Come Cuddle with Me


Please click through for a bigger picture as you can’t see it all very well in this little one!  I had great fun setting up this, it’s a very simple set up but I love it.   The Consignment Camper Cuddle Van is just MEGA! It comes with rezzing ivy and is perfect for couples or if you’re single, like me, you can sit on your own with a hammer and some cute animals and just look adorbs.    I mention the hammer as it’s from Katat0nik for this round of Level Up which has just opened and it’s SO CUTE… and obviously so deadly that it’s looking after me on my little camping expedition.

I couldn’t help but rez the items from The Arcade from Ispachi, I don’t feel I have done them justice but who doesn’t need friends?!   OWLS! OWLS ARE MY FAVE! OWLSTOCK SHOULD HAPPEN IN SL!  Thank you Half Deer for giving us OWLS!    The adorabled fencing and vehicles are from What Next and are older items, but still fabulous!

Everything I am wearing was blogged yesterday here!


Van/Trellis/Fire: Consignment *Collabor88*
Garden Friends: Ispachi *The Arcade*
Owls: Half Deer *Collabor88*
Fence/Vehicles: What Next
Hammer: Katat0nik *Level Up*

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Leaf on the Wind

I am here with a 2nd blog post today, mainly because Leaf on the Wind has just opened and you NEED to go there!  You can read all about it here, but to sum it up an awesome, lovely, talented, funny, friendly second lifer is fighting a massive battle at the minute that nobody should ever have to fight.  This is a fundraiser for her and I am so happy to have been able to go along and splash some lindens on some great items from some generous creators.

Leaf on the Wind


Hair: Alice Project | Angelique  *LoTW*
Eyes: Angelica | Pure | Silver *The Seasons Story*
Skin: Glam Affair | Sia | Artic | 04B  *LoTW*
Necklace: Wimey | Page 394 Silver Necklace  *LoTW*
Dress: Noodles | Geronimo Dress  *LoTW*
Hands: Slink
Nail Appliers: Pathos | Celeste
Deer: even.flow | Oh Deer | Lemon *LoTW*


Sign: Mango Cheeks  *LoTW*
Table and Goodies: Ispachi  *LoTW*

Boxing Day Snow!

Hi!!  I hope you all had a GREAT holiday!  It’s Boxing Day here in the UK and I hear it’s snowing, sadly it’s not in my part of the country but I live in hope, I created a little whimsical snowy scene to wave goodbye to Christmas and say Hello to the New Year with help from Ispachi, Ploom and Half-Deer!

Boxing Day Snow!

You couldn’t see my cute look behind the tree, so I warmed up a little and took a LoTD pic!  Full credits can be found below but I have to say Blueberry are banging on the goodies like nobodies business and they are always so effin’ cute (and sexy!)   I am loving the three-way pairing of Ploom, Belleza and Half-Deer too!   Don’t I look totes angelic?? ALWAYS!

LoTD - Boxing Day


Hair: Ploom | Mash *12 Days of Christmas – in store*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Twinkle | Sage
Skin: Belleza | Mae | TLC Fair | 2 BL *TLC*
Necklace: Cae | Frostine *TLC*
Outfit: Blueberry | Babi
Shoes: | Betty.Janes | Black.Velvet *VIP Gift*
Nail Appliers: Bella Elephante *12 Days of Christmas – in store*
Halo: Half-Deer | Fairylight Halo | Platinum *N21*

Scene Credits:

Telephone Pole Scene: Half-Deer
Animals: Ispachi *Arcade*
Cloud: Half-Deer *Arcade*
Tree: Ploom *12 Days of Christmas – in store*

The Arrival



What is arriving you may ask!? Well 1st March sees another round of The Arcade begin, crazy elbow shoving, mental rares, grabby hand, feet and sexual organs.  YEP!   CANNOT WAIT!   This is a little sneaky peek of the divine set available from Ispachi.

Ispachi @ The Arcade


The set is aptly called, The Arrival and is 6 common pieces, and 1 rare.  They are ALL gorgeous though, but I know everyone will want the entire set!  The rare is the bear/fox combo with the little beehive and butterfly, other bits, as you can see, include some waddling mallards, wise looking owls, swans, squirrels, frolicking foxes and hopping hares!

These pieces are more ornamental than wildlife type decor, but they could totes get away with it, I decide to take my pictures in my beautiful Scarlet Creative house, but I have seen some gorgeous forest based snaps.

