Around the World with Eleonor!

Around the World is STILL happening, and this time I bring you 5 unique looks from 22769!

This wonderfully talented store has out an array of items, both male and female, at around the world, ranging from sexy halter neck dresses, to the slinker side of the dress world, gorgeous handkerchief style tops, to the brighest, prettiest dresses I have seen.  It really does have something for everyone, in various colours and of course in various sizes.

From L-R we have: Achieng, Eryka, Makeda, Olabisi Top/Leather Skirt and Dziko!!  All of them are sooo different and this isn’t even all you can get! I can’t wait to go back and take a closer look, I have a feeling I am going to be VERY poor.  I don’t think I have a fave release, although I am quite partial to the Makeda Dress and the Olabisi/Leather Skirt combo for sure.  I have tried to make a slightly different look with all of them using a range of hairs from Lamb, LaViere (gorgeous Collabor88 hair!), Wasabi Pills, Exile and Elikatira and the skin we will talk about below!

Please visit and support Around the World, and don’t forget 22769 has 22769MILLION reasons to shop!

22769 @ Around The World

Al Vulo finally released a full Eleonor release, I knew I had to have it, because.. well, I just knew.  So I didn’t even hesitate, I went, I purchased, I came home, I looked at my linden balance, I cried then I realised it was worth it.  The whole fatpack was around $3k, which I think is a great deal as you get 14 skins and various shapes, addon tattoos and options galore including brows, cleavage and stuff.

I just cannot with how pretty the skin is, maybe it just really suits my shape, I don’t know, but I do know that I am in love.  You get a nice range of makeups ranging from nude lips to dark reds, ruby reds to pale peaches, eyes that are smokey, eyes that are not, eyes like a peacock, nude eyes… I COULD GO ON, but I won’t.  Just go and try them, you won’t be disappointed.

As usual click through to Flickr for larger pics.

New @ Al Vulo


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Culture Clash at Around The World

Around The World, an event inspired by all the cultures and fashions on our fair planet, is in full swing and packed full of unusual treats. Each region has its own section but, in the spirit of the melting pot that Second Life has become, I have mixed and matched my nationalities to my heart’s content.

Around The World

Above is the Antique Pakistani Furniture available from Senzafine and, to match its abundance of rich colours, the Tango Dress from Has Been. Posing items being, of course, in abundance at Around The World, I’m using one of the Strength mini-set poses from !bang.

Around The World

A little more mellow but no less inviting, the Zen Garden Skybox from Ziau features your very own Zen sandbox and original poetry for your contemplative moments. I’m wearing the Seattle dress from Geometry with the Aussie Ugg Boots by Intrepid and playing about with the African Child and Malkia posing sets from Motionless, which come with a handy HUD version that I’m sure will be every photographer’s delight.

Around The World

For those of us with bulging virtual closets and a hunger for more, you’ll have no trouble keeping your eyes on the prize at Around The World. Above you can see the Fur Poncho on offer from Orquidea, the Say It! New York cropped sweater from Apple May and the My Faithful shirt from Intrepid, all worn with Intrepid’s Patriot Jeans.

These are but a small fraction of the goodies on offer. Around The World has quite the variety, covet-worthy quality and a celebration of the diversity around our world – which, it turns out, can actually be enjoyed all at once. The doors are open until November 29 – grab your shopping cart and go have fun!


..and there are still so many things to buy!!

The new round of FAIR is almost upon us, peeps and let me tell you there are some FANTASTIC items this time around, as with every other time!  Two of my fave items so far to come out of there have to be this fantastic shelf from Cheeky Pea, and the dress from Geometry.   I can’t get enough of this shelf, srsly.  It’s a bit larger than I expected it to be but if I used my noddle and noticed all the awesome stuff on it, I’d have realised!  More about the shelf below, let’s focus a bit on the dress.  It’s SO pretty! I chose the Coral colour to wear, but it’s available in many more, a really slinky but well covered up piece that leaves the imagination ticking but makes you feel incredibly sexy too!

