An Eventful Time!

There are still an abundance of events going on, hell, when ISN’T there an abundance of events going on!?! But some of the best ones I’ve been to are still rocking, and some of the best I have yet to go to… are almost upon us!

First a look at a few bits that are coming up for The Arcade from Sways and Pididdle!

I CANNOT. CAN.NOT with how gorgeous these items from Sway are. These Clocks might actually be some of the best items I’ve seen in SL, ever. The work that must have gone into them is mindblowing. The texturing on them is simply divine and they are the cutest things EVER!!!! There is something for everyone, I believe, that will fit into the decor of anyones room, and if not.. just get them because they are fookin’ adorbs.

Sways @ The Arcade - Coming Soon

There are 10 to collect, each with their own mini theme, moving pendulums and working time, the land impact of these babies is only 5LI too!  I’ve taken a few close up shots of the main feature of the clocks, and I can’t stop looking at it because it’s THAT pretty!!!    I imagine these will be one of the hottest swap/sought after items at The Arcade this round!

Sways @ The Arcade | Close Ups - Coming Soon

Also coming to The Arcade are these wonderful necklaces from Pididdle, you can see the whole collection here and below are a couple The Review Collective was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at!  You can see Holy Water, Silver Glitter, Some Teeth I Found and Butterfly below… I know I’ll be playing till my lindens are GONE to collect all the others especially Dust Bunnies and Last Years Winter!   They come in a cord style necklace and the jar is finished off with a cute bow as you can see, some fine work here guys.

Pididdle @ The Arcade - Coming Soon

Finally a little mini look of the day for you, just to showcase some items from ongoing events, and upcoming ones!   The skin I am wearing is the Essences With Love Hunt 2012 item and she is a beauty!  Saga – With Love ❤ is a pale pink princess, fit for a queen though!   I decided to pair her with the Eku Top from Geometry for UnhingedSL, I Digress Hair from Clawtooth still available at Collabor88 and both the Noodles Hair Clip and BeeHive Antenna from Bees Through the Seasons

Mini LoTD - Events!

I do hope you take a look at the events still going on, you can find details from events i’ve covered on my Store Locations Page along with any SLURL or blog details on them, if available!


Hair: Clawtooth | I Digress | Classic Brunette *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Essences | Saga Skin | With Love Top: Geometry | Eku Crop | Black *UnghingedSL*
Hair Clip: Noodles | Collect Some Honey Hair Clip | Gold *Bees Through the Seasons*
Antenna: BeeHive | Bees Antenna | Black *Bees Through the Seasons*
Pose: *Frooti

Culture Clash at Around The World

Around The World, an event inspired by all the cultures and fashions on our fair planet, is in full swing and packed full of unusual treats. Each region has its own section but, in the spirit of the melting pot that Second Life has become, I have mixed and matched my nationalities to my heart’s content.

Around The World

Above is the Antique Pakistani Furniture available from Senzafine and, to match its abundance of rich colours, the Tango Dress from Has Been. Posing items being, of course, in abundance at Around The World, I’m using one of the Strength mini-set poses from !bang.

Around The World

A little more mellow but no less inviting, the Zen Garden Skybox from Ziau features your very own Zen sandbox and original poetry for your contemplative moments. I’m wearing the Seattle dress from Geometry with the Aussie Ugg Boots by Intrepid and playing about with the African Child and Malkia posing sets from Motionless, which come with a handy HUD version that I’m sure will be every photographer’s delight.

Around The World

For those of us with bulging virtual closets and a hunger for more, you’ll have no trouble keeping your eyes on the prize at Around The World. Above you can see the Fur Poncho on offer from Orquidea, the Say It! New York cropped sweater from Apple May and the My Faithful shirt from Intrepid, all worn with Intrepid’s Patriot Jeans.

These are but a small fraction of the goodies on offer. Around The World has quite the variety, covet-worthy quality and a celebration of the diversity around our world – which, it turns out, can actually be enjoyed all at once. The doors are open until November 29 – grab your shopping cart and go have fun!


..and there are still so many things to buy!!

The new round of FAIR is almost upon us, peeps and let me tell you there are some FANTASTIC items this time around, as with every other time!  Two of my fave items so far to come out of there have to be this fantastic shelf from Cheeky Pea, and the dress from Geometry.   I can’t get enough of this shelf, srsly.  It’s a bit larger than I expected it to be but if I used my noddle and noticed all the awesome stuff on it, I’d have realised!  More about the shelf below, let’s focus a bit on the dress.  It’s SO pretty! I chose the Coral colour to wear, but it’s available in many more, a really slinky but well covered up piece that leaves the imagination ticking but makes you feel incredibly sexy too!

LoTD - 17/11/12

I wore a couple of accessories from HANDverk with my look, their recent release has been centered around Artists goods, ranging from an Easel to a Clutch, these divine Earrings and now this Necklace!   These works of art are truly just that, works of art.   The earrings are little paintbrushes and are available to match the colours of the other releases, and they are only at FaMESHed at the moment,   the necklace has been released for L’Accessories, and it’s a corded style necklace, with the palatte holding it together.  I chose Autumn colours, but there are few to choose from and I doubt you will be disappointed!

