New things and a sneaky mcpeek!

Hi everyone! I hope the long weekend treated you right! ¬† Here are some new and upcoming items for you to feast your eyes upon! ūüėÄ

LoTD 28/05/13

First we have a very simple, but yummy LoTD! ¬† This is the new Jersey Tube Dress from Lark! It comes in various colours and each colour comes in two variations, i’ve chosen the Green Ombre! ¬†It’s a lovely, simple dress with a wonderful texturing, longer at the back and shorter at the front, with a boob tube style top, the perfect item for lounging, or wearing with heels, which is what I did! ¬† It’s one of those items that works for casual or smart, and I really do love those, kick off the heels and wear with flip flops at the beach, or just look sexy for your man (or woman, or both :P) with heels and just… YUUUM! ¬† My heels are from GoS, my hair is from DeLa and my skin is from Glam Affair, pose from Adorkable, as usual!

Cleo @ Glam Affair

These are the Cleo skins in Artic, new from Glam Affair! ¬† Now, I have shown the makeups available, but I haven’t shown the clean face OR the nose tattoos you can put on to give yourself a different look! Yep, Cleo comes with various tattoos including noses, gloss lips and more! ¬†Isn’t she beauuuuuuuutiful? ¬† As you can see there are a wide variation of makeups to choose from, whether you want some luscious kissable pink lips, or vibrant reds, pouty peaches or nearly nudes… the lips on all Glam Affair skins make me happy, ALWAYS. ¬†The eyes are a nice mix too, a few darker makeups this time, which I am loving. ¬†All in all a good skin, great makeups, from a great place. What more could you want?!

Half Deer @ The Arcade - Rares

GUYS! GUISE! THE ARCADE IS NEARLY UPON US! ¬† Ugh I have seen so many teasers that have made me look at my RL bank account and give it a stern talking too, about how it will be all ploughed into SL soon enough, well ok, not all. ¬†BUT OH EM GEE, THE STUFFS PEOPLE, THE STUFFS! ¬† Here is a sneaky peak of what Half Deer have to offer, ¬†I ¬†can hear the squees from here. ¬†A WHOLE BUNCH OF UNICORNS AND EARS. ¬†They are one, so you can’t have the horn without the ears, but hey.. WHO CURR? ¬† LOOK AT THEM! ¬† The rares are shown above, and the regulars below. ¬† A nice range of colours and choices, and each ear comes with a variation of colour choices for the inner ear too! ¬†The rares are sooo cute, one darker look with piercings, one with a cute little bow, one with daisies and one with stars and a little rainbow. ¬†EEEEEEEE! ¬†I can’t WAIT to see what else there is there!

Half Deer @ The Arcade - Regular!

Have ¬†a good week, everyone! ‚̧

Happy Birthday FaMESHed!!

Yay, FaMESHed turned 1! ¬† An excellent event with so many goodies every cycle, and this one is even MORE spectacular! ¬† Just a quick LoTD as RL is still pretty much kicking my lil butt, but I couldn’t NOT show you the cute stuff I have ūüėÄ

Birthday LoTD - FaMESHed!

This GORGEOUS new dress is out at the birthday bash right now, it’s from Zaara and you can get it in so many options, both print and plain. ¬†I wanted something a little girly, so this is the “flowers”. ¬†I really cannot get over how much I love this dress, it encompasses everything I love about mesh… it’s well made, it fits like a glove, it’s textured perfectly, it’s gorgeous.. it’s just stunning on so many levels and I can see that i will be wearing these dresses for a long time to come, it’s an endless classic cut, look and any occasion dress. ¬† ¬† Also worn is one of the new Exile hairs! ¬†I am going to go more indepth about those at some point in time, but can I just say. WOW… They now come with one hair.. and HUD to change texture for each “collection” you can purchase and omg, it’s so good! ¬† This is one of the new textures, Prism and it’s unicornrainbowtastic. ¬†I am so in love. ¬†Under the texture selector button there are also a few little buttons with various solid colours, and these are for streaks! KAVAR, WE SALUTE YOU!

