I’m feeling hues of pink again!

and I am!   A quick LoTD mashed with some super new poses and a new item from Sways on this glooooorious Friday! YUP!

Hopscotch - New Poses!

First up some LOVELY poses from Hopscotch!  These are for The Poser Pavillion by TLC and are “Love the Camera” and doesn’t it look like I do love it?!  You get 6 lovely poses that work well on their own or if you add some shopping bag/shoe boxes will work perfectly with those too!   The clothing I am wearing in the picture were Grenade Free Wednesdays items from Aeva/Heartsick!   I often forget that they do clothing as well as lovely skins, but here I am in a gorgeous maxi skirt and spaghetti tank top in a soft Heather/Tartan combo!  Such a lovely look!

New @ Sways


Sways released these Cozy Tent Shelter sets which come with tent/shelter, hay bale with single and couples poses and small lantern.  They are material enabled also!  I opted for Maroon as I thought it matched my outfit well.  I love the little shelter, it’s so cute with it’s makeshift blanket look, with small pebbles holding it down ( you can’t see that side, soz)   If you aren’t sold on Maroon you can opt from Pumpkin and Lake too, and of course you can mix and match if you’d like.


Finally a close up of my facial unit. I am wearing an Aeva/Heartsick skin, it was avaiable at Love Donna Flora, so probably isn’t now (I couldn’t TP to check because SL is a bungholio)… and one of the new and upcoming releases from Essences for The Candy Fair!!!    Traditional Candy style necklace, you can also get a bracelet, I loved wearing these as a kid, love it!   Also worn are eyes from IKON and hair from Truth! ❤

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

I am heading in just One Direction….

.. It’s true, I am! I’m legit going to see One Direction tonight with my 12yr old, please someone hold me.  HOLD ME TIGHT.   Before I begin my journey to teen hell, here is a mini lotd post!

New @ Epic

I am so in love with Epic lately, I can’t get enough of the stuff.   I saw that Jade had some new  goodies out and went over to the store and ended up going to all the events Epic is in to snag goodies, it was a costly, but WELL worth it trip!  This gorgeous denim maxi skirt is new, along with the top.   It comes in various washes of denim and with many patterns to choose from, I totally wanted them all but I made myself stop.  Jade always does such an awesome job with her meshes and textures, It’s a store I can visit 100 times and still find something I haven’t already got!!!  The top comes with boobie appliers too, so you can fiddle with your breasts, I chose to just go au naturale this time tho 😛

You can also see i’m wearing a tail!  It’s also from Epic and is at their Jersey Shore outlet for Grenade Free Wednesday.  The succubus tail comes in three choices, plain, with a bow or with this insect addition!  I got all three (see, addicted) and the nose piercing is just $L1 at the main store.


I took a close up of the gorgeous Aeva/Heartsick skin that I am wearing, it was a $L10 cart special and it’s bloody gorgeous!   It comes with the tribal style makeup on it, and it’s really vivid and gorgeous.    The hair I blogged yesterday and is by Ploom for Zodiac, the pose I am using is also by Ploom!     Finally my eyes, they are from IKON and are still available at The Liaison Collaboratives – The Boutique! GO GET EM!  OH! I’m also wearing Jamman nails 😀


*SLURLS are on the store locations page

It’s nearly Valentines Day…

… have you got your Cadburys Creme Egg? Wait no, wrong holiday.  HEARTS AND FLOWERS AND PUPPIES AND LOVE… or something.

New @ Heartsick

Heartsick have released 8 new skins for only $L100 each for the duration of Valentines, all the way up until the 15th February.  They are based on both the newer Halo and Faith skins and they are such sweet faces!   You can choose from sweet and seductive, to barely there… ruby red lips to smokey eyes, there is probably a make up for you amongst them, no?  Each skin comes with 4 cleavage options, dark brow and no brow, and a shape too!  I think i look really cute in these skins, a bit fierce so i probably need to change my eyebrows up a bit, but I couldn’t WAIT to throw them on!! I’m also wearing one of the new Truth releases; Virginie!   A wind/side swept look that just smoulders!

New @ Baiastice

Also released lately were a bunch of new, and awesome clothes from Baiastice.   In look one with have the Aida Top, which comes in nine satin colours and prints with little spaghetti straps, paired with the Boxy Cardigan and the Gareth Trousers.  The Cardigan comes in 6 colours and meshes with the top perfectly.  The trousers have a wide leg look and a cute little belt, they are available in ten colours, Ghost being showcased here.  In look two you can see the comfy but sexy looking Lexi Shirt, it has a pleated cross front and 3/4th length sleeves, perfect for the upcoming cool, yet still a bit nippy weather, that is paired with the baggy cotton style Lima Trousers that is available in eight colours and comes complete with braided belt!

Make sure you check these bad boys out.

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location Page, if available

Sakide Spices it Up!

Christmas @ Sakide

HOHOHO, MERRRRY CHRISTMAS!  That’s what it is at Sakide!  A Billionty and four new things out!  This Mrs Christmas Costume is just one of many things.   I chose the darker colours for mine, but you can get it in a nice white too.   It comes with the boots, the hat, the outfit and it’s just SO CUTE!  I also paired it with one set of the gorgeous Antlers that Sakide has out, these are the shorter variation in a dark style, but again you can get them in lighter, the perfect thing for CHRISTMASSSSS.  I am also wearing a Heartsick skin that is currently on promo on the Marketplace! It’s so cute and she’s all festive with her red lips too.  Tatttos are from Rebelstar and I wear various different ones throughout the post.

