shorter bobbed style and a lovely medium length style.   All are lovely as per usual and come in  all the lovely newish Truth textures we’ve come to love.  I really love the fades, although I can never remember which fade is which with the new system which means I try them all on, but I’m a dork like that!   I really love the loose braid with the little braid around the forehead type style, very cutesy… but I think my fave might be the regular medium length style (bottom left)… it’s just so sexy and lovely! YAY

Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair 2013

Ok! On to the fantastic Hair Fair Hairs!!! WOOOO!  First up 5 from Wasabi Pills, pretty sure that bobbed style is a guys style (yes boys, for you!) but I stole it and I think it looks good, so I am keeping it!    We also have a chunky braid, a knotted pony and two cute longer styles, one with a little barrel curl going on, and the other sleek and sensual with a bluntish fringe.    I love Wasabi Pills hair, they always have a really nice soft look to them with a wisp here and a wisp there!   Definitely a style for everyone at the Hair Fair from MissAllSunday!

Ploom @ Hair Fair 2013

Plooooooom! Oh be still my ever beating heart! I am in LOVE!  All four styles (the two in the middle are actually one, just different bangs).  Ploom hair is sometimes quite large and out there, a mix of fantasy and cute reality, but always hits the spot.   My fave this time is the far right style with the little bunches in the over the shoulder ponytail thats going on, so effin’ cute and sexy at the same time.     There are also curls, ponys and of course the cute short bunches!   Hely… I love them, you’ve done a stunning job and they are all just awesome!!!

Decoy @ Hair Fair 2013

Finally we have three lovely styles from Decoy!   Two medium styles and a little choppy bob!  Annette always makes such lovely mesh items, I do love it when she makes hair 😀   I really like the first style with the little hint of curl going and the no fringe look, and normally I’m not a no fringe type of person!   Of course the other two styles are just as gorgeous, but that one really floateth my boateth!

Hair Fair SLURLS are here and all other SLURLS are on the Store Locations page ❤


It’s a Sin

Well, I don’t know what’s a Sin, but pretty sure we’re all sinners in some way, yes? Yes!

7 Sins @ PXL & Global Domination Goodness

PXL have released a new Gacha skin!  This time it’s based around the 7 Deadly Sins.  You will have to click through to Flickr to see a bigger picture, but I can assure you these babies are well worth having. Gluttony (the larger side pic) and Lust (top right) are the Rare skins, the rest are just regular.  They are all very different, some a bit cuter than others… like Gluttony comes with a Cherry for the Tongue, and some a bit darker… Wrath (bottom right)  is a bit of a smokey beauty for example.  At only $L99 a play these are going to be filling up your inventory fast, trust me!   Also worn in this photo are two more prizes from Global Domination!  The gorgeous off the shoulder top is the prize from Decoy, and it comes in 4 lovely colours.  It’s mesh and comes in standard sizing, and comes with 2 alpha options too!  The hair is one of two prizes from Alice Project (a special streaked version also available as an incentive prize) and this is Tyr!  An updo with a lovely mesh rose on the back (you can’t see that, sorrrryyyy, you’ll have to go and win it).  A really beautiful combo, especially with the skins too!

Gia @ Ploom

Another new skin out recently was Gia from Ploom.   Shown here in Vanilla, this is another one you will have to click through to view larger.   Gia comes in a huge variety of tones and has appliers and tattoo layers and much more!   Each “pack” doesn’t only come with an array of goodies including lashes and nail covers (for use with prim/mesh nails) they also come with two make ups!  So you get two, for the price of one really, and I love a good bargain.   I haven’t taken a body shot, but you can see one over here if you’d like to see Sasy semi naked: CLICK ME.  I can tell you that I was super impressed tho, super clean and not a seam in sight, soft not too harsh, this really is a beautiful skin.  Also included with each skin (or pack) is a set of 14 lipsticks, making it an even BIGGER bargain than you can imagine.  I haven’t shown the lipsticks here, I figured you can go and look at those for yourself when you rush and buy all.. ok ok… some of the Gia skins (no really, get them all).   The hair worn in this is the Victoria hair by Alice Project and I did take a shot to futz around with in PS when I get the chance, because under the cut, covering my lady bags are the most wonderful curls!

