Eye Eyeeeeeee!

New eyes and a look of the day for you! I wanted to take some new makeuppy stuff too, but ALAS, SL is being a bunghole, so nope!

New @ IKON!

First up we have a whole bunch of new eyes from IKON found at the Numerology event, being hosted/run by Covert Affairs!!!    I have blogged them in looks for a couple days now, but finally got around to snapping the whole lot, you will have to click through to view larger to see them in all their glory, but I do love me some eyes, and I do love me some IKON, so all is good!   Whether you want some haunting light eyes, or deep dark eyes, there is something for everyone here with regular colours and a venture into the world of purples and plums!

LoTD - 19/06/13

I’m rather in love with my look of the day!  Something simple, and cute!   The dungarees/overalls I fell in love with at Collabor88 from FD and had to buy, then I didn’t know what to wear them with!   So just browsing marketplace for “rigged mesh” I found these gorgeous shoes that come with a huge intricate HUD, so you can change anything and everything almost, never heard of the store dEEr, but I like ’em.   Everything else is something I’ve already worn/blogged at one point, so full credits below ❤


Hair: Mina | Silvia (Smooth)
Eyes: IKON | Ascension Eyes |
Skin: Glam Affair | Summer | America 03 B – Summerfest ’13
Tank: fri.day | Traveler’s Tank | Gray
Dungarees: Fashionably Dead (FD) | Overalls | Faded – C88
Shoes: deeR | Higher Vulcan Shoes – Marketplace
Pose: Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available (if not, poke at me!)

Oops… I did it again…

I finally got The Arcade and went slightly mental, especially with the FD BB Head Gatcha, BUT I JUST LOVE THEM!

FD @ The Arcade SL

Click through for large picture

First off, I think I got the heads, second off… yes I seem to have a problem with knowing when to stop, but hey! It’s fun! (incidently if you want any of these heads, there are plenty of spares for sale in my skydome, for cost price LOL) but just LOOK at them, ugh they are just so much pure love and talent right there.  Toast has always been someone I admire greatly from a far (I even had her in my skybox once in 2005 I think!!) and she oozes talent, I went mental for her heads last time, and again it appears I couldn’t stop myself.   I don’t use them as often as I sure but I really appreciate the workmanship in them, and they are just fantastic!  Each head  comes with clickable options including tone, texture even shiny for the skins, and then you get eye colours to choose from, you can even change the ears on the rares, so there is plenty of choice.    I now need to buy some more FD skins so that the tones match a bit better, but who would say no to that?!   The Rares include cat, deer, nymph, pixie, mouse (that bugger took me about 5000millllllion to find) and bunny… and the “normal” are just as fookin’ adorable!!! Especially crosseyed and bumpkin!!!!   I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

LoTDish.... 05/03/13

Also available at The Arcade SL is this lovely hair from Truth, I’m usually not fussed too much about what colour I get, but different colours come with different headbands, so I guess I’ll be trotting back for more of these babies! SIGH!    The skin is also found there, this is one of the gorgeous Glam Affair Luria Skins, another machine that I will be plunging repeated lindens into in a futile attempt to treat them like Pokemon and catch them all!!!

The gorgeous dress is from Sakide, really lovely mesh item, textured beautifully and is among a million and four things you can find out at Sakide, one of my fave stores.   Kinu is always releasing new stuffs for events and just for the store, it’s all really reasonably priced and there is something for everyone, without a shadow of a doubt (except maybe boys.. stinky stinky boys!)

This won’t be the last Arcade post from me, I’m sure, but for now I think I need to nurse my wallet, or find me a sugar daddy!!!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location page, unless linked.

Baby, it’s cold outside..

.. and what better to warm your cockles than a new round of C88?! I’ve mixed and matched a few items here, so bear with me (I also used the new LL Beta Viewer to try out pics, not convinced yet but who knows, I like being to use ambient occlusion again!)

I found a doorway, was it to Narnia?  It was to MY Narnia, or was that Nirvana? I wish it was THE Nirvana, but ho hum, you can’t work miracles, or can you?

