Have a hairy old time

Nothing much but hair in this post! I needed a catch up, so a catch up I have for you ūüôā

New @ Truth

Truth has 6 new hairs out, shown above in all their glory! Not only are there the new styles, there are new textures too. ¬†The hair now comes in different colour packs and they are named like brown03, brownfade03 etc, so you do lose a few of what may be your fave¬†textures, but I’m sure you’ll gain a new fave! ¬†The top I am wearing is from FreshTrash is is a new store I’ve not heard of but omg it’s adorable! It comes in so many colours both solids and stripes, and you can just about see the little elbow patch stitched detailing! ITS SO CUTE! I love it, definitely one for jeans or a skirt and spring, summer, autumn or winter wearable! ūüėÄ

New @ Exile

Exile have three new styles out today! ¬† All of them are for the longer hair loving ladiiiiies, all with a bit of a kink and twist, a curl and a furl… and all stunning! ¬†I really love Kavars new textures too, the HUDs are just AMAZING and they are now some of my fave textures in SL! ¬† Also worn are new items of clothing from E! Eclectic Apparel! ¬† I love love LOVE this skirt, currently available at The Boutique in oooodles of colours and it comes with a HUD to change the panel texture too, I left mine plain tho. ¬†The top is available at FaMESHed and is so darn tootin’ cute. ¬† So it’s a bit of a cutey sexy mish mash look, but I think it works! ūüėÄ

New @ Elikatira

Elikatira has THREE new hairs out at The Boutique, so it’s obvs the place to be! ¬† There are three very different styles to choose from, whether you want a longer style, a short sleek style, or cute piggytail braids, I am sure you will be tripping over yourself to try them on at least! ¬†The top I am wearing is from Tee*fy and is currently out at Collabor88, I couldn’t resist the lime green one, it is SO me ¬†and it is so pretty that my finger just slipped, but I am thankful it did ūüėÄ

New @ Ploom

Finally Ploom have 2 new hairs out! ¬† A bit of a straggling longer style and is it just me or do the thin strands make this look kinda “wet” like I just got out of a pool or the ocean!! I love it, very different… and a high, long ponytail. ¬†I love Ploom hairs because they give my hairdrobe a little fantasy look, something a lil bigger, a lil different. AWESOME! ¬† I am wearing with it a bikini top from Sakide! ¬†The Hemp Bikini does come with bottoms, and comes in different colours and fits really well for a mesh bikini! I struggle sometimes having a few curves in SL that i refuse to budge, but these fit great!

All skins are Margot by Glam Affair in America tone and all poses are from Adorkable (still having a sale guys!!!).  Eyes are by IKON!

*SLURLS can be found on the store locations page, if available

Happy Easter!

Not going to lie to you good people, i am not on top form today, I went out last night for the first time in AGES (I even wore a dress, and danced ohmygoshshame) and i am suffering today, but I wanted to post something so here I am!

Happy Easter!


You’ll need to click through to see the bigger picture, but here is the BAM set of poses from Adorkable, now available at the Pose Fair! ¬† Dork released a bunch of new poses, this just one set and as usual they are all seamless and gorgeous. ¬†I pulled some funny faces in mine cos I think it gives the pic a bit more character, and I always feel that Adorkable poses work well with some extra added emotion! ¬† ¬† ¬†All poses come with a mirrored one, so perfect for picture taking. YAY!

I’m wearing a new dress from Eclectic Apparel, shown here in “Shoots” but available in many colours. ¬†A beautiful slip dress with a satin look and feel to it with ruffles in all the right places and some great cleavage display going on! ¬† I paired it with sequin bunny ears from Alice Project, they are only $L100 or free to VIP members! ¬†however cute are they!? ¬†they come in two colours and with or without folded ear. THANKS ALICE. ¬† Finally the skin is one of three special easter skins available from Ploom! ¬† Nothing with bunny noses or whiskers on, just three beautiful soft makeups for those of us that looooove to look pretty.

