LoTD – Post Christmas Styleeee

So hello! Christmas is over, new year is looming… that’s it for another year, hasn’t it gone  fast?   I am hoping RL settles down soon and I get a chance to get back into the bloggity swing of things, I miss doing a little lotd, so here is one for you today!

LotD - Post Christmas Styleee


Ducknipple do such awesome deals, a lot of the items aren’t original mesh, but they are priced accordingly and they come with oodles of options!  Both the dress and the boots are from there and come with a colour change HUD.   The dress is super sweet and snuggly (which is apt considering the name) and the boots are fierce with their spikes and buckles and stuff!

I decided to look a bit different today, so with the help of Cubic Cherry I have me a demon tail and some horns!  It’s a bit different for me, right?  I put them in a nice black/pink combo to compliment my mostly teal attire.   I also made my nails pretty thanks to Atooly and their Matte pallette.

LotD - Post Christmas Styleee - Up Close and Personal

My skin is Neva from Glam Affair in Frost for the Frost event, a beautiful ghostly pale.   To compliment that the Tableau Vivant hair – Snowfall!  Curls and cute, this hair is just divine!   I am not usually a fan of no bangs, but this one sold me and of course the dip dyes had the perfect colour combo for this look, huzzah!

Full Credits

Hair:  Tableau Vivant | Snowfall
Eyes:  IKON | Destiny | Silverleaf
Skin:  Glam Affair | Neva | Frost 01 *Frost*
Lashes:  Mon Cheri | Falsies
Horns:  Cubic Cherry Kre-ations | Himmelman! | Pink
Dress:  Ducknipple | Snuggle
Tail:  Cubic Cherry Kre-ations | Candy Demon | Liquorice
Boots:  Ducknipple | Meine Boots
Hands:  SLink Avatar Enhancment
Nail Appliers:  Atooly

Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

The Challenge SL – Black and White

Hello all, another round of The Challenge SL kicks off shortly, and these are the lovely items from Kuro, as well as a little mini look too!

Black & White - The Challenge SL - Kuro!

Luana has made a lovely, simple chair complete with black paintwork and white blanket draping on the floor, I love it because it will fit into many decors, homes, nooks and crannies!  The wall light is also available, and you can switch it on and off, I took the picture with it on, obviously, but it looks just as good, just a little less glowy when it’s off!  Two beautiful and well crafted decor pieces that both fit the theme perfectly, and are super cute to boot!

Also worn is one of Truth’s new hairs,  a lovely side updo, shown here in a black fade version (I felt it apt!) and a new dress from Ducknipple!  It comes with a HUD so you can change the colour of the undershirt, but I opted to make it all black because that was the theme of the picture!   The skin I am wearing is once again Harley from Pink Fuel with a couple of tattoo layers, and of course Slink hands and feet with matching appliers.  Pose is from Ploom and THAT is all, folks ❤

*SLURLS are on the store locations page 

It’s a shorts kinda day…

It’s quite hot in RL, so I popped on SL this morning and dressed the way I wish I could dress in RL, if I wasn’t so self concious!   HUZZAH!

LoTD - 26/06/13

It’s hot, you’re hot, it’s sticky.. you want to look nice, but summery… what do you go for? A flowing maxi dress?  Maybe.. I opted for these gorgeous new shorts from CandyDoll tho! Available in several washes, I like this dirty looking one, a bit faded, like your most well loved jeans, gorgeous fit too, made to give you a great derrière!   I paired it up with a knotted tank from Vincue, my new found love!  Also available in an array of colours but I chose one of my faves, lime!   One of the two new hairs from Ploom sits atop my head.. this is Knitty! a gorgeous longer style with a little bit of side pony going on.   Finally for my new items today, these sandals from Ducknipple, they come with a colour change HUD and are perfect for your summery look!

Also released by Insufferable Dastard were some new eye! Three complete sets here, both with mesh and texture options, so it’s up to you, and you can mix and match!



New @ Insufferable Dastard MORE!

New @ Insufferable Dastard

Daenerys Eyes @ Insufferable Dastard


My faves must be the tropics set at the top, I love such vivid citrusy colours! YAY!   The skin I am wearing is from Aeva/Heartsick and was this weeks Lazy Sunday item, if you don’t collect these, you are totes missing out!

*SLURLS available on the Store Locations page

Picnic on the Beach

Hey guise, it’s a beachy kinda a day again, this time with an added picnic and of course my LoTD!

A Beachy Picnic Kinda Day!

