Let me lead you…

Let me lead you...

I’m poorly, enjoy a pretty picture and please see all credits below ❤


Hair: Exile | Miles to Nowhere *C88*
Eyes: ID | Warm | Gray-Sand Mix
Skin: Enfant | Barbie1_E1_C1 *The Chapter Four*
Corset: Salt&Pepper | Corsage | Alina *We Love Roleplay*
Bracer: Wimey | Purest Branch | Hematite *We Love Roleplay*
Staff: Cubic Cherry Kreations | Bane – Pure | Staff – Back
Horns: Cubic Cherry Kreations | Echo – Silver | Horns *We Love Roleplay*
Skirt: Happy Undead | Mini Skirt

AV Enhancements
Head: TMP | Fierce (with skin as above applier)
Hands: Slink


*SLURLS are on the store locations page, unless linked

LoTD – Refuse to Sink

Happy Saturday! I have taken form of my Plurk name an channelled an Octopus/Kraken/Demon thinger hybrid. GET ME.

LoTD - Refuse to Sink

I have to say the skin is gorgeous, it’s a sneak peak of the Arcade item from Belleza, I, of course, will bring you more at a later date, I just couldn’t help myself and had to put it on IMMEDIATELY!   Full credits are below but I can tell you you’ll need to visit a couple of AWESOME events to collect some of the goodies, but it will be well worth your time.  OH YES.

LoTD - Refuse to Sink - Up Close and Personal


Hair: Tameless | Rita | Fades Roots
Eyes: IKON | Ascension | Green
Skin: Belleza | Suki | Makeup 15 BR *The Arcade – COMING SOON*
Necklace: The Annex | The Kraken Necklace 1 *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Bodysuit: Epic | Octopussy | Black.Green *The Dark Style Fair*
Boots: Happy Undead | Wannabe Demon Boots *The Dark Style Fair*
Tattoo 1: Togruta Tattoo | Demonic *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Tattoo 2: Elska | Part of the Sea

Body Enhancments:
Hands: Slink
Nail Appliers: Wicked Peach | Kraken *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*

Hopscotch | Crabby Hands

*SLURLS are on the store locations page *UNDER CONSTRUCTION THO* *


Flickr is back and regular blogging can go ahead! Not that you can’t blog without Flickr, but you know 😛 A bit of a big post this, yay! First up Glam Affair is almost ready to reopen and there are soooo many new things, skins and accessories alike, I bring you skins today!

Angelica @ Glam Affair

Above you can see the delicious Angelica shown here in India but available in all the usual tones.   Such a pretty face!   The lips are hugely kissable and the eyes are just smouldering.  There are 12 makeups to choose from and a clean and each skin comes with an option of brows and other addons, but more about them below.  India is a tone a bit darker than I normally go but i am digging it!   I think my faves must be row three third picture with it’s gorgeous purple hue and row two first picture!   A lovely frosty eye with a glossy lip!

Lucy @ Glam Affair

This is the 2nd skin, Lucy!   Shown here in Artic, the paler end of the tone scale and again the makeups are spot on gorgeous!   I find the lips a little less pouty than Angelica but still delicious!   Again there are 12 to choose from, plus a clean skin with each purchase.   My faves for Lucy have to be row one fourth picture with the bitten lip look and row three first picture with the baby pink hue!   All these have a little blush look to the cheeks which is just divine!  As mentioned above both skins  come with an array of options, I’ve showcased Lucy’s below including 8 brow colours, 2 additional lips and additional noses, to make your look your own!  Both these are available in just  a couple of hours plus MUCH more!

Skin Addons @ Glam Affair

Just a couple of other bits I HAD to blog!  These earrings from Happy Undead are available at Mes Bric a Bracs right now and OH EM GEE, HOW CUTE?!   I have rezzed one of each earring (well there is one missing) and the details are amazing!   Such cute little bugs on swings, and as you can see a bunch of options to gacha away! You may guess the rare, the cute little bee! BZZZ!

Happy Undead @ MBAB

While I was spending all my lindens shopping at all the events going on, over at The Seasons Story these shoes from JD (Just Design) caught my eye badly!   I bought them in grey but they are available in a bunch of colours and I didn’t realise the bargain I was getting!    You see, the shoe comes with a HUD and the options mean you can change the sole, the laces, the metal and the patent part of the shoe at the front and on the hell… you can ALSO choose to have ankle socks and thigh high socks too!!!   Each colour change option comes in a handful or more of options with just a few mixtures below!

