LoTD – 16/12/12

Hallo ratfans, I have a busy day in RL today with family visiting, but I wanted to get at least one post out there incase I can’t manage to get back! (I’m sure I will, after all the kids have got to sleep at some point right? Or Santa won’t visit! BWHAHAA)

I’m being a bit mean with this Look of the Day.. why?  Because I’m wearing an unreleased hair! I’M SORRY! I just tried it on this morning and was like LOVE THIS.  I don’t know when Elika will be releasing it, but as soon as I get a sneak peek, it normally means it’s imminent!  It’s a cute and curlyish up do with bow! Perfect to wrap yourself up for Christmas with!  I will, of course, let you know when the full release is out, but keep an eye in the Elikatira blog too!  Also worn is the 3rd Day of Christmas gift from Auxiliary, this gorgeous Paige skin!  Make sure you snap all the gifts up before they go.  The final, and main piece I wanted to show was this sexy corset style dress from Sn@tch!   It’s short, it’s leather… what more could you want to look super sexy and cute at the same time?

LoTD - 16/12/13

Also Evolve are having a sale, you should totally check it out, there is an array of AWESOME for you to buy, if you don’t already own it!

.evolve. Winter Sale

More later, I hope! ❤

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Bits and Bobsicles!

Hiiiii! A mish mash of a post today with bits and pieces from events gridwide! YAY!!!

First off we have this gorgeous Aida Mesh Dress by Baiastice, available at the next round of FAIR this dress is stunning.  The texture, the satin look and feel of it, ugh I fell in love as soon as I opened it.  I have showcased it here in just four of the several colours available and as you can already tell there is probably a colour that suits everyone!   It really is one of the best pieces I have seen from Baiastice, but everything Sissy releases impresses me beyond words!  Her mesh just keeps getting better and better and this dress is definitely a slinky, sexy number that we should all own.

I paired it with the new Elikatira Hair – Conclusion, and the only conclusion I can make about this is how utterly gorgeous it is!   Available in all the usual tones and packs this simple over the hair mesh style is definitely a stable in the hair department.  In the first picture I also donned the Beret available from Evolve for Around the World! It’s original mesh and comes in various colours, it fits perfectly for pictures on many hairs, especially this new one!

A Lil of This.. a Lil of That...

In each of the pics I have tried a new skin I have obtained on, from left to right we have Essences for Around the World, Amacci for Around the World, Bilo for Around the World and YS & YS for Unhinged, all very different skins and all very very beautiful!  Some come with more options than others, I will explain a lil about a few of them below.

These are the 3 YS & YS skins available from UnhingedSL.  The skins are all the Jane skins and they come in Doll, Eyecat and Smokey!   The skins come with a range of eyebrow options, teeth and no teeth, and freckles for you to play about with.  They only come in this pale tone, so if you like your skin darker these may not suit, but they are for a great cause and you should demo anyway!

YS & YS @ UnhingedSL

This is the Xihe skin from Essences, available in just one tone but with 3 eyebrow options and freckles, these skins are so pretty!   There are also lipsticks available, so you change your look up.  You can buy the lipsticks individually or as a fatpack so the choice is yours! I do believe there is a shape available too.  Beautiful.

Essences @ Around The World

The Nuiko from Amacci comes in a darker tone than the above skins, and is just as warm and beautiful.  Each skin comes with a Clean, and 10 lipstick tattoos for you, the Clean skin you get with each makeup is the larger picture in the middle, the faces on the outskirts are the individual makeups you can get! Each skin comes with a toothy option, I’ve thrown a few in for good measure.  There is a shape available for this skin also, but I always like to try skins on my own, you also get a handful of eyebrow shapers too!  A good selection of makeups and like I said you get 10 lipstick layers and a clean to play around with in every pack too!

Amacci @ Around the World

SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page if available!

LoTD – 22/10/12

Just a simple LoTD for this post, I feel kinda.. summery in this, which is odd considering it’s now Autumn going on Winter but THERE YOU HAVE IT, the joy of SL!

I knew before I even put this look together that I had to wear the new High Rise Skinny Jeans from The Secret Store, they are available in several colours, but I fell in love with Mint, Green and Yellow are my favs and these are just lovely!  The badonkadonk on them is also amazing, but I’ll leave you to find that out for yourself.

I, then, of course, needed a top that fit with High Rise Mesh Jeans! I went to my old buddy staple top for these occasions from Tee*fy, one of my most fav tops EVAH.   I knew I wanted to wear the new Mina Hat/Hair that is currently available at My Attic too, a gorgeous style with a big floppy hat,  and that went just wonderfully with the Hodgepodge Satchel from Evolve.

