LoTD – 30/10/13

I was going to do the whole countdown to Halloween thing and post something “festive” but in the end, I decided not to.  SO THERE.  Enjoy my little LoTD post, it’s all I seem to have time for lately! BOO!

LoTD - 30/10/13

Along with my little LoTD I wanted, no NEEDED to show you the Cheeky Pea VIP Gift! Well one of them.  Shay and Kath Ball Chairs are so CUTE, I chose the one with little ears, cos i’m cute like that.   Each comes with a bunch of anims and self rezzing props, sweeeet!  My LoTD is centred around this skully dress from Epic!  Available in a bunch of colours but shown here in Red, I am wearing it with my Phat Azz and I feel as cute as a button!  It comes with a bunny hood too, score!   My hair is new from Tameless, I love how big and floofy their hairs are, makes me feel like i’ve been to the hairdressers for a pamper!

LoTD - 30/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

I am wearing a few lil bits in my ensemble that I wanted to show in a clearer way!   They include the Cute Poison Graveyard ring from Horrorfest, how intricate??! SO CUTE!     They are also 100% for charity too, so get em! They come in light and dark and are resizeable.     I’m also wearing a Blah ring, from SL Fashion week, a batty little number, available in a bunch of colours and in both regular and slink hand sizes.   My nails are new from Flair and are denimtastic!  I love them, so novel!   My skin is the new skin from FAKE – Violet.  She is shown here in Milky tone and complete with Phat Azz and SLink appliers, I did choose the no brow version in freckle and added my own Insufferable Dastard brows as they are soft and lovely and I felt like jigging around my face.   My eyes are from IKON and lasehs from Mon Cheri!

I will be back on scheduled waffle town soon! School holidays are nearly over, not that I have my kids as they’re away but still… I’m a busy bee! ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

A Clockwork Spiral

So! A new event in town, A Clockwork Spiral, and it’s steampunk central!    I am not a huge steampunk fan and i am also not very knowledgeable about it, but I do find it unique, and i find the items wonderful! I love to look, just haven’t a clue how to dress, so I got some help!

A Clockwork Spiral - Look of the Day

The outfit is made up of separate items, all available from the lovely Voshie over at Genre!   The jacket, tee and skirt all come in various colours of meshy goodness (well apart from the tee, that’s on a clothing layer) and I opted for the greeny one.   Pinstripes and sass, that’s what these items are all about, so gorgeous!   You don’t have to wear them together, you can mix and match it up to your little hearts content, that is always a bonus.    I love the frilly look of the skirt, paired with the shorter hair it makes me feel feminine but RAWR!

A Clockwork Spiral - Headshot

Speaking of the hair, that’s from Discord Designs, the best dread retailer on the grid!    It comes with the goggles attached and you can click to change the colour, I stuck with green as you know, made sense considering my outfit colour!  Such a gorgeous hair, perfect unisex style too, as with most of the entire Discord Designs store.   My skin is from FAKE and is over at the SL Fashion Week for now, it comes in various tones and brow options, including some skins with freckles and with or without cleavage.  Unique eye markings and soft pouty lips! WOOT!   My eyes were blogged yesterdays and are one of the many IKON eyes over at The Boutique!   Pose is from !bang

I don’t have an SLURL for A Clockwork Spiral yet, as SL is being a butt, but I will update asap on the SLURL page ❤

It’s almost the WEEEEEKENDDDDD

Rejoice, party… sleep in! DO WHAT YOU WANT!  unless you work the weekend then that sucks, soz.   A few things today in LoTD format and more!

LoTD - 17/05/13

This dress from Cynful, as soon as I saw it I was like OH MY GOD, I must own this. ALL OF THEM I MUST HAVE!! First Date comes in over a handful of colours and you get to choose if you want the bow on, and you get to choose from various colours too, all controlled via HUD!   I love it, the ruffles, the textures, the options.. it’s just one of those dresses I fell in love with.   I think it would be perfect for a romantic date, or going out with the girls, or just what I do.. lounging around the house emailing the slhusband going OMGOMGOMGOMG I’M GETTING CATS AND A POOL BOY.   Yeeeeaahhh!  Also worn is one of Truth’s new hairs! I plan to blog about all SIX releases and new textures soon, but this is Lotus, she’s perdy!   The skin I am wearing is a newer skin from FAKE… this is Vivian, shown here in Pale!   She is a lovely looking skin with a youthful look but with a more mature appeal, if you get what I mean!  There are various makeup options to choose from, so you can be sure to find something you love, I am positive!

Insufferable Dastard - Essential Eyes

Insufferable Dastard has a bunch of new eyes out! around 14 new sets! In most of the snaps above I am wearing two different lenses… so you can see there is a huge array to choose from!  They come in both texture and mesh format, so you can mix and match and do what you like.   Each colour of eye also comes with light, medium and dark options, I have tried to mix them up here too.   There are only two stores I frequent for eyes normally, and that is ID and IKON!  So, make sure you go over to ID and check these out if you need awesome choices for eyes!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

I must ask you a question….

WAIT NOW.. MUSTACHE YOU ONE… oh hurrr, I’m so funny, lulz.   Breno just released a bunch of artwork and things and stuff and you will notice there is a little mini theme going on!

New @ BRENO! <3

You can pick from a nice range of art work for you walls including The Stache Guide, Woody Heart, Butterflies and more!   You can also pick up a hanging mustache? Who doesn’t want one of those?  It comes in different woods too 😀   I have a super cool scarf in RL with mustaches on, it’s my fave!  My 12 yr old tried to steal.. not sure if I should take that as a “mum you’re 33, stop it” or if it makes me super cool! I am going with the latter.   You can also pick up this halftache lounger, you can change the pillow textures and it comes with a huge array of animations including singles and couples.  The best thing is, everything is really affordable and SO well made!  Get your tush on over the Breno asap!

