Aeryn | PXL @ Skin Fair 2015

PXL | Aeryn @ Skin Fair 2015

Yes, another skin! This time it’s Aeryn from PXL which is going to be available at Skin Fair 2015!  Aeryn is a brand new spankin’ skin from Hart and will be available in 4 tones (Natural shown),  3 brows and a no brows option, 4 makeups (all shown), freckles (light shown), moles (light shown), sweetlips appliers (not shown because my SL was being a tool – but they are rad, obvs) and appliers for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza!  I found Aeryn to look really different on me than other PXL skins, I am not sure why but I feel they made my face look really different!   The body work is amazing as usual from PXL with not a blemish in site, or a seam.. only perfection!  I absolutely love the lips on this one, so kissable and soft with a little pout going on, yes please!

Also shown are items from Baiastice,  the Pigalle Lingerie which was made for TLC’s Leather and Lace round and comes in oooooodles of colours and options, and of course from this fantastic round of Collabor88 (Twin Peaks FTW) the Josie Pumps with Stocking!  The combo comes with a HUD to change texture on the stockings (silk and cotton) as well as 10 colours for each 12 colours of shoe available!  They come in 5 standard sizes so make sure to demo.   Truth hair is worn because.. hi, it’s beautiful and new.

Wayward Hunt Poster 4-15 to 5-1_1024

Also happening reallllly soon is the first hunt by the rigged events group Wayward Events!   The Wayward Hunt starts on April 17th and runs through May 1st, you can visit the Wayward Location to be entered into the subscriber and for more info on how to join the in world Hunt Group!   

You will need a tag to participate and there are over 100 stores involved from all over the grid from well known favourite sto new and exciting upcoming stores YAY!

LoTD – The Day 2006 Vommed on Me

You may wonder about the title, it’s all in jest (well from MY part, probably not from Creamy’s.. that cowface).  She saw I was wearing Neko attire and promptly mocked me for going back in time! I happen to think I look as CUTE as a button, a little kitty button, so here is my LoTD, retro revisited or not! 😀

LoTD - The Day 2006 Vommed on Me

LoTD - The Day 2006 Vommed on Me - Up Close and Personal



Hair: Milk | Love Notes *FaMESHed*
Eyes: Amacci | Zenith | Sunset
Skin: Glam Affair | Brandi | America 04
Tongue: [ni.Ju] | Vampire Tongue
Top: Epic | Sleepy Neko (with Tangos) *Boobie Love Hunt*
Skirt: The Sugar Garden | Princess TuTu | Mint
Shoes: The Sugar Garden | Hime Peeptoe | Bubblegum
Pose: Adorkable
Appliers for Slink Items: Hello Dave | Deco Curve

An Epic LoTD!

Just a quick lil blog post today, I’ve been off mucking out Kennels at the local Animal Shelter so I am BEAT.. but I wanted a little relaxation so decided to play dress up for a bit! 😀

An Epic LoTD!

This Skeletorn Bikini is from Epic and is at this round of Perfect Wardrobe! It comes in 8 delectable colours and is fully mesh with all standard sizes!  You do get a texture bikini top too, and of course, you get mesh boob enhancers too like with most items from Epic!   Jade has done a wonderful job, and I did giggle a bit that the skull eyes are on the boobs and the mouth on the crotch, I am easily amused, no!?   Make sure you check them out while they’re at Perfect Wardrobe!  The skin I am wearing is still the Pink Fuel Ghost skin from The Arcade, and the hair is one of the rare Clawtooth Unicorn Dips that the lovely Lexi Morgan so kindly sold me!!!  I AM IN LOOOOVE!  I still need to get back to The Arcade, but my wallet is screaming at me… don’t worry, it never wins.

CIRCA @ Lavender Hill Hunt

The Lavender Hill Hunt is still going, and CIRCA provide some lovely goodies.  This Shadow Box Table and Pouffe are just lovely, the Table is so unique and I’ve included a couple of close ups of inside the box, I did try and make it bigger to live in it, but it’s no modify :P… but I zoomed and look at all the gorgeous detail!  The cute wishing well, the minute little bird and the tufts of lavender, trees and butterflies buzzing around.  The Pouffe comes with many poses, mostly sitting ones but that works well for me.   The skybox you can see me sitting in with my new goodies is from Scarlet Creative. WOO!