Well as you can see (and you will probably need to click bigger again) I am alll alonnneeee at my  beachy picnic!  Waiting for someone (cough *ayden* cough) to sweep me off my feet, or actually I’d rather he just shove strawberries in my face!  The entire layout of the picnic you can see are Elates! items for The Arcade, you have a chance to win all of what you see and more, the open picnic basket is the rare item and everything is so well crafted and textured, I love that for this one it doesn’t really matter too much if you get doubles for some of the items, as you always want more sandwiches and strawberries, right?!   In the background you can see the gorgeous Lifeguard Tower from Breno that is available at this month’s The Garden (from TLC) and you can also have your own little picnic atop there too as you get a blanket and glasses and all sorts!   I really love how simple but striking an item this is, I always love that about Breno!

LoTD - 16/06/13 - Ducknipple SLX Style!

This is the outfit I chose for my lonesome picnic and it’s a Ducknipple SLX Outfit Outlet special! Only $L95 for everything you see accessory and clothing wise, and plus some I didn’t wear.   The reason for the good pricing is that it’s template based, but I am completely ok with that as the quality is fab and for that price you can’t grumble! Noobs never have to look like noobs again!   The shoes come with a HUD where you can change skin and nail colours and you get a HUD with the dress where you can choose from five vibrant colours, huzzah!  My pose is from Adorkable which has now closed it’s doors but is still available on the Marketplace.

My skin is from Essences and is the new Wednesday in Ivory tone/blonde brows… such a sweet looking skin, I always love Inka’s eye for detail and stuff, and my hair is from D!va and is a Collabor88 item.  As usual (well mostly) my eyes are from IKON! and are from the Numerology Event! YAY!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

Day 18 of 365 – It’s a Grey Affair!

Today is SNOWMAGGEDON! (thanks Quint), so I have gone with greys, blacks and whites as my main colours!

Day 18 of 365 LoTD


So, as soon as I saw this hair on the marketplace, I had to have it.  No questions asked.  My only regret is I didn’t fatpack it but that can be rectified!   The CaTwA hair comes complete with attached hoodie/shrug and you can buy and add on HUD that will texturing it differently, you can choose to texture different parts of it too, for example my cuffs and hood hem are textured with a grey fur, the rest of the hoodie/shrug, just a regular grey.  You can choose from all sorts of options including animal print, plain prints and random ones!   Also worn are the new DRIFT  City Pants in Onyx.  These are long, flared pants with a front crease that look great either casual or fancypants, I am not wearing shoes with these, but they are the type of pants that fall over the foot and look like they are sweeping the floor.  Classy and cute!   The top I am wearing underneath is a top from Intrepid and is a basic long sleeved, v-neck tank that I paired with some of Ducknipples mesh armwarmers!

My skin is an old Zodiac skin from Essences, Caprice and my eyes are from A:S:S and they come with tear prims and tattoos, not worn in this picture tho.   I also put on my Jamman Mesh Rigged Nails and found they’d been updated to V2 which includes more options and stuff, yayyyy!

I’m out to enjoy the snow for a bit BAI!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available… if not, YELL AT ME, and I will fix it ❤


Hair: CaTwA | Ladymana | Carob (comes with hood/shrug)
Eyes: A:S:S | Tears in your Eyes | Umber
Skin: Essences | Caprice | Dark 03
Top: Intrepid | SnowFlake Long Sleeve Shirt
Gloves: Ducknipple | ArmWarmers
Pants: DRIFT | City Pants | Onyx
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails V2
Pose: *Frooti

Leanin’ On the Lampost

Yep, that’s me, Leanin’ on a Lampost, but not at the corner of the street, nope! Outside my lovely winter home!

This is another Together for Sway fest, I hope you like it!  I have loved poking around there, I am so excited for it to open!

Cynful have some of their gorgeous mesh jeans out for sale, in three different styles, and of course each style comes in various sizes and bootcut, skinny and flare (I think! my memory is bad and I only took the pics this morning!)  They are quite low cut, so you do get a bit of bumcrack but hey ho, sometimes you gotta show a lil, right? I paired them up with the lovely pink poncho from TRS which is available too!   I then took a leisurely stroll around my winter wonderland and placed the lampost that Dutchie has out on the ground, and I fell in love!