Sakide also has a special gacha going on, with these wonderful dresses, I do think I missed one or two out but you get the gist of it.  A slip dress with various different seasonal themes to them including candles, stars, snowflakes and a tree along with just zipped versions, these dresses are adorable!  The rare prize is the fatpack too, so well worth playing.    I’m also wearing the longer Antlers available in dark in this picture, I can’t get enough of shoving things on my head this Christmas, oh no.

Gacha @ Sakide

I didn’t want to leave the White Antlers out, so I popped those on, with their little bows and ornaments and cute tinsel ARGH so cute.  I am also donning three of the other new outfits available at Sakide this holiday.   The first is a sexy little mesh slip with garter, I went for a bit of an  innocent look with this one, I think it worked, right?  Then I got a bit cold and decided it was time to jacket it up with this adorable puffa style jacket, sure looks toasty warm and it has the cutest fur hood!   Then it was time to get ready and go out, so this mesh Ornament dress with keyhole peep neck/chest was just perfection!   It’s available at the F R O S T event and is a must own!



New @ Sakide

The skin I am wearing in the above picture is from D’Arc, a store I’ve never heard of before but seems to have clothing AND skins, so that was a nice surprise!

Meet Dahlia, the first skin from D’arc, she’s beautiful!  She comes in various tones, 5 shown below (I think there are six, I was taking so many pictures I lost track).  I really like the lighter tones, I did find that as the tones get darker there is a slightly lighter patch around the jaw area, not that it is overly noticeable, but I preferred the lighter skins anyway.

D'arc Skins - Tones

For the first release Dahlia comes in 9 makeups, and all of them soooo pretty!   You get the lovely bare skin which is the first picture, and then you get to choose from various makeups ranging from a black lipped cat eyed gothy look to a ruby red lipped goddess, a gemmed eye with neutral lip, to a dark eyed purple lipped party animal…  I’m sure there is at least one look for you in the whole lot.  The shading is really nice on the skins, and there are already Tango appliers out if you have mesh boobs!   The skin is really smooth and I didn’t see a seam in sight, and I really squee’d when I didn’t need to change my face to look cute. YAY ME.

D'Arc - Makeups

There are also two specials out for Dahlia if you want a taster, the left is the group gift for this month and the right is the Festive Edition of Dahlia.   So maybe you should check them out!

D'Arc - Special Skins

Throughout the post I am wearing Jamman Mesh Nails, so make sure you swing by and check those out, and I am using both Ploom and aDORKable poses.  Eyes are from IKON, as per usual, hair is from Elikatira and Exile!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available

More Vintage Fair and a Lil Propsicles!

I still have SOOO much to blog, it’s insane!  I think tomorrow might be a day of props and furniture and poses and stuff, or clothing.. or all of them, omg I dunno! Anyway here are few more things from Vintage Fair 2012 and then a lil bonus prop piece from Bent!

First another lil lookbook:

Vintage Fair 2012 - Lookbook 2

  1. Razorblade Jacket: RJ is fast becoming a store I love for the grungier side of my persona.  This dress is not to be sniffed at, it’s mesh, it’s gorgeous, it’s well textured.  It was MINE.
  2. !Eclectic Apparel:  Some really cute 50’s style dresses out, with matching cardigans (available separately).  Mix and match your colours, or go for the same, LIKE ME!  Retro fantasticalness (it’s a word).
  3. DCNY: A really cute slinky dress, with prim collar and bow!  It comes with mesh crotch flap (and non mesh) and is a sexy little piece, I paired it with one of the Pomme D’Amour hairs available, I feel like LuLu!
  4. Jack Spoon & Glow Studio: A gorgeous texture/mesh combo from Jack Spoon, I chose the yellow, it comes in more! I paired it with the birdy set from Glow, who DOESN’T love a duck????
  5. Purplemoon: Available as separates, this skirt and top are gorgeous, oh and the glasses, I feel like Jackie O!  Really nice mesh pieces, well textured, great size options! LOVE LOVE, bit demure for me, but love still.

The skins I’m wearing in that pic are all VF skins (apart from League in RJ Pic) and are from Shine and Heartsick!   I love the Shine skin, the lips are so kisseable, maybe a bit overglossy for some, but for me.. I like!

coldLogic are at the Vintage Fair and have 7.. read SEVEN new items out!  You can see them all below, click through for a bigger picture.  It’s a mix of retro, mostly a 60’s type feel to me tho.  Ranging from the more sensible chic option in the first picture, to the more baggy/loose option avec belt in the second (in awesome colours, if I may say so), then a cute gogo style dress for three of the them and a couple of mish mashes of the others!  All in all, there are three styles of dress, but in 7 styles. Do I make sense? I do to me!

I love love LOVE this release, it’s not entirely “me” but it made me feel fun to dress up and play around outside of my comfort zone and after all, it IS a Vintage Fair!!!!   The skins I’m wearing in this pic are all from Heartsick, who have some wonderful skins out!

Vintage Fair 2012 - ColdLogic | Heartsick

Finally! I have seen (and picked up) some of Bent’s items for Vintage Fair, but I have seen them blogged a fair bit too, so although I do intend to blog them, this is the Bent offering for Fluid this time around! It’s a Matrix prop and it is GORGEOUS.  I am going to be ignorant and say I haven’t really seen much of Bent, but then when I was in full flow with Frooti, I didn’t tend to visit other pose stores.. now i’m on a break i’m having a HOOT of a time!!   It comes with 10 poses in the prop and although it’s a bit of a dark picture (soz) you can click through for bigger!  Wearing items from Sn@tch and Elikatira in there ❤

Fluid - Bent! Matrix Prop

Finally a close up of one of the oOo Studio poses… this is sooooo gorgeous, and this snap is raw from SL.. thanks to my baby for posing with me ❤

raw from SL