U&R Dogs @ FAIR

Hi! Another quickie (ooerrrr) this time bringing you the GORGEOUS item from U&R Dogs, again from the last FAIR event!

I saw this and I knew I had to have it (much like anything then, eh?) but see, I do not accessorize well, or a lot and that is something I am trying to rectify, but this workmanship was just delectable, so of course it was a must!

U&R Dogs @ FAIR

This ring/nail combo is available with soooo many options.  First off, it’s MESH. YES. MESH! which is a bit of a bummer when you’re trying to edit the nails separately and it won’t work, but you do have the ability to hide them, I found they didn’t fit quite right, even with resizing and jigging about, but no harm no foul, I just hid them!  When you click the ring a menu comes up, which has various submenus with all the options available.  You can resize/move the ring/nails around with the menus, but that’s not the best bit!

You can SEE the best bit! It’s not just one ring, it’s 6!! Yeah, there are only four there, gotta leave some surprises eh??  (The other two are just the clock as a ring, and a heart shaped solitaire).  I am deeply in love with the two bird options on this baby, one with a lil opening that makes the ring/clock look like a locket, the other is a bird on some foliage!   The wreath style option is a great festive styling and the other giant crystal looking one gives you some bling!

I would recommend you definitely check this baby out before FAIR ends and just take a look at it, it’s really something!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page to all Stores and Event Locations if available, ty.

Glam Affair @ Fair


Just a short and sweet post this morning showcasing the gorgeous skins available from Glam Affair at the very last round (weep) of Fair!  There are some awesome items this month, I’ve already blogged several and I was excited to try these skins on!

Glam Affair @ Fair

These are the Roza – Ashes mini collection you can find at Fair, one can never have enough skins, and that includes fantasy skins!   There are five to be found, two very gorgeous phoenix wing or butterly wings (can’t decide), one like a stippled burned look and two smokey (but whitey) eyed ones.   I think there is going to be at least one you like, especially if you dig fantasy skins and Roza is one of my all time fave Glam Affair skins too!

Be sure to check these out before FAIR leaves the grid FOREVER!

*Slurls can be found on the Store Locations Page for all Events and Stores if available


..and there are still so many things to buy!!

The new round of FAIR is almost upon us, peeps and let me tell you there are some FANTASTIC items this time around, as with every other time!  Two of my fave items so far to come out of there have to be this fantastic shelf from Cheeky Pea, and the dress from Geometry.   I can’t get enough of this shelf, srsly.  It’s a bit larger than I expected it to be but if I used my noddle and noticed all the awesome stuff on it, I’d have realised!  More about the shelf below, let’s focus a bit on the dress.  It’s SO pretty! I chose the Coral colour to wear, but it’s available in many more, a really slinky but well covered up piece that leaves the imagination ticking but makes you feel incredibly sexy too!

LoTD - 17/11/12

I wore a couple of accessories from HANDverk with my look, their recent release has been centered around Artists goods, ranging from an Easel to a Clutch, these divine Earrings and now this Necklace!   These works of art are truly just that, works of art.   The earrings are little paintbrushes and are available to match the colours of the other releases, and they are only at FaMESHed at the moment,   the necklace has been released for L’Accessories, and it’s a corded style necklace, with the palatte holding it together.  I chose Autumn colours, but there are few to choose from and I doubt you will be disappointed!

New @ Handverk

Back to the shelf! LOOK AT IT! I put together a small collage of the awesome details you can find there.  A row of poloroids for you to fill in with your own memories, including a cute spare peg, jars sliding towards the end of hte shelf, books galore, a lamp that has a plug attached below the shelf to the wall and of course, in a certain state, horseshoes!  It’s full of wonderful little finds and it’s a great centrepiece/discussions piece for any room of the house! Maybe no the toilet tho.

Cheeky Pea @ Fair

Finally, nine… yes NINE new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World!   A variation of styles from long to short, sleek to a bit more bouffant.  These styles work on the Infinity System but each hair comes with a Mini HUD so you get a great option of colours including solids, two-tones and dipped!  I can’t pinpoint my fave because I love them all!  Alice has gone to a lot of work for these event, and that is clear with these gorgeous styles.   Also worn in the picture is the Haste MicroKini available for Around the World!

Alice Project @ Around the World


All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page!

LoTD – Sn@tch Style and a bit of Baffle!