LoTD - 17/11/12

I wore a couple of accessories from HANDverk with my look, their recent release has been centered around Artists goods, ranging from an Easel to a Clutch, these divine Earrings and now this Necklace!   These works of art are truly just that, works of art.   The earrings are little paintbrushes and are available to match the colours of the other releases, and they are only at FaMESHed at the moment,   the necklace has been released for L’Accessories, and it’s a corded style necklace, with the palatte holding it together.  I chose Autumn colours, but there are few to choose from and I doubt you will be disappointed!

New @ Handverk

Back to the shelf! LOOK AT IT! I put together a small collage of the awesome details you can find there.  A row of poloroids for you to fill in with your own memories, including a cute spare peg, jars sliding towards the end of hte shelf, books galore, a lamp that has a plug attached below the shelf to the wall and of course, in a certain state, horseshoes!  It’s full of wonderful little finds and it’s a great centrepiece/discussions piece for any room of the house! Maybe no the toilet tho.

Cheeky Pea @ Fair

Finally, nine… yes NINE new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World!   A variation of styles from long to short, sleek to a bit more bouffant.  These styles work on the Infinity System but each hair comes with a Mini HUD so you get a great option of colours including solids, two-tones and dipped!  I can’t pinpoint my fave because I love them all!  Alice has gone to a lot of work for these event, and that is clear with these gorgeous styles.   Also worn in the picture is the Haste MicroKini available for Around the World!

Alice Project @ Around the World


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Bits and Bobsicles!

Hiiiii! A mish mash of a post today with bits and pieces from events gridwide! YAY!!!

First off we have this gorgeous Aida Mesh Dress by Baiastice, available at the next round of FAIR this dress is stunning.  The texture, the satin look and feel of it, ugh I fell in love as soon as I opened it.  I have showcased it here in just four of the several colours available and as you can already tell there is probably a colour that suits everyone!   It really is one of the best pieces I have seen from Baiastice, but everything Sissy releases impresses me beyond words!  Her mesh just keeps getting better and better and this dress is definitely a slinky, sexy number that we should all own.

I paired it with the new Elikatira Hair – Conclusion, and the only conclusion I can make about this is how utterly gorgeous it is!   Available in all the usual tones and packs this simple over the hair mesh style is definitely a stable in the hair department.  In the first picture I also donned the Beret available from Evolve for Around the World! It’s original mesh and comes in various colours, it fits perfectly for pictures on many hairs, especially this new one!

A Lil of This.. a Lil of That...

In each of the pics I have tried a new skin I have obtained on, from left to right we have Essences for Around the World, Amacci for Around the World, Bilo for Around the World and YS & YS for Unhinged, all very different skins and all very very beautiful!  Some come with more options than others, I will explain a lil about a few of them below.

These are the 3 YS & YS skins available from UnhingedSL.  The skins are all the Jane skins and they come in Doll, Eyecat and Smokey!   The skins come with a range of eyebrow options, teeth and no teeth, and freckles for you to play about with.  They only come in this pale tone, so if you like your skin darker these may not suit, but they are for a great cause and you should demo anyway!

YS & YS @ UnhingedSL

This is the Xihe skin from Essences, available in just one tone but with 3 eyebrow options and freckles, these skins are so pretty!   There are also lipsticks available, so you change your look up.  You can buy the lipsticks individually or as a fatpack so the choice is yours! I do believe there is a shape available too.  Beautiful.

Essences @ Around The World

The Nuiko from Amacci comes in a darker tone than the above skins, and is just as warm and beautiful.  Each skin comes with a Clean, and 10 lipstick tattoos for you, the Clean skin you get with each makeup is the larger picture in the middle, the faces on the outskirts are the individual makeups you can get! Each skin comes with a toothy option, I’ve thrown a few in for good measure.  There is a shape available for this skin also, but I always like to try skins on my own, you also get a handful of eyebrow shapers too!  A good selection of makeups and like I said you get 10 lipstick layers and a clean to play around with in every pack too!

