LoTD – Immerse Style

Hi!  Just a lil LoTD, I have been slacking and I have so much I want to blog, heres to getting my butt into gear, I was feeling all red today, so red it is!

LoTD - Immerse Style

As soon as Lilly showed me this gorgeous knit dress I fell in love, with three quarter length sleeves and a gorgeous belted bow, this dress oozes sex appeal and looks warm too, I do love a good shorter style dress that isn’t tooooo show off yer bits.  It’s from The Fashion Fair, a new fair that opens on the 30th November, so look out for it!   My skin, eyes and hair have previously been blogged, but you can see full credits below for those, I think I look pretty striking!

LoTD - Immerse Style - Up Close and Personal

The cute bow style headband I am wearing is from Atooly and is coming soon, although there is a green version out atm at the Outlet Sales Room!  A gorgeous piece of workmanship, simple but striking, wooohooo!

My shoes are from SSD (Sax Shepherd Designs) and are currently at Shoetopia, they come with a HUD that is FULL to the brim with options, including straps, soles, studs and more!   I can never get enough of strappy sandals and I really love SSD shoes, they fit my Slink feet just perfectly and look great to boot! (ha! BOOT! like a shoe.. get it? Ok I’m leaving).

Full Credits

Hair: Exile | Party Girl
Eyes: IKON | Destiny | Midnight
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Al Vulo | Ewa | Smoke | Blonde | Fairy w/makeup
Headband: Atooly | Kenzi Bow | Red Polka Dot *Coming Soon*
Dress: Immerse | Sequioa Dress | Red *FASHION FAIR*
Bodyparts: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet
Shoes: Sax Shepherd Designs | Caress Stiletto Sandals *SHOETOPIA*
Pose: Adorkable

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

Lazy, Lovely Sunday

Hi all, been a busy one here, but a little lazy, and lovely bloggage for you here, this time a few bits and bobs from the furniture world!


The first little set up is a woody love affair!   I have two sets of items here from two wonderful stores, Kuro and DIGS!   All mesh, all great, ALL of the time!  (well mostly with the mesh, always with the great).   The Conall Chair and Stool and the Wood Table Set were both yesterdays “The Neighbourhood” items.  You can’t get them at their special price now, but you can still get them, and get them you must! So rustic and different.


Also more wood, in the shape of this cat lamp that was out at Sways for FLF, who doesn’t want a cat shaped lamp?? WHO??   It seems it was a weekend for awesome furnishings at cheap prices!  Also shown is one of the items from Immerse, discounted today for Lazy Sunday. HUZZAH!

Immerse is such a wonderful store and the owner is a lovely lady who I have been very lucky to get to chat to and she’s back after having to have a bit of a hiatus with a brand new spankin’ store!   Immerse is such a wide range of items kinda store, we have furniture and even clothing, but for now let’s focus on this chair, available in a mixture of colours and each with awesome poses by the fistful, this is definitely a bargain and a half!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, unless linked


I’m sorry, back to work in RL so things have been a bit up and down with me logging into SL!   But I am BACK and here are some new goodies 😀

LoTD 16/04/13

This gorgeous new dress from Immerse is so flowy and pretty and I love the colour combination and comes complete with an attachable flower.   It comes in different colours but this one really stood out to me, the beautiful girly pink with the lovely teal type of blue.   There are a lot of new releases at Immerse so make sure you check!!    It makes for a pretty picture, does it not?!   I wanted to blog it with some of the stuff from my HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE to blog list, but I got changed once and then 3 relogs later I still couldn’t take anything off. SO. SORRY.

Magical Necklace of MAGIC

Also worn in the pictures here is the Essences Opera Skin, available from TDR and one of the other makeups (I blogged one just a few days ago)!  Always so soft and smooth looking, Essences skins, I adore them!    The main focus of the picture is this gorgeous Antler and Ring Necklace from Half Deer and is available at SL Fashion Week, this is the pink one and there are many more colours to choose from, such a lovely, boho looking piece from one of my fave stores EVER!   Make sure you get them this week while the event is running! EEEE!

New @ Insufferable Dastard

Finally, the eyes…. all from Insufferable Dastard and just 2 of the new packs available.   The top picture are the Mermaid Eyes which are some watery looking gorgeous eyes, a little glazed over look to them with lovely pastel colours and brights… the eyes below are the Soulful V2 Eyes… they come in the colours shown below and then some “brights” too!   The thing I love about ID eyes is that they come with the plain old normal eye, and then with mesh addon’s so you can mix and match colours to, always a bonus!

New @ Insufferable Dastard 2

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

The Challenge.. and then some.

Happy Thursday all!  A few goodies for you today, the focus of the post being that of The Challenge event that kicked off today with a “Tudor” theme!  A little bit different, don’t you think?

Words with Heart

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. ”
― John Bunyan

The picture above was inspired by the quote above.   I believe, not only in prayer, that it is a lovely thing to have a heart that is full of words.  Mine may be rambling, they may not always be cheerful and positive, sometimes they are sad, sometimes they are full of awe and love and wonder.. but each word I utter comes from the heart, and each word is honest.   I can’t imagine writing hundreds of words that had no feeling, no heart.  I am not the worlds best writer, but fill my heart with words any day, over having my words empty of heart.  NODNOD.