Also, while I am here, since I am no longer super active on any social networking platform, and since I have become a bit busier in RL I have a new RL blog (well two actually!).. If you’d like to read about what i’m up to (i start at an Animal Shelter tomorrow as a volunteer.. that sort of thing), please do feel free to follow me over at Octopi and Jellyfish

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, unless linked

Day 20 of 365 LoTD – Aquarius Time

Today is a LoTD based around the new round of HCE’s Zodiac Event!   It’s time for Aquarius.

Day 20 of 365 LoTD - Aquarius Style!

HCEs Zodiac is open with a new round!  Aquarius this time, so expect lots of goodies with a blueish hue, water related and all that good stuff!   I’ve mish mashed a few pieces together for today’s LoTD!   The hair you can see is from Alice Project, and it comes with a cute Aquarius Sign clip (it’s at the back!), it’s a lovely, casual style with a classy feel to it.    The top is one of the SySy’s tops available, shown here in a Midnight Tone but available in a fair few, this is a cute little tube top with a bit of a flare, it went really well with the Decoy Aedre Skirt!  This skirt is so CUTEEEE, the “unicorn” colour is even cuter, but I wanted it to match one of the tops and it didn’t so you got to see it in a classy Black.   Finally the shoes, they are from HANDverk and I think we all know that HANDverk does some really unique items!  These shoes come with a Coral/Shell heel (or at least… that’s what I think it is!!) and a vivid blue colouring to the shoe.   The pose is part of a set released by Exposeur for Aquarius, and there is a really nice couples pose too.

All other Credits can be found below ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available for Stores & Events!


Hair: Alice Project | Aquarius Zephyra *Zodiac*
Skin: Essences | Wednesday | Light *TDR Fusion*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Top: SYSY’s | Aquarius Top | Midnight *Zodiac*
Skirt: Decoy | Aedre Skirt | Black *Zodiac*
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Shoes: HANDverk | Water Pump *Zodiac*
Pose: Exposeur *Zodiac*

Strange Fruit

Yeah, this post has nothing to do with fruit, it’s just a song I was listening too earlier… so you won’t find bananas or apples here, just some good old fashioned mesh.

LaRue is a new brand to the grid, the brain (and love) child of Cracked Mirror and CrashOV Uladstron, and it’s going to be a SHOE SHOP!  You may already of had a taste at The Arcade (I have yet to find the colour I want for sale, or take my luck on the machine again) or you may already of seen them at FaMESHed, I am showcasing the gorgeous ones from FaMESHed in this post.   A little kind of ankle bootie with straps and a tall heel, these are some sexy mamas!  The thing I love most about these, is that you get one pair of shoes (well one in each size) and then a HUD to change the colour and the strap colour, below are just a few combos which you can achieve.  I particularly love the red boot with green straps in a Christmassy look! YAY!

I am excited to see what their opening day brings, its this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

New @ LaRue for FaMESHed

Also fairly new to the mesh scene, but not really is Decoy!  Annette has been making some wonderful pieces from clothes to shoes to hair, this dress is actually a recreation of one of her older clothing items and I have to say it’s beautiful.   A knee length halterish style dress with gorgeous glimmering jewels in 8 variations to choose from.  Whether you are a port red kind of girl, or a chocolate brown, I’m sure you will find one colour  of dress that you adore.   (I seem to have snapped the orange stripe twice, I apologise for that, but I’m sure you will enjoy the surprise of finding out the 8th colour combo, right?!).  An absolutely stunning gown perfect for that red carpet affair or just a little dance with a loved one.

I am also wearing one of the new Modish skins available in this picture, a pale beauty with nude lips, she’s perfect for that demure look.

New @ Decoy for FaMESHed

Skin | Modish ** Hair | Wasabi Pills

Also at FaMESHed (I don’t get paid, I swear!! It’s just an awesome Mesh Event) are these two items from Baiastice.  I haven’t shown every colour available, so don’t fret, there will be one for you, I am sure!  These jackets and gloves are SO pretty!  The Jacket comes in two options for each colour, with or without a shirt underneath, and the gloves come in both an open and closed option, as you can see closer up below.   Some really fine texturing work on these, the leather on the gloves looks so realistic with it’s stippled look (on the white at least), and the Jackets ooze class… and if you wear them naked, like me, they ooze sex appeal too!