LoTD - 22/10/12

So, I got myself half a look!  To finish it I wore this gorgeous Starfish Choker that will be available real soon from the lovely Caelan! She’s been working hard and making jewellery and this piece is just divine, I fell in love with it and was having a bad day and she gifted it to me! I was sooooOoooOooo touched, lovely thought, ty Cae <3!

My skin is from Lara Hurley and is the Joy skin that is currently available for FAIR only!  I chose to wear the Pale but it’s available in three tones, and each tone has a handful of makeups!  This is pink, she’s a beauty!

To top it off I wore Izzie’s Flower Flats, my Slink hands and popped and locked it in a !bang pose!

**All Store/Event  SLURLS can be found on the STORE LOCATIONS Page located at the top of the blog**


Hair:  Mina | LENTEhat *My Attic*
Skin:  Lara Hurley | Joy | Pink/Pale *FAIR*
Eyes:  Ikon | Sunrise
Necklace:  Cae | Starfish *Coming Soon*
Top:  Tee*fy | Tucked Tank | Gray
Bag:  Evolve | Hodgepodge Satchel | Dirt
Hands:  Slink | Mesh Hands
Pants:  The Secret Store | Rise Skinny Jeans | Mint *NEW*
Shoes:  Izzie’s | Flower Flats | Black
Pose:  !bang

Shhhh… It’s Sunday

So, here we are again!

We have two looks of the day here, in a bid to catch up on my bloggity blogging!  Both of them use the AWESOME new poses from Ploom that are out for My Attic, complete with Raven (or Crow?) Prop!   First up we have the gorgeous new dress from 22769 that is available for this months FAIR, a gorgeous, silky Mesh number that is strapless and sexayyyy.   Gorgeous.  I thought the colours were really vibrant and matched the Ploom skin available from Cinema perfectly, so I put that on too – It’s called Tragedy and it’s available in both black/red (eyes) and various tones!  Also seen are some ripped stockings that are also available at FAIR from So Many Styles, they come in various colours and on all layers plus tattoo, always a bonus, and one of the 2 gorgeous Clawtooth styles still available from Collabor88!  The gorgeous necklace is from Glow Studio and is available at Cinema too!

New @ FAIR & Stuff

This is my 2nd LoTD for today and is revolving around the Lazy Sunday dress from Evolve!  This Prairie Dress is so cute!  It comes in various colours and as it’s mesh it comes in various sizes too, I loved the Onyx, so that’s what I rolled with!  A cute short but sophisticated number with puffy arms and a cute collar!  I think it looks great with the My Attic Ploom Hair, yep Ploom have been SUPER busy it seems!  This bunches style gives a lil bit of sassy cute to my “I’m so innocent” look, right? RIGHT!  The skin is the Lazy Sunday item for JeSyLiLo and I am in love with it, srsly.  I don’t know if i’ll ever take it off (I will, I’m adding dramatic effect).

Lazy Sunday @ Evolve & New @ Ploom!

Both pictures utilise the Slink Mesh Hands, because they look sooooooo good, it’s hard NOT to wear them now.

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Manic Monday

Yeah, just another one of those. A handful of new goodies for you, I am catching up!!  I have sooo much to blog and sooo little time in world lately, it’s literally nip on, buy all the things, snap all the things, log out!

First up some new goodies from Candydoll for Cinema 2012! There are two new skins and two new sets of undercrackers! Here I am wearing the Shyla skin in Caramel (I needed a tone change to match my Slink hands!!)  and the Mushu Underwear Set in Giraffe!!  These came with “appliers” from prim breasts and I even went as far as to purchase some, but I could NOT make them look good on me, so you get normal boobs :P. Also worn is one of Truth’s new hairs! There were three beauties this week, yay!

New @ Cinema & Truth

Next we have another new Truth hair, a longer, sleeker style with gorgeous bangs, then we have the Stoya skin from Candydoll, this is a bit more striking with dark brows and ruby red lips, again in the Caramel tone because I had matched my wrists and hands from Slink!   The Lacely top is also from Candydoll for Cinema and again comes with appliers but shown regularly here.

New @ Cinema & Truth

Leafy has a new Halloween themed skin out!  This is Amethyst – Crow Skin!  She’s hauntingly beautiful and was inspired by Miss Lovett from Sweeney Todd!  I love this, she’s so smooth and beautiful.. and.. the only word I want to use is haunting!  I popped on one of the new Wasabi Pills Cinema hairs in a white shade and I was away, the ID eyes from Cinema make it extra striking.

New @ Leafy

Finally, a new round of The Outlet Sales Room starts today, and there is a ton of lovely stuff awaiting you, from clothes to furniture!   This Alma Boyfriend Shirt from Kamouraska is just one of the things you can find, I paired it with the Evolve Bloody Jeans from Cinema and a Ploom hair and I felt ready for my day!