This is one of my fave of the four (plus one at FaMESHed) new releases… You’ve Got the Love.. and I also love that song, so that is a definite winwin. ¬† ¬†Also worn to compliment are GoS Boutique Mae shows, with the gorgeous ruffle at the back, one of my fave and go to skins… Amberly from Glam Affair and IKON eyes! ¬† The pose is from Adorkable and I hope to bring you more goodies soon! ‚̧


Hair: Exile | You’ve Got the Love | Prism *NEW*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal Eyes | Letaher
Skin: Glam Affair | Amberly | America 09
Dress: Zaara | Chaitra Chiffon Dress | Flowers *FaMESHed*
Shoes: Gos | Mae | Pistachio
Pose: Adorkable

*SLURLS are found on the Store Locations page ‚̧


I’m sorry, back to work in RL so things have been a bit up and down with me logging into SL! ¬† But I am BACK and here are some new goodies ūüėÄ

LoTD 16/04/13

This gorgeous new dress from Immerse is so flowy and pretty and I love the colour combination and comes complete with an attachable flower. ¬† It comes in different colours but this one really stood out to me, the beautiful girly pink with the lovely teal type of blue. ¬† There are a lot of new releases at Immerse so make sure you check!! ¬† ¬†It makes for a pretty picture, does it not?! ¬† I wanted to blog it with some of the stuff from my HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE to blog list, but I got changed once and then 3 relogs later I still couldn’t take anything off. SO. SORRY.

Magical Necklace of MAGIC

Also worn in the pictures here is the Essences Opera Skin, available from TDR and one of the other makeups (I blogged one just a few days ago)!  Always so soft and smooth looking, Essences skins, I adore them!    The main focus of the picture is this gorgeous Antler and Ring Necklace from Half Deer and is available at SL Fashion Week, this is the pink one and there are many more colours to choose from, such a lovely, boho looking piece from one of my fave stores EVER!   Make sure you get them this week while the event is running! EEEE!

New @ Insufferable Dastard

Finally, the eyes…. all from Insufferable Dastard and just 2 of the new packs available. ¬† The top picture are the Mermaid Eyes which are some watery looking gorgeous eyes, a little glazed over look to them with lovely pastel colours and brights… the eyes below are the Soulful V2 Eyes… they come in the colours shown below and then some “brights” too! ¬† The thing I love about ID eyes is that they come with the plain old normal eye, and then with mesh addon’s so you can mix and match colours to, always a bonus!

New @ Insufferable Dastard 2

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

Snow in March

The title of the post has NOTHING to do with the post at all, but it’s just a whinge about snow in March! C’MON UK WEATHER!!!

LoTD - 26/03/13

Tuesdays are always my longest day at work, then I have to start over again when I get home, le sigh! I do love playing dress up though and logging in just to do a look, so that’s what I did! The first thing I knew I wanted to wear were the Elate Jeans! Kellie has done a stunning job with these, and they are only currently available at C88, but soon to be in the main store when it ends. ¬† They come in lengths for both heels and flats and are some stunning looking pants! ¬† They aren’t just all denims either, you get colours! WOO! ¬† I wanted to pair them with the Eclectic Apparel Bay Corset, so I did, which is also stunning and available in many colours, gives a nice shape especially under a blazer, now, I had a job finding a blazer that would fit over it, but I came across and old event item from Color.Me.H.O.F and tried it on and BLAMMO, the look was born!

I popped on a pair of comfy (or foxy) looking shoes from GoS and decided today was a Glam Affair day, so chose the lovely Zara from SF13 (already blogged about previously if you search!) and popped on one of my fave braids from Elikatira.   As usual, my eyes are IKON!

