With Love 2012

It’s nearly upon us, the hunt series we all look forward to!  The With Love Hunt 2012 bought to you by Chic Management begins this weekend!  There are so many wonderful items from some of the best, most loved designers on the grid, as well as some fresh new faces!  Here are just three looks  you can get from doing it!  Each item will be $L10, it’s the steal of the century!

First look consists of the most gorrrrrgeous skin from Glam Affair!  It’s so soft and pretty and with beautiful blue eyes and a peachy keen lips! So kissable!  I paired that with the Glow Necklace and the Somnia Dress!  The necklace comes in an array of colours/metals and the dress comes in various colours too!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!

With Love Hunt - Look 1

The next look is also privy to a wonderful skin!  This is the pinktastic version of Alyx from Pink Fuel that will be available.  She’s so cute and innocent looking with her pearly pink lips and muted pink eyeshadow!   I decided that this skin was best suited to wear with one of the PaperDoll items available, I do love this dress, but I will say this is the L size I am wearing and it still makes me look quite tiny from the waist down, the boobs look great tho!   Also worn with this get up is the stunning set from Cae.  No picture could do the set justice, it’s so detailed and pretty, and it comes in various metals too!

With Love Hunt - Look 2

Finally, another set I really couldn’t do justice, the piercing available from HoD!  It comes in a selection of textures, I chose one of the special textures for the set “Tinsel”!   It’s a beautiful blue/pink hue.  Now, I am really rather crap at placing piercings that don’t autofit my face, but I gave it a shot!  There are two parts to the piercing, the one you can see on the neckline area, and the face one, they are pretty intricate and there are several piercings in each set, but they’re so pretty!

With Love Hunt - HoD


Can’t wait to see what else will be available!!

Satuuuurdayyyyyy is for…

I don’t even know where I was going with that heading!!!

Anyway, FAIR is almost upon us!!  It opens in just around 4hours!!  Here are just a few more things you can find at FAIR, and then some:

In this pic you can see various FAIR items, including the gorgeous skin, which is the offering from Rozena Skins! I am usually not drawn to these, they are beautiful, but not… “me”… I felt like something different, soooo there you go! I think it’s kinda cute, in a not me way!  The jewellery set is one of two that will be available from GLOW studios, such a bargain is this Bubble Pearls set! You get Silver and Gold and you get Earrings, Rings and Necklace! They are colour change too!!  I love them.  The long sweater is from Zenith and comes in three colours, this is nude! It comes with socks too! 😀

The hair is a Cheer No hair, I recently started trying them, even though they are majority made for men in mind, I like this one!  And the horns are from The Plastik, more about those at the end of the blog! ❤

FAIR LoTD 1 - 22/09/12

The second look today is made up mostly by the items available from Baiastice at FAIR.  This gorgeous satin top and these cropped trousers are to DIE for, seriously!! They come in an array of colours, but I opted for a classic look with the silver top and black trousers.  I love the sharp pleat line at the front of the pants, so crisp and clean looking, I paired this with the Glam Affair clutch available at the Dressing Room, this one is black, it’s available in more colours tho, and one of the gorgeous new hairs from Exile, more about those tomorrow!  This one is “She’s So Mean” but.. I don’t look mean, do I?!  Exile is rocking the mesh so hard, talent ahoy!

FAIR LoTD 2 - 22/09/12

Now, these are just four sets of the new horns available at The Plastik – The Druzi Horns.    The horns are pierced and come in various piercing styles, or you can wear without.  You also get two HUDS with piercing colour options too!  I absolutely must insist you go and buy at least one set of these, especially the rainbow ones (bottom left) if you are a rainbow lover!!!   Skin seen is Essences ❤

The Plastik - New Horns

All poses used for these looks are from the awesome aDORKable poses!

The location for FAIR will be revealed when it opens, when I will update my post, but I’m sure you guys will be there without my assistance!

Any other SLURLS can be found on my Store Locations Page at the top of the blog, or linked here!<3

More Vintage Fair and a Lil Propsicles!

I still have SOOO much to blog, it’s insane!  I think tomorrow might be a day of props and furniture and poses and stuff, or clothing.. or all of them, omg I dunno! Anyway here are few more things from Vintage Fair 2012 and then a lil bonus prop piece from Bent!