Amacci @ Around the World

SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page if available!


If I could be exiled in this hair, I think i’d manage to enjoy it.  Yep, 3 new styles from Exile today AND… HAIR BASES LADIES! I took a pic of every hair base available (I think, my eyes went funny)… and of course some are similar because some of the hair tones are similar, but all in all I love these bases! I don’t often wear them, but sometimes I do find the rigged mesh hair leave a lil spot on my head so it’ll be nice to have the exact right shade at last YAYYY!

Here they are! I couldn’t fit them all onto one collage, so i’m afraid you get two!  The skin I am wearing is YS & YS and the ears, are of course, from Mandala!

Exile - Bases 1

Exile - Bases 2

The three new styles are GORGEOUSSSSS, from L to R we have Beyond the Waves, The Only Exception and Semi Charmed Life.

Beyond the Waves is a stunning style that comes complete with addable/colourchange mesh flowers.  I cannot praise this hair highly enough, it’s the perfect look for a naked person really, like lady Godiva.. with flowers… but I had clothes on, which by the way are one of the few items available from Apple May at Around the World which starts SOOOOOOOOON!   It really is a gorgeous hair.

The Only Exception is a cute over the shoulder style with zero bangs, or well… long bangs that meld in with the hair, whatever you like to think!   I opted to wear this one in a bright pinky colour, but imagine it would look sultry and sexy with a darker shade.  Spiffy!

Finally we have Semi Charmed Life, it was a toss up between this and Beyond the Waves for my fav hair of the release, and I think it came out as tie tbh!  This high pony comes with separate mesh colour change bow, so you can wear it with or without, and it’s so pretty!   It’s cute, it’s sexy, it’s everything a ponytail should be!

New @ Exile

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Around the World

Around the World, as mentioned in my previous post, starts TOMORROW PEOPLE *flail*… Here is a whole post dedicated to Magoa with a hint of Sways and a bit of Barnesworth, a whiff of Wasabi Pills and a lot of Al Vulo!

The items are being sold under the brand Ciao Bella! in the Western Europe section of Around the World, it’s not sold anywhere else atm although it was previously released (shortly) by Keira for the Magoa brand, these inspiring outfits were resurrected exclusively for the duration of ATW under Ciao Bella (BellaStaff Fhang ladies and gents, awesome lady TICAW). ANYWAY, that was just incase you were confused, I’ve probably confused you more, however.

First we start off with a set that includes the gorgeous Yuka Relaxation Set from Sways, the set comes with all the pieces shown but also in darker versions and with smaller planters, it’s an absolutely STUNNING set of items that would look great anywhere, mine looks particularly great in my Barnesworth Marrakesh Oasis that is currently on sale at Collabor88.

The outfit in this picture is the Circus of Intrigue, a sprightly little number with a ferris wheel headpiece, I really don’t need to say more, do I???  As an aside the skin worn in all pics is the Eleanor skin from Al Vulo, and the hair is the new and wonderful Kylee mesh hair from Wasabi Pills that is a gorgeous flowing style with a braid over the top for a cute, but sexy and sassy feel!

Around The World | Sways | Magoa

Next we have the Dahlia Outfit, complete with little top hat, this is the perfect dark picture of beauty and that something a lil different.  Please remember that these items are NOT mesh, and do come with sculpt pieces etc, I know some people are not keen on that soooo just remember that if you’re click happy!

Around The World | Magoa & Sways

The Hug Yourself outfit might be one of my favs, complete with pretty (yes pretty) straight jacket, this number made me smile when I put it on, which probably wasn’t meant to happen but it made me happy that someone wasn’t afraid to think outside the box and do a gorgeous outfit complete with cuffs and the like that doesn’t make light of mental illness, more points out the constraints it can sometimes have on you, just because you aren’t IN a straight jacket, doesn’t mean you don’t feel confined by whatever your illness might be.