Hair: Elikatira | Interrupt | Black 04
Eyes: IKON | Ardent Eyes | Clarity *TLC – The Boutique*
Skin: Glam Affair | Zara | Artic 11 *Skin Fair 2013*
Jacket: Color.Me.H.O.F | Scarlet Blazer | Black
Corset: e! | Bay Corset | Night
Jeans: Elate | Elle Jeans | Dark Denim *C88*
Shoes: GoS | Angelina Peeptoe | Black Python
Pose: Frooti

As usual, SLURLS are on the store location page, if available ‚̧


Another few bits and bobs for you here, including regular stuff, not just Skin Fair.. but definitely a little Skin Fair shoved in ūüėõ


I have seen SO much love and praise for TLC and their “The Boutique” event, it’s a really lush event with some of the grids BEST designers and already promises to be an event that delivers, without fail, every round. ¬†Today I bring you a Cherry Blossom, TLC inspired LoTD! ¬† My gorgeous outfit is from Baiastice, and this set is just gorgeous. ¬† You wear the top/skirt separately, meaning you can mix and match colours which is an even BIGGER bonus in my eyes. ¬† The top has a gorgeous satin look to it, whilst the skirt oozes femininity with it’s chiffon/lace look and girly flowery detail. ¬† ¬†I paired it with the Gos Boutique¬†Espadrilles which are just GORGEOUS, they come with a beautiful cherry blossom material or you can go for the colour collection, I was quite partial to these babies though. ¬† Also worn is a lovely and delicate headband from Noodles, it comes with bracelets and stuff too, but this just topped off my look perfectly, it fits really well on the Wasabi Pills hair (which isn’t TLC but IS gorgeous) and my Belleza skin. ¬†Yep, Belleza got in on this event and look at just one of the gorgeous skins you can get! UNF!¬† ¬†My eyes are from IKON and also available as previously blogged and my pose is from Adorkable! OH! My mesh ears are Mandala ūüėÄ

Belleza @ TLC

Also released for FaMESHED from the Secret Store were these pencil skirts, they come in oodles of patterns, I seem to have opted for polka dots almost exclusively! I didn’t even realise. ¬† But they all match the 3D Rose Sweater, also from Secret Store and make it look like they meant to be together. ¬† The roses on the shirt actually come out, hence the 3D, it’s quite the spectacle! ¬†The Secret Store make wonderful items, terribly girly at times and that’s just ok with me, because I look STUNNING in these, I can’t even pretend to be modest! ¬† ¬†The skins I am donning in the picture are the Ploom Skin Fair 2013 Skins! ¬†You may need to click through to flickr, then view large to just see how lovely they are. ¬†Available in various tones with only 5 shown below, there are 5 makeups to choose from and they are gorgeous.

New @ Secret Store, Ploom & Truth!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available ‚̧

Green, is the magic number.

How ridiculous, Green isn’t a number at ALL, but it is one of my favourite colours, so you get a mini LoTD today!

LoTD - 11/03/13

Acid Lily Gallery is open with a new round, this Leri Miles Designs dress can be found there in an array of colours! ¬†Everything is discounted and some of it is really fun stuff! ¬†I really looooved the Green version of this dress, so here I am, prancing about in it for your viewing pleasure. ¬† There are lots of items to choose from ranging from piercings to mesh clothing, poses to handbags and even shoes (well boots), so make sure you check it out. ¬† I couldn’t resist the new Gos shoes, a gorgeous gladiator style (well at least in my mind) with a stiletto heel, these are perfect for making you as tall as your man, and kissing them silly! ¬† I also couldn’t resist the new Magika hair, all new textures and even more value for money, who could say no to that???

MONS @ Skin Fair 2013

The skin I am wearing is the new skin from MONS for the Skin Fair 2013 that opens in just a mere few days! ¬† This is the Cat skin shown here in just one tone, but available in three! ¬†It comes with four makeups each on 2 versions of the skin, and with four different choices of brow colour. ¬† Such a smooth looking skin with plump glossy lips and detailed eye makeup. ¬†I’m not too sold on the heavy eye makeup, but I am really loving the natural kind of skin, on the top right! ¬† MONS skins always make me feel unique and a little different from my usual self, I don’t what it is about them, they just change my face a little bit. ¬† But cute nonetheless, right?! RIGHT!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available ‚̧

An Epic LoTD!

Just a quick lil blog post today, I’ve been off mucking out Kennels at the local Animal Shelter so I am BEAT.. but I wanted a little relaxation so decided to play dress up for a bit! ūüėÄ

An Epic LoTD!