ANYWAY… that gorgeous hunt of a pergola above is Breno’s offering to The Challenge’s Tudor Theme!  It comes with or without curtains and is absolutely stunning. A simple piece, but paired with the right environment and decor, this baby has a hundred uses.   I decided to use some Trompe Loeil Swept Bookcakes with mine, along with a Group Gift from Flowey…. I don’t really do “art” but if I did, this is what fell out of my brain whilst trying to take a picture today.  Words everywhere… me flying about trying to make sense of them… well I know what I mean, eh!?

The Challenge - Tudor

22769 Bauwerk, L & K Prefabs and End of Daze also released items today (as did Michigans Shack, but that post will be upcoming!).   22769 Bauwerk gave us an option of skybox or bench (bench not pictured) and it’s a delightful combo.   The skybox is so vibrant and rich in colour, and big enough to potter about, and fill with wonder.  What a romantic and warm little number, wouldn’t you agree?   The gorgeous bed complete with lantern and attached tree is from L & K Prefabs and is just divine.  I do love a good whimsical bed, and I love that even with a theme i’d call “super sensible” you still have that touch of magic!   The End of Daze item is a bench also, available in various colours, it comes with many animations (as does the bed) both single and couples and is the perfect addition to any smart looking room!

LoTD 28/02/13

Finally a very quick look at what I was wearing in the Words with Heart picture above.   A gorgeous (and very fitting) hair from Lelutka, I can’t keep up with their releases! I think I’m a set behind, but I’ll get there.  The dress is new from Immerse, Lily has done it again with a gorgeous, simple dress with puffy sleeves and a slinky high waist skirt.  It comes in various colours with gorgeous complimentary duos of colour.  I think this one was my fave, I do love a good dusty rose.   The skin is from Ploom and is the Gia skin I blogged last week, eyes are from IKON and pose is from Frooti!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, unless linked in the main article.


Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week…

.. If only that were true!   I have some pretty mega rust I’d like cleared from this week, but alas… sometimes the rust remains to remind you not to stand out in the rain… or something like that. ANYWAY… new stuffs. woo.

New @ Immerse & Essences

I blogged on Valentines Day that Prism Furniture had now become Immerse, and I am sooo happy to annouce that Lilly does not only make furniture now, she has delved into clothing too!   This gorgeous Eden gown is available now, and a few select colours are just $L60 for the weekend!!   It’s an elegant number with a revealing drop back that shows just a smidge of butt, so hey, you’ll have to go commando!   It’s a really stunning first clothing item from Immerse and I am so looking forward to seeing much much more!

New Hairs @ Truth | Exile

Both Truth and Exile released hairs this week!  Truth released the top two in the collage, Exile the bottom two, as well as the hair in the Immerse picture above.  I don’t know how these boys do it, always releasing such gorgeous hairs is beyond me, my drive and imagination would have run out a long time ago, but it’s great that so many old SL faces are still making such great items!   Both of the Truth hairs are longer styles, with an over the shoulder angle to them, and they fit over my mesh dress just perfectly, which is always good!   Exile has a mix of wavy, swept and updo… so a nice mixture there, all 5 of the hairs are must owns in my opinion, but then I am a girl that likes to own it all!

The Skin I have on is one of the new Essences Thursday skins from TDR Fusion!  It comes with three options, this is the darkest tone of the bunch, so still quite light and it’s absolutely stunning.  I always jaw drop when I see myself in an Essences skin, as they are just soooooo well suited to my face, it all fits and just looks gorgeous, imo.

I haven’t been posting as much as usual, no particular reason like I said a few posts back, trying to do RL stuff more, taking it easy where SL is concerned as I feel at nearly 9yrs SLold, i’m too old for the antics that happen in there now a days, ain’t nobody got time (or sanity) for some of it!  But I do still love to log in and toss lindens around to help with my shopping addiction, and of course I love to dress up all pretty, or decorate my home.. so there is no way, just yet, I am willing to give the blogging up, I’ll just let you younguns take the blogging baton and some of you do it SO well… just keep off my SLawn!

Happy Sunday ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available.

Immerse yourself this Valentines Day

Hi, Happy Valentines Day, may it be full of love if you celebrate it, if not… just have a good Friday and what not!

Happy Heart Day

Prism Furniture has undergone a bit of a rehaul and is now called Immerse and this is one of the pieces from the brand new spankin’ store.   It’s a delightful heart shaped arbor and is ideal for your land whether it be water, land, beach, snow or sun.   It’s jam packed with animations for singletons, couples, friends and family and it’s just gorgeous.  I wasn’t going to blog today but I figured this was the perfect piece for the date and with such stunning detail and only 13 prims, I thought this might be something you guys want to go and buy… either for yourself or a loved one because it’s available in both copy OR transfer versions.  Do make sure you check it out!

Have a wonderful day, one and all ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page ❤