Make sure you check everything out!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

Snow in March

The title of the post has NOTHING to do with the post at all, but it’s just a whinge about snow in March! C’MON UK WEATHER!!!

LoTD - 26/03/13

Tuesdays are always my longest day at work, then I have to start over again when I get home, le sigh! I do love playing dress up though and logging in just to do a look, so that’s what I did! The first thing I knew I wanted to wear were the Elate Jeans! Kellie has done a stunning job with these, and they are only currently available at C88, but soon to be in the main store when it ends. ¬† They come in lengths for both heels and flats and are some stunning looking pants! ¬† They aren’t just all denims either, you get colours! WOO! ¬† I wanted to pair them with the Eclectic Apparel Bay Corset, so I did, which is also stunning and available in many colours, gives a nice shape especially under a blazer, now, I had a job finding a blazer that would fit over it, but I came across and old event item from Color.Me.H.O.F and tried it on and BLAMMO, the look was born!

I popped on a pair of comfy (or foxy) looking shoes from GoS and decided today was a Glam Affair day, so chose the lovely Zara from SF13 (already blogged about previously if you search!) and popped on one of my fave braids from Elikatira.   As usual, my eyes are IKON!

Hair: Elikatira | Interrupt | Black 04
Eyes: IKON | Ardent Eyes | Clarity *TLC – The Boutique*
Skin: Glam Affair | Zara | Artic 11 *Skin Fair 2013*
Jacket: Color.Me.H.O.F | Scarlet Blazer | Black
Corset: e! | Bay Corset | Night
Jeans: Elate | Elle Jeans | Dark Denim *C88*
Shoes: GoS | Angelina Peeptoe | Black Python
Pose: Frooti

As usual, SLURLS are on the store location page, if available ‚̧

Day 8 of 365 LoTD Posts

…and how appropriate it’s a Collabor88 Look!

Day 8 of 365 LotD - Collabor88 Style

The new round of C88 is full of gorgeous goodies, I blogged some of the more homely side earlier, I wanted to use some items from my LoTD though and I was truely spoiled! ¬†The first thing i fell in love with was the Tulip Dress from E! I chose a lighter colour and it’s just beauitful, so satiny looking and such a unique shape… it looked perfect to pair with the sparkly Diamond Necklace from Yummy, so I did! I know right, living life on the edge, me.

Glam Affair @ Collabor88

The next item that caught my eye and totally matched the dress was this headpiece by Glam Affair! ¬†Sooo pretty and nothing too wild or too in your face (ok a bit literally, but not much!) and something that I think just tops off the outfit nicely, I am also wearing one of the three skins available from Glam Affair too, this is Renee in Trending 03, love the glossy lips on this one and the muted eye makeup. ¬† ¬†Also worn is the new Clawtooth Hair, well one of them, in the exclusive Dip Dye Glitter tone! ¬† You can’t really see very well because I chose a lighter tone, but trust me, you need these hairs.

Overall I love this round of C88 and I am pretty confident tomorrows LoTD might be C88ish too!

Poses from Adorkable, Eyes from IKON and Nails from Pixel Mode

Hair: Clawtooth Z| Dance Magic | Snow Dream | Blonde *Collabor88*
Skin: Glam Affair | Renee | Trending 03 *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Sapphire
Headpiece: Glam Affair | Hanami Headpiece | Black *Collabor88*
Necklace: Yummy | Teardrop Gemstone Necklace | Diamond *Collabor88*
Dress: E! | Tulip Dress | Snow *Collabor88*
Nails: Pixel Mode | Diamond Edition Mesh Nails
Pose: Adorkable Poses

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page for Events and Stores, if available

Day 4 of 365 Lotd Posts and MORE!

Goooood morning blog readers!