This Skeletorn Bikini is from Epic and is at this round of Perfect Wardrobe! It comes in 8 delectable colours and is fully mesh with all standard sizes! ¬†You do get a texture bikini top too, and of course, you get mesh boob enhancers too like with most items from Epic! ¬† Jade has done a wonderful job, and I did giggle a bit that the skull eyes are on the boobs and the mouth on the crotch, I am easily amused, no!? ¬† Make sure you check them out while they’re at Perfect Wardrobe! ¬†The skin I am wearing is still the Pink Fuel Ghost skin from The Arcade, and the hair is one of the rare Clawtooth Unicorn Dips that the lovely Lexi Morgan so kindly sold me!!! ¬†I AM IN LOOOOVE! ¬†I still need to get back to The Arcade, but my wallet is screaming at me… don’t worry, it never wins.

CIRCA @ Lavender Hill Hunt

The Lavender Hill Hunt is still going, and CIRCA provide some lovely goodies. ¬†This Shadow Box Table and Pouffe are just lovely, the Table is so unique and I’ve included a couple of close ups of inside the box, I did try and make it bigger to live in it, but it’s no modify :P… but I zoomed and look at all the gorgeous detail! ¬†The cute wishing well, the minute little bird and the tufts of lavender, trees and butterflies buzzing around. ¬†The Pouffe comes with many poses, mostly sitting ones but that works well for me. ¬† The skybox you can see me sitting in with my new goodies is from Scarlet Creative. WOO!

Ok, TV time! ‚̧

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location page, if available.

An Eventful Weekend

I am going to be super busy this weekend in RL, but I did want to try and blog something before I left, so I bring you lot a selection of goodies from various events! Hope you all have a great weekend ‚̧

FLF & Global Domination

First we have items from a fistful of events here. ¬†The DIGS Bench/Seat is currently out for FLF, so if you want to snap up a bargain, you have to do it today! ¬† It comes with a plethora of poses and is suitably neutral, to fit into any environment! ¬† I thought instead of wearing the Global Domination Masks from HANDverk, I’d put them up as wall decoration because you can mod them, I think it looks great! ¬†The Masks come in Red and Blue and both with or without Feathers too, they do make great decor. ¬† Also worn is a dress from My Attic, but more about that below.

Mons @ Zodiac

These eyemakeups are just 12 of the 24 available from this months Zodiac Event from MONS. ¬† There are 6 from one pack, and 6 from another, and you can also get a pack of lipsticks there too. ¬†I really love how striking MONS makeups are, and the stripey ones are just excellent! ¬† So vibrant and pretty. ¬†It’s a great event, as usual, this round. ¬†I hope to get back and blog some more of it before it’s over, but you should definitely check it out.

Finally the dress I was talking about above, you can see 6 of the many available from DCNY for this months My Attic, a relatively short event, but an awesome one! I ¬†need to get over there and ¬†buy all the things! ¬† These are only $L95 while they are at My Attic, so get there before the 28th to snap up a bargain, but never fear they will be in store at full price after that, so they aren’t exclusive to the event! ¬† ¬†They come in a range of styles, mostly, I would say, Spice Girl inspired and they are gorgeous. You can also wear the skirt/top separately, so that’s a nice bonus, mix and match away. ¬†Each dress comes with a Microphone prop too, although here I am using some of Adorkables poses available there, they also come with a prop and as you can see, some great poses.

New @ My Attic

Also worn in the picture is a Glam Affair skin, and Gos Boutique shoes, finished off with IKON eyes. ¬† I hope you go and and check these events out, they’re great!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available


Nah, not the sexual kind, the Global Kind. ¬†Hottie Cooterati’s new event kicked off and I am here to show you some of the goodies available, as well as some other bits.

Claim Yo Stuff!

Global Domination is an interactive gaming experience where you require a passport, and you need that baby to be stamped! ¬† ¬†It isn’s a hunt, it’s a challenge. ¬†There are varying levels of puzzle and lots of goodies to pick up along the way. ¬†You can read more about the ins and outs of it here. ¬†The three “Grand” prizes have already been claimed but there is still so much for you to do, win and have fun along the way. ¬†Above is the pile of goodies that awaits you, with the lovely Kit to congratulate you. ¬†Huzzah!