Trompe Loeil - My Door to Narnia

This is my new, and wonderful home, the one the door leads to, or from.. depends on which way you’re going, I suppose.  It’s the new Frostbite Cottage from Trompe Loeil for this months Collabor88 and boy oh boy, it’s a beaut!  It’s mesh (obvs) and CUTE. LOOK AT IT.   It’s not huge inside, more like a hideaway cabin, but I love that it comes with it’s own fresh snow and snow covered pine trees, and inside a beautiful fire to warm you up!   I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of Trompe Loeil, I almost squee’d my pants when I saw this, true story.

Trompe Loeil @ C88

Circa also have a lot of hoilday items out at the minute, including an advent calender too!   This fireside table and comfy looking chair are among my favourite of the larger items, so I positioned them careful so I could stare out of the window, incase there were.. you know.. vampires or wolves about… so I could just get naked and wait.. figure out how to protect myself.

Circa Stuffs

Circa meets Trompe Loeil here!  The other C88 items from the Trompe include chairs, and a loveseat, in various colours to match the palette.  They are comfy, and gorgeous and are definitely something you want in your little loveshack or getaway.  I paired them up with a cute frosted mirror, and a few hanging pine decorations as well as a celestial side table and a noel candle decoration item from Circa!  I couldn’t find my table, so it lives on the floor, you’ll understand, right?   You have to visit both C88 and Circa to get your hands on these babies!

Circa meets Trompe Loeil

Here is a little something I threw together with some close ups of the gorgeous array of Circa going on in my Frostbite Cottage!  You’ll agree it’s all adorable and it’s the little touches that make it worthwhile!

Yule @ Circa
Now onto my other fave thing.. My C88 LoTD!!!  I do love when a new round starts and I can play dress up for a while, especially because I love everything at C88, always, without exception (ok a few times there are exceptions, but not often!).  Fashionably Dead came up with a GREAT item/s this time around!  You get cute lil collared long sleeve dresses and Sweaters that fit over them! LIKE SNUG FIT!! Ugh so in love, you can wear as separates too, but I love that these fit together like a jigsaw, LOVE!   I chose the yellowy colour and paired it with a black sweater, to compliment my Vail boots from Hucci! Shown here in Midnight, also available in Alpine, that is referring to the fur colour!  Also worn is one of the 2 new Wasabi Pills styles.  This is version 2, which comes in a lil pony, version 1 is free flowing down your back! Both very gorgeous.

LoTD - 08/12/12 - C88 Style

Also worn are the gorgeous mesh La Gyo earrings, and of course, one of the new 3 Frostbite Glam Affair Skins! La Gyo have various items out for your perusal, but I love these earrings! So cute and colour change too! YAY!   The skins, as you can imagine, made me fall in love.  You can get the three looks shown below, I don’t know how you’d manage just one tho!  I wouldn’t be able to resist the rosy cheeks, the icey eyes or the kissable gloss on any of the three!

Glam Affair @ C88 - Dec

More to come on Collabor88, but I hope you liked the above items for now! Except this tree, which is so cute it deserves to be here (Circa.. go! NOW!)

Circa Tree

*SLURLS, if available, are on the store locations page 

Happy Monday!

Not often you see me call Monday happy… but when you have new goodies, when ISN’T the day happy?!

A new round of FaMESHed has started and it is FULL to the brim with gorgeous goodies, this dress I am wearing whilst showcasing the new Diesel Works prop is D I V I N E!  It comes in four colours, and I will be going back to get more than jus this one, for sure.. and it has spikes on the boobs, what more could a girl ask for?!  Fanatik have done a wonderful job with it, also available is a new hair from Alice Project, it’s a longer style with a bit of a dreamy feel, so i felt with the prop and the hair, I had to wear one of my new Mesh Heads from Fashionably Dead that I got at The Arcade!  It just seemed to fit.

