I don’t really, well they’re ok… gives me a chance to get on and blog, and considering the amount of sleep I didn’t get last night, it’s nice to look presentable in ONE world ūüėõ

Belleza @ WCF!

This is Mya! She’s new from Belleza at the Whore Couture Fair Monthly Edition! ¬†Isn’t she PRETTY? It’s not often I wear a skin that’s so vibrant and made up, at least not for long, but this is just delicious! ¬†She comes in an array of tones and each with it’s own various options for brow etc. ¬† You get an alternate set of lips too. WEE! ¬† I’m wearing it with a stunning pair of IKON eyes, they are so pretty, quite close to my own eyes.. but not quite. ¬†Hmmm.

LoTD - FaMESHed Style

FaMESHed has kicked off again, woot woot. ¬† Here I am in an ensemble of goodies you can find there. ¬† We have both a Graphic Sweater and a Studded Mini from Cracked Mirror, each come in different graphics/colours for your mix match pleasure, and of course, standard sizing. ¬† I love how the shirt hangs around your midrift baring just that little bit of flesh while looking all casual and cool. ¬†Pair it with the skirt and you’ve got cute AND sexy! ¬† With stud detail around the pocketual area (it’s a word, shut up) and then if you throw in the wonderous boots from Fanatik, you have yourself a grand look. ¬†The boots come with a both a resize HUD and if you get the fatpack, a hud for the colours, saves you having a billion boots, amirite?!

Either way, this is my look of the day and I hope you like it!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available!

Happy Monday!

Not often you see me call Monday happy… but when you have new goodies, when ISN’T the day happy?!

A new round of FaMESHed has started and it is FULL to the brim with gorgeous goodies, this dress I am wearing whilst showcasing the new Diesel Works prop is D I V I N E! ¬†It comes in four colours, and I will be going back to get more than jus this one, for sure.. and it has spikes on the boobs, what more could a girl ask for?! ¬†Fanatik have done a wonderful job with it, also available is a new hair from Alice Project, it’s a longer style with a bit of a dreamy feel, so i felt with the prop and the hair, I had to wear one of my new Mesh Heads from Fashionably Dead that I got at The Arcade! ¬†It just seemed to fit.

New @ Diesel Works

The Nightingales Sorrow is one of two new props, there is also a Gold “Glee” one too, but I liked the darker looking one. ¬†It comes with a huge array of poses, all very moving and all seem to tell a tale. ¬†You will have to click through for the bigger picture to see them all reasonably well, but I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed if (when!!) you buy it. ¬†I absolutely adore it!! ¬†It really does match the head, doesn’t it?!

Diesel Works - Prop Collage

Also new from FaMESHed are these Tweed and Leather Jackets from Erratic, if there isn’t a colour here you like, you need your eyes testing! ¬†Whether you want a pure Black one, a bit of a girly Pink one or a bright Yellow one, I’m pretty sure there is something here for everyone. ¬†Some amazing mesh and texturing work from Erratic on these, and such a selection too! ¬† I wore mine with another Head from Fashionably Dead at The Arcade and a huge Truth Braid!

New @ Erratic

I’ve been trying to feature more furnishings lately, it’s something I do love, I just never think my pictures do the items justice, but I am going to try anyway. ¬†Prism, whom I featured yesterday, are here again today! ¬†This time with a few of the items from their Southern Living Set!

You can get an array of products, but I really love these two chairs, the padded seats look SO comfortable and everything is so well textured. ¬†They come in three colours and each one has a matching rug you can purchase too! ¬†Of course they are animated, so you won’t sink half way through the chair if you sit on it, you’ll look neat and tidy and like a lady (or a gent)

Southern Living @ Prism

Matching Rocking Chairs are also available, and this gorgeous sideboard style chest seat thinger! ¬†Yeah, I am good with words. ¬†I said it yesterday, and I say it again, Prism is one of those stores where you are guaranteed to find SOMETHING you love, they cater for all tastes with a huge array of items. ¬† These items are quite “oldy worldy” in my opinion, something a little more refined, but how can you resist when they are so gorgeous?!

Southern Living @ Prism


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page if available