Day 4 of 365 LoTD Posts

This is look 4 of my 365 LoTD Challenge! ¬† I’ve gone for a bit of a different look today, cozy and scattered. ¬† I want to model the look around the BOOM Oslo Sweater Dress from TDR Fusion, which I chose in a bright canary yellow! ¬† I decided that I needed a cutesy updo, so of course I went straight to my Ploom folder and found Danni, the cutest little pair of bunches around. ¬† I then delved into my *NEW* Folder and found this skin from Modish, currently out for the structure your skin event, Party Girl is purple princess, but worked fine with this look. ¬† My stripey grungy leggings are from Razorblade Jacket and my studded boots are from Glam Affair to top off the look

I¬†couldn’t¬†resist taking pictures of a few more things while I had the chance, so here are some more goodies. ¬†Truth released 3 new gorgeous hairs yesterday, here you can see Zuzka, Winter and January! ¬† Zuzka is a looped piggy style, SO cute right?!! ¬† just adorable and with lovely soft bangs too. ¬† Winter comes complete with neckscarf (colour changeable via HUD) and is the perfect style for these post christmas winter blues days where you wish it was still christmas but then also wish it was summer. ¬† ¬†Finally January I blogged a few days ago as you got the fades pack and a cute 2013 head topper as a group gift, but you can see she’s a wonderous updo!

New @ Truth

What skin am I wearing, you ask? Well it’s new Curio! Yep Gala is back and as a group gift released a full pack of new skins. ¬†Party Girl came with all tones and 12 makeups per tone (24 if you included with and without freckles and I guess even more if you included dark/light options!) ¬† There was also a bonus makeup tattoo, which is what you can see above. ¬†The rest of the skins you can see below. ¬†I am happy that Gala is back on the grid and working her magic once again.

New @ Curio

Finally, Eclectic Apparel released a bunch of mix and matchables for FaMESHed, I mixed and matched them all up here to show you the 10 shirts and pants available! ¬† They come as separates so you can buy what colours you want to wear with what or hell, buy them all! ¬† The shirt is a really cute short puffball sleeve number with knitted tank vest over the top and the pants are a comfy cropped affair in a variety of colours. ¬† Some really great mesh work coupled with some excellent texturing, didn’t I say just yesterday this round of FaMESHed was amaaazeeeballs?

E! @ FaMESHed

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

A little bit of this.. a little bit of that…

and shake your BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM… oops, slipped into the Birdie song there. SOZ.

Eclectic Apparel is one of those stores that caters for all your needs, whether you want jeans, jumpers, a fancy dress, a warm cardigan, a plain old tee, a pretty skirt… it has them all. ¬†Their latest VIP Group Gift is really pretty! ¬†It’s a short little dress, perfect for christmas, in a polka dot style affair! ¬† It comes in the¬†loveliest¬†shade of pinky red. ¬†If you aren’t a member, you should be! ¬†Also worn here is one of Truth’s new hairs I blogged previously, some Half-Deer horns and the YS & YS discount skin from the brand new spanking TDR Fusion! ¬†The nails I am wearing are the new Mesh Diamond Edition nails from Pixel Mode, these bad boys change with the size of your hand, no more resizing or fitting!! YESSS.. more about them at a later date.

New @ Eclectic Apparel - VIP Group Gift

Another newish release from Eclectic Apparel is this lovely skirt. ¬†The Polly Skirt is currently available a FaMESHed in an array of beautiful colours, it’s a pleated number with the cutest little tied belt! ¬†It’s a very sweet little skirt, perfect for pairing with almost any top you can imagine! ¬†I chose to pair mine with the gorgeous Secret Store item from Collabor88! ¬†It’s so prettyyyyyyy, and you can’t see here but it comes with a beautiful damask style pattern too! ¬†My skin is Glam Affair and is also from C88 and my hair is one of the many Alice ¬†Project Advent Gifts in a special Christmas texture!! ¬†Sooo pretty!

New @ Eclectic Apparel - 2

These are the colours of the Secret Store top that you can find at Collabor88!   They are gorgeous.

