Sunday Stuffs

Hello, and happy Sunday… I have a LoTD for you today, and a few lil random bits that I have been meaning to show for a while now, and not a whiff of an event in sight… much ūüėÄ

Prism is one of those stores that has a bit of everything, ¬†whether you want full sets for your living room, or little knick knacks to place about the house, Lilly really does cater for all tastes, and all occasions… Christmas is no exception! ¬†These are just a handful of the Christmas/Yule items you can find at Prism this year. ¬† The gorgeous bench comes with both couples and singles poses, and as you can see it comes with snow built in, and the cute lampost with wreath. ¬† If you want your wreath separate, you can find many different styles from traditional pine to¬†poinsettia, with bells and more! ¬†The angels are just divine, them come as the pair both holding their own mini wreaths, and of course Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Poinsettia in a pot! ¬† Make sure you get on over to Prism and check everything out!

Christmas @ Prism

Breno is a new store to me, I came across the flickrstream and fell in love, I have been trying to put together a look with one of their prefabs but I haven’t managed to perfect one yet, so instead here is a lil peek at two of the wonderful items they do! ¬†These space invader wall art pictures as sooooo cute! ¬†They are only 1 prim each and a steal at $L49, whether you just want something a lil different, or you’re a sci-fi geek, you’ll love these! ¬† Also something I fell in love with was the Cloud 9 Lamp! ¬†It hangs from the ceiling and is just gorgeous. ¬†The lamp is scripted to give you complete control over the look so you can adjust the Intensity, glow, color and other settings too, and it’s resizable! ¬† Do love this store, keep an eye out for more awesome stuff very soon!


My look of the day today is simple and casual, and I had to work a look around these super Arm Socks that Shabby Cat released in both Black and White! ¬†A different take on the traditional arm warmer, these are fantastic! ¬†I paired them with nearly an entire look from SAKIDE including a knitted mesh tee, corduroy jeans and black biker boots! ¬† The top I love because it’s so simple and comfy looking, the jeans come in an array of colours and you get both cuffed and non cuffed version to choose from, and the boots… what can I say? I love a good black boot! ¬† Both Shabby Cat and SAKIDE are releasing so many awesome items lately, it’s hard to keep up, but I’m always super excited for the next release! ¬† I am still wearing my Morgan hair from Wasabi Pills and the skin is the new Sunny skin from MONS! More about that below.

LoTD - 02/12/12

Here are the colours of Arm Sock available, in the black pack! ¬†You can mix and match it to almost any outfit, I’m sure… except perhaps that slinky evening gown ūüėõ

Colours of Arm Socks @ Shabby Cat

MONS new skin, Sunny.. is a freckled affair! ¬†Of course you don’t have to have the freckles, there is a freckleless version available and each makeup comes with two cleavage options as well as with/without freckles! ¬† The eyes on this skin are lovely! With four different types of liner, ¬†they make your eyes stand out, in the most subtle of ways, and each skin has a plain style lip, very neutral looking, nothing too over the top. ¬†There are makeups available, so you don’t have to stay a semi plain jane. ¬† Each skin also comes with a variety of brow options too, something for everyone, yay!

New @ Mons

*SLURLS on Store Locations Page

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Morgan | Wild Honey *FaMESHed*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Skin: MONS | Sunny | Light | Spring *NEW*
Shirt: SAKIDE | Open Knitted Tee | Sand
Arm Socks: Shabby Cat | Arm Socks | Black & Blue
Jeans: SAKIDE | Slim Corduroy Jeans | Black
Boots: SAKIDE | Leather Army Boots
Pose: *Frooti

Lil bit of this…

lil bit of that… I have fallen behind with my blogging, damn rl! Anyway…

Tomorrow marks the new round of FAIR! ¬†This gorgeous hat/hair combo will be available from Monso, along with this coffee bean necklace you can see! ¬†The necklace is from Izzies and it comes as a set, there are bracelets included and a different necklace too, one more “Classy” affair, this is the casual! ¬†They are really adorable, both the items. ¬†The hat/hair is a SQUEEE point with me cos the top looks a lil like cat ears and I love quirky things like that! The workmanship on the necklace is also amazing, as it is on the rest of the set too! You’ll love them.

Coming to FAIR...

Leafy has this stunning set of Marionette skins out! ¬†Aren’t they just the most BEAUTIFUL!? ¬†You can get each of the four with different brows and a browless option, and I think I am in LOVE. ¬†I have to get a look put together for these so I can use them again and again and AGAIN! ¬† I love that two of them come with the different coloured eyes, then the blue eyes then the gorgeous smokey eyes! Just adorable, the lips on leafy skins look so great too and the NOSE… oh I love this nose.

New @ Leafy

Eyes | .ID. ** Hair | Ploom

Finally Digs has a new set out, this is the Rae Living Set, not all the pieces are shown, just a showcase of some of them! I must say I am rather taken with the lamps! I did rez them all and think… where are the lampshadesssss? then I realised they were SUPPOSED to be shadeless! ¬†I LOVE THEMMMMM! Oh god I do. ¬† I have the set out in “Fawn” but you can get it in various colours to compliment your living area.