Around The World | Magoa | Hug Yourself

Much more below the cut! Continue reading

What *IS* Going On?

This is a short post to spread the word on a few fundraisers/events coming up.

First we have Around the World, which is an Ego Co run event!


Starting on Thursday, November 15th,  Around the World sponsored by The Ego Co begins!. This fun-filled, fun event centres on the nine regions of the world while bringing together numerous different designers and creators across the grid! ATW will open up at noonslt and last until November 29th, 2012.  It’s full of wonderful creators and promises to be AWESOME, like anything by The Ego Co!

Next in line is UnhingedSL.  A group of good friends of Eku Zhong have come together to try and raise funds for her because in their words she’s sick, not as in super  cool (well she is) but very, very ill.  You can read all about it on the UnhingedSL page here.  If you would like to help Eku with her plight, the event starts on November 15th running until December 15th and it’s a festival to celebrate Eku’s titanium spirit and it’s going to be a giant gacha fair with a skull theme with lots of DJ’s and parties and more honouring Eku than anything.  75% of all gachas will go towards Eku’s funds

Next and last but not least we have Together for Sway, you can read all about that in more depth here. Sway is also ill and her friends have rallied to support her also.  Together for Sway has a promising and wonderful line up of vendors amongst some of SL’s finest residents and will include sales with donations to Sway, Auctions and lots of Djing!  I’ve already seen some teasers for this and it looks wonderful and I have had a few dealings with Sway and she is a lovely, sweet person… so if you like to shop, and support good causes, all of the above might be your thing.

I will blog more about the events in more detail as I check them out, I just wanted to spread the word a lil before they kicked off.

So if you like to support a good cause, just fancy a bit of shopping that might help out a fellow SLer or even if you don’t believe in fundraisers or events… maybe you just want to come along and pretend you’re shopping normally… these are definitely a few up and coming things to sink your teeth into.

SLURLS are not yet available, I will update as and when.

Monday Monday…

… yep, it’s MONDAY.. BOO HISS etc etc.

A couple new goodies for you today, and a lil preview.

First we have some new jumpers from Reila Skins! Obviously the store doesn’t just do skins, yayy! These are all chunky knit style longer sweaters, perfect for fall/winter and in very vibrant colours!   Wear them as dresses (like me) or pair them with pants, leggings, hell even a skirt and boots… whatever you choose to wear with them, they will make you look comfy and cozy and gorgeous!   I also wore a new JeSyLiLo skin with these, a pouty beauty in a pale porcelain wrapper, yay.   The hair is one of the 2 Collabor88 hairs from Clawtooth, rigged mesh and gorgeous as always, I particularly love the choppy bangs on this baby.

New @ Reila

Next we have the gorgeous Cullotes and Bolero set from R2, also available at Collabor88, it comes in all the painted desert colours and looks absolutely stunning.  The meshwork is amazing and the texturing matches in the amazeballs stakes, definitely some of my favourite pieces from this round, and again with the Clawtooth hair! SO PRETTY!  Also worn is a preview of the new skin from PXL, this one will be available at Around the World and the preview will come in two tones, four makeups each and various tattoo layers.

LoTD | 12/11/12 - Collabor88 Style

I have taken a quick preview snap, the skin reminds me of Kate in many ways, and I wasn’t sure it would suit me when I saw the ad, but it’s amazing what a skin can look like on a different shape, the same with a lot of skins actually, I was the same with the Jesylilo skin, the ad was lovely but not me… I wasn’t convinced it would look good, but it did!   Anyway, this skin is lovely, the shading is perfect, the brows are gorgeous, everything is as you’d expect from a PXL skin, I’m super excited for Around the World and you should be too!

PXL @ Around The World

All SLURL details are on the Store Locations Page!



