Stranded at the Drive In

Branded.. a fooooool! Ok I’ll stop singing, mainly because it’s not a drive in, but there we go!

A little sneaky peak at a few new things from Uber, as well as wrapping up some other events! All credits at the bottom.  Consignment have this gorgeous Movie Skybox out at Uber, you can actually play movies in it too and it seats LOADS of people!  Great for a party, love it.  Of course I cried because I didn’t have a date, willis no mates.

Stranded at the Drive In

I dressed for the occasion too, damn you men! I think the fave part of my outfit to play with was the shoes, Mutresse designed these with a great HUD that lets you pick and choose different colours for different parts of the shoes with loads of colours to choose from including some really bright neons like the Uber theme.  I went for a few more understated colours tho.

Branded a Fool

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Jaden | Powder *Fantasy Faire*
Eyes: MUDSKIN | My Eyes 10 | W2
Skin: Clef de Peau | Jemma Tan *Wayward Hunt*
Dress: Sakide | Intrigue Dress | Satin | Blue *Black Fashion Fair*
Watch: Izzie’s | Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet *Wayward Hunt*
Necklace: Glam Affair | Statement Necklace *Uber*
Shoes: Mutresse | Nona Sandals *Uber*

Av Enhancements
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink
Head: TMP | BabyDoll

Pose/Prop: Exposeur | Girl at the Window *Pose Fair 2015*
Decor: Consignment | Movie Night Skybox *Uber*




Skin: Lumae | Odette | 2 – Cream | Eostre *The Fantasy Room*
Hair: Tameless | Lorna
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise | Pale Verdigris
Dress: Wimey | Frozen Fractals | Red *OneWord*

AV Enhancements
Head: TMP | Fierce (with Lumae Applier)
Hands: Slink
Nails: Flair

Pose/Prop: Exposeur | Princess Tower *OneWord*

Day 20 of 365 LoTD – Aquarius Time

Today is a LoTD based around the new round of HCE’s Zodiac Event!   It’s time for Aquarius.

Day 20 of 365 LoTD - Aquarius Style!

HCEs Zodiac is open with a new round!  Aquarius this time, so expect lots of goodies with a blueish hue, water related and all that good stuff!   I’ve mish mashed a few pieces together for today’s LoTD!   The hair you can see is from Alice Project, and it comes with a cute Aquarius Sign clip (it’s at the back!), it’s a lovely, casual style with a classy feel to it.    The top is one of the SySy’s tops available, shown here in a Midnight Tone but available in a fair few, this is a cute little tube top with a bit of a flare, it went really well with the Decoy Aedre Skirt!  This skirt is so CUTEEEE, the “unicorn” colour is even cuter, but I wanted it to match one of the tops and it didn’t so you got to see it in a classy Black.   Finally the shoes, they are from HANDverk and I think we all know that HANDverk does some really unique items!  These shoes come with a Coral/Shell heel (or at least… that’s what I think it is!!) and a vivid blue colouring to the shoe.   The pose is part of a set released by Exposeur for Aquarius, and there is a really nice couples pose too.

All other Credits can be found below ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available for Stores & Events!


Hair: Alice Project | Aquarius Zephyra *Zodiac*
Skin: Essences | Wednesday | Light *TDR Fusion*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Top: SYSY’s | Aquarius Top | Midnight *Zodiac*
Skirt: Decoy | Aedre Skirt | Black *Zodiac*
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Shoes: HANDverk | Water Pump *Zodiac*
Pose: Exposeur *Zodiac*

Bunny Boo Boo!

Well… A FREAKIN’ BUNNY HOOD AND BLOODY JEANS… It’s a Bunny Boo Boo.. right??

I cannot with how much I love these jeans from Evolve, they are some of the best fitting Jeans I have seen in SL and they fit my ass like a pro (TICAW!), I had to pair them with the Auxiliary Bunny Hoodie to get that perfect “Hi I’m in a Dance Studio totally inappropriately dressed, how are you?” chic casual look I was going for.

This Johnnys Dance Studio from Floorplan is a replica of the Dirty Dancing Studio! It’s quite small, but it’s perfect for photos.  Also available from Floorplan is the corkboard and three dance move step frames you can see, all pertaining to the Dirty Dancing theme! I do feel like I can have the time of my life in here… I just need a male volunteer 😉   It’s super well built with floor/window shadows already baked on, a cute lil room separator  a curtained off small lose type area and steps leading down to a door, like you’re actually on an upper floor!