A few things for you guys this time around! I’ll try not to waffle on much 😀

First off this first picture encapsulates the wonderful events going on at the moment and what you can gain from them (in exchange for lindens, obvs)!  This beautiful arrangement of giant clock, chairs, rug, vase and cup of steaming coffee is available from this months FAIR event, and is from Baffle!  It is a posed set, so you can sit down and watch time idle away before your very eyes, or you can put the clock on the wall and pretend you’re very tiny, whichever works better for you!  The stunning coat I am wearing is from Baiastice and was one of the Cinema items that they offered, it’s absolutely wonderful.  It’s not normally my thing, maybe, but I did fall in love.  It comes with matching hat too, if you want to wear it and is available in many colours, I had to go traditional tweed tho. I really did!  Finally the shoes that you can’t see very well (sorry, I did take a close up but it went all wonky) are from Ingenue and are for this months Zodiac Event!   The skin is from Leverocci and is also an event item, you can get that at The Costume Ball!  So there you have it, a bunch of events bringing you a bunch of goodies, whodda thunk it?

Fair | Cinema | Zodiac Goodies

Next is a real quick LoTD style post, with MORE event goodies. YEP!  This whole ensemble is rom Sn@tch, well the top and the jeans, and they are NEW items… which are excluded from the huge Sn@tch sale going on right now, BUT… I did pick up a bunch of other awesome, reduced price items!!  I just couldn’t resist these too! I adore these jeans like whoa, and they aren’t even mesh! Get me.. oldskool Willis rocking the texture! 😛   The earrings I am wearing are from Glow Studios and are available TDRb, a close up of those below.   The skin, once again is the Jem skin from Leverocci, a beautiful, whimsical looking skin, makes me look very smooth and young!

LoTD - Sn@tch Style!

The hair is from LoQ and is also a TDRb item, and as you can see, it’s a simple pony, and you get the fatpack for just $L70!  I can’t get over how much I love these earrings either, I’m not a huge statement jewellery type person, but these definitely fell into my love pile.

Leverocci @ Costume Ball

So there you go, a handful of gorgeousness almost ALL from Events.  Who says events are bad? pfft.

Credits for LoTD Picture

Skin: Leverocci | Jem | Pale *The Costume Ball*
Hair: LOQ | Vanilla Tart | Black *TDRb*
Nails: TGIS | Glitter Nail Collection
Earrings: Glow Studio | Secret Earrings *TDRb*
Eyes: Sorry.Asia | Never | Emerald
Top: Sn@tch | Sienna Halter | Pewter
Jeans: Sn@tch | Sacrifice Jeans | Silver *NEW*
Boots: Leverocci | Range Boots | Coal
Pose: *Frooti

Credits for Time is Running Out Picture

Props: Baffle | Time is Running Out *Fair*
Hair: LOQ | Vanilla Tart | Black *TDRb*
Skin: Leverocci | Jem | Pale *The Costume Ball*
Coat: Baiastice | Edy | Tweed/Choco *Cinema*
Shoes: Scorpius | Sepia *Zodiac*

LoTD – 22/10/12

Just a simple LoTD for this post, I feel kinda.. summery in this, which is odd considering it’s now Autumn going on Winter but THERE YOU HAVE IT, the joy of SL!

I knew before I even put this look together that I had to wear the new High Rise Skinny Jeans from The Secret Store, they are available in several colours, but I fell in love with Mint, Green and Yellow are my favs and these are just lovely!  The badonkadonk on them is also amazing, but I’ll leave you to find that out for yourself.

I, then, of course, needed a top that fit with High Rise Mesh Jeans! I went to my old buddy staple top for these occasions from Tee*fy, one of my most fav tops EVAH.   I knew I wanted to wear the new Mina Hat/Hair that is currently available at My Attic too, a gorgeous style with a big floppy hat,  and that went just wonderfully with the Hodgepodge Satchel from Evolve.

LoTD - 22/10/12

So, I got myself half a look!  To finish it I wore this gorgeous Starfish Choker that will be available real soon from the lovely Caelan! She’s been working hard and making jewellery and this piece is just divine, I fell in love with it and was having a bad day and she gifted it to me! I was sooooOoooOooo touched, lovely thought, ty Cae <3!

My skin is from Lara Hurley and is the Joy skin that is currently available for FAIR only!  I chose to wear the Pale but it’s available in three tones, and each tone has a handful of makeups!  This is pink, she’s a beauty!

