Catty McFlap!

VinCue have some gorgeous flapper style dresses with a difference out at Collabor88, and it’s still going strong, so you should get over there and get them… let me show you:

VinCue!  Catty FlapFlap


They come in 7 colours, all with that cute little cat face on!   How lovely and different is that?   A bowtie wearing cat at that.  I love how different that is, fitting in with the theme perfectly but adding their own little touch.  Made me really happy to see, sad but true!   They come in all the standard sizes and have a little glitz look about them, which makes them have that sexy edge that meshes with the cute!  Who doesn’t want to look cute AND sexy at the same time, huh?  So yes, if you are a fan of gorgeous mesh work, excellent texturing, cute looking clothing with a sexy edge… these dresses are TOTES for you!!!

Also worn is new DeLa hair and a Glam Affair skin ❤

New things and a sneaky mcpeek!

Hi everyone! I hope the long weekend treated you right!   Here are some new and upcoming items for you to feast your eyes upon! 😀

LoTD 28/05/13

First we have a very simple, but yummy LoTD!   This is the new Jersey Tube Dress from Lark! It comes in various colours and each colour comes in two variations, i’ve chosen the Green Ombre!  It’s a lovely, simple dress with a wonderful texturing, longer at the back and shorter at the front, with a boob tube style top, the perfect item for lounging, or wearing with heels, which is what I did!   It’s one of those items that works for casual or smart, and I really do love those, kick off the heels and wear with flip flops at the beach, or just look sexy for your man (or woman, or both :P) with heels and just… YUUUM!   My heels are from GoS, my hair is from DeLa and my skin is from Glam Affair, pose from Adorkable, as usual!

Cleo @ Glam Affair

These are the Cleo skins in Artic, new from Glam Affair!   Now, I have shown the makeups available, but I haven’t shown the clean face OR the nose tattoos you can put on to give yourself a different look! Yep, Cleo comes with various tattoos including noses, gloss lips and more!  Isn’t she beauuuuuuuutiful?   As you can see there are a wide variation of makeups to choose from, whether you want some luscious kissable pink lips, or vibrant reds, pouty peaches or nearly nudes… the lips on all Glam Affair skins make me happy, ALWAYS.  The eyes are a nice mix too, a few darker makeups this time, which I am loving.  All in all a good skin, great makeups, from a great place. What more could you want?!

Half Deer @ The Arcade - Rares

GUYS! GUISE! THE ARCADE IS NEARLY UPON US!   Ugh I have seen so many teasers that have made me look at my RL bank account and give it a stern talking too, about how it will be all ploughed into SL soon enough, well ok, not all.  BUT OH EM GEE, THE STUFFS PEOPLE, THE STUFFS!   Here is a sneaky peak of what Half Deer have to offer,  I  can hear the squees from here.  A WHOLE BUNCH OF UNICORNS AND EARS.  They are one, so you can’t have the horn without the ears, but hey.. WHO CURR?   LOOK AT THEM!   The rares are shown above, and the regulars below.   A nice range of colours and choices, and each ear comes with a variation of colour choices for the inner ear too!  The rares are sooo cute, one darker look with piercings, one with a cute little bow, one with daisies and one with stars and a little rainbow.  EEEEEEEE!  I can’t WAIT to see what else there is there!

Half Deer @ The Arcade - Regular!

Have  a good week, everyone! ❤

10 of 365 LoTD & EARS!

Mhhmmm, EARS.  But first… the LoTD!

Day 10 of 365 LoTD

On Day 10, I decided that I wanted to wear my Tango’s again.  I have such a hard job with them that I figured to practise wearing them more.   I can’t seem to get them as small as I’d like and look good, but with side shots it makes it a bit easier, so Adorkable poses came to my rescue!   Happy Undead recently released this short hoodies, complete with appliers for Tangos, so I opted for a nice blurple type of colour and popped them on, I still had my Artic skin tone on from yesterday, but I swapped over to a Cassiopea skin in the same tone, a bit more of a fresh, pure faced look to this one.   I then decided that the blurple didn’t really go with traditional denim, so I searched my inventory and found these gorgeous Lavender High Rise Jeans from The Secret Store and i’d found my look.   Couldn’t resist wear in the horns from Plastik again, or my Izzies mesh nails OR my Ikon eyes!   I think I look kinda cute!