New @ Outlet Room (Kamouraska) & Cinema

All poses used are by aDORKable Poses!

**As usual all SLURLS are on the Store Locations page (events found at the top!) <3**

Bunny Boo Boo!

Well… A FREAKIN’ BUNNY HOOD AND BLOODY JEANS… It’s a Bunny Boo Boo.. right??

I cannot with how much I love these jeans from Evolve, they are some of the best fitting Jeans I have seen in SL and they fit my ass like a pro (TICAW!), I had to pair them with the Auxiliary Bunny Hoodie to get that perfect “Hi I’m in a Dance Studio totally inappropriately dressed, how are you?” chic casual look I was going for.

This Johnnys Dance Studio from Floorplan is a replica of the Dirty Dancing Studio! It’s quite small, but it’s perfect for photos.  Also available from Floorplan is the corkboard and three dance move step frames you can see, all pertaining to the Dirty Dancing theme! I do feel like I can have the time of my life in here… I just need a male volunteer 😉   It’s super well built with floor/window shadows already baked on, a cute lil room separator  a curtained off small lose type area and steps leading down to a door, like you’re actually on an upper floor!

New @ Cinema 2

Of course, not one to follow any rules or conforming to the norm, I rocked up for my dance lesson wearing Auxiliary Bunny Skull Hoodie paired with Evolves Bloody Jeans and one of Wasabi Pills Cinema offerings, I might not look like I’m ready to cha cha cha, but I look super cute, especially in my classy pose from Exposeur and my MONS skin, I think I’m ready to learn to Jive, Waltz, Tango and Bedroom Conga…. how about you?

New @ Cinema

Cinema is opening soon.. are YOU ready?

FAME! I wanna live..

in this bathroom forever!

This gorgeous Morning Light Bathtub set is from Trompe Loeil for this round of FaMESHed!  I cannot even begin to tell you how much in love with it I am.

You get an option, as usual of both PG and Adult versions which come in five different window/towel textures.   The tub is SO effin adorable, you click the handles and the tub fills!!  You get steam and flowing water and omg I cannot even deal with how much I loved that when I clicked it, I might of actually squeed.  The tub seats 2, with 9 single & couples animations in the PG version, and 8 erotic solo and duo animations in the Adult version.  You click the window to turn of the glow if it’s not your thing, but I love it!

Each version also comes with the accessories you see: The Lit Topiary in Metal Bucket, White Wicker Bathroom Basket, a matching wall-mounted Towel Rack, and our French Country Clock in three colours (they work too)! If you don’t want the bathtub (WHY?!) you can also get the Topiary and Baskets individually.


I am singing in front of mine with one of the new BENT poses from Limited Bizarre!  It comes with other poses and props and is only $L100.. but there are only 100 copies, so make sure you get yours!


The other items I am wearing are casual today! We have the new sweater from Erratic, they are the guests at FaMESHed this time and this sweater is to die for!  It’s so comfy looking,  and cute, and sexy with the off the shoulder look going on, and the texturing is just top notch, realllllyyy great! I paired it with the new Evolve Group Gift Pants! Now, I don’t tend to do baggy pants in SL, but I felt they worked today, and Bells has done a great job with making them look wearable and not dodgy, so she gets props. HOLLAH!

The hair is new from Wasabi Pills and is a rigged mesh set of ponytails, also from FaMESHed, going for a bit of a white washed look today!  Paired with the Kate skin from PXL, I feel refeshed after my bathing, singing and ready to take on a day of sitting on the couch.


*All SLURLS are on the STORE LOCATIONS page at the top of this post*

LoTD – A Lil Sn@tched Evolve!


This was supposed to be my LoTD yesterday, but RL got busy and I haven’t had a chance to post it, and I am technically still dressed like this sooooo it’s todays LoTD!

It’s made up of items that are new… to me, and some generally new!  The skirt is new from Evolve, and comes in various colours, it’s suchhhh a wonderful fit on the hips that it makes me SUPER happy, it would look great as is, or with leggings, love evolve ❤  I paired it with an older shirt from Crazy I have and one of the new Corsets from Sn@tch!  I think the two tops make a WONDERFUL pairing!