To top it off I wore Izzie’s Flower Flats, my Slink hands and popped and locked it in a !bang pose!

**All Store/Event  SLURLS can be found on the STORE LOCATIONS Page located at the top of the blog**


Hair:  Mina | LENTEhat *My Attic*
Skin:  Lara Hurley | Joy | Pink/Pale *FAIR*
Eyes:  Ikon | Sunrise
Necklace:  Cae | Starfish *Coming Soon*
Top:  Tee*fy | Tucked Tank | Gray
Bag:  Evolve | Hodgepodge Satchel | Dirt
Hands:  Slink | Mesh Hands
Pants:  The Secret Store | Rise Skinny Jeans | Mint *NEW*
Shoes:  Izzie’s | Flower Flats | Black
Pose:  !bang

Shhhh… It’s Sunday

So, here we are again!

We have two looks of the day here, in a bid to catch up on my bloggity blogging!  Both of them use the AWESOME new poses from Ploom that are out for My Attic, complete with Raven (or Crow?) Prop!   First up we have the gorgeous new dress from 22769 that is available for this months FAIR, a gorgeous, silky Mesh number that is strapless and sexayyyy.   Gorgeous.  I thought the colours were really vibrant and matched the Ploom skin available from Cinema perfectly, so I put that on too – It’s called Tragedy and it’s available in both black/red (eyes) and various tones!  Also seen are some ripped stockings that are also available at FAIR from So Many Styles, they come in various colours and on all layers plus tattoo, always a bonus, and one of the 2 gorgeous Clawtooth styles still available from Collabor88!  The gorgeous necklace is from Glow Studio and is available at Cinema too!

New @ FAIR & Stuff

This is my 2nd LoTD for today and is revolving around the Lazy Sunday dress from Evolve!  This Prairie Dress is so cute!  It comes in various colours and as it’s mesh it comes in various sizes too, I loved the Onyx, so that’s what I rolled with!  A cute short but sophisticated number with puffy arms and a cute collar!  I think it looks great with the My Attic Ploom Hair, yep Ploom have been SUPER busy it seems!  This bunches style gives a lil bit of sassy cute to my “I’m so innocent” look, right? RIGHT!  The skin is the Lazy Sunday item for JeSyLiLo and I am in love with it, srsly.  I don’t know if i’ll ever take it off (I will, I’m adding dramatic effect).

Lazy Sunday @ Evolve & New @ Ploom!

Both pictures utilise the Slink Mesh Hands, because they look sooooooo good, it’s hard NOT to wear them now.

**All Store/Event Locations are on the STORE LOCATIONS Page**


Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday! I hope to get a couple posts done today, but here is my target of 1 per day if I don’t manage it! WEEE!

This gorgeous new bed is from FAIR and is a collaboration between Flowey and Art Dummy!  It’s a seriously cute, but simple bed with various poses, all beautiful and with no broken limbs!  It’s only 7li too!  So not only does it look fabulous, it fits in without taking up too much room! A really stunning piece made in the simplest of ways but giving the hugest impression! I love pieces like this!

New @ FAIR | JeSyLiLo | Somnia

Also worn is the new Ploom hair from FAIR “5 More Minutes”.  A pony/bunches sort of updo that kinda looks like when I get up in the morning and I’m tossing up my hair to put my makeup on… and I am muttering to myself “ugh I wish I had 5 more minutes” so this one really hit home with me! Totally adorable and available ONLY at FAIR!  The skin I am wearing is the Lazy Sunday item from JeSyLiLo and is STUNNING for the price! Beautiful ruby red lips!

New @ FAIR | JeSyLiLo | Somnia

The shirt I am wearing is the Pinned Courtesan in Black, an oversized shirt that just fit right in with my “I wanna be in bed” look, from the lovely Sanura of Somnia!  Available in different pinstripes, and also in white, it also comes with underwear on both all layers, including tattoo, to hide your modesty 😛

** All SLURLS to stores and events are on the Store Locations Page found at the top of the blog **

Apologies for my lack of prim feet and ugly system feet in place here, NOTHING would attach to my feet AT ALL 😦


LONG old post for you guys today, picture heavy so bear (bare.. whatever floats your boat) with me! ❤

Truth release 3 new hairs yesterday!   All rigged mesh, all beautiful.  There is an over the shoulder braid with a bouffant looking back (wish I owned this much hairspray in RL! to get this look to stay!), a really gorgeous, longer style whimsical high pony, a very full pony with curls and whirls and general beauty!  and finally a sleeker style with bangs across one side of the face and cascading down in a gentle over the shoulders style.   Three different styles but all well worth buying!