I thought I’d show what I was wearing as little LoTD too, full credits can be found at the bottom of the blog post:

LoTD - 24/03/13

The first thing you’ll notice is my fantastic sweater! YEP! Saw it on Flickr and hopped on over to get it from welldone.atelier!   I LOVE IT hahahaha, I thought it was perfect paired with my new monster pumps from Epic.  But along with a menacing smile I wanted to look a bit cutesey too, so I relied on Olive Antler/Branches currently available from The Boutique as part of the Cherry Blossoms theme 😀   I chose black but they come in a good variety of colours.    My eyes are from IKON and are the Ardent Eyes in Skyfall, also available from The Boutique.     My skin is from FAKE and I got that from SL Fashion Week, it has really thick, luscious brows though, so I suggest if you don’t like a bigger brow, you may want to demo if you don’t already!   Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xox

LoTD - 24/03/13 - Close Up

Hair: Truth | January | Treacle
Skin: FAKE | Evalina | Caramel | Smokey *SL Fashion Week*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent Eyes | Skyfall *TLC – The Boutique*
Antlers: Olive | The Oops Cherry Tree Blossom Antlers | Black *TLC – The Boutique*
Sweater: welldone.atelier | High Neck Sweater | Black Smile
Jeans: Cynful | Zia Denim v2.0 | Worn | Dark Blue
Shoes: Epic | Mega Monster Pumps | Black *Whore Couture 2*
Pose: fri.day

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page ❤

Day 16 of 365 LoTD!

Another day, another look!

Day 16 of 365 LoTD Posts

I’m still playing around with my laptop lighting and windlights and settings, so apologies if my pictures are a bit all over the place!   I wanted a LoTD where I practised using my Tangos again, so DCNY was my go to folder, I blogged just a few days ago how they released a bunch of tops with appliers, so this time I popped on the Shrug Top and practised a bit, I think I am slowly getting to grips with them, but now I want to make my shape slightly curvier and larger, shame I deleted all my bigger mesh sizes while inventory sorting! HURR HURR!!!  Doh!

Anyway, a simple, classy LoTD, with a couple of simple accessories and I even donned shoes for the occasion. GET ME!  Check out the new FAKE Skin Gatchas available in store too, this is one of the rare skins! WEEE!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available


Hair: Truth | Zuzka | Seasand w/Roots
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Colorful | Green
Skin: FAKE | Miel | Pale Tone | Gatcha Skin 1 (Rare)
Top: DCNY | Shrug Top | Mellow *Tango’d*
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui | Scorpio Key Necklace | Gold/Purple
Skirt: Pixel Mode | Sami | Coffee
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Shoes: SLink | Aveela | Herringbone
Pose: Adorkable Poses

Day 11 of 365 & New LaRoo

Wow, I’ve made it nearly 2 weeks without failing or ragequitting! GO ME!

Day 11 of 365 LotD Posts

This is another LoTD! Day 11, some of it Collabor88 again.   The top and skirt both come from Tee*fy and go perfectly in the same colour, or different colours for a bit of a mix and match!  The top comes in both solid and sheer, this is the sheer version, so obviously you can’t wear with an alpha, so I just adjusted my tatas and voila!  I love the soft look of them, so cute and sexy!  The hair is from Tableau Vivant and is also from Collabor88 like the outfit, shown here in Azure Dip, it’s available in many colours and is unisex too, as it comes in 2 sizes, so men that like longer hair, go forth…. PURCHASE!   The Necklace is from Maxi Gossamer and is also a Collabor88 item, available in both Gold and Silver, and Long and Short versions, this necklace is detailed and intricate, and isn’t the only item MG have out for your perusal!

The skin I am wearing is new from FAKE and is the MIEL skin.  It’s shown here in Pale, which I think for some people would probably equate to Tan.. but that’s what demos are for… It’s a really nice skin that comes with a lot of options including no brows, coloured brows, freckles, no freckles and complete with cleavage tattoo layers!  She is available with 5 makeup choices and an array of tones!     A real beauty and one I will be featuring again in the near future, with more makeup options shown!

Also worn are the new and highly detailed mesh shoes and feet from LaRoo!  The Sparta shoes come complete with mesh foot, so you can paint your toes and change your skin tone and your feet will match perfectly and no more ugly linden toes! I guess that must be a bummer for mesh shoe makers, nobody wants gorgeous mesh peep toes with ugly linden toes! So glad LaRoo hopped on the foot board (ha! hopped! feet.. no? ok).   They are a gorgeous sandal with such amazing detailing.   You need to zoom in close to see it all perfectly, there is a little ruched side detailing, metal studs and rings holding the shoe together and straps and omggg details to the max!   They come with a HUD with all the colours shown below, and you get tons of nail options, including a few patterns!   You can change the tone of your shoe to the preset ones (6 to choose from) and I found that my tan looked almost perfect without even fiddling!  But there is also a colour grid for you to choose and play with too.  GET THEM, THEY ROCK!

New @ LaRoo Shoes

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page for both Events and Stores, if available


Hair: Tableau Vivant | Lythrum | Azure Dye *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Skin: FAKE | Miel Skin | Pale Tone | Freckles/BlondBrows *NEW*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Erzulie’s Love Charm | Short | Silver *Collabor88*
Top: Tee*fy | Ana Slouchy Satin Tank | Creme *Collabor88*
Skirt: Tee*fy | Emily Mini Flare Skirt | Creme *Collabor88*
Nails: Izzie’s | Spring/Summer 2012 Nails
Shoes: LaRoo | Sparta Pumps *NEW*
Pose: *Frooti