Under the gorgeous DeLa hair i’m wearing above, I was wearing the new mesh ears from Zombie Suicide, but I swapped to a short style from Wasabi Pills for these shots, and the America Skintone from Glam Affair, as i’m a recolouring noob (nearly 9yrs in SL ppl, and i’m still crap), and I couldn’t quite get the match I wanted for the Artic, but that didn’t stop me loving them!   They come in various sizes and are unisex, and by sizes obviously I mean the gauge hole size!   They also come with both L-R ears complete with simple plug or without anything, because not only do they have ears, they have loads of plug add-ons too! I took shots of 12 of them here, and each of the plugs themselves come texture change with tons of options!  For example the day of the dead plug comes with 12 textures, the bling tunnel comes with 7… options GALORE!

Mesh Ears & Plugs @ Zombie Suicide

Not only are there plug add ons, there are piercing ones too!  Four piercing sets, shown here, all the gems touchable for colour change and all sweeetttt!  Please do check them out and the demo’s and see what you like! I am not a gauge ear lover usually, but I’m actually quite partial to these! YAY!

Mesh Ears & Plugs @ Zombie Suicide | Piercings

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page for Events and Stores, if available

Credits for LoTD

Hair: DeLa | Carly | Baby Blue Pink
Skin: Glam Affair | Cassiopea | Artic (13)
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Top: Happy Undead | Short Hoody | Blue & Sky *Tango’D*
Jeans: The Secret Store | Rise Skinny Jeans | Lavender
Nails: Izzies | Spring/Summer 2012 Nails
Poses: Adorkable Poses

Day 9 in the BB House..

No wait, Day 9 of 365 LoTD Posts and some Horns too!

Day 9 of 365 LoTD Posts

The Plastik released a metric effton of Horns and I knew I had to centre a LoTD around them today!   So I decided to pop onto the marketplace and check if DeLa had new hairs and my oh my, I was about 4 styles behind!  This is the lovely and quite new, Vanessa in one of the dip dye colours, I always get the dip dye pack because it’s such a bargain!   I then got a colour scheme in my head and a lightbulb clicked, the new Sn@tch bodysuit would match perfectly, so I yanked that on and decided hey, now that Glam Affair has appliers for their skins, why not wear my mesh boobs and a Glam Affair skin, so I did! I chose Amberly in Artic with a reddy brown lip to match the rest of the look.   My look wasn’t complete without my Izzies nails and a bit of a tattoo from dEVOL, Adorkable provided me with the perfect pose, Ikon with the perfect eyes and I was good to go!

There are 2 new horn sets out at The Plastik, the ones I am wearing above are the Renne Horns. They are 100% MESH and are HUD driven spiral horns with 20 variations, or many more if you included the options and HUD included (you can see that at the bottom of the post).   These come with a wrapped linen string, and you get two sets of horns, one called recolour that you can use the 2nd HUD (not pictured, but it just has a colour wheel) to colour your strings, or the pattern option, which come with the HUD shown below, with 15 different patterns, so really you get way more than 20 variations!   They are unrigged so you can resize, YAY!

Renne Horns @ The Plastik

These are the Valus Horns, they come in EXACTLY the same options as above, variation and texture wise, but I only snapped a few of these.  The difference with these, is, obviously, they are a side horn!  You attach both L and R so you can always mix and match if that’s your thing!  I  really love these horns!!!

Valus Horns @ The Plastik

Horn HUD @ The Plastik

*SLURLS for Stores and Events can be found on the Store Locations page, if available


Hair: DeLa | Vanessa | Red Baby Pink *NEW*
Skin: Glam Affair | Amberly | Artic 12
Eyes: IKON | Kaleido Eyes | Molten
Horns: The Plastik | Renne *NEW*
Bodysuit: Sn@tch | Xenon Girl Latex Bodysuit | Oxblood *Tango’d* *NEW*
Nails: Izzies | Classic Nails
Tattoo: dEVOL | Celtic Code Tattoo
Pose: Adorkable Poses

New @ Ispachi & Izzies!

Helloooo!  I  have been in London ALL DAYYYY, and I am also trying to play blog catch up, once again!   This gorgeous dress was released a few days ago from Ispachi, and it’s SO adorable!  It comes in over a handful of colours, but I opted for a very girly pink!

The Demeter dress is a short knitted style dress, with a texture changing belt, each belt comes in a matching colour to the dress, but you have options to change it a couple of other colours too!  I love the neck on this dress, it’s kinda cowl, kinda turtle… turcowl mayhaps?!   The sleeves are three quarter length, for a bit of a rolled back, it’s warm but not that warm kinda feel and the pockets on the front are just an added cute touch, and yep they are actual pockets, not just a texture slapped on the front!  I was going to showcase all the colours, but  I want you to get on over to Ispachi and I want you to see them and I want you to buy them!!!  You need this dress in your SLife, that isn’t a request, IT’S AN ORDER.

