Picnic on the Beach

Hey guise, it’s a beachy kinda a day again, this time with an added picnic and of course my LoTD!

A Beachy Picnic Kinda Day!

Well as you can see (and you will probably need to click bigger again) I am alll alonnneeee at my  beachy picnic!  Waiting for someone (cough *ayden* cough) to sweep me off my feet, or actually I’d rather he just shove strawberries in my face!  The entire layout of the picnic you can see are Elates! items for The Arcade, you have a chance to win all of what you see and more, the open picnic basket is the rare item and everything is so well crafted and textured, I love that for this one it doesn’t really matter too much if you get doubles for some of the items, as you always want more sandwiches and strawberries, right?!   In the background you can see the gorgeous Lifeguard Tower from Breno that is available at this month’s The Garden (from TLC) and you can also have your own little picnic atop there too as you get a blanket and glasses and all sorts!   I really love how simple but striking an item this is, I always love that about Breno!

LoTD - 16/06/13 - Ducknipple SLX Style!

This is the outfit I chose for my lonesome picnic and it’s a Ducknipple SLX Outfit Outlet special! Only $L95 for everything you see accessory and clothing wise, and plus some I didn’t wear.   The reason for the good pricing is that it’s template based, but I am completely ok with that as the quality is fab and for that price you can’t grumble! Noobs never have to look like noobs again!   The shoes come with a HUD where you can change skin and nail colours and you get a HUD with the dress where you can choose from five vibrant colours, huzzah!  My pose is from Adorkable which has now closed it’s doors but is still available on the Marketplace.

My skin is from Essences and is the new Wednesday in Ivory tone/blonde brows… such a sweet looking skin, I always love Inka’s eye for detail and stuff, and my hair is from D!va and is a Collabor88 item.  As usual (well mostly) my eyes are from IKON! and are from the Numerology Event! YAY!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

They will not force us…

… they will stop degrading us…. COME ON!  Sorry, bit of a Muse moment there.  Here are some new goodies for you!

LoTD 09/04/13 - Look 1!

First off we have a gorgeous new cocktail dress from Pure Poison!!!   It comes in an array of colours but I felt a bit vampy red today, so that’s what you got.   It’s a shortun, so make sure you’re wearing your best undercrackers.   I paired it with a new skin from Glam Affair which I’ll talk about a bit further down!   The hair is an Exile hair, one of the best on the grid, all poses on the post are by Adorkable and as ever, my eyes are IKON!

LoTD 09/04/13 - Look 2!

Next we have a great new dress from Elate! Also in various colours and it comes with the bonus Ivy Necklace too!!!  Such a cute, simple number but really stunning, I love the two tone effect!! The necklace is a gorgeous addition and is such a nice surprise to get with the dress 😀   I paired this with an older Elikatira hair and put on my cutest look, I really love this ensemble.   I put it with a new PXL Skin, but as above, more below!

Glam Affair - Margot

The new Margot Skin from Glam Affair is out at C88 as we speak and is just lovely.  It comes with an array of eyebrow colours too, so you can match it to your drapes perfectly 😀  There are six gorgeous options, including a bare face (not shown here).  You can see you get a nice mix of makeups, from muted lips, orangey lips, pinkys…. smokey eyes, and gorgeous eyes.  All divine.  Nothing at all but praise for these gorgeous babies!

New @ PXL

Also at C88 are these four skins from PXL!  A range of makeups again as you can see, if you want cateyes the red one is GORGEOUS…. I personally love the Lime one, who doesn’t love a bit of green?!   A very pouty looking face, but I think it looks perfect!  A really good range of skins it seems this time at C88 🙂

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page if available

Snow in March

The title of the post has NOTHING to do with the post at all, but it’s just a whinge about snow in March! C’MON UK WEATHER!!!

LoTD - 26/03/13

Tuesdays are always my longest day at work, then I have to start over again when I get home, le sigh! I do love playing dress up though and logging in just to do a look, so that’s what I did! The first thing I knew I wanted to wear were the Elate Jeans! Kellie has done a stunning job with these, and they are only currently available at C88, but soon to be in the main store when it ends.   They come in lengths for both heels and flats and are some stunning looking pants!   They aren’t just all denims either, you get colours! WOO!   I wanted to pair them with the Eclectic Apparel Bay Corset, so I did, which is also stunning and available in many colours, gives a nice shape especially under a blazer, now, I had a job finding a blazer that would fit over it, but I came across and old event item from Color.Me.H.O.F and tried it on and BLAMMO, the look was born!

I popped on a pair of comfy (or foxy) looking shoes from GoS and decided today was a Glam Affair day, so chose the lovely Zara from SF13 (already blogged about previously if you search!) and popped on one of my fave braids from Elikatira.   As usual, my eyes are IKON!