You get a BOOM… Headshot kinda picture today!

This hair is NEW from Alice Project for The Costume Ball Event!  Demonia is a Cyberdread style (I made that word up, is it real??!) It comes in two bits, the base with goggles, and the actual dreads (or “lox”) themselves!   You can change both parts different, and you can even have a billionty different (ok just a few) colours of dreads if you want!   There are a variety of sections you can choose to click to change colour, on the very detailed HUD!  The textures are also changeable, but SL was being a bit of a dillhole and wouldn’t let me.

CStar Skins | Nante Collar | Alice Project Hair @ Costume Ball
The skin is from CStar as is the Miss Scorpio Skin.  CStar do a different skin, each month, and puts them in a Gacha machinet at just $L10 a pop, the price goes up by $L1 per day after that and there are around 70 odd different skins to collect.  They all have the same makeups but come in different tones too!  The great thing I love about CStar is that they will buy your unwanted Gacha items back FROM you for a certain price if you like and there are various areas around the gacha machines with unwanted items that are now set for sale, including some super rares, and older skins too!   I couldn’t resist getting this one, with the blood stain, the eyes are a bit bolder than I’d normally go, and the lips are pouty, but hey.. a girl has to look different sometimes!   The final item is from Nantes, a new store on the block and this is the Creep Collar!   It comes in a handful of colours, but the black worked for me.  It’s mesh, it’s cute.. and it’s also creepy as it has teeny tiny spider webs on the edges!!!!

That’s it for now, folks!

SLURLS can be found on the STORE LOCATIONS Page at the top of the blog for all your SLURL needs in one place  (well most of them)

A Concerto of Awesome

That title really doesn’t work, but it’s there, so you’ll have to deal with it!

This gorgeous Piano pose prop is one of !bang’s Cinema item and I am just now getting around to getting it out of my inventory, I thought it would look perfect with my new dress from 22769 and I couldn’t resist trying to take a pic a bit out of my comfort zone AKA: not in my skybox LOL!  So I popped it down on my decking and took in the beautiful surroundings, sadly I had to do this all alone *foreveraloneteardrop*, but this Piano is built for two baby!  It comes with a variety of poses, and they work for couples too!  Lovely jubbly.

!bang @ Cinema and stuffies!

I couldn’t justify just leaving that picture without getting a few better snaps of my outfit and ensemble!   So… this is the 22469 dress for Zodiac, it comes in four different variations and I fell in LOVE with it as soon as I saw it, it’s so gorgeous and different! I am not a huge “dressy” person, but this… this is fab.  I paired it with the new booties available from Decoy, also a Zodiac item, you’ll find a bit more about them at the bottom of the blog!    I haven’t taken off my Pink Fuel skin (well I have, but I soon put it back on) from Costume Ball yet.. IT IS SO EFFIN GORGEOUS! I CANNOT DEAL! and I squee’d earlier when Hely posted a teaser of the Costume Ball hair so I have that on too!

22769 @ Zodiac & Costume Ball Stuffies

The hair comes in two variations, with and without mask, in all the usual colours and gorgeousness.   You also get a solitary mask to wear with the without version, but I wanted a clean shot of my face.   An absolutely STUNNING hair, and the mask is colour change so you can match it to anything really and it’s glittery. YOU HEAR ME PEEPS? GLITTERY!!!  A fantabulous updo for any occasion, but I really do think it tops this look off perfectly.

Ploom @ Costume Ball

The booties from Decoy are some stunning pieces of meshwork, they really are! I am amazed more and more each day by what can be done with mesh, and these are no exception!  Highly detailed and stunning, they come in three colour choices: Red, Brown and Black, each colour pair has two sipper choices: Regular and Zodiac.  The only thing I would change about these shoes, is to have an option of gold or silver zipper detail and studs, I am not a huge gold fan, but that is the most miniscule of detailing and definitely nothing to put me off them! NO!

Decoy @ Zodiac

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