New @ Baiastice for FaMESHed

Skin | Leafy ** Hair | Wasabi Pills

Here you can see the gloves a bit closer, aren’t they exquisite??  The stitching detail, the fingers… ALL SO GREAT!

Baiastice Gloves | Closeup


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page if available

All poses by aDORKable

A Concerto of Awesome

That title really doesn’t work, but it’s there, so you’ll have to deal with it!

This gorgeous Piano pose prop is one of !bang’s Cinema item and I am just now getting around to getting it out of my inventory, I thought it would look perfect with my new dress from 22769 and I couldn’t resist trying to take a pic a bit out of my comfort zone AKA: not in my skybox LOL!  So I popped it down on my decking and took in the beautiful surroundings, sadly I had to do this all alone *foreveraloneteardrop*, but this Piano is built for two baby!  It comes with a variety of poses, and they work for couples too!  Lovely jubbly.

!bang @ Cinema and stuffies!

I couldn’t justify just leaving that picture without getting a few better snaps of my outfit and ensemble!   So… this is the 22469 dress for Zodiac, it comes in four different variations and I fell in LOVE with it as soon as I saw it, it’s so gorgeous and different! I am not a huge “dressy” person, but this… this is fab.  I paired it with the new booties available from Decoy, also a Zodiac item, you’ll find a bit more about them at the bottom of the blog!    I haven’t taken off my Pink Fuel skin (well I have, but I soon put it back on) from Costume Ball yet.. IT IS SO EFFIN GORGEOUS! I CANNOT DEAL! and I squee’d earlier when Hely posted a teaser of the Costume Ball hair so I have that on too!

22769 @ Zodiac & Costume Ball Stuffies

The hair comes in two variations, with and without mask, in all the usual colours and gorgeousness.   You also get a solitary mask to wear with the without version, but I wanted a clean shot of my face.   An absolutely STUNNING hair, and the mask is colour change so you can match it to anything really and it’s glittery. YOU HEAR ME PEEPS? GLITTERY!!!  A fantabulous updo for any occasion, but I really do think it tops this look off perfectly.

Ploom @ Costume Ball

The booties from Decoy are some stunning pieces of meshwork, they really are! I am amazed more and more each day by what can be done with mesh, and these are no exception!  Highly detailed and stunning, they come in three colour choices: Red, Brown and Black, each colour pair has two sipper choices: Regular and Zodiac.  The only thing I would change about these shoes, is to have an option of gold or silver zipper detail and studs, I am not a huge gold fan, but that is the most miniscule of detailing and definitely nothing to put me off them! NO!

Decoy @ Zodiac

Store/Event SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page ❤

Feeling a bit Sci-Fi…

Yep, today is THE DAY.  Cinema opens it’s doors to the public, you guys will be AMAZED.  I know when ppl say things are amazing you think yeah ok.. great *unmoved face* but this truly is the dogs boll*cks then some!   I didn’t take pictures of the build yet, as I’m on my laptop and it was a bit laggy for me with shadows on and a bf leeching the internet connection but you have probably seen some already and SQUEED a lil!

I already have a ton of goodies from this event as an Official Blogger for HCE and I plan on going back for MORE, so I’m going to try and make at least every other post a Cinema one, if not more.. if not all.. WHO KNOWS! I could go on forever!  Today I wanted to bring you just a LoTD inspired by Cinema and the awesomeness found within:

Check out the Willow hair from Alice Project (pretend it was named after me because I AM JUST AS BEAUTIFUL or something), this might be my fav hair from Alice EVER… it comes in sooo many options, you get a high version with mirror, a low version with mirror (this is low) and not only that you get optional braids (not shown in this shot)… so you can mix and match and ohhh myyyy, it’s love. Perfect photo op hair!!!

I am still wearing the Naamah skin from MONS available at the event, this time I put the “Payback” tattoo make up over it from Adore & Abhor, the gorgeous red lips, the blush, the scar over the eye.. all make for a lovely (if that’s what you call it) look, and all the seperate details come on various layers, as well as all together!