Leanin' on The Lampost

As I leaned against it, I figured the shot would look better with the 1st gift of the 12 days of Christmas that Auxiliary is having! Well it’s $L50 but that’s a gift in itself, a cheap, awesome product!   You get the option of with or without bow too, so don’t fear, men… you can wear them too!   I’m also wearing shoes from Ducknipple in the pic above (and below but you can’t see them) which I got from the marketplace!   Also worn is one of the three gorgeous skins that Essences has out for Together for Sway!   They come in the same tone, but you can choose three different makeups, each skin comes with various brow options and blush tattoo layers, as well as freckles and an upper lip mole.  I love them, so smooth and pretty! I couldn’t help but  CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE


Then the love of my SLife saved my SLife by coming online for me to pose while I played with the Dutchie Lampost!  Yep, it’s a couples lampost, although some of them work as well with a single, as you can see above.   I haven’t shown all the options here, but I think you’ll agree these in themselves are worth it, they are animated, so I didn’t capture them in all their awesomeness, but I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!   I love the argue one (2nd one top row) all pointing fingers and waving hands, then the making up one, as well as a few flirting, a couple kissing and just all of them so sweet and lovely!

Dutchie @ Together for Sway

*SLURLS, if available, can be found on the Store Location page

LoTD – 18/09/12


Todays post de jour is a LoTD including some new, and awesome items!

The boots are new from Lassitude & Ennui and are this months L’accessories item!  They come in a range of colours and are meshy, yayyy mesh!   I absolutely adore these, Jackal seems to always make stuff that is sexy.. but still chic and stylish.

The top is from Sn@tch and is one of the newer items, it’s not mesh, it’s not sculpt, it’s plain old texture and goes to show that texture can still = sexy!!
LoTD - 18/09/12

The rest of the look is comprised of items that are a bit older.  One of my fav hairs from Wasabi Pills, and it’s an old FLF item and of course one of my FAV EVER jewellery pieces because it contains green and pink in the same place, it’s the Pearl Necklace from HANDverk, and it’s an old L’accessories item.

I got the shorts from Ducknipples Marketplace, they’re mesh and yummy and come with a colour change HUD, although I do find DN mesh to be a bit hit and miss with me, I had to adjust my legs to fit these and the legs STILL look too wide on MY legs, so who knows, I didn’t have time to mess!!

I’m still wearing the new Izzies Faith Skin in Sunkissed, I have to venture and try another tone soon, but for now, I’m digging this one!

That’s about it ❤


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Brigitte | Vanilla Pudding *Old FLF*
Skin:  Izzies | Faith | Sunkissed *NEW*
Lashes:  Celestial Studios *No Longer Available*
Eyes:  IKON | Sunrise
Top:  Sn@tch | Vicious Sweater | Pink *NEW*
Necklace:  HANDverk | Pearl Necklace | Pink/Silver *Old L’Accessories*
Shorts:  Ducknipple | Cargo Shorts *NEW*
Stockings:  Canimal | Ripped Fishnets | Black *No Longer Available*
Boots:   Lassitude & Ennui | Phoebe | Black *L’Accessories*
Pose:  *Frooti

Homeystuffs at Vintage Fair 2012!

Ok, so I held out for a few hours, but i’m back with some more stuff!  Here are few of the more “homely” things you can find at the VF!

Sways has a HUGE array of goodies out for you.  The Sways “Sixty” Set comes as separates, or in actual sets in various colours.  It’s a living room set, and I love that you can mix and match.  It’s all copy and partial mesh!  You can see in this picture “Her” chair (with or without pillow available, 4 texture options) and self rezzing props), “His” chair (with and without pillow, 4 texture options) and again, props, a floor and a ceiling lamp, one of the 4 vintage prints available, table, magazine, candy bowl, book with glasses and rug!  I really love this, soooo vibrant and with so many options too!

Vintage Fair 2012: Sways

HopScotch have released a ton of stuff, this is just one of my favs.  This is the Puckman prop! It comes with ooooodles of poses. It can seat up to 4 avatars at once, so you can play solo (like me, sob sob) or with a friend.  Not all poses are shown below either.  I love the one with the foot on the machine trying to pull hard on the lever, and the one at the side of the machine, there is a mirror one to that, so two friends can play and two can watch.  My fav HAS to be the spraycan pose tho (comes with spraycan prop) changing the P to an F. I lol’d!!!  Great stuff ❤

The dress I am wearing is one of Ducknipples VF offerings and is a lovely plain mesh dress!

Vintage Fair 2012: Hopscotch

Finally two things from Baffle, the first is a lil skybox/garden thinger and OMGG LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I love anything whimsical like this, Baffle is one of my all time fav stores in SL for such things.  It comes with everything you see including the working lamp!   SO cute I could squee.  Also available are these paper butterflies that you hold, releasing them from a jar, I can imagine this prop is going to get some AWESOME snaps taken of it!   The dress/top is from Leri Miles Designs and is one of the few they have out for Vintage Fair, lovely and bright, colourful and chic! LOVE!