New @ Truth

Exile also released 2 new hairs!  A bit of a fuller style on the left, with longer over the face bangs with a hint of a windswept feel to it! and then a pony/updo longer style with a centre style bang look going on.  As you can see I am STILL rocking the new fade textures from Kavar, I love them!  Both styles are very different but both could totally work as a classy or casual look.  I chose to wear both my styles (and Truths) with a jumpsuit I got at Limited Bazzar that I just couldn’t resist, and below I am wearing the GORGEOUS new Essences skin available at TDR for a STUPIDLY reasonable amount (as with all TDR items!).   She’s really striking, but beware it only comes with black brows AND complete with beauty marks, so please demo unless you have your own! 😀

New @ Exile & Essences for TDR

Now we have a HUMUNGOUS release from coldLogic, I could sit all day and still not have finished writing by bedtime about ALL the goodies on offer, so I have done a few collages to try and showcase at least one of each pack available (I think I missed a couple, SORRY.. there were soooOoooOooOoOooOoo many pictures for me to sift through!).

ANYWAY…  The three skirts available are fooking awesome!  Three different texture styles, these skirts look like mini wraparounds and are so adorable!  The folds and wrinkles on them are wonderful, of course the new jeans (right hand side) are adorable too, although they do come with a front pleat that makes it look a bit like my mums been going through my ironing and tried to put a crease into everything, not really my style with the crease/line at the front but VERY adorable, and they come with 2 styles of cuff!    Two new longer styles of trouser too, not in a denim texture, a bit more like comfy pants/chinos!

New @ coldLogic - Skirts & Pants

There were more trousers released too. I fell in LOVE with the legging/skirt combos, I truely adore these.  They come in three different sets and make my ass look peachy, which is always a bonus.  I am really going to love these as you don’t find a lot of mesh leggings/skirts/tops that all fit together nicely! WEEEE!  The other styles (and I think I missed one of these) released were a sorta cargo style pant, with cute lil ties at the ankles and really detailed zippers, these babies come in plain and camo versions! (the ass is also great kthxbai).

New @ coldLogic - Pants

I think the part of the release that made everyone SQUEE were the Coats!  There are two styles of coat, both in 4 different “types”.  I snapped one of each and you might not be able to tell much difference in each, but the differences are subtle, like the two tone frill on one of the jackets that isn’t there on the others, or the silver buttons on one of the trenchcoats styles that isn’t there on the others, or the tweedy type material on one of them… the differences are little, but there.   These are SO comfy looking, both styles! I love them both.  I just donned some of Izzies new sheer tights undermine, cos that’s how I roll, but they fit nicely over the new pants I posted above, so that’s a bonus too!  There is SO much newness at coldLogic, you need to visit!

New @ coldLogic - Coats

Finally for today (I had to chuck my other half on to get on the pc and he wants it back!!!) The new Alice Project hair available from FAIR!  OH MY GOSH. Alice is ROCKING the hair at the moment!  This hair comes in the usual infinity style so you can colour it with any HUD you own that works with the system, and you get the hair, the bangs and the braid/headband as separates, so you don’t have to wear the styles same at all! They also come in rigged and unrigged versions. YAY!

New @ FAIR - Alice Project

You will note in a few of the pictures I am wearing Faith from PXL! Well… starting Saturday SLT and lasting for one week ONLY the Faith skin and all the make ups will be on sale for PXL VIP members at a 25% discount. **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS VIP ONLY**… You need to tp to the VIP Group Room to get the discount on your skins, buying in store won’t work for you. The sale lasts only seven days and the group discount will only apply if you ensure you are actively wearing your tag! Faith is the latest PXL skin and a very beautiful one, even if you own the skin it’s a good chance to get some more makeups, I know I will be!!!