New @ Diesel Works

The Nightingales Sorrow is one of two new props, there is also a Gold “Glee” one too, but I liked the darker looking one.  It comes with a huge array of poses, all very moving and all seem to tell a tale.  You will have to click through for the bigger picture to see them all reasonably well, but I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed if (when!!) you buy it.  I absolutely adore it!!  It really does match the head, doesn’t it?!

Diesel Works - Prop Collage

Also new from FaMESHed are these Tweed and Leather Jackets from Erratic, if there isn’t a colour here you like, you need your eyes testing!  Whether you want a pure Black one, a bit of a girly Pink one or a bright Yellow one, I’m pretty sure there is something here for everyone.  Some amazing mesh and texturing work from Erratic on these, and such a selection too!   I wore mine with another Head from Fashionably Dead at The Arcade and a huge Truth Braid!

New @ Erratic

I’ve been trying to feature more furnishings lately, it’s something I do love, I just never think my pictures do the items justice, but I am going to try anyway.  Prism, whom I featured yesterday, are here again today!  This time with a few of the items from their Southern Living Set!

You can get an array of products, but I really love these two chairs, the padded seats look SO comfortable and everything is so well textured.  They come in three colours and each one has a matching rug you can purchase too!  Of course they are animated, so you won’t sink half way through the chair if you sit on it, you’ll look neat and tidy and like a lady (or a gent)

Southern Living @ Prism

Matching Rocking Chairs are also available, and this gorgeous sideboard style chest seat thinger!  Yeah, I am good with words.  I said it yesterday, and I say it again, Prism is one of those stores where you are guaranteed to find SOMETHING you love, they cater for all tastes with a huge array of items.   These items are quite “oldy worldy” in my opinion, something a little more refined, but how can you resist when they are so gorgeous?!

Southern Living @ Prism


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page if available

My oh my…

.. I have been a bad BAD girl.  I vowed I wouldn’t visit The Arcade today, I’d give it a few days to calm down, of course I didn’t stick to that! SO.. I made a new vow as soon as I landed.. I wouldn’t spend tons of money, I would have max of 4 goes on any machine I played, I faired well to start with, moving on despite not getting what I really wanted… then I reached both the Schadenfreude and Fashionably Dead machines.  I haven’t managed to collect all of the cute dolls from Schadenfreude yet, but I did, after dropping SO much more money than I intended to in the machine, get all but ONE of the Mesh Heads from Fashionably Dead… It’s like a disease, once I see something I want, I have to get it and I wanted the VAMP head, which of course was a Rare, the rares churned out, I ended up with 8 spare rares in total (all gone, sorry!) but NO VAMP! ARGH! I had to leave, or i’d be spending my entire months tier there… I left and then my good friend Katya imed me and said she’d found me a trade!!!  I LEAPED back onto the laptop and traded my little heart out, and now, I think (I could be wrong, please don’t tell me if I am, I CAN’T GO BACK! EDIT: I missed a couple out.. I found the pics on my HD after I did the collage LOL) I have them all, so I couldn’t help but come and make a little post to say that The Arcade is WONDERFUL this time around, same as last time, and these Mesh Heads by Toast are just one of the few amazing items you can obsess over for a while… you should visit ❤

Fashionably Dead @ The Arcade


They might not be everyones cup of tea, but they are stunning, each of them comes with four tones (skins can be found at the FD store to match if you need them) and several eye colours, you can also tint them and even add shine if it’s something your heart desires!  I can go to bed a happy girl… tonight at least ❤


Hellooooo, it’s friday, YAY!  For lots of people this means end of the work week, beginning of the weekend, for me?  FLF!  I haven’t done the FLF rounds fully yet but Conspiracy Theory have their first skybox out!!  Ewan has two items for offer for this weeks FLF!  There is the Camelot Skybox, and the Watergate Office Chair!

The skybox is quite small, but big enough to make an office (with the chair) or a lil room for one.. pop a bed in there, and a sink, and a table and bobs your uncle! Or…  just have it as a lil hang out!  It’s got a bit of a rustic feel about it and is really rather pretty!

Conspiracy Theory @ FLF

The chair is rideable, which means you can sit on it and navigate, it comes with 3 poses and you can also change the colour, weeee!