First another lil lookbook:

Vintage Fair 2012 - Lookbook 2

  1. Razorblade Jacket: RJ is fast becoming a store I love for the grungier side of my persona.  This dress is not to be sniffed at, it’s mesh, it’s gorgeous, it’s well textured.  It was MINE.
  2. !Eclectic Apparel:  Some really cute 50’s style dresses out, with matching cardigans (available separately).  Mix and match your colours, or go for the same, LIKE ME!  Retro fantasticalness (it’s a word).
  3. DCNY: A really cute slinky dress, with prim collar and bow!  It comes with mesh crotch flap (and non mesh) and is a sexy little piece, I paired it with one of the Pomme D’Amour hairs available, I feel like LuLu!
  4. Jack Spoon & Glow Studio: A gorgeous texture/mesh combo from Jack Spoon, I chose the yellow, it comes in more! I paired it with the birdy set from Glow, who DOESN’T love a duck????
  5. Purplemoon: Available as separates, this skirt and top are gorgeous, oh and the glasses, I feel like Jackie O!  Really nice mesh pieces, well textured, great size options! LOVE LOVE, bit demure for me, but love still.

The skins I’m wearing in that pic are all VF skins (apart from League in RJ Pic) and are from Shine and Heartsick!   I love the Shine skin, the lips are so kisseable, maybe a bit overglossy for some, but for me.. I like!

coldLogic are at the Vintage Fair and have 7.. read SEVEN new items out!  You can see them all below, click through for a bigger picture.  It’s a mix of retro, mostly a 60’s type feel to me tho.  Ranging from the more sensible chic option in the first picture, to the more baggy/loose option avec belt in the second (in awesome colours, if I may say so), then a cute gogo style dress for three of the them and a couple of mish mashes of the others!  All in all, there are three styles of dress, but in 7 styles. Do I make sense? I do to me!

I love love LOVE this release, it’s not entirely “me” but it made me feel fun to dress up and play around outside of my comfort zone and after all, it IS a Vintage Fair!!!!   The skins I’m wearing in this pic are all from Heartsick, who have some wonderful skins out!

Vintage Fair 2012 - ColdLogic | Heartsick

Finally! I have seen (and picked up) some of Bent’s items for Vintage Fair, but I have seen them blogged a fair bit too, so although I do intend to blog them, this is the Bent offering for Fluid this time around! It’s a Matrix prop and it is GORGEOUS.  I am going to be ignorant and say I haven’t really seen much of Bent, but then when I was in full flow with Frooti, I didn’t tend to visit other pose stores.. now i’m on a break i’m having a HOOT of a time!!   It comes with 10 poses in the prop and although it’s a bit of a dark picture (soz) you can click through for bigger!  Wearing items from Sn@tch and Elikatira in there ❤

Fluid - Bent! Matrix Prop

Finally a close up of one of the oOo Studio poses… this is sooooo gorgeous, and this snap is raw from SL.. thanks to my baby for posing with me ❤

raw from SL


Vintage Fair 2012 – Take Two!

Ok, so I flew around again today and picked up some more goodies, ugh srsly I am going to go broke here, I can FEEL it!

I put together a little “look book” of the various looks you can achieve, if you want, from VF2012!  I’ll try not to make a huge wall of text about it (click through to flickr for larger pic)

Vintage Fair 2012 - Look Book 1

  1.  This look is sexy serious look, the corset is from Glow and is Mesh (obvs) and comes in various colours, I chose GOLD!
  2. This is an entire clothing look from Mon Cheri!  The crochet top comes as texture top, with boob addon, which is great.. and the skirt comes with a hud so you can change stuff (if you fatpack) and it’s mesh.  With this look I popped on one of the Izzie’s 80’s skins!
  3. This look is brought to you by The Skinnery and Crash Republic!  The skin isn’t my usual taste, it’s probably a bit tooooo “real” looking for me, but it’s very pretty!  The top and shorts are both from CR and go really well together, of course I had to have the shorts with Union Jack on 🙂
  4. This dress is one of the many things available from Zenith Fashions!  She’s a beaut!   I paired it with the kitten heels from ChaChaDee! for a understated, yet sexy look.
  5. My fav look!  The top and bag are from Shabby Cat and are just DIVINE… and of course, the skin and leggings are from Izzie’s.  These are some of my favourite things so far, each come in an array of colours and would take me right back to the 80’s, if I could remember being old enough to enjoy them!

Finally below we have offerings from Sleeping Koala in the form of various colours of block colour dresses!  These are texture with mesh flap, and I chose the corresponding colours to showcase Carolines lovely new sets!  We have Dreams and Happy and they are all flowery goodness!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Stuffs

IT’S COMING GUYS… so get ready and save your moolah ❤