Cannot wait for the event to start and get hooked on that ONE RARE that I just can’t find! YAY!


Well actually, it’s a skate shack, but you can still get your loving on!

Cozy Skate Shack

A new round of The Garden is a happening at The Liaison Collaborative and it’s a christmas laden treat zone!   This gorgeous skate shack is available from Eleventh Hour, and you can choose  from PG and Adult options, it comes with hot cocoa, prints on the wall and that lovely rustic feel.  I decorated it a little with some other items from TLC, and then some!

Cozy Skate Shack - Insides!

The gorgeous snow jars you can see are from Ispachi, they are at The Garden in a Gacha machine.   There are six commons and a rare for you to win!  The rare is the one you see on the left of the collage, a gorgeous musical number, and each of the jars have falling snow in them,  a lovely winter item.   The train you can see is from Lark, of course it is supposed to go on a track, but it’s just decor for me here.  Such a wonderful item for adults or kiddywinks, and would make a great present!     Finally I have the Ornament Branch from Sways!    Simple but gorgeous, and all in all I love my little kitted out shack!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.. and Happy 25 Days of Poses to YOU!

One of the people I admire most in the pose making world is Adorkable Peapod, she’s so nice and positive, always on hand for a hug or just to pep talk you and I don’t bother her nearly as much as I’d like to.  She’s beyond generous and is one of the most lovely people I know, and that I’d like to get to know better.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 1-5

Every year she does a whole 25 Days of Poses, where you get a free pose every day and if you miss them, they are sold for a discounted price afterwards, here are 20 of the 25 along with a few different looks.   The first 5 I paired together with a gorgeous Group Gift from Happy Undead!  A really gorgeous knit dress, together with some new Ruby slippers from AlaskaMetro.   I had to wear the new Exile hair for My Attic cos it comes with Tiara pin and it’s my BIRTHDAY, therefore I am a princess, duh.   The skin I am wearing is upcoming from Essences for TDR Fusion, so be ready for that!

The next poses I am again wearing Happy Undead!  This is their Tube Dress in Candy Cane!  Paired with the Red Combat Boots from Monso that you can find at Collabor88, this is a kick ass christmas look!   I topped it off with new Red Mint hair with a bit of a windswept look and the gorgeous new skin from Adam N Eve, but more about that below.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 6-10

The next 5 I have tried to show from a few angles, so that you can see the awsesome work that’s gone into the new Blueberry Cardigan.  With a lil cute bow and hood at the back it’s the perfect cozy knitwear for your wardrobe.  I wear a Shabby Cat dress underneath it that now comes with appliers for your e-boobs!   Topping it off with one of the 12 days of Christmas hairs from Ploom and the most gorgeous skin from Essences upcoming for the Capricorn Zodiac!   I can’t forget the boots, new from Ispachi and some of the best boots I’ve clapped eyes on.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 11-15

For the final five I went for a bit of a bright look with a billionty things going on!   My hair is another12 days hair from Ploom, this time a more quirky style!  It’s paired with one of the three skins available from Al Vulo for the Holidays, all three of which you need.   I’m wearing the Leather Skirt from Blueberry that was released along with the cardigan above and under that the Shabby Cat dress again, but in a pink this time!   My top is from Phosphenes and is the new Ombre Dip sweater, shown here in a vibrant yellow but available in other colours too.    To top it off I have some of the new Waist High Tights from Izzies on, available in both a natural and colours pack these babies are to die for!   I couldn’t take my Ispachi boots off either, so you get them here in black. PRAISE BE TO THE HUD!

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 16-20

Finally here is a quick peek at the Meghan Skin from Adam & Eve I mentioned earlier!  This is tone 2 and all of the makeups, aren’t they beautiful?   Definitely a more “real” feel to this skin than most of the skins I wear.  She comes with oodles of options, tattoos and layers for cleavage, freckles, dimples, eyebrows and more!   I really love the makeups in this pack from the cat eye and ruby combo to the peachy lips and pink eyes.  So gorgeous!

New @ Adam & Eve | Meghan

*SLRULS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page!

New @ Ispachi & Izzies!

Helloooo!  I  have been in London ALL DAYYYY, and I am also trying to play blog catch up, once again!   This gorgeous dress was released a few days ago from Ispachi, and it’s SO adorable!  It comes in over a handful of colours, but I opted for a very girly pink!