Secret Store @ Collabor88

Finally, a Christmas offering from Eclectic Apparel! CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!!! ¬†HOW CUTE ARE THESE??? ¬† I can’t even describe how much I am going to stroll into this store and buy every last one of them as soon as I can! ¬† The texturing is gorgeous, the pictures are crisp and clear and just.. unf, I love them. ¬† I paired them with some new Floral Jeans from Reila and a Modish skin exclusive for the Winter Market (I forget the slurl, I will update asap), again the hair is an Alice Project Advent Gift in the special texture! WEEE!

New @ Eclectic Apparel

The Floral Jeans from Reila are just gorgeous! ¬†So vibrant and pretty, different colours that will match almost anything you could want to wear. ¬†These aren’t all the textures available, but I wanted to give you an idea of what you might want to buy!

New @ Reila

Just for good measure, this is a close up of the Modish skin I am wearing above, I did have a little play in PS to soften it up a bit, for practise so I thought i’d throw it out there!

Modish Skins - New

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

The Autumn Bodyguard

So a few weeks ago the delectable¬†Harvest Denzo set a challenge to blog with someone completely new, someone you have never blogged with before, I was a bit shy and was like naaah, noone would want to post with me! They’re all sooo awesome and I am a bit shy anyway, but to my surprise the lovely Katya Valeska¬†asked me to post with her!!! ¬†I was sooo excited and happy to be asked, I might have squeed my pants a lil! ¬†She has a wonderful blog, an eye for style and is one of the most genuine, lovely people I have ever had the pleasure to talk with! ¬† We really only knew each other from plurk, and I am happy to say (and I hope the feeling is mutual) that I class her a friend now and plan on bugging her constantly ūüėÄ

Finally we got together and I asked what to wear and Katya simply said “comfy autumn!” so, me, being not one to conform to anything that might actually make an ounce of sense, rocked up with what you see below, to which we discovered I looked more like Katya’s bodyguard than anything else, but we had a giggle and I couldn’t stay online long as I was referring a fight over an iPad between my girls, but I had a lovely time and I’m glad she dragged me out of my skybox!

Anyway, this is my version of the pic, see Katyas post for hers!

Katya & I - Autumnnnnn


Sweater: MIEL ‚Äď Jersey Top ‚Äď Natural / Miel Nirvana
Shorts: Erratic ‚Äď Jessy Studded Shorts ‚Äď Brown / Erratic Rain
Leggings: Izzie‚Äôs ‚Äď Leggings ‚Äď Aztec Print / Izzie Button
Boots: J‚Äôs ‚Äď Studded Long Boot ‚Äď Black / JB Gazov
Skin: Candydoll ‚Äď Windy / Rebeca Dembo
Shape: MINE! MINE!! (like the Nemo gulls.. harhar)
Hair: Magika [Hair] ‚Äď Tendancy / Sabina Gully
Nails: ¬†Izzie‚Äôs ‚Äď French Nails / Izzie Button
Eyes: IKON ‚Äď Sunrise Eyes / Ikon Innovia
Pose: !bang / Luna Jubilee


Sweater: ¬†e! Grace Turtleneck Sweater ‚Äď Blush (s) / Eclectic Wingtips *FaMESHed*
Jeans: {mon tissu} Denim ‚Äď Lou Lou ‚Äď Used 1 / Elie Spot & Anouk Spot
Boots: {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots ‚Äď Ash / Elie Spot & Anouk Spot
Ring: ¬†PIDIDDLE ‚Äď Baby Snow Fox Ring / Brutus Martinek
Skin: ¬†Izzie‚Äôs ‚Äď Elena Skin ‚Äď Natural ‚Äď RB
Shape: Her own
Hair: ¬†[Elikatira] Garden ‚Äď Red 05 / Elikapeka Tiramisu
Eyes:  .ID. Reflections / Mesh Eyes / Blue / Audrey Lamede
Eyelashes:  .ploom. lashes 06 / Helyanwe Vindaloo
Eyelashes:  Maitreya Mesh Eyelashes / Onyx LeShelle
Freckles: ¬†Izzie‚Äôs ‚Äď Elena Freckles Natural (body & face) / Izzie Button
Eyeliner: ¬†Izzie‚Äôs ‚Äď Elena Eyeliner / Izzie Button
Nails: ¬†Izzie‚Äôs ‚Äď French Nails / Izzie Button
Pose: *Frooti / Frooti Lemondrop

More Vintage Fair and a Lil Propsicles!