Ok, TV time! ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location page, if available.

Day 26 of 365 LoTD – Shrugged

Happy Saturday… or is that Shrugday?!

Day 26 of 365 LoTD - Shrugged

There were two main focuses in mind when I put together this LoTD, one being the gorgeous new Magika hair that comes complete with earred hood (omggg how cute??) and the other was the Cynful Shrug and Top Set!   The Set comes in various colours, but I chose black and you can wear the tube top alone, or with the shrug, or you can wear just the shrug and another top.. or wear them however you want, really.  Simple items but ones that really give you options.   I decided to pair them with a Happy Undead Mini, you can’t see them but I have handprints on my butt!  Tutt.   I then decided the only way forward were fishnets and my Gos Triumph Boots to complete the look.

I looked at myself and decided it wasn’t enough still, so to compliment my Glam Affair Renee skin I popped on the new mesh nails from Intrepid that will be available for Depraved Nations Jack or Jill Hunt and I wore the other half of my Key and Keyhole Tattoo from Half Deer, this time I have the Key on, whose hole can I find to ram it in?! HMMMM?

Happy Saturday, everyone!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available


Hair: Magika | Clumsy *NEW*
Skin: Glam Affair | Renee | First Date 01
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Soulful Eyes | Gold & Green
Tattoo: Half Deer | Key Tattoo *The Retreat*
Nails: Intrepid | Long Square Nails | *Jack or Jill Hunt*
Shrug & Top: Cynful | Shruggable | Black *NEW*
Skirt: Happy Undead | Mini Skirt | Touched Pink/Toxic
Tights: Erratic | Fishnet Thin | Black
Boots: Gos | Triumph Boot


Depraved Nations Winter Fashion Fair – F R O S T opens tomorrow 12.12.12 and it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a fantastic event!  There will be over 100 brands there offering discounted and exclusive items, live DJ’s, Fireworks and free gifts!!   I have seen many a teaser on Flickr, and I have one of my own to mention today!

Now, someone I really admire on Flickr, is AliceinChains Arun so if you want to see how someone else wears these items you should totally check out her Flickr or Blog, she is an inspiration!! /fangirl moment.

Epic is a store I adore, I haven’t really blogged a lot from there but I own a huge chunk of the store, and I am always going back for more, it’s one of those stores that just… is pure love!  Jade has a lot of items out for Frost, and exclusives too!   Everything except the horns and hair I am wearing in these pictures are for F R O S T from Epic, and I couldn’t be happier!

This is the Arcangel Set, it’s a ghostly white latex style suit, and it comes with Tango Applier HUD too, I am wearing my Tangos here too, unf it’s so pretty!!!   It comes with the mesh face/neck collar you see in three sizes, and I just fell in love with it.  I’m also wearing one of the exclusive Evangeline LUNAR skins that Epic will have for sale at the Fair too, including the gorgeous piercing eyes.

*Epic* Exclusive @ FROST - Slasher

The other item, is the Slasher Suit, again this comes with Tango Applier but I opted to wear this sans boobs, to show you that it can still look as good without them.  It’s a similar affair to the Arcangel, but the opposite, with a slashed front, hence the name!   Both of these items are just delicious and I think you will be happy to have them on your tush!

*Epic* Exclusive @ FROST - Arcangel

Other items worn in the pictures are some of the Monchrome Hunt Gift from Half Deer (they have them in gacha to! hi, I’m  a gacha addict), and both hairs are from Wasabi Pills!   Poses from aDORKable!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

With Love 2012

It’s nearly upon us, the hunt series we all look forward to!  The With Love Hunt 2012 bought to you by Chic Management begins this weekend!  There are so many wonderful items from some of the best, most loved designers on the grid, as well as some fresh new faces!  Here are just three looks  you can get from doing it!  Each item will be $L10, it’s the steal of the century!