For my LoTD today I wanted to go cute!

LoTD - 14/09/12

My top is new from Haste and is the Kangaroo Tube Top! It comes in many colours and a few with motifs on, I chose the “Like A Sir” one, because well.. I like it! I paired it with the new CandyDoll Cosita Ripped Jeans! These are lovely and make my ass look nice and pert, which is always good! I topped it off with one of the several C88 hairs from FD and the cuteeeee gatcha ears from Auxiliary for The Arcade!

The Arcade isn’t open yet, but oh my god, people… when it is? I am going SO BROKE! I am not an official blogger (yes I cried about it, boo hoo.. I was so hopeful! DREAMS SHOT DOWN yadda yadda etc etc grumble whinge over it) but I can’t wait to visit!! It’s going to be swapsie/money spending land up in hurrrr.

Hair: (fd) | Classic Girly | Blonde 1 (C88)
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise
Ears: Auxiliary | Gacha Mouse Ears | Platinum RARE (The Arcade)
Skin: LAQ | Linnea | Peach | 02
Necklace: Flightless | Deer Bead Necklace | Oak (The Arcade)
Top: Haste | Kangaroo Tube Top | Like a Sir
Jeans: CandyDoll | Cosita Ripped Jeans | Shade 2
Shoes: Izzies | Flower Flats | White

A Lil Mishy Mashy!

Hiii all,

I popped on this AM before work and the school run to pick up the Collabor88 goodies and I was NOT disappointed, this won’t be my only C88 post, but it is my first!

I think I purchased nearly everything this time around, and I still have to go back and make sure I don’t want anything else!!  The first thing that caught my eye in this look were the Sheggings!  LOL Sorry, I love that world.  I mean the Short/Legging combo from Fashionably Dead!  These are available in an array of short colours, and I think, if I remember… 5 different colour of legging combo PER colour of short!  So thats like 25 options.. or thereabouts.  At only $L88 these Mesh babies are a steal!  I did have trouble with the sizings, but nothing a tiny bit of tweaking did not fix ❤

I think moved along to the Hair, and this is the beautiful offering from Ploom!  I got it in three diff colour packs, my dipped being the fav for this look!  It’s mesh and comes with flower attachments too.

C88 - Mishy McMash!

I think moved on to the skin from Illusory, I always love these, so it’s always a squee moment when I pick another one up!!  Basic, but beautiful.  I didn’t mention up there but the theme was Daydream, and this is daydreamy for sure!  The Kyoot tops, as always are effin adorable!  They come in a variety of soft, gorgeous colours and are a perfect addition to the FD pants, or any other pants you may own!  I paired everything with the Yummy Feather Necklace and thought hmmm what else do I need?

C88 - Mishy McMash2!

I figured I never normally wear tats often, so I dug out my Culture Shock purchase from RezIpsa Loc, the Sacred Heart Tattoo and snuck that in for the picture too!  Finally, the boots you see are my newest Marketplace obsession, *DL*.  It was only yesterday I purchased 6 pairs of these Mesh boots, along with various hoodies and cute AV’s and then Tyr (of Aura fame) mentioned on plurk that Dirty Lynx was one of her fav, underrated stores, it was eerie as i’d only just purchased all my stuff!  Anyway, the links for everything is below, enough waffle ❤

Eyes: IKON | Sunrise Eyes | Pale Verdigris
Hair: .ploom. | Daydream | Dipped (C88)
Skin: Illusory | Love_Milk | Daydream (C88)
Tattoo: RezIpsa Loc | Sacred Heart Tattoo | Full (Culture Shock)
Shirt: Kyoot | Soft Heart Cropped Top | Mint (C88)
Necklace: Yummy | Featherweight Necklace (C88)
Trousers:  Fashionably Dead (FD) | Daydream Shorts | Gray + Chemicals (MESH) (C88)
Boots: *DL* | Baggers Ladies | Mesh Boots | Skull (MESH)

TP to Collabor88 – Any other SLURLS are linked above ❤