Hair: Elikatira | Interrupt | Black 04
Eyes: IKON | Ardent Eyes | Clarity *TLC – The Boutique*
Skin: Glam Affair | Zara | Artic 11 *Skin Fair 2013*
Jacket: Color.Me.H.O.F | Scarlet Blazer | Black
Corset: e! | Bay Corset | Night
Jeans: Elate | Elle Jeans | Dark Denim *C88*
Shoes: GoS | Angelina Peeptoe | Black Python
Pose: Frooti

As usual, SLURLS are on the store location page, if available ❤

Oh well why not?

I saw many a reference to a 7 Random Facts MEME… so here I am with mine! You won’t get credits for the picture because it’s a random of me and Bunsis, but if you want to know anything, just hollah ❤

Vimto Moment


I’ve been in SL for 9 years this May, NINE!!  I often wonder if that’s a good or bad achievement.  I wouldn’t change signing up though, I’ve made some rad friends over the years.


I’m very sensitive, I may joke around and pretend that I don’t mind things, but I do.   I don’t have much confidence in RL or SL, and I get really upset and genuinely hurt by people that are mean, not just to me, but just mean spirited in general. I’ve recently been *very* upset about something that probably wouldn’t bother anybody else half as much, but I just try to be happy that I’m a good person, who tries her best to be just that, in both worlds.


I was once in a publication about SL, with an Inventory Sorting article!  My Inventory is now a complete shambles and I am ashamed of it, I can’t even bring myself to sort it for more than 10 minutes at a time.


I don’t rate my fashion sense or my pictures at all.  Probably not something a blogger should admit! But I try my hardest to make a good, clear, clean picture.. so I just do my thing, the way I want to and occasionally try to step outside my comfort zone


I am not very socially comfortable.  People often assume because you can be quite sociable on other platforms, like Plurk, or Flickr, that you must have oodles of friends.  I do have friends, but we very rarely see each other.  Infact when the picture above was taken, Madi was probably the first person i’d physically seen in SL for over a week!  I’m a hermit.  I don’t often like it but it is what it is.


I don’t like to cause a fuss, whether it’s an undelivered item or a double purchase.  I would probably just count it as an accidental loss instead of asking about it, unless it was like $L20000000 lindens.  


Blogging is really all I do in SL, I haven’t got a home (although I do rez them for pictures! and loveeee to collect them), and I don’t really just ‘Hang Out’, I tend to log in, do my thing, log out.   I go through phases, at times I want to log in daily and just tinker in around with looks, sometimes I don’t want to log in for days at a time, although I do if I have something to blog.

See, I’m a very boring, over sensitive person.  How inane!  I loved reading other peoples though 🙂

I love Lamp.

It’s true, I do.


Breno has gone lamp CRAZY!  Whether you want actual, proper looking lamps, professional looking lamps, big lamps, small lamps or jellyfish lamps… this is the store for you!   Ok so it’s not like Lamps R Us but it does have a nice selection.    I really love the Jellyfish one which you can see in the picture above.  I am showing the Glass version, but you can choose from Black or White too!   It comes with flexible scripting options so you can change glow, intensity, colour and more and it’s only 4 land impact. SWEET!

Lamps @ Breno

The other two lamps shown here are the NYX Lamp and the Lumos, more “professional” looking lamps than the fun Jellyfish, but with the same flexible scripting as the lamp above, these make for wonderful additions to your loft, your home, your mancave or even your store.

Make sure you TP to Breno to check them out!

Sexy Skyboxes AHOY!!

I have to admit something to you, readers (or accidental stumblers)… My name is Willis, and I… I am a skybox hoarder.


I can’t resist homes and skyboxes, it doesn’t matter if I need them, it doesn’t matter if they’re free, cheap, expensive, black, white, yellow, brown, blue… come with a garden, come furnished, empty, dark, dank, colorful or bright. I JUST LOVE THEM!  Two super skyboxes were released over the last week or so, and I am here to SQUEE over them.

The first is the loft from Elate!   The features of this industrial type beauty include a modern fireplace with a whole wall full of windows, a loft style bedroom/office area at the top of the stairs, a small, walled room with just arch access that you can use as a little hideaway, built in, soft lighting and sooo much detail from the pipes down to the fireplace, the radiator to the brick walls.   It is a beauty.  It’s a 64 prim equivalent which is really good for such a detailed piece of art!  I really REALLY dig it, it can be a mancave, a love nest, a modern hangout, a capsule of LOVE… brighten it up, grunge it out or just… admire it.  You will LOVE it!

Also released recently was this skybox from HANDverk! You can choose from single or double Longchamp skybox, I am showcasing the single in this picture below (you can view bigger if you click and follow thru to flickr).  It’s got a lovely, classy feel to it, it’s bright and airy with lights included that sparkle and shine and are lovely and remind me of posh houses or foyers where you look and go “mustn’t break that, don’t swing from it, nonononono”.  The single is equivalent to 16 prims and double 31 prims, both are big enough to be comfy, but you may need the double if you’d like to spread out a bit.  Either way it’s a classy, elegant box perfect for pictures, living or just hosting a fabulous do!


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location Page, if available!