New @ Handverk

Back to the shelf! LOOK AT IT! I put together a small collage of the awesome details you can find there.  A row of poloroids for you to fill in with your own memories, including a cute spare peg, jars sliding towards the end of hte shelf, books galore, a lamp that has a plug attached below the shelf to the wall and of course, in a certain state, horseshoes!  It’s full of wonderful little finds and it’s a great centrepiece/discussions piece for any room of the house! Maybe no the toilet tho.

Cheeky Pea @ Fair

Finally, nine… yes NINE new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World!   A variation of styles from long to short, sleek to a bit more bouffant.  These styles work on the Infinity System but each hair comes with a Mini HUD so you get a great option of colours including solids, two-tones and dipped!  I can’t pinpoint my fave because I love them all!  Alice has gone to a lot of work for these event, and that is clear with these gorgeous styles.   Also worn in the picture is the Haste MicroKini available for Around the World!

Alice Project @ Around the World


All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page!


Nobody tell Gus, but I seem to have grown.. a BUMP!  As you can see by my face, the bump seems to suggest I won’t have time to blog! DO NOT PANIC, THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY, just a goofy post, I don’t REALLY have a bump but this gorgeous maternity dress from Geometry kinda makes me want one!!!  It comes in 3 trimester stages and can be found at FaMESHed!!

Also at FaMESHed is this gorgeous hair from LaViere!   I chose the tipped pack, kinda wish I’d gotten more now but HO HUM, still time to go back! It come with normal version and “hat” version, as they have a Beret out for sale too! OOER!


The cute table and blogger office accessories you can see are from What Next! The blogger theme runs through the memo board, the small print on the desk and the pad/pen!  Really cute idea, I do love What Next and the stuff you can get from there!   The two cute piggies you can see are going to be Sway’s items for the Arcade Gacha (3 days left to gooooo guys!) and let me tell you, you will want them ALLLLLL!!!  There are broken piggies and non broken piggies, but the broken are my favs.   They are only 1li and and AND come with tip jar script too!!!  That’s right, everyone over to mine to tip me, the bump and I will need it!

Finally, the skin is from Essences and is one of the new Gacha skins you can find at the main store.  It’s only $L150 per play and there are 6 skins to win! WWWEEEEE!!!


Happy Sunday!

Hiii everyone!  I had a great weekend so far! Met up with a couple of SL/Plurk buddies, we had food, drinks, talked until 2am then died.. or went to sleep, whichever… and today I am back and I’ve got my blog on!  A few more bits here for you today from the Vintage Fair and a new Elikatira release!

Firstly one of the new Elikatira hairs!  This is Unfold.  She is such a looooovely piece! No bangs on this one, just all swept back into a medium/long style, I don’t normally suit forehead showing styles, but I super love this.  It comes with a colour change (HUD based) flower, omg it’s perfect! It’s my new fav accessory and the best thing is that it looks GREAT with the other hair too!!!  I’m going to be trying it with ALL THE HAIRS.  The dress i’m wearing here is from Geometry and is another of the VF releases, it comes in various colours, and comes with the flowers (top and bottom) attachable separately.

Vintage Fair 2012 - Geometry | Candydoll | Elikatiar

The skins you can see in all the posts are from Candydoll and are the Vintage Fair releases.  SO CUTE is all I have to say, I love my face in them!  I did find, when naked, the nipples were a little bit high, so probably wouldn’t be able to wear with a super low cut top, but the faces more than make up for that, at least for me! So smooth and sultry.   This is one of the dresses from Sakide.  I chose black and it’s a lacy little number, with ruffles!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Sakide

This is another of the Sakide items, a really cute, flowery mesh halter dress.  Really simply, plain and girly… A great summer number with a vintage look to it, and still rocking the Candydoll skin and Elikatira hair too.. perfect matches!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Sakide 2

This is the other Elikatira style – Figure! A non rigged short style.  So stylish, I can’t even with this one, I love that one side is longer than the other, it’s a super cute short do and being non rigged you can fiddle with it to your hearts content!  This is another of the Candydoll skins too, a bit more.. pink tho!  The top is from Kunglers, and although I love it, I found that the sizes didn’t fit me well, infact I had to put on the large and it was a still a bit small!  I don’t care what size I am, as long as something fits me, but you might have that problem too 🙂

Vintage Fair 2012 - Kunglers | Elikatira

Finally this is the DCNY exclusive for Vintage Fair.  It’s a cute set of jeans with cuffs and a mesh top with a cherry on it!  Perfect with the short new hair for a sassy cute look.

Vintage Fair 2012 -DCNY | Elikatira

Vintage Fair SLURLS
TP to Elikatira

Vintage Fair 2012 – Thrice!! and.. FaMESHed.

Hiii, not just VF today you guys, I am also here to say stuff about FaMESHed!!  So let’s start with that, incase I’ve Vintage Fair overloaded you!