All SLURLS are found on the STORE LOCATIONS page which you can click on at the top of this blog

Lil bit of this…

lil bit of that… I have fallen behind with my blogging, damn rl! Anyway…

Tomorrow marks the new round of FAIR!  This gorgeous hat/hair combo will be available from Monso, along with this coffee bean necklace you can see!  The necklace is from Izzies and it comes as a set, there are bracelets included and a different necklace too, one more “Classy” affair, this is the casual!  They are really adorable, both the items.  The hat/hair is a SQUEEE point with me cos the top looks a lil like cat ears and I love quirky things like that! The workmanship on the necklace is also amazing, as it is on the rest of the set too! You’ll love them.

Coming to FAIR...

Leafy has this stunning set of Marionette skins out!  Aren’t they just the most BEAUTIFUL!?  You can get each of the four with different brows and a browless option, and I think I am in LOVE.  I have to get a look put together for these so I can use them again and again and AGAIN!   I love that two of them come with the different coloured eyes, then the blue eyes then the gorgeous smokey eyes! Just adorable, the lips on leafy skins look so great too and the NOSE… oh I love this nose.

New @ Leafy

Eyes | .ID. ** Hair | Ploom

Finally Digs has a new set out, this is the Rae Living Set, not all the pieces are shown, just a showcase of some of them! I must say I am rather taken with the lamps! I did rez them all and think… where are the lampshadesssss? then I realised they were SUPPOSED to be shadeless!  I LOVE THEMMMMM! Oh god I do.   I have the set out in “Fawn” but you can get it in various colours to compliment your living area.

You can get the rose picture you see, the end table, the trio of lamps, the room divider, the ottoman, the lounger (packed FULL of singles and couples anims, including some with props!), the coffee table and a gothic mirror (not shown).  All are high quality pieces that are super duper low prim so you can cram as much awesome in as possible! YAYYYYUH!

New @ Digs

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations page… if you notice any errors or want your store or any of your favs adding, please do feel free to comment or hollah at me! ❤

A Few New Things…

Guten… evening… I’m sorry, my german isn’t that good!

Anyway, feeling very ASDFLJASDF today, so just a couple of new things for you!

Al Vulo has a new skin out! This is Livia Fairy, such a GORGEOUS skin, so smooth, so pretty!  The face is ADORABLE, the lips are smoochable… it’s just all over one of those skins you either love… or hate.   The fatpack comes with 12 skins, each “face” has 2 different looks to it.   Yes, before anyone pitches a fit, there is a “beaten up” skin, but you don’t HAVE to wear it, I just wanted to show what came in the pack, it’s not the first, it won’t be the last!

There is a lovely selection of makeups from darker,  goth style lips to perfect nudes, shimmering eyes to barely there browns.. there is a mix for all.  The fatpack option comes with a pair of eyes (with mesh included), mesh lashes, eyeliner tattoo options (not shown), hairbases, and each skin comes in brow choices of blonde, dark and red (blonde shown here) andddd cleavage options too!  So you get a pretty full pack.

I, personally, am in love… you should totally demo them!

New @ Al Vulo

Lame is a new furniture store (well, at least to me, and I believe generally!).  This is the Charlotte Bistro Set! It comes with table, 2 tall chairs and 2 mugs that read Lame-o and Lamerton!! hahaha.  It’s a cute set that would look great in any dining room, patio, or even out on the lawn!  It’s mod so you can tint/rexture/whatever you want to do to it, which is always a bonus, but remember if you resize mesh items they may  have a higher LI!

Also the shirt I am wearing in this picture is from FAIR and is by Gotzsche (I can never spell that) and it’s so lovely, I paired it with the BOOM Tweed Pants and Deck Shoes and I feel all homely!

New @ Lame - 1

This is Teas Couch and and Teas Table, also from Lame! The couch, shown here in red, but available in many colours, is ADORABLE!!!  The cushions change texture too, so you can mix and match each individual one, with quite a few colours to choose from!  I will admit, I had trouble sitting on the couch, I don’t know why, but SL isn’t being very kind to me today, but it is animated with various single and couple poses for both females and males, and it seats more than one!

Will be keeping an eye on this “lame” store, for sure ❤

New @ Lame - 2

For now, I leave you! BAI


Hair:  Elikatira | Balance | Brown 01
Eyes:  Delusions | Balance & Truth Eyes | Indecisive *Zodiac*
Top:  Gotzsche | Cotton Tee | Grey Plain *FAIR*
Pants:  BOOM | Fall Tweed Pants II | Smoke
Shoes:  BOOM | Deck Shoes | Mute

All SLURLS at Store Locations ❤