JD @ Seasons Story



100 Block and Stuff!

Hi  guys, happy Sunday! I have a busy day planned in RL but as I was up with the larks, I had time to hop on SL and sort a bit more of my insane inventory!  Here are a few new things.

LoTD - 12/05/13

100 Block is an event at Depraved Nation and it’s full of awesome goodies!  This skin is the Belleza offering, it’s Ava and it comes in all the usual tones and brow options and is a scrumptious addition to your Belleza collection!  It’s a pretty plain, neutral looking makeup with luscious lips and smokey eyes, so you can wear it with anything! I decided to wear it with more 100 Block goodies!  This time from Happy Undead.    This little top and skirt come as separates, and each with different HUD options you can purchase, you get a fair few options on each HUD for your mix and match pleasure which you can see just 6 combos of below, as well as the one above.

Happy Undead @ 100 Block

You can choose from three packs of tops, including plain, ribbed and striped… and you can choose from four different packs of skirts… denim, print, touched and vinyl!! I really loved the touched skirts, I think they are so hilarious and cute lol… I am easily pleased!   The texturing on the tops and skirts are absolutely spot on and what I love most of all are the size options!! For the top you get the usual standard sizing, then you get small, medium and big boob options within each size, and for the skirts you get the standard sizes then big, medium and small but with 2 different belly options!   You will find the perfect fit, I am confident!  Also worn are nail appliers from Adore & Abhor for the SLINK nails, hair from Magika and eyes from IKON!

New @ Chez Moi!

Also newly released is this bathroom set from CHEZ Moi! I have taken a quick collage of all three/four pieces in my new bathroom, but it does not do these wonderful pieces justice!   The Ipanema pieces come loaded with animations both singles and couples, so you can get your freak on the in bathroom, or relax in a petal soaked tub… the world is your oyster!  You don’t have to have all the pieces out to make a full set, but it certainly looks stunning!   It has a kind of bamboo, luscious feel and look to it, something you’d find in a tropical paradise while gazing out at greeny blue waters and silky sandy beaches… ahhh, now I need a holiday! A gorgeous set indeed!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available


Day 26 of 365 LoTD – Shrugged

Happy Saturday… or is that Shrugday?!

Day 26 of 365 LoTD - Shrugged

There were two main focuses in mind when I put together this LoTD, one being the gorgeous new Magika hair that comes complete with earred hood (omggg how cute??) and the other was the Cynful Shrug and Top Set!   The Set comes in various colours, but I chose black and you can wear the tube top alone, or with the shrug, or you can wear just the shrug and another top.. or wear them however you want, really.  Simple items but ones that really give you options.   I decided to pair them with a Happy Undead Mini, you can’t see them but I have handprints on my butt!  Tutt.   I then decided the only way forward were fishnets and my Gos Triumph Boots to complete the look.

I looked at myself and decided it wasn’t enough still, so to compliment my Glam Affair Renee skin I popped on the new mesh nails from Intrepid that will be available for Depraved Nations Jack or Jill Hunt and I wore the other half of my Key and Keyhole Tattoo from Half Deer, this time I have the Key on, whose hole can I find to ram it in?! HMMMM?

Happy Saturday, everyone!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available


Hair: Magika | Clumsy *NEW*
Skin: Glam Affair | Renee | First Date 01
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Soulful Eyes | Gold & Green
Tattoo: Half Deer | Key Tattoo *The Retreat*
Nails: Intrepid | Long Square Nails | *Jack or Jill Hunt*
Shrug & Top: Cynful | Shruggable | Black *NEW*
Skirt: Happy Undead | Mini Skirt | Touched Pink/Toxic
Tights: Erratic | Fishnet Thin | Black
Boots: Gos | Triumph Boot

10 of 365 LoTD & EARS!

Mhhmmm, EARS.  But first… the LoTD!

Day 10 of 365 LoTD

On Day 10, I decided that I wanted to wear my Tango’s again.  I have such a hard job with them that I figured to practise wearing them more.   I can’t seem to get them as small as I’d like and look good, but with side shots it makes it a bit easier, so Adorkable poses came to my rescue!   Happy Undead recently released this short hoodies, complete with appliers for Tangos, so I opted for a nice blurple type of colour and popped them on, I still had my Artic skin tone on from yesterday, but I swapped over to a Cassiopea skin in the same tone, a bit more of a fresh, pure faced look to this one.   I then decided that the blurple didn’t really go with traditional denim, so I searched my inventory and found these gorgeous Lavender High Rise Jeans from The Secret Store and i’d found my look.   Couldn’t resist wear in the horns from Plastik again, or my Izzies mesh nails OR my Ikon eyes!   I think I look kinda cute!