I still have SOOO much to blog, it’s insane! ¬†I think tomorrow might be a day of props and furniture and poses and stuff, or clothing.. or all of them, omg I dunno! Anyway here are few more things from Vintage Fair 2012 and then a lil bonus prop piece from Bent!

First another lil lookbook:

Vintage Fair 2012 - Lookbook 2

  1. Razorblade Jacket: RJ is fast becoming a store I love for the grungier side of my persona. ¬†This dress is not to be sniffed at, it’s mesh, it’s gorgeous, it’s well textured. ¬†It was MINE.
  2. !Eclectic Apparel: ¬†Some really cute 50’s style dresses out, with matching cardigans (available¬†separately). ¬†Mix and match your colours, or go for the same, LIKE ME! ¬†Retro fantasticalness (it’s a word).
  3. DCNY: A really cute slinky dress, with prim collar and bow! ¬†It comes with mesh crotch flap (and non mesh) and is a sexy little piece, I paired it with one of the Pomme D’Amour hairs available, I feel like LuLu!
  4. Jack Spoon & Glow Studio: A gorgeous texture/mesh combo from Jack Spoon, I chose the yellow, it comes in more! I paired it with the birdy set from Glow, who DOESN’T love a duck????
  5. Purplemoon: Available as separates, this skirt and top are gorgeous, oh and the glasses, I feel like Jackie O!  Really nice mesh pieces, well textured, great size options! LOVE LOVE, bit demure for me, but love still.

The skins I’m wearing in that pic are all VF skins (apart from League in RJ Pic) and are from Shine and Heartsick! ¬† I love the Shine skin, the lips are so kisseable, maybe a bit overglossy for some, but for me.. I like!

coldLogic are at the Vintage Fair and have 7.. read SEVEN new items out! ¬†You can see them all below, click through for a bigger picture. ¬†It’s a mix of retro, mostly a 60’s type feel to me tho. ¬†Ranging from the more sensible chic option in the first picture, to the more baggy/loose option avec belt in the second (in awesome colours, if I may say so), then a cute gogo style dress for three of the them and a couple of mish mashes of the others! ¬†All in all, there are three styles of dress, but in 7 styles. Do I make sense? I do to me!

I love love LOVE this release, it’s not entirely “me” but it made me feel fun to dress up and play around outside of my comfort zone and after all, it IS a Vintage Fair!!!! ¬† The skins I’m wearing in this pic are all from Heartsick, who have some wonderful skins out!

Vintage Fair 2012 - ColdLogic | Heartsick

Finally! I have seen (and picked up) some of Bent’s items for Vintage Fair, but I have seen them blogged a fair bit too, so although I do intend to blog them, this is the Bent offering for Fluid this time around! It’s a Matrix prop and it is GORGEOUS. ¬†I am going to be ignorant and say I haven’t really seen much of Bent, but then when I was in full flow with Frooti, I didn’t tend to visit other pose stores.. now i’m on a break i’m having a HOOT of a time!! ¬† It comes with 10 poses in the prop and although it’s a bit of a dark picture (soz) you can click through for bigger! ¬†Wearing items from Sn@tch and Elikatira in there ‚̧

Fluid - Bent! Matrix Prop

Finally a close up of one of the oOo Studio poses… this is sooooo gorgeous, and this snap is raw from SL.. thanks to my baby for posing with me ‚̧

raw from SL


C88 makes my land PRETTYYY

Ugh, I hate Cory, and Barnes, they have such pretty things ALL THE TIME and I don’t have enough ROOM or attention span for everything UGH. YOU GUYS SUCK.. but in the non suckiest of ways.