The hair in this picture is a new style from DeLa! I found it on the marketplace and fell in love.  Lana is a cute wavy style with the cutest colour change bow (via HUD), and you can also remove it too, if you don’t want to be extra cute!!!  I purchased the Dipped Party Colours pack, but I might go back for a plain one too, the DPC pack is too hard to pass up, it’s huge and cute!!!   The skin I am wearing is yesterday’s blog coverage skin from LAQ, it’s a mix of Elle and Saga and the cute ring I am wearing is from #Ziau but isn’t out yet, will be soon tho (I think) and you will LOVE it!

New @ Ispachi

Izzies recently released 3 new nail sets!  The Classic Nails Fall/Winter 12 pack, the Long French Nails pack and the Metal Stripe Pack!   I have picked five of my fav colours from each to show you here, but there are TONS on each HUD!   I am normally >.< about long nails both in RL and on SL but these aren’t overkill, or claw like… they’re darn tootin fab!

New @ Izzies

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

New @ Laqroki!

Yep, it happened, what we’ve all been waiting for since teasers were released and well, since all of time really…. A SKIN MIX AND MATCH!  Laqroki released the Saga and Elle Skin this past weekend in all their mix and match glory.   What is soooooOOOoOOOooOOooo mix and match about it, you ask?  Well various facial elements of both skins are available on tattoo layers.  The nose, the eyebrows, the eyelids, the mouth (with and without lipgloss) and birthmarks can all be added to each skin, in the corresponding tones, to make a unique skin all of your own!

Lets have a look at the skin tones first, they are obviously the same in each skin, but I wanted to take ALL THE PICS!

This is Saga, followed by Elle (hair is gorgeous and new from DeLa, by the way!).  As you can see the bodies on the skins are pretty much the same, so all you will be really swapping around if you buy either skin, is the facial features.  This is good! It means we aren’t sat going but ohhh Elle has this and Saga has that.. one has better boobs! one has a cuter tummy… the only thing you need worry about is the face, and really, why worry? YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH IT!   It’s a really nice range of tones starting from a nice pale, although not the palest of pales ever.. to a rich, darker brown tone.

Laq: Saga Tones

Laq: Elle Tones

Now, these are the faces.  Elle is first on this one, and Saga second.  I have shown two different tones, might of been better to show the same one, BUT I DIDN’T.   I showed both these faces on plurk and most people liked Saga better on me, I prefer Elle, and some didn’t like either as they thought it changed my face too much, but I am one for liking to think I am unboxable, and can look different every day!  I do find the nose on Saga a bit harsh on my face, it makes my nose appear bigger than it is, and not as rounded, but I still think I can pull it off successfully!  You will notice that both brows differ too, so if you like the harsher brows on Elle, you can put them on Saga! That’s the beauty of it ALL!

Laq: Faces

Anyway, those above are the “base” faces, below I have mix and matched a bit.  Top left is Elle Base | Saga Nose | Saga Eyelids… Top right is Saga Base | Elle Nose | Elle Eyelids… Bottom left is Elle Base  | Saga Lips and Bottom right is Saga Base | Elle Nose | Elle Lips… these are just four of MANY “base” possibilities!  I really like the Elle Nose over the Saga Nose but I really love both Elle and Saga Lips, Elle Eyelids are heavier, darker… more smokey so I like those more too!


Here is a mix and match of some of the makeups available for both lines, just 6 out of various options of eyeshadows, lips and eyeliners!  There are a fair few to choose from ranging from pale nudes to dark beiges, smokey eyes to colourful peacock style eyes… and soon to be added to, I hope!

Laq: Makeup Mix


So as you can see, there is a huge range of possibilities for you if you buy either skin, everything is really affordable too whether you just want one skin, all the skins, both the skins, both of all the skins, a few makeups or the whole shebang, YOU can decide!   Of course what you must remember is to buy the skin in the same tones for BOTH if you want to mix and match!

TP to LAQ and find out if YOU are mix and matchable!

Humpday Happiness…

is new skin and new stuff!

L’APH is now open at the Deck with a new collection, in a wide array of colours!

There are dresses, shoes, pants… sooo many goodies with standard sizing in place and oodles of colours! I opted to show the three dresses and the heels… but you can get pants and flats too… that you will have to travel to see, or I might blog them later, I felt GIRLY today tho, so dresses it was!   These are lovely, the texturing is lovely and smooth and the shoes particularly are adorable!  This is Aphrodite Outlanders first all mesh release since coming back to SL and it’s definitely worth a look, demo the goods, then when you fall in love, buy buy buy!!!