New @ Cinema 2

Of course, not one to follow any rules or conforming to the norm, I rocked up for my dance lesson wearing Auxiliary Bunny Skull Hoodie paired with Evolves Bloody Jeans and one of Wasabi Pills Cinema offerings, I might not look like I’m ready to cha cha cha, but I look super cute, especially in my classy pose from Exposeur and my MONS skin, I think I’m ready to learn to Jive, Waltz, Tango and Bedroom Conga…. how about you?

New @ Cinema

Cinema is opening soon.. are YOU ready?

Once upon a time…

A girl wanted a fairytale, which she pretty much got.. except for this one balloon ride… she remembers it well *insert fuzzy haze here and wavy lines and stuff*

It all started so well, a beautiful clear day, a luscious yellow balloon, the winds were low, the tide was high.. no wait… anyway.. It was date day, and a balloon ride was in store!   It all started so well “look at this look at this” I squealed and pointed over the side, and turned to see that he was too busy waving to people down below…. STRIKE 1, MISTER…  Ok well, not going to ruin the day, I thought, so I whipped out my camera, snapping some beautiful scenery as he carried on waving like he was queen of the world, tut.   By the time i’d finished snapping, he snatched the camera off me and was taking “better” pictures than me, so as you can see I thought i’d show him and sat on the side of the balloon, well that didn’t quite pan out, as he reached to save me, we both toppled overboard and was clinging on for dear life!

What Next - C88

Eventually, we managed to get back in the balloon, of course he was in a huff (shark week) and I was crying like a baby because my beautiful balloon day had been ruined, he’d even forgotten the champagne!!!   But, eventually it turned out ok and we had a hug and a kiss and made up.  AND THAT WAS THAT. or something.

What Next - C88


Obvs, I am the worlds WORST story teller.  But you can see my point.  This balloon from What Next for C88 is gorgeous, it comes in various colours (all beautiful) and various poses for men and women, and as you can see it seats more than one!  You get a camera and a champagne prop, but… he forgot the champagne 😛   and it’s also a vehicle! You can set it to “drift” mode and it gently drifts along, you can make it go higher and the flame actually works!!  It’s adorable and soooo well done, Elika and I were playing with ours last night and squeeing and I got Gus on mine today!    The pose you can see at the end of the story is from Exposeur and is NOT part of the balloon poses!

TP to Collabor88

TP to Exposeur

The Lions are Not What They Seem!

I dunno about that title, soz.

This pose is from Exposeur and is from the Zodiac Event, which is still running, so you can go and get it!  It’s one of three available, and I really like it!  Also in the photo are new items from FaMESHed and Vintage Fair!  My skin (which you can’t see, but obvs is there) is one of Izzie’s three skins from the VF!  Sooo pretty (honest).   The shirt I am wearing and shorts are from FaMESHed, as is Gus’ jacket!   My top is from BOOM and says Argentina, which is, of course, where my baby is from.. (or Mexico, whichever takes my fancy) and the shorts are by Tee*fy and are the most adorable high waisted shorts!  Although I did find they clipped my legs in some poses, but they’re too cute to pass up!   The jacket that I got Gus, cos I’m super awesome, is Epicosity and I love that you could send it as a gift! I reallyyyy love that feature ANYWHERE, so I couldn’t resist!

I did want to blog other things, but my eyeballs were falling out of my head (literally when I put any mesh on) so I turned off SL in a huff. Other credits below ❤



Hair: LoQ | Gingerbread | Chocolate Copper
Skin: Izzie’s | Eliza | 80′s Yellow *VINTAGE FAIR ITEM*
Top: BOOM | Twenty-Three Tee | Argentina *FaMESHed ITEM*
Shorts: Tee*fy | Abbey Highwaist Shorts | Used Denim *FaMESHed ITEM*
Shoes: J’s | Studded Long Boot

Skin: Hermony – Kriz ST3
Hair: Redgrave – TYLER
Jacket: {EPIC} Leather Jacket
Sneakers: *fac*sneaker B&W
Jeans: L&B Mesh Jeans – Oiled BootCut
Belt: MS Punk Belt (w/ Suspenders)
Shape: My custom shape 4

Pose: Exposeur *ZODIAC ITEM*