First look consists of the most gorrrrrgeous skin from Glam Affair!  It’s so soft and pretty and with beautiful blue eyes and a peachy keen lips! So kissable!  I paired that with the Glow Necklace and the Somnia Dress!  The necklace comes in an array of colours/metals and the dress comes in various colours too!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!

With Love Hunt - Look 1

The next look is also privy to a wonderful skin!  This is the pinktastic version of Alyx from Pink Fuel that will be available.  She’s so cute and innocent looking with her pearly pink lips and muted pink eyeshadow!   I decided that this skin was best suited to wear with one of the PaperDoll items available, I do love this dress, but I will say this is the L size I am wearing and it still makes me look quite tiny from the waist down, the boobs look great tho!   Also worn with this get up is the stunning set from Cae.  No picture could do the set justice, it’s so detailed and pretty, and it comes in various metals too!

With Love Hunt - Look 2

Finally, another set I really couldn’t do justice, the piercing available from HoD!  It comes in a selection of textures, I chose one of the special textures for the set “Tinsel”!   It’s a beautiful blue/pink hue.  Now, I am really rather crap at placing piercings that don’t autofit my face, but I gave it a shot!  There are two parts to the piercing, the one you can see on the neckline area, and the face one, they are pretty intricate and there are several piercings in each set, but they’re so pretty!

With Love Hunt - HoD


Can’t wait to see what else will be available!!

An Eventful Time!

There are still an abundance of events going on, hell, when ISN’T there an abundance of events going on!?! But some of the best ones I’ve been to are still rocking, and some of the best I have yet to go to… are almost upon us!

First a look at a few bits that are coming up for The Arcade from Sways and Pididdle!

I CANNOT. CAN.NOT with how gorgeous these items from Sway are. These Clocks might actually be some of the best items I’ve seen in SL, ever. The work that must have gone into them is mindblowing. The texturing on them is simply divine and they are the cutest things EVER!!!! There is something for everyone, I believe, that will fit into the decor of anyones room, and if not.. just get them because they are fookin’ adorbs.

Sways @ The Arcade - Coming Soon

There are 10 to collect, each with their own mini theme, moving pendulums and working time, the land impact of these babies is only 5LI too!  I’ve taken a few close up shots of the main feature of the clocks, and I can’t stop looking at it because it’s THAT pretty!!!    I imagine these will be one of the hottest swap/sought after items at The Arcade this round!

Sways @ The Arcade | Close Ups - Coming Soon

Also coming to The Arcade are these wonderful necklaces from Pididdle, you can see the whole collection here and below are a couple The Review Collective was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at!  You can see Holy Water, Silver Glitter, Some Teeth I Found and Butterfly below… I know I’ll be playing till my lindens are GONE to collect all the others especially Dust Bunnies and Last Years Winter!   They come in a cord style necklace and the jar is finished off with a cute bow as you can see, some fine work here guys.

Pididdle @ The Arcade - Coming Soon

Finally a little mini look of the day for you, just to showcase some items from ongoing events, and upcoming ones!   The skin I am wearing is the Essences With Love Hunt 2012 item and she is a beauty!  Saga – With Love ❤ is a pale pink princess, fit for a queen though!   I decided to pair her with the Eku Top from Geometry for UnhingedSL, I Digress Hair from Clawtooth still available at Collabor88 and both the Noodles Hair Clip and BeeHive Antenna from Bees Through the Seasons

Mini LoTD - Events!

I do hope you take a look at the events still going on, you can find details from events i’ve covered on my Store Locations Page along with any SLURL or blog details on them, if available!


Hair: Clawtooth | I Digress | Classic Brunette *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Essences | Saga Skin | With Love Top: Geometry | Eku Crop | Black *UnghingedSL*
Hair Clip: Noodles | Collect Some Honey Hair Clip | Gold *Bees Through the Seasons*
Antenna: BeeHive | Bees Antenna | Black *Bees Through the Seasons*
Pose: *Frooti

Tis The Season for some Decor…

Tra la la la la, la la la la… yeah ok don’t worry, I’m not doing Christmas posts.. YET 😄

I haven’t posted some furniture for a good week or so, so let me bring you a few of the new things I’ve acquired over the last few days!  Please click through for the flickr link and bigger pictures.