New @ L'Aph

My Ugly Dorothy has 2 new skins out too!  There is a light one, and a darker one.  I particularl fell in love with my face in the lighter skin, even with the teeth!  These teeth have a teeny tiny gap in them, and they come on the actual skin itself but you get both non teeth and teeth skins so thats all good!  They aren’t skins that will suit everyone but I really like how they fit my face just as well as my fav skins do!

My Ugly Dorothy - 1

This i the darker one, and I did find this didn’t fit AS well as the paler skin, the lips are slightly more turned up in a smiley kind of way and for some reason my eyes look HUGEEEE, but it’s still a sweet skin!  The hair worn is from DeLa too, if you were wondering!

My Ugly Dorothy - 2



Hiiii everyone! I was going to post a LoTD but I have so much I want to blog today that I have turned it into a THIS IS NEW post 😀

First up this gorgeous new release from Stellar:

This set is new! It’s gorgeous, and it comes in a handful of colours.   It’s also mesh!  The Chiffon Lace outfit is just adorbs, and it was a pressy from Gus!!!   I’m also wearing the Belleza Lily Skin and DeLa Mango hair, oh and the gorgeous new mesh sandals I blogged previously by Lassitude and Ennui!

Stellar - New

NEW CELOE RELEASE OMG YAY MON TISSU TOO YAY!   This dress is just one of the couple of new dress releases from Mon Tissu!   It’s SO effin cute, I almost fatpacked but alas, I was spending money left right and centre!   The Lacey Dress comes in various combos, this is by far my fav tho!  It also goes perfectly with the new Celoe Sandals!  These come with mesh feet and hud and ugh, srsly.. I need all the colours. ALL OF THEM!!! Alas I cannot afford that, BUT I WANT TO BE ABLE TO!  These are SPOT on, I am in love.

Celoe - New - With Shoes!

More new Mon Tissu!  The Slouchy Sweater paired with the mesh shorts too!  Again, wanted to fatpack the entire lot, was unable to… one day… ONE DAY!  This sweater reminds me of my fav non mesh/sculpt sweater in SL so this is a great and welcome addition to the mesh fold!  The shorts are just perfection, although in this shot I look a bit like I wet myself, if I did, it was in excitement.

Mon Tissu - New

The skins in the 2 above pics, and obvs the below are the new Jelena Skins from Mons! They come in 3 tones (all shown) and with 5 makeups, 2 brow options and 2 cleavages!   I am falling more and more in love with Mons skins, the pouty lips, the striking colour combos are just… I love them, I just DO.   MORE! EKILEM, MORE!! ❤

Mons New Skin

And that is it ❤

Taxi Rank:

Stellar | Mon Tissu | Celoe | Mons 

Got me a new huuurrr and skinnnn!

YESSSS NEW SKIN, NEW HAIR! I feel.. me again! It’s been a while! (bout a week? hahaha)

Anyway, Belleza released Lily V1 and I went right on over, didn’t even look, and fatpacked that baby!  I chose Pale, but ugh, I wish I could afford more skintones for a mix and match… alas, choices had to be made.  Here are the faces you get if you fatpack, but remember you can buy singles OR lines and the lips (at the end) are available in a bundle too:

You get a total of 20 faces!  The eyes are all different and the lips vary between sweet pink, beigeykindanude and a red!   I do love Belleza faces, they are soooooo well detailed and for want of a better word… GORGEOUS!!  You too, of course, get options of cleavage, hairbases… all the usual trimmings too.

Belleza Lily V1

Here are 10 of the 11 lips available (unless I just SUCK at counting) and they are luscious!  Again it’s a mix of nudes, beiges, pinks and reds, nothing too out of the ordinary, but a look for everyone, I think you’ll find!! They are fully compatible with Lily V2 and probably other skins too! 🙂

Belleza Lily V1 - Lip Tattoos

DeLa isn’t a new hair place, but it is new to mesh… well semi!  I noticed three new styles on the marketplace yesterday and snapped them up!  We have Mango, Moelleux and Dolce.  I went for blondes in Mango, Oranges in Moelleux and Dipped in Dolce!  I absolutely love these.  They fit like a glove and are sooo well made!! I am so happy to see another creator embracing mesh!

DeLa Mesh Hair - New

Tp to Belleza

DeLa Marketplace