Global Domination

The entire set above is the prize from Mudhoney. ¬†It’s a Madagascar Themed set of awesomeness! ¬†The Ottoman is only available as an incentive gift, those are what you get if you buy your passport from that particular vendor, so if you love this, make sure you buy yours from there! ¬†Or just buy ALL the passports to get ALL the gifts! ¬† Everything else you see in the picture is included in the prize for a completed passport. ¬†So much wonderfulness (it’s a word, honest). ¬†Things that can work together, or on their own in any room at all. ¬†It’s all meshy goodness too, so your land impact isn’t hammered.

LoTD - 15/02/13

Also worn in the picture, and with a closer look above is the gorgeous new set (but also available¬†individually) from 22769 for The Gallery Gift Shop! ¬†The body scarf comes in black and white, with the same choices for pants, and they are simply gorgeous! ¬†I admit I didn’t try and stuff hair underneath it, but I liked it the way it was. ¬† I paired it with a stunning TSG skin that I’ve had for a while and the Gos Barefeet for a simple, fresh look.

Happy Friday, everyone!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available.

The Ghost of You

I have been in a bit of a funk recently, many factors, different things, mostly my own mind whirring like crazy and I was gently reminded today that every look tells a story, to make of things what I want, after all, it is your world, your imagination… so imagine this…

Platform Loitering

It’s a cool, cold night back in the day, the days of war torn lands and steam trains, the days of lost love and waving off your love ones with a handkerchief. ¬† She stood solitary on the platform, her duffle coat the only thing keeping the crisp air from biting at her skin, her platinum blonde locks floating in the wind, her stunning headpiece she’d bought especially for the occasion giving a pop of colour to match her cherry red lips. ¬† He’d gone.. for how long was a mystery to him, to her, to everyone but she knew that she would be strong and look forward to the day he returned. ¬†She’d tucked a small reminder of her inside his uniform, one of the petite butterflies from her hat, she hoped he’d keep it close to his heart and whenever he looked at it, feel the flutter of hers against his.

The Ghost of You

Of course this love was eternal and the wars raged on for years, decades, fads came in, fads faded out, people learned to jive, then caterpillar, then the robot until finally the macarena was born.. but still her love was unwaivered. On the date of their anniversary she wore her special coat, her hat, she curled her hair into the same style and she looked through old pictures, memories of him flashed before her, she smiled and she was happy. ¬†Imagine her delight when one ¬†day she returned home to find a variety of clutch purses scattered on her floor, shaped ¬†as hearts with cute little messages on like Be Mine, True Love, Cutie Pie… all the things he’d said to he before he’d left, and a small note just reading “The Wars rage, but my heart still beats, and it beats only for you”… somehow, in the magical world the way it was, he had managed to send her some new reminders of him… she had hoped for his touch, longed for his lips, but what girl doesn’t love a new bag? ¬†#

Ok so that story went from wartime woe to futuristic eternal love story, but hey, ITS MY WORLD MY IMAGINATION! ¬† The gorgeous new duffle coat I am wearing is from Erratic and it matches the Oly Hat from Glam Affair for Collabor88 ¬†just perfectly. ¬† Both are available in an array of colour combos! ¬† ¬†My skin is also from Glam Affair and is one of four skins available at C88 also, lovely jewelled makeups with vivid colours, perfect for those of us that like the brighter things in life. ¬†My hair is the new hair from Wasabi Pills and was the PERFECT hair for this story with it;s little curl at the side, it looks bang on with the Glam Affair Oly Hat/headpiece, it’s beauty! The bags are available from HANDverk and are gatcha items! ¬†There are loads to choose from including sweet, friendly, sexy and not so nice, only $L25 a play, are you feeling sweet or sour? Hmm?

.ID. Outlet

As a side note, Insufferable Dastard has now opened an Outlet Store.  Currently there are 5 sets of eyes, all with 3 variations for only $L25.  They are system eyes only, but highly detailed and so cute!  So make sure you check those out.

*SLURLS are available on the Store Locations page, unless otherwise stated.