Vintage Fair 2012: Baffle



Oh gosh, so many events and lately! Special ones and of course the monthly rounds:  Culture Shock, faMESHed, Zombiepopcorn Brand, Collabor88, Stumblebum, Summer Beauty Festival and SO much more!

I am lucky enough to be a Culture Shock Blogger, and a Summer Beauty Festival Blogger! YAY!!! I have yet to discover all the goodies, squirrelling away my money and procrastinating on what to buy, but here are a few things I picked up over at Culture Shock (which btw, is looking bloody fabulous):

First up is the Celoe June Dress!  This is the colour that is selling for 100% money to charity, so it seemed like the ideal buy!  It’s so gorgeous and fits the curves just beautifully!

Culture Shock - Celoe

Hair - Exile | Skin - Glam Affair - Leah

Next up we have some Mesh offerings from Razorblade Jacket.  The top is mesh, skirt is sculpt and it comes with seamed stockings and gloves!  This baby comes in a variety of colours but I opted for sultry (or boring) black!  Really nice pieces for a really reasonable price!

Culture Shock - Razorblade Jacket

Hair - Truth | Skin - Glam Affair - Leah

Ducknipple is up next with this full outfit.  Mesh one shoulder dress, bracelet, necklace and shoes!  Really adorable and we all know how much I love Ducknipple anyway :D,  I do sometimes have issues with the sizing of DNs mesh, but I found the large on this fit perfectly with no boobage popping out!

Culture Shock - Ducknipple

Hair - Exile | Skin - Glam Affair - Leah

Finally we have Undefined Lillies 100% Charity Donation item… This gorgeous necklace!  The rainbow version is up for 100% donation, other colours are going for 50% (if I recall correctly, I did crash at this point >.>).  It’s so beautiful and simple, but really striking.   I took a close up too so you can see the cute lil dove/bird!! Love.

Culture Shock - Undefined Lillies

Hair - Burley | Skin - Glam Affair - Leah

Culture Shock - Undefined Lillies

So thats it for this lil preview, more coming really soon ❤

Homage to Ducknipple!

IMO, Ducknipple is one highly underrated store.  I absolutely LOVE it, I check Marketplace almost daily to see what deals are on, as beanster regularly puts things on offer, promos etc!!!  Well imagine my GLEE when I logged in and found a bunch of newness!!  Now, all of these following items were purchased either as outfits, or packs for just $L95 each. YEP, less than $L100 per item/pack.  I’ll keep the talk minimal ❤

First up were some Toecap Pumps, these are mesh and came in the colours shown below, and for less than 100L I am not complaining!!  They aren’t the absolute must have best shoes in the world ever, but imo, they are great must haves:

Ducknipple - Homage!

Next up we have the Mesh Tshirt Dress! It comes in a handful of sizes, I fit into small like a glove, and you can see it comes in various textures too, very pretty for such a reasonable price:

Ducknipple - Homage!

Here are 3 outfits I picked up, on the far left we have SLX Outfit Sporty (promo) which comes with all the bits you can see, mesh pants, tank, mesh top, nipple tape, necklace and mesh shoes.. oh and sweatbands! She also threw in a “reference shape”! In the middle we have Mustage, and I know a couple ppl will like these! It comes with tank top, bra, pants and all in 5 colours too! On the right we have SLX Outfit: Cowgirl (promo), again this comes with everything you see: Jacket, Crop Top, Bra, Necklace (and mouth attachment), Belt, Mesh Skirt, Mesh Boots, Fishnets and another ref shape!

Ducknipple - Homage!

We then have a few more bits here! On the far left we have a simple Dot Tubedress, that comes in 5 colours and is your bog standard clothing and prim “crotch flap”, I loved it though! So cute, next to that we have Partypants!! Yep just regular clothing pants, but in 10 different combos, including both zebra and leopard styles! So bright and vivid! We then have Mesh Suede Boots! These aren’t mismatched, they come in pairs of the colours shown, really nice boots for just $L95 for the pair of pairs! Finally we have Mesh Tank and Jeans, this came in a pack of 5 colours!

Ducknipple - Homage!

So there you have it, some of these items are part of beansters 20.FIVE range, which is a sort of.. different store but not, but is… if you know what I mean! Unlike Ducknipple 20.FIVE uses bought templates which is why all outfits are priced so reasonably!

Here is the link for Ducknipples Marketplace, where I purchased all these!

Other credits: Hair – ALL MAGIKA!! and Skin is Curio 🙂