This round of C88 sees two very different and very gorgeous offerings from the delectable Cory and Barnes! ¬†Let’s take a little look:

This is the BA item for this month, I opted for the fully furnished purchase and I am so glad I did, it’s a lovely basic.. but very intricate skybox… beautiful cremes and woods… and with the furniture it’s just perfect. ¬†Bookcases, couches, lamps that work a bed! RUGS! Mirrors.. it’s the perfect cozy little spot.

It’s got a window seat with an outdoor city surround and with shadows on you get some lovely effects! ¬†Nooks and crannies galore, love love LOVE!

Trompe Loeil - C88

This is the Bleached Skybox from Cory, again a lovely classic piece, but definitely with a funky twist. ¬†This doesn’t come fully furnished, but the furniture shown is available. ¬†It’s got a bit of a washed out look, hence the name, I guess! ¬†It comes in a sandy skydome with baked on shadows, which I *do* find a lil bit of a pita if I want to take shadow pics, but can always remove the dome!

The sofas/seats you can see in the top, middle left and bottom right pics are all available separately, and of course all come with various sits and house more than 2 people (not the lounger!).  I really love this one, but I am a minimalist and I do love the bleached out look of it all.  ADORE.

[ba] - C88

I am also wearing the Darla outfit from e! for One Voice… you must go get it, its’ a steal!

Hair: D!va | Tomoko2 | Topaz *C88*
Skin: Glam Affair | Roza | Natural 01 *TDRb*
Eyes: FATEeyes
Outfit: e! – Darla Outfit (Darla Pants & Bronte Top worn) *One Voice*
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet

Birthday Birthday – It Never ENDS!

I am still ploughing on with the Chic Birthday Event blogging, although this has to be one of the last ones, I think I’ve covered almost everything I love, but I do have to go back once more, me thinks:

First up we have a gorgeous skin from Essences!! ¬†I was actually really surprised with how this looked on me,¬†pleasantly¬†so! ¬†She has such a fresh face! ¬† I paired it with the most gorgeous set from Maxi Gossamer. ¬†I love MG stuff, it’s so reasonable and so well done that it’s a total bargain, every.damn.time. ¬† This set is no exception!

Essences | Maxi Gossamer @ Chic2

Next up I tried on the Sakide outfit in Peach! ¬†With it’s mesh/clothing layer mix and match it’s a really nice set. ¬† Short shorts (aren’t they always short shorts?!) and a high cut tank complete with mesh ruffle piece! ¬†It is rigged and I felt like it was a lil high on my body, but I still really dig it.

Sakide @ Chic2

Pmme D’amour has this lovely birds and bees hair style out, complete with flowery hat! ¬†Not a hair store I am too savvy with, but maybe I should get aquainted. ¬†Lovely textures, lovely styling… a really cute addition to any summer look!

Pomme D'amour | Essences @ Chic2

AMD (Apple May Designs) are a store I did not knew did skins. ¬†I picked these up and while I kinda in love with the face shading, the body shading, imo, isn’t great. ¬†Maybe I didn’t give it a thorough enough look, and maybe i’m just fussy. ¬† But nonetheless these are lovely skins, especially if you want a nice array of tones, and some close up shots on the face! ¬†You get all these in the pack that is heavily discounted, which is nice! Looking forward to seeing more skins from AMD.

AMD @ Chic2

Elemiah is another store I haven’t heard of! I must really live under a rock! ¬†This is one of their dresses on offer at the event. ¬†It’s mesh, it’s cute! How can it not be? It’s animal print and PINK!!!!

Elemiah @ Chic2

Last, but by no means least the cheerleading/gym get up from !e ¬†ADORE THIS ONE. ¬†It’s mesh, which is always a bonus, and it comes in black and white with various piping/number colours. ¬†I did have to tweak my boobs a bit to fit it, which was fine, no issues doing that… and I couldn’t find shoes to wear with it as the pants are rather long, but then I only tried three pairs.

!e @ Chic2

That’s all for now, folks ‚̧ ¬†Poses all from *Frooti – Hair from Wasabi Pills.