With myself dressed I decided the only hair for the job was one of the new Exile hairs (which I blogged just yesterday!) in the new Dirty tone, and I think I was spot on!  Skin is from Izzies and is the VIP skin for the month!  I still have to swing by and pick up Faith, muuuust remember!!   Finally, I saw Gogo blog these Compulsion shoes a while back and went out and got them immediately, but this is my first time wearing them!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

LoTD - 15/09/12

Evolve also has a sale on atm! So get your tush over there 😀


Hair: Exile | Release Me | Dirty *NEW*
Skin: Izzies | Faith | Frost *VIP GIFT*
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise
Shirt: Crazy | Thin Shirt | White
Corset:  Sn@tch | Wanderer Ribbed Corset | Black *NEW*
Skirt: Evolve | Fade.Skirt | Gray *NEW*
Shoes: Compulsion | Envy | Black
Pose: Frooti*


New @ Evolve and Trompe Loiel and a LoTD!

Hello, ratfans.

Before I start my hiatus today into RL (animals to clean, people to avoid, etc etc :D) I wanted to show you some of the newness that Evolve has had lately!  I was putting together a LoTD and then decided to go further, so let’s look:

I wanted a cool, casual LoTD today and this oversized baggy shirt from Evolve was PERFECT, the CSB slogan was also actually perfect for how I feel atm, about myself and things in general lol… soooo I was like OK, THAT’S IT, I am slumming it today in just an oversized tee and nobody can stop me! MUAHAHHA!  I then went looking for my Alice Project hair, I know I have a ton of it, but I think maybe I deleted some of it in HairDeleteOTHON Mistake 2012, ugh that was a sucky time.  SO anyway, I forgot about redelivery terminals and went and got the ones I wanted again anyway!  I love AP hair, the mesh hairs come in “Infinity” status and you just buy the HUDs you want, which then work on any hair!! This is one of my favs, and my fav textures! 😀  I popped on a Glam Affair skin with it and my look for the day was set. WOO.

LoTD - 06/09/12

These are just a few more of the things available from Evolve atm.  This gorgeous patched cord jeans!  Very boho chic, I just want to sit around on cushions and natter all day in them, while sipping a mocha cookie crumble frapp! OH YES!  Then we have the yoga pants, and the gym shorts.  The epitome of casual with the last two, just hanging off the hips, slouchy type trousers for those of us that have the hips and pins to show off, and who DOESN’T in SL?  Sooo cute, paired them with a bikini top from Stellar for that “I might go to the beach, or sit around in my bikini all day eating chips to ruin my hips” vibe going.

New..ish @ Evolve

As you can see, I decided for the lounging, not beach option.   These items are NEW from Trompe Loeil at FaMESHed and are simply gorgeous.  They come in such bright, vibrant colours! I took one of every colour (I think, almost) and put out a set, as you can see there is a wide variety of both items, and colours!!!  I think I need a brighter room to put them in, like maybe just a huge white box so I can dazzle ppl with the contemporary bright and blind them. WEEE.

New @ Trompe Loeil

TP to Evolve
TP to Trompe Loeil @ FaMEShed
TP to Glam Affair
TP to Alice Project

Countdown to Vintage Fair 2012!

The 2012 Vintage Fair opens it’s doors on 4th August to you good people! I am lucky enough to be a blogger, so I had a quick poke around today, not a lot set up so far, but I got my hands on some goodies and I plan to visit daily until I have spent out.

Plastik has several goodies out for offer, these are just three of them.   The dress you see on your left comes with a gorgeous pair of leggings and reminds me of the 70s!  I have to be honest, I find the Plastik “sizes” a bit small for me, this is the L I have on and the legs clip through the dress in most poses, but the XL is too big around my chest, obviously made for a more petite avatar in mind!  Funnily though the gorgeous corset you see on to top right fit like a glove!  It comes with watch attachment as it has a little pocket!  The detailing is amazballs.  Finally (for this round, not all together) a really gorgeous lace top, I’m wearing it solo but it would look fab under a corset!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Plastik

Evolve has a giant array of items out, I’ve picked 2 to showcase! First we have the Olio skirts, there are 2 sets of colours here.  I’ve shown one “set” from the front, one from the back.   They are the cutest patchwork boho skirts!!! I adore them,  they also come in an array of sizes so you can find your perfect fit.  Pair them with a lovely boho blouse, or just a skimpy bra top and get your inner hippy on!

Vintage Fair - Evolve - Olio

The Twiggy dresses come with a deformer size, and the other usual sizings from Evolve, and are a sight to behold!   A very basic gogo style dress, would look great with some knee highs and a beehive!  You can see you get 9 options to choose from ranging from groovy pinks and oranges to sizzling houndstooth, and some checkerboard going on too, oh and daisies!  These are so cute!   Also available are bags galore, but I will bring you those at a later date ❤

Vintage Fair - Evolve - Twiggy

Make sure you check out the photography competition with SO MANY prizes and of course, give the following stores a clap (and obviously your lindens when you can) for being proud sponsors: Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, coldLogic, Gizza Creations, Indyra Originals, PurpleMoon Creations, oOo Studio and Trompe Loeil!