You can get the rose picture you see, the end table, the trio of lamps, the room divider, the ottoman, the lounger (packed FULL of singles and couples anims, including some with props!), the coffee table and a gothic mirror (not shown).  All are high quality pieces that are super duper low prim so you can cram as much awesome in as possible! YAYYYYUH!

New @ Digs

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations page… if you notice any errors or want your store or any of your favs adding, please do feel free to comment or hollah at me! ‚̧

New @ Prism!

Hi guys!

Prism recently released a buttload of new items! ¬†They are all from the “Flanagan” Range, which is a gorgeous, homely, autumunous (it’s a word, don’t check.. IT IS) collection of goodies. ¬†There are OODLES of pieces in the range for you to mix and match to your hearts content.

I have done a couple of collages to try and show case as many pieces as possible but I have by no means snapped them all!

New @ Prism 2

The Grandfather Clock might be my favourite piece, the workmanship on it and detail are simply amazing. ¬† It also works, which is a bonus! ¬† The decor is maybe not something you will find in every SL furniture shop, it’s classic, timeless pieces like the old wireless radio, candlesticks atop the roaring fire and beautiful cameo style vases.

Another fav piece of mine has to be the Bonsai Garden that I placed on the centre table, it’s lovely and just adds that perfect ambience to the whole room. ¬†It’s the little details in the items that make me smile, from the studs on the chairs/loungers to the glass on the clock, the cameo detailing on the vases to the flawless textures on the runners that adorn the fireplace, foostool and table, Lilly does amazing work on her pieces and these are exquisite! ¬† Remember I haven’t shown everything and you can find a link to the Prism blog under the Store Locations page, which showcases the full range. ¬†I don’t know about you but I feel terribly cozy just looking at these pictures!

New @ Prism

The house in the pictures is by Funky Junk and all SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page at the top of the blog ‚̧

Prism Furniture

This is a relatively new store, infact Lilly (the owner) said she has only been around about 4 months! I own a couple of little bits and bobs, because she makes some super cute items… today I show you a few more of those super cute items! ¬†As always you can click through the pictures to get bigger ones or hit the flickr button on the top right of the blog.

Prism offers a lot of knick knacks as well as bigger items, and cater for a wide range of tastes.  This Autumn Nights Gossip Bench and Bookcase are just two of a rather large selection, and is part of an ongoing Autumn Nights set that Prism is doing.

Prism - 1

The wood is a dark walnut type, so might look better in a well light room, unlike mine ūüėÄ ¬†But I think it looks great anyway, with a morning ray of sun shining through. ¬†The details on the objects are amazing, and all the bits and bobs you see are available separately, but the bookcase comes with a bunch too! ¬†The Gossip Bench comes with several sits, a working lamp, a newspaper, book, glasses and one of the items I fell in love with, bird sculptures!

Prism - 2

The collage above is a bit of everything you can see/get, from the wonderful (my fav!!) bird sculptures (two kinds!), to the old style brass telephone.  Baskets to store your items in in both large and small sizes that fit neatly into place to a lil basket in the nook of the Gossip Bench with a food magazine (the little touches make me smile).  The Globe Timer is another fav piece of mine, so simple yet so effective at making a talking piece!  There are many goodies to be found at Prism, this is only the beginning!

You can also check out their website which is linked on the Store Location Page for a better idea of what you might find, you’ll be surprised, find a treasure.. visit! ‚̧

Ohhh so comfy!!

I’ve known Mainit sometime in SL now, and have always thought he had oodles of talent, we might not speak much, but his flickr and artwork… and primwork speak volumes. ¬† My theory has proved correct time and time again and now… I am in awe!

Released just a few days ago was the De’Loire set from Baustein, his ever growing store, and I am in love, srsly. LOVE. ¬† I’m afraid my pictures do the set no justice, as I couldn’t get the lighting or effects correct, so I apologise for that.

De'Loire Set - Baustein


The set comes with all the pieces shown, all copy and mod! ¬† The chairs comes with two options, filigree on the arms.. and not. ¬† It’s just beautiful, the fact you can copy/mod it is just… a complete seller for me. ¬† Also, the whole lot, is only 67 prims when out! YEAH! I KNOW!!!

It has so many options too! ¬†Tons of poses to choose from, and the ottoman has a blanket on it with a texture change option, including a transparent one if you don’t want the blanket! ¬† ¬†You can’t see it in this light but the fireplace lights up beautifully too!

I can bang on about how great the set is all day, but for just $L1200 you can buy your own and copy/mod to your hearts content! ¬† I’m so in love, and can’t wait for Mainit’s next release, if you want to keep up with what Baustein is releasing, be sure to add the blog to your roll!

Visit Baustein in SL.