I really love this item from Conspiracy Theory for this months Zodiac… you can plainly see what it is.. a bow and arrow picture frame thinger!   It’s dreamy and lovely and is a great talking piece for any room, I decided this one was going in my bedroom, well one of them.. we’re between houses at the minute, as in I have 3345345 rezzed and just keep going I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO with them.  But I knew this needed to be in one of them, Ewan makes some unique items and this beautiful.

Conspiracy Theory @ Zodiac

This is the item from DIGS for the Monochrome Hunt!  It’s a Silver Lining Dresser, it is soooo cute, and will suit any room, even if the rest of your decor isn’t grey/silver/monochrome.   It’s not a huge piece and fits neatly into a corner, or you can decorate around it, making it a gorgeous centrepiece.  DIGS has some awesome items, and this hunt item is a steal!  Make sure you check it out.

DIGS for Monochrome Hunt

Finally we have a teaser! Yes, i’m sorry.. these bad boys won’t be out until the December round of The Arcade opens! I am not blessed enough to be an Arcade Blogger, but I did manage to get my excited little hands on these signs from What Next! These are SO effin’ cute you are going to view them as Pokemon and want to catch them all!

These cute, mesh signs are availabe in many different offerings, you probably need to click through for a bigger/better picture, but oh my gosh!!!  You can get bathroom ones, kitchen ones, winter ones, beach ones!!!  There are a bunch of common and a couple of rares, so you won’t have a hard time getting them all, hopefully!   I can’t wait for The Arcade to open, last time I spent more than my tier on Hamsters and Spice Jars… so this time i’m hoping I can just tone it down a notch, but judging by the teasers i’ve seen so far.. I don’t see that happening!!!

What Next coming soon for The Arcade

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page at the top of the blog!

Friday Friday.. gotta post a blog on Friday!

Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!  I have a few bits and bobs for you today, and a sneaky little peek!

This beauty is coming soon (really soon I hope!) from Adam & Eve! Sachi asked if I would like a little look and of course I said HELLS YES (more politely).  I think this skin from A&E is the ever fit on my shape, I haven’t touched a thing, I rarely do for skins, if they don’t fit my face, they don’t get purchased, so I was SUPER excited that these look gorgeous and I hope there are tons more tones and makeups to come!   Here are just five of the makeups, all very sweet, a few barely there, a couple brighter, all sexy!    I am also wearing the dimple tattoo that comes with them!

Preview | Adam & Eve | Disa!

The piercing you can see above is the Cute Poison hunt gift for The Dirty Turkey Hunt!  It’s a Depraved Nation hunt and it looks very promising if these piercings are anything to go by!   They come in both male and female sizings and are super easy to adjust, and you can turn the shadow on and off too!

There was a huuuuge coldLogic release that I didn’t get around to blogging yet, so here it is!  A plethora of snug, warm, cozy, gorgeous dresses for us girlies!  There are four different types, a v neck, a deeper v neck, a cowl neck and a turtleneck and each neck comes in various colours and different patterns and all of them look SO effin snuggly and warm that I wished I had them in RL!  a few of them come with belts, but you don’t have to add that on, I only chose to add it on to one dress, but it works with most!

I think my fav has to be the top middle dress with the cute dotty pattern, and possible the bottom left with the scalloped arm and hem detailing, and argghh I love turtlenecks in SL! I feel restricted in RL and claustrophobic, so I live vicariously through my pixelself during winter! LOL

New @ coldLogic

Finally a quick and easy LoTD!  The hair I am wearing is from Exile and was the My Attic item, a cute and simple longer hair with a bit of a kink and a wave! LOVE IT!  The whole ensemble, clothes wise is from Cynful!   The jeans are the Zia 2.0 mesh low riding jeans, and low riding they are!   I paired them with this lace top from there too, which isn’t mesh, just texture and sculpt addons, it hid my butt cleavage well and looked cute, so win win!  The shoes are from Cute Posion also and the pose is from Frooti!

New @ CynfulAll SLURLS are on the Store Locations page ❤