These two looks are straight outta FaMESHed, one is from Cracked Mirror (CM) the other is from Geometry!!  The CM Mambo Jeans and Rita top come in an array of colours and all come in various sizes too.  The Rita tops come in three different versions per colour: full block colour, white top/colour bottom, black top/colour bottom!  The colours realllly compliment each other on all the items and I effin LOVE these jeans!!!   The Geometry Rorschach also comes in a great choice of colour options, I chose this understand duo as mine to show case though.  Very pretty and perfect paired with my new Elikatira Studio hair! LOVE LOVE!

FaMESHed - CM and Geometry

Ok, now I turn my hand back to Vintage Fair!  These dresses from Ingenue… are just… unf I can’t even describe, they are floaty, they are poofy and they are just soooo awesomely textured.  I chose just two, but I want the entire lot!  I chose the Lime Dot, and the Songbird.  They really are amazing dresses, and so well executed, I predict these will be HUGE sellers, I know I am going back for more!!!  The Songbird one is my fav, such little pops of colour, subtle but sweet.  I look and feel ADORABLE.

Vintage Fair 2012 - Ingenue

STOP THE PRESS. BEST RELEASE EVER FROM BAIASTICE.  I cannot even explain to you how in LOVE I am with these.    The Corsage Halter Neck and Lian Longuette Skirt come as separates and you can mix and match colours, or have a solid and look like a dress.  These are some of the most stunning pieces I have seen in mesh, and Baiastice amazes me more and more each day.   You can choose from 10 colours in each and they all come in various sizes.   I love that you can mix and match these, or wear as a whole… although i’m not entirely convinced about my Lime and Gold combo, but eh… experimenting.  Also, I have it on good authority (Gus!) that the ass is “sweet” 😛

Vintage Fair 2012 - Baiastice Montage

A gratuitous shot of Coral and Lime because I look SO EFFIN DELICIOUS! (ps there is a flower corsage, but I didn’t see it, because i’m an idiot and didn’t even think about the name of the top)

Vintage Fair 2012 - Baiastice

Have YOU saved enough?!

Chic Birthday Event – EVEN MORE!

I can’t stop, it’s like… I know I won’t have much time this week to blog (kids are on holidays) so I have crammed a weeks worth of picture taking into one quiet Sunday afternoon in between bouts of playing Cooking Mama with my kids on the iPad and cramming in more Come Dine with Me than I could handle. Today has been… interesting! ANYWAY… Chic2 is open VERY VERY SOON! YAY. Here is a direct TAXI!

These are a few more things on offer there… I still have more to blog (how is it even possible?? So many excellent creators, that’s how!) but for now… enjoy:

These Koketka dresses are simply delish.  They are mesh and they are SHORT, no going commando in these babies unless you want your wazoo on view during an awkward bend.  I managed to slip into the small size of these, but they come in many!   as you can see they make my derrière quite divine, and well… the boobs on them are quite ample to say the least!  I love the patterns on them ranging from the bright yellow to the more subdued knit look green stripes and finally the black sequin, dazzling!

Koketka @ Chic2

This is from Geometry, a wonderfully chic black dress (there are other colours, fear not).  It’s a really elegant, simple number and you can’t see the detailing at the back but it has a kind of chain holding the shoulders together in a halter fashion.  It really is lovely, I don’t own many clothes from Geometry, I can see I am going to have to rectify that!

Geometry @ Chic2

Oh HELLO NEW ATOMIC SKIN.   Oh gosh, the ways in which I love this skin cannot be counted!!!!!  It’s just GORGEOUS!  It comes in three tones and they are only $L500 each.  I opted for Ivory but I think i’ll be getting the other two too.   The lips are so effin ASDLFJASDF GORGEOUS, the eyes are smokey goddess eyes and I am in sheer L O V to the E!   It comes with a teeth option too, for those of you who like teethy looks!    I am also wearing the Chloe offering, these gorgeous rings and earrings!  Both in Charcoal and Honey.  They have little bees on them!! Oh gosh, I haven’t heard of Chloe before so I went straight to the store to find that this is the first release, but the VIP group is free to join atm and there is a GORGEOUS gift waiting for you.  I cannot wait to see what awesome pieces come out in the future.

Chloe | Atomic @ Chic2

Finally for now (don’t worry, i’ll bore you again soon enough) the dress from Bilo.   This dress is another mesh masterpiece from one of my new find stores and one of my favs!  Everything I have seen and blogged/purchased from Bilo so far has been so elegant and chic, but with tons of hints of fun and cute too.  These dresses are very elegant, but short enough to be cute and fun!  Not that long dresses aren’t that.. ok shutting up now about dress lengths.  Srsly, one of my fav pieces there.  Timeless!

Bilo @ Chic2

The hair i’m wearing in all pics is the Claire Mesh style from Wasabi Pills and all poses are from *Frooti (which, shameless plug still has a sale going on, but only for a couple more days!) ❤