Under the gorgeous DeLa hair i’m wearing above, I was wearing the new mesh ears from Zombie Suicide, but I swapped to a short style from Wasabi Pills for these shots, and the America Skintone from Glam Affair, as i’m a recolouring noob (nearly 9yrs in SL ppl, and i’m still crap), and I couldn’t quite get the match I wanted for the Artic, but that didn’t stop me loving them!   They come in various sizes and are unisex, and by sizes obviously I mean the gauge hole size!   They also come with both L-R ears complete with simple plug or without anything, because not only do they have ears, they have loads of plug add-ons too! I took shots of 12 of them here, and each of the plugs themselves come texture change with tons of options!  For example the day of the dead plug comes with 12 textures, the bling tunnel comes with 7… options GALORE!

Mesh Ears & Plugs @ Zombie Suicide

Not only are there plug add ons, there are piercing ones too!  Four piercing sets, shown here, all the gems touchable for colour change and all sweeetttt!  Please do check them out and the demo’s and see what you like! I am not a gauge ear lover usually, but I’m actually quite partial to these! YAY!

Mesh Ears & Plugs @ Zombie Suicide | Piercings

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page for Events and Stores, if available

Credits for LoTD

Hair: DeLa | Carly | Baby Blue Pink
Skin: Glam Affair | Cassiopea | Artic (13)
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Top: Happy Undead | Short Hoody | Blue & Sky *Tango’D*
Jeans: The Secret Store | Rise Skinny Jeans | Lavender
Nails: Izzies | Spring/Summer 2012 Nails
Poses: Adorkable Poses

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.. and Happy 25 Days of Poses to YOU!

One of the people I admire most in the pose making world is Adorkable Peapod, she’s so nice and positive, always on hand for a hug or just to pep talk you and I don’t bother her nearly as much as I’d like to.  She’s beyond generous and is one of the most lovely people I know, and that I’d like to get to know better.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 1-5

Every year she does a whole 25 Days of Poses, where you get a free pose every day and if you miss them, they are sold for a discounted price afterwards, here are 20 of the 25 along with a few different looks.   The first 5 I paired together with a gorgeous Group Gift from Happy Undead!  A really gorgeous knit dress, together with some new Ruby slippers from AlaskaMetro.   I had to wear the new Exile hair for My Attic cos it comes with Tiara pin and it’s my BIRTHDAY, therefore I am a princess, duh.   The skin I am wearing is upcoming from Essences for TDR Fusion, so be ready for that!

The next poses I am again wearing Happy Undead!  This is their Tube Dress in Candy Cane!  Paired with the Red Combat Boots from Monso that you can find at Collabor88, this is a kick ass christmas look!   I topped it off with new Red Mint hair with a bit of a windswept look and the gorgeous new skin from Adam N Eve, but more about that below.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 6-10

The next 5 I have tried to show from a few angles, so that you can see the awsesome work that’s gone into the new Blueberry Cardigan.  With a lil cute bow and hood at the back it’s the perfect cozy knitwear for your wardrobe.  I wear a Shabby Cat dress underneath it that now comes with appliers for your e-boobs!   Topping it off with one of the 12 days of Christmas hairs from Ploom and the most gorgeous skin from Essences upcoming for the Capricorn Zodiac!   I can’t forget the boots, new from Ispachi and some of the best boots I’ve clapped eyes on.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 11-15

For the final five I went for a bit of a bright look with a billionty things going on!   My hair is another12 days hair from Ploom, this time a more quirky style!  It’s paired with one of the three skins available from Al Vulo for the Holidays, all three of which you need.   I’m wearing the Leather Skirt from Blueberry that was released along with the cardigan above and under that the Shabby Cat dress again, but in a pink this time!   My top is from Phosphenes and is the new Ombre Dip sweater, shown here in a vibrant yellow but available in other colours too.    To top it off I have some of the new Waist High Tights from Izzies on, available in both a natural and colours pack these babies are to die for!   I couldn’t take my Ispachi boots off either, so you get them here in black. PRAISE BE TO THE HUD!

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 16-20

Finally here is a quick peek at the Meghan Skin from Adam & Eve I mentioned earlier!  This is tone 2 and all of the makeups, aren’t they beautiful?   Definitely a more “real” feel to this skin than most of the skins I wear.  She comes with oodles of options, tattoos and layers for cleavage, freckles, dimples, eyebrows and more!   I really love the makeups in this pack from the cat eye and ruby combo to the peachy lips and pink eyes.  So gorgeous!

New @ Adam & Eve | Meghan

*SLRULS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page!