The Demeter dress is a short knitted style dress, with a texture changing belt, each belt comes in a matching colour to the dress, but you have options to change it a couple of other colours too!  I love the neck on this dress, it’s kinda cowl, kinda turtle… turcowl mayhaps?!   The sleeves are three quarter length, for a bit of a rolled back, it’s warm but not that warm kinda feel and the pockets on the front are just an added cute touch, and yep they are actual pockets, not just a texture slapped on the front!  I was going to showcase all the colours, but  I want you to get on over to Ispachi and I want you to see them and I want you to buy them!!!  You need this dress in your SLife, that isn’t a request, IT’S AN ORDER.

The hair in this picture is a new style from DeLa! I found it on the marketplace and fell in love.  Lana is a cute wavy style with the cutest colour change bow (via HUD), and you can also remove it too, if you don’t want to be extra cute!!!  I purchased the Dipped Party Colours pack, but I might go back for a plain one too, the DPC pack is too hard to pass up, it’s huge and cute!!!   The skin I am wearing is yesterday’s blog coverage skin from LAQ, it’s a mix of Elle and Saga and the cute ring I am wearing is from #Ziau but isn’t out yet, will be soon tho (I think) and you will LOVE it!

New @ Ispachi

Izzies recently released 3 new nail sets!  The Classic Nails Fall/Winter 12 pack, the Long French Nails pack and the Metal Stripe Pack!   I have picked five of my fav colours from each to show you here, but there are TONS on each HUD!   I am normally >.< about long nails both in RL and on SL but these aren’t overkill, or claw like… they’re darn tootin fab!

New @ Izzies

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

New New… SO MUCH NEW!!!

Just when I think I am catching up, I look at my TO BLOG folder and I realise I am nowhere near!! So now i’m bringing you a few new goodies… WEEEEE!

Ispachi are more well known in the community for making mens clothing, well HOLD THE PHONE PEEPS… there is a GIRLS HOODIE OUT!  My oh my, it’s a fine lil piece!  It’s THE most comfy looking hoodie and comes in a range of colours, I have opted to show you just three of my favs, yellow, green and black!  The great thing about these is they come in all standard sizes AND they come with a HUD so you can mix and match a lil bit, you will note (if you are keen eyed) that the Yellow Hoodie isn’t all one solid colour, whereas the green is, and the Black is a bit of both… the HUD lets you change certain aspects of the top with a different texture! It’s the same colour, just the pattern/hue slightly differs, making for a bunch of looks in one, really!!!  I am loving this, especially with the new Baiastice Fall Leggings, mesh fabulousness with a great butt and a range of lurex infused colours to choose from… I might die happy in these, if I die tonight!

New @ Ispachi & Baiastice

Now, the skin I am wearing is the Amacci Liane Skin, which is now available in Bronze and Goth!  Here are the two tones next to each other, with two of the new Amacci Hairs – Sira and Nami!  These hairs come in soooo many colours and I am really digging the streaky look. There is a HUD to remove the streak or hide it, so BONUS.  Sira is actually totally cute and might be a new fav pony updo!

New @ Amacci

Let’s look a bit more closely at the makeups, it’s not often I get naked in SL, but I have to say the body on the Liane skin really impresses me, and the options you get in the pack with cleavage enhancer/dehancers, various bits and bobs including eyebrows, and if you get the fatpacks you get a shape too (in various sizes including mesh sizes) I am MORE than impressed.  Also the skin are $L950 each or $L2900 for a fatpack of ALL the makeups!!!! HOW MUCH OF A BARGAIN IS THAT?!?!

I kinda love this tone, and the flushed look a lot of the makeups have, it’s not often a darker tone suits me, but I am really loving this.  The skins also come with a 10 lipstick tattoo layer pack option (which comes with a “clear” skin if you just want that) so there really is a lot of potential in these babies.

Liane - Bronze @ Amacci

This is the Goth version, she come with slightly more makeups than the Bronze, a deathly pale beauty, I think you will agree.  I didn’t tweak my shape at all for these and I am pretty happy how they looked straight out the bag, I very very VERY rarely use shapes that I don’t think look good on my face and I refuse to tweak it (I’ll get rid of my boobs or ass but NOT MY FACE).  So I was really surprised and squeed a lil when these looked so good right off the bat.

Liane - Goth @ Amacci

Please do visit ALL the stores mentioned in this post and demo, you will walk away with something, promise ❤

As usual all store/event locations are on the Store Locations Page located at the top of the blog, if you read and would like to be added, please do hollah ❤

Eyes by IKON | Piercings by #Ziau#