The Seasons tell a Story

I am loving getting all cozied up in my RL and my SL getting ready for Autumn and then Winter! YAY!  Here is a little look of the day to reflect that… sorta.

LoTD 12/09/13

The Seasons Story is still going strong! Well duh, it’s only been open a couple days :P… VinCue has some lovely cropped sweaters available there, shown here in Black but available in fistfuls of colours, this chunky cable knit cropped wonder is delicious!   Also from The Seasons Story is this hat hair from Truth!   He’s rejigged his stuff again and hair now comes with a HUD, so happy to see so many designers hopping aboard the HUD train!  I hear a few fave colours are back, you could hear the squee’s from here!   My skirt is from Cracked Mirror and is one of the two items out at FaMESHed, a short, sexy duo tone mini skirt, probably not going to keep me warm in the upcoming colder months but hey, it makes my ass look fabulous!   My final piece are these lovely boots from Dilly Dolls!   Simple boots with high detailing and wonderful texturing, what more could you want?!   Skin is from Glam Affair @ Collabor88 and was blogged previously.

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Quickity Bloggity!

UGGGH YOU GUYSSS, Mr Willis has had the PC all day! I’ve had to do terrible terrible RL things!!!  But it was a fun day and then I come back to hoards of demo pics of Leagues new Isla skin, so naturally I boot him off after he’s finished his “important” business and head STRAIGHT to League!!  So here is Leagues NEWEST skin: Isla!

Of course, I fatpacked it, in Fair.  I told myself I wouldn’t, but ummm, who was I kidding?!  You can see makeup sets A and B grouped together below.. the choices are great, you get black, blonde (wearing) or brown brow options, actual ON skin options, then you get chest C and D options, and you get the usual cleavage, hairbase, nail base, freckles options in the “extras” pack that comes with it. With the fatpack you also get bonus lipstick layers, they are MATTE versions of the lips in the correlating pack!

League Isla Fair - B
League Isla Fair - ATP to League ❤

Also released from Dilly Dolls are some new corsets, well.. textured differently corsets!  DD do some great stuffs, and I have blogged their corsets in the past, these are the Dola Lace ones and come in two options, one full lace, and one without the front being a lace panel option:

Dilly Dolls - Dola Lace Corsets

The corsets come with a HUD so you can change the various parts (laces, trim, front panel, side panel, eyelets etc)… very versatile!

TP to Dilly Dolls

Also yeah.. that’s a sneak peak of a NEW Elikatira Hair… it’s coming soon.. SOON!

Hair Fair Preview… and some more things!


First off a small Hair Fair sneak peak!

Mina has three new hairs out!  Anouk, Daan (unisex) and Lente!  Anouk is the wild looking hair, fluffy and roaming free!  Daan is a cute short style, it’s unisex too and comes with mens version! and finally Lente, a cute ponytail, a wardrobe staple!  What I love about Mina hairs is that they come with a texture change hud (if you get teh full lot!) and the Daan hair comes with a highlight hud too, where you can have even MORE fun with colours!!

Mina Hair - HF 2012

Next is the gift from Bleinsen and Maitai!  HOW COOL IS THIS HAIR AND IT’S FREE?!?!!?  I love it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hair Fair for the very reason that I wouldn’t normally see . I adore this style, it’s fun, it’s funky and I SAID ITS FREE!

Blienesen & Maitai - Darjeeling - HF Gift

Now for the non hair fair stuff! Dilly Dolls has some new corsets out, they are mesh and they are GORGEOUS.   They are quite basic looking, as in… just beautiful, elegant corsets.  The beauty of them is they come in two options “Lights” and “Darks” and a HUD that controls the colour of the corset, the piping, the lacing and the eyelets!   I popped on some Mon Cheri panties with them, but you could wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, panties.. naked.. whatever your heart  desires!

Dilly Dolls - 1Dilly Dolls - 2

Finally we have Somnia‘s newest and super cute release: The Argyluarian Dress!  These are just four of the colours available, but you can get 2 sets each with 6 colours in them for only $L300 each!  SUCH A BARGAIN!  They are mesh and come in 5 sizes too!

Somnia - New

I am hoping to have some more Hair Fair sneaky mcpeeks for you, but I have to go out for the day on Saturday and I am busy tomorrow! EEP! I will manage, I am sure ❤

More New… than you can shake a stick at!!!

Yep, MORE NEW STUFFFF.  New FaMESHed is open so of course there is LOADS of stuff, as well as a new round of Stumblebum and Fluid and I will have more upcoming posts, just a few bits for today tho:

This is Megan! She’s new from Wasabi Pills for FaMESHed and she is GORRRRGEOUS.  A simple and cute high pony with strands falling around the face.  Makes me want to put on some shorts and get physical, if you know what I mean 😛  She comes in all colours, as usual and is well worth it!

Wasabi Pills - Megan

NEW COLDLOGIC!! YAY!! Also at FaMESHed.  You can buy the shorts in four scrummy colours, and the top in a matching four colours but each top has two versions, one with straps around the neck, one without!   Really simple yet really cute, now I wanna get physical while playing tennis or something!   Also seen are 2 of the new Truth releases!    There are 3 in total but you can see Ashlee and Hailey!  Ashlee isn’t mesh, but she’s a beautiful bob, perfect for picture taking, lil bit o’wild.  Hailey is just adorable, kinda boho!  She is mesh, however, so do make sure you demo!

New ColdLogic and Truth

Exile has 2 new releases at FaMESHed!   A girls and a boys, although I purloined the boys as my very own!  Meet Primadonna and On The Job!  UNFFFF how GORGEOUS are they?!?!   I love love LOVE Primadonna, it’s so sultry and sexy!  Of course I love On The Job too, which is why I stole it, in pink!

New Exile

Finally a handful of “regular” releases from Dilly Dolls!  You can see the Lani boots here, they are available in solids and pinstripes and can I just say. WOOOO SEXY… these are some sexy boots!  I paired them with one of the Illusory Bikinis from Stumblebum for a bit of a constrast, casual vs sexy!  These are mesh, but come in various sizes (the boots that is) and I just love them.  I dunno what i’ll wear them with as they are VERY high, but I know I want to wear them LOTS!

Dilly Dolls Lani Boots

Also from Dilly Dolls are various sets of mesh eyes.  We have Eclipse Palete 4 here, then Frill and lastly Kell!    These are all mesh eyes and come with a WONDERFUL simple hud that allows you to choose the colour/texture of both eyes, left and/or right eye!  So as you can see from the first pic, you can have mismatched eyes!  I think the Frill and Kell eyes are more suited to sci-fi, or furry, or non humanish av’s as they’re not exactly “natural” but they are very striking.  I love my FATEeyes but I really am in love with the Eclipse ones too.  And they come in so many options and palettes and stuffs!

Dilly Dolls Eclipse

Dilly Dolls Frill
Dilly Dolls Keel

Make sure you follow all the SLURLS i’ve planted above and look at everything… more tomorrow ❤ oh and the skin worn I blogged just yesterday, and is from Mons ❤