Happy Halloween!

Happy 31st October, GUYS!!! I haven’t been in SL much the past few days, but I did take this pic a couple days ago and wanted to blog it, and today it seems fitting!

Have a great Halloween and enjoy yourselves, whether you’re hiding indoors like me (my kids are away with my parents *tear*) or you’re out roaming the streets trying to work out if you have an actual toffee apple, or an onion dipped in chocolate!

Rawr... or somethingCredits

Hair: Alice Project | Willow
Eyes: FATEeyes
Skin: Nomine | Vampire Skin | Lunch
Mouth: Gauze | Nightmare
Collar: Black Widow *Costume Ball*

It’s not FAIR!

Au contraire!  It totes is!

On September 22nd CHIC Management is going to open it’s doors once again to a new, monthly event!   Unlike any event thus far that I have seen, the theme will revolve around “time”.   Each designer taking inspiration from one of the 24 hours of the day!

Why is it called Fair?  Because Chic is pounding home their Fair Pricing Policy.. so these items won’t be reduced in price, discounted heavily, or free… the designers will be charging what they believe “fair” for their work!  I think it’s a wonderful idea, and I hope you guys will support it!

There will be resident brands, and monthly guests along with a monthly free gift, after this intial kick off date the event will open on the 3rd Saturday of each calender month and each month is promised (hopefully) to be a mix of clothing, hair, skins, furnishings, jewellery, poses and MORE! (we want shoes!).

These are all the details public at the moment, as soon as I know the SLURL and the major deets, I will be bringing them to you!  Be sure to check out the subscriber group in world too, just search “FAIR”!

Coming Soon - Fair - Chic Management
Just a lil sneak peek… these earrings are by Stargazer, which I believe is the provider of the free monthly gift!!  They are just divine, so well done with all the teeny tiny details!   The bustier you can see is from a delightful Purple Moon Creations dress available, and more will come soon ❤

**Hair | Elikatira ** Skin | Izzies **

LoTD 20-09-12!

This is my look de jour!  I am loving this dark gothy makeup on the TDR skin from YS & YS, so I thought it would look good with the new Sn@tch Wendy Calico Skirt!  Which I accidently purchased in small, sooo if I look slimmer than usual, that’s why!!!   Then I wondered what I could put with them to complete the look!  The Cropped Sweater from Shabby Cat won in the top stakes, and the GOS Triumph Boots in the feet stakes… as for the hair, I am still digging my new Action do!

LoTD - 20/09/12

That is it for my LoTD today!


Hair:  Action | Stefani | Ombre V1
Skin:  YS & YS | Alice | Dark (TDR)
Eyes:  FATEeyes
Top:  Shabby Cat | Cropped Sweater | Black
Skirt:  Sn@tch | Wendy Calico Skirt | Rust
Boots:  GOS | Triumph
Pose:  *Frooti

LoTD – 17/08/12

It’s been a while since I’ve done a plain old look of the day because there have been SO many great releases, but I was loving this look, so here we are!

LoTD - 17/08/12

Hair: Clawtooth | Bon Voyage | Wheat *50FLF ITEM*
Eyes: FATEeyes
Skin: Izzie’s | Estella | Nude – Lemon Eyeshadows – Nude Lips
Dress: Mon Tissu | Frock Dress | Ditsy Floral
Necklace: HANDverk | Pearl Necklace | Pink *L’Accessories*
Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet | Rigged
Pose: Adorkable Poses


YAYY! I am free from work (like paid work, not mummy/house related work, sadly) for TWO WEEKS!!!   I won’t be around next week, as I am away on my Hols!  But I have a couple of things for you now 😀

First up we have some new track pants from Etam! I reviewed one of their hoodies a while back, and it was fabuuuulous, because it was colour change via hud and just.. unf, I loved it!  I am loving these track pants now!  They come in 4 styles: rolled up, right rolled up, left rolled up, and rolled down.  You can change the colour of each stripe on the leg (3 of them) individually, cuffs, beads and grommets by clicking the individual parts on the HUD you get.   There 5 colours of pant: Black, Red, Blue, Green and Grey and the colour change “bits” come in a variety of colours!

Etam - Track Pants

** Hair | CaTwA ** Top | Plastik ** Poses | Frooti **

Next up we have a new dress and two new hairs!  This is the Gambit – Wilde dress by The Plastik and is available at the Fashion Voodoo event!  It’s a beautiful mesh dress that fits snug as a bug in a rug, and I love the texturing on it, a lil bit different, not quite camo, not splotches, not animal print.. unique!  The hair I am wearing is one of CaTwA’s new mesh releases and I am in LOVE!  This Bella, she’s a windswept beauty!   The thing I love love LOVE about this is that packs come roughly in about 5 shades, each with roots and every style (well ok both of these) get a HUD with ALL the colours, both rooted and normal, and parts of the hair you can change to these colours! I chose to make mine a tad lighter in this picture, its only a few strands at the front, but it makes a lovely difference!