New @ Cinema

Then I fell in love with The Queens Gambit Necklace from Lassitude and Ennui, it comes in gold and silver and has various colours for each, a unique piece that finishes off any outfit just wonderfully. I paired all of the above awesomeness with the two items from Decoy that you MUST HAVE. The Yori Skirt and Hanalei Boots are simply amazing. They come in black and white, and each get their own HUD to change the stripes (on the foot of the boot, on the side of the skirt) and you get solid and glitter options and you also get the choice to turn full bright on and off and glow etc! Annette has really outdone herself with these, they are must owns!

New @ Cinema - LoTD

I popped on the pose stand and the first pose I came across worked for me.. It’s one of the sets from aDORKable poses called Oddessy and there are several awesome poses to choose from, all with a slight theme, all with mirrors and all great.

Other items I popped on included part of a set from SAKIDE that worked as my bra… the Harem Top in Black Sheer, a Leather look Tank from Blah (I believe I got it from SWAGFEST) and a GoK tattoo that I have had FOREVER!

I feel incredibly Sci-fi in this get up and I can’t WAIT to see what everyone does with their Cinema goodies!


Hair: Alice Project | Willow (Low) @ Cinema 2012
Skin: MONS | Naamah | Light @ Cinema 2012
Eyes: .ID. | Alien | Yellow @ Cinema 2012
Make-up: Adore & Abhor | Payback (full) @ Cinema 2012
Top: Blah | My Leather Tank
Bra: SAKIDE | Linen Harem Top | Black Sheer
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui | The Queens Gambit | Silver/Blue @ Cinema 2012
Tattoo: GoK | Wired Garden
Skirt: Decoy | Yori Skirt | Black @ Cinema 2012
Boots: Decoy | Hanalei Boots | Black @ Cinema 2012
Pose: aDORKable | Oddessy @ Cinema 2012


Kinda like Henry the Eighth, but totally not.


OH MAH GODS ELIKATIRA HAIR!!!! OH MAH GOOOODS… is all I have. She is running a *bit* late and was lucky enough be able to participate due to a last minute cancellation, so has been working her tush off for the last couple of days and then there were storms etc YADDA YADDA… but she threw these at me (like literally, hence the same colour) so you can see what you will be going to get! THEY WILL BE OUT SHORTLY!

Elikatira - HF 2012

Skin by LAQ | Clothing by Sn@tch

Slink have three very different styles out, all mesh! I am in love with the short, chopping boy cut though, like srsly in love. I wish I could afford a fatpack but at $L2k a pop, sadly I cannot justify it!

Slink - HF 2012

Skin by Lara Hurley | Clothing by Sn@tch

Ploom has four styles out, although the far left and far right are both from the Deviant Kitties label!   Totally adorable, all of them and I can’t get enough of the dip dyeing,  I really can’t! There are some skull bow attachments for the first hair, but I am a noob and forgot to put htem on.

Ploom - HF 2012

Skin by Ploom | Clothing by Sn@tch

Lamb is out I REPEAT THE LAMB IS OUT.  Four styles, well and a boy one but I didn’t pick that up.   These are just ADORBS.  I love the flowingness (totes a word) of them all. Digging the ombres and dyes again,, yessss!

Lamb - HF 2012

Skin by Tres Blah | Clothing by Sn@tch

These are two of Decoys three styles, I couldn’t get the other one to sell to me, but I did crash shortly after.   So cute!  Mesh too… love the updo AND the side pony, really simple, stylish styles!

Decoy - HF 2012

Skin by Izzies | Clothing by Sn@tch

Finally, Letluka, I am unsure as to whether these really suit me, or it’s just the old skin I decided to put on, but again, I am a suck for the two tone hairs, and the left one comes with “streak” option pack too! That particular colour of hair has 2 streak styles for each hair! Lovely idea

Lelutka HF 2012

Skin by Letluka | Clothing by Sn@tch

Here is a blog post by Darkley with all the SLURLS on – SHOP MY PRETTIEs, SHOP.. well.. soon ❤