CaTwA! - New

Below is Erika, another new CaTwA meshy!   This also has the same HUD as Bella, but this time I opted NOT to change it, as it changed the front quiff bit and the strands by the ears, and I prefer this one all one colour. Each pack is around $L250, some come with more colours, like the colour/punks pack and the blacks/whites are together in a pack too!  Nice to see another hair maker switching to mesh, I am excited to see more!

CaTwA! - New!


I got my hairs on the Marketplace, so here is your link to that: CaTwA Marketplace.


LoTD – 25/07/12 annnd some CRAZY!

First let’s do the Crazy.  I’ve seen a few people on the fence about these skins, I think they’re kinda cute… in teh right situation! The Glam Affair – Roza – Crazy Skins are only available at the Gallery Gift Shop and you get all three versions for $L499!  Perfect for those situations.. where you want diff coloured eyebrows. OR OR OR.. if you have long bangs and can’t see your eyebrows, you get some really swish makeups to wear, like, if the colours aren’t your thing! ❤


Hair: Shag | Exile | Wasabi Pills – Eyes: FATEeyes

Then we have my LoTD – I have gone Chronokit CRAZY again! Well, I mean I’m only really “wearing” one thing, and it’s from there, so if that’s crazy.. then.. it is. (I’ve been up since 4.30am shhhh)!! Love this coat, and you can get fur addons, come winter i’ll be toasty warm!  Also yes, I am naked under it 😀



Hair:  LOQ | Whisky II | Pink *TDRb ITEM*
Eyes:  FATEeyes
Skin:  Aura | Briar | Grass | Milk
Coat:  Chronokit | Mods Coat | Pink
Pose:  Adorkable Poses *ZODIAC ITEM*

LoTD – 21/07/12

Just a look of the day today, nothing fancy in the pants except my actual pants, I wanted to try something… baggier, so I did. THE END.

LoTD - 21/07/12


Hair: Wasabi Pills | Megan | Wild Honey
Eyes: FATEeyes
Skin: Curio | Petal | FrexLight | Summer | Wild Strawberry (with facepaint from Truth)
Top: Chronokit | Summer Cardigan | Black
Tank: Chronokit | Tanktop02 | Printed Cow
Pants: Chronokit | Culottes Sarrouel Pants | Yellow
Boots: J’s | Studded Long Boots
Pose: *Frooti

LoTD – 19/07/12

I wanted to go for something a lil… different today, and I finally tracked down something on Marketplace I saw on someone FOREVER ago but they tped before I could harass them. YAY!

It’s something a lil cyber, a lil darker, not pink, not frilly…. just.. sexy!  You can’t see from the pics, but the teal/light coloured stripes all over the mesh items actually moves, like a little LED light whizzing about.

LoTD - 19/07/12

I actually super love it.

LoTD - 19/07/12


LoTD - 19/07/12


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ | Teeloh Mesh Hair | Storm
Skin: Glam Affair | GiO | Black Snow
Eyes: FATEeyes
Outfit: Sn@tch PVC Suit | Black ** ROSAL | Viron Mesh Corset | Black ** ROSAL | Viron Mesh Neck | Black ** ROSAL | Viron Thigh Boots | Black

LoTD – 18/07/12

Guten Morgen, muh peeps!

Just a general LoTD today using a few bits I have acquired in the last 24hrs!

LoTD - 18/07/12

First off… ELIKATIRA HAIR.. NEW!! But it’s not out yet MUHAHAHA, this is just a teaser Elika threw at me (woman is always throwing things) and she said I could use it in a post and I squee’d like an idiot! It’s beauuuutttiful! The dress is the My Second Box item from Aura and is just lovely, very boho… loving the pinkness of it and i’m not a huge pink fan! Also trawled J’s for the first time in FOREVER on the Marketplace thanks to Asthenia and her post on J’s new boots! and I found a few pairs of Mesh items from him i’d never seen, so I snapped them up. These Lace Ribbon Sandals were just one of many pairs I splurged on, really lovely!

That’s about it!


Hair:  Elikatira | Spark | Brown 01 *COMING SOON*
Skin:  Izzie’s | Estella | Pale (with Pink Lip and Plum Eyeshadow tattoos)
Eyes: FATEeyes
Dress:  Aura | Summer Fun | Short | Pink *MY SECOND BOX ITEM*
Shoes:  J’s | Lace Ribbon Sandals | Beige
Pose:  fri.day


Just a simple LoTD today, casual, light, airy… a bit like my brain atm.

LoTD - 17/07/12

I adore this hair from Exile (from the Hair Fair right now!).  It’s so beautiful with it’s optional seashell, starfish and pearl headband!  It’s mesh you crazy kids, so be sure to demo.

LoTD - 17/07/12 Close Up


Hair: Exile | Sea of Love | Honeycomb *HAIR FAIR 2012 ITEM*
Eyes: FATEeyes
Skin: Izzie’s | Dailyn | Pale
Top: Mon Tissu | So Boho Blouse | Cream
Shorts: Surf Couture | Beachgrass Cutoffs | Mint